ISIS Attacks Denmark

How many times has this happened over the last month?

“Isis has claimed responsibility for a shooting attack that injured two police officers and a bystander in Copenhagen, despite local claims it was linked to drug dealing.

The officers were assaulted while on patrol in the Danish capital’s district of Christiania, which is known for its cannabis trade, on Wednesday.

In a statement released through its online propaganda agency, Isis described the attacker as a “soldier of the Islamic State”, saying he was responding to jihadists’ calls for followers to carry out atrocities in the West. …”

By my count, this is the fourth such attack on police officers in Europe in less than a month. Denmark, Belgium, France and Russia have been hit.

Note: How nice of The New York Times to notice that ISIS just attacked Denmark. The #LyingPress has a big new article out this morning called “I’ve Become a Racist’: Migrant Wave Unleashes Danish Tensions Over Identity.”

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  1. From what I can gather Denmark has a far tougher stance on migrants than other EU states. With any luck this will ensure that they stay the hardline course

  2. Donald Trump better jump all over this with both feet or else HILLARY is IN LIKE FLYNN, He then better stomp and slam dance it into peoples heads. You want ISIS you vote Hillary

  3. I remember reading about Christiania on the (((counter-jihad))) sites years ago. It’s supposed to be a far-left, hippy style enclave. No surprise they cuck so hard that ISIS is there now.

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