Mormon Immigration Traitors, Latter Day Sissies

Vdare published my letter today advocating persecuting Mormons, Latter Day Saints – persecuting LDS Mormon political leaders that are immigration traitors.

Let’s Resume Persecuting LDS Mormons

It’s something we have to do – punish traitors. These idiot LDS Mormon immigration traitors are overwhelmingly pussyfooters – going with the flow, enjoying being considered:

“Good Whites” that oppose Trump and mean, anti Muslim folks like us.

I have hanged out with lots of otherwise very nice, decent LDS Mormon White folks. As long as you/we are firm but fair with them, they don’t do this treason #*&$, at least not around me/us.

Here’s a repost of an Occidental Dissent classic blog describing my experience with the Mormons – the Church of Latter Day Saints.


I suspect most of us posting on Occidental Dissent are looking to find a group of…..

nice White folks.

Sure, we have strong beliefs on political and social “issues” – but a main reason we are involved with White Nationalism is that we just want to belong to some group of nice White people – to be in a place where no one is yelling at us, lecturing us, insulting us, threatening us, trying to re-educate us, or incite our children to hate us. Let’s face it, when we turn on the television, go to a Hollywood movie or hang out with most Liberal Democrat groups, we don’t feel that we are among friends. We feel that we are in hostile places, with hostile people that hate us.

So where do we go to find a community of “nice people” that like us, that are “like us”?

One place I went was to:

the Mormon Church.

Mitt Romney Family - Good Looking White Folks!

Though I knew something about the Mormon theology and the turbulent history of the Mormons (persecution, migration from the Mid West to Utah), what attracted me to the Mormon Church was that I noticed:

There sure are a lot of good looking, Mormon White folks!

And it is true that the Mormon Church, or (as they preferred to be called now) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints/LDS is a very White Church. It has a White racial history – Blacks were not allowed to hold the LDS Priesthood until the late 1970s and the Book of Mormon contains lots of passages that would be considered very “Racist” by today’s PC standards.

Mormon - LDS Temple

Another reason I decided to check out the Mormon/LDS church was that I came in contact with some bright, enthusiastic, well scrubbed, nicely dressed, White Mormon Missionaries, that were actually walking the streets of an inner city, university community I was living in at the time.

Sure, I wanted to check out the LDS church of “Donny and Marie Osmond”, the church of BYU University – I always noticed those very White BYU football and basketball teams giving the Black (criminally inclined) football and basketball college powers a good contest. When I was a public school teacher in Brooklyn, some of my Black students called me “BYU” because I looked like the White BYU basketball players they saw on TV.

After 10 years of association with Mormons and the Mormon/LDS Church I will share these observations.

1) Yeah, there are lot of really nice, good looking White folks in the LDS church – particularly in Southern California and the mountain/desert West.

2) Mormons are really good at getting young White couples to get married early (in college) and have large families, with really beautiful White children.

3) Mormons have lots of very good practices, rules – they are very good at organizing their members, giving them things to do.

4) You see little or no bad Leftist, anti White politics inside any LDS – Mormon Church. In fact the LDS church prohibits political campaigning in church, and that’s really nice – no preachy Leftists lecturing the congregation about the supposed sins of Racism or the last PC lib cause.

5) White Mormons are really good at sports – provide lots of opportunities for basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee activities.

6) There is little or no LDS women (White) doing male bashing – Mormon women have lots of things to do in Church, but (White) men run the ceremonies and have the authority and Mormon women/LDS women seem very happy to have (White) husbands, children and accept their traditional female roles.

All those things I listed are very good. But it’s not perfect from a WN perspective.

The worst news is that the Mormons/LDS church has embraced the Christian mission to share the Mormon Gospel…..

With the entire world! The part in the New Testament about the Christian mission to “spread the gospel to all nations”, this type of thinking and acting really gets our White race/culture in to lots of trouble – and the Mormons are now doing just that, spreading their Mormon/Christian gospel to all nations (don’t worry the Muslims don’t let them in to their countries), but there are Jewish converts/conversos who I spot right away, and these Jewish Conversos seem to do what they do. LDS Sen. Harry Reid – the Dem Senate Majority Leader has a Jewish converso wife and I am sure she’s one of the reason he does terrible stuff like push through the ADL Federal Hate Crime Bill, work for amnesty for millions of hostile, non White illegal aliens etc.

Joseph Smith's Church Was All White

Sadly, most Mormons/LDS church members in the world are no longer White. Hispanics really go for joining the LDS church in Central and Latin America – many see joining the LDS church as a way to join the nice, healthy, prosperous White American world. Lots of Pacific Islanders – huge Samoans join the LDS, Mormon Church. And Mormons tend to be very defensive about their controversial “RACIST” past and enjoy being more accepted by mainstream (liberal, Jewish, race mixing) American society.

Also, Mormons tend to not be very intellectual – choosing to being honest, have “family values” – they try to be nice and get along with everyone. So, don’t expect many White Mormons to get involved in contentious arguments with Jews over World War II, Communism etc. The current top Mormon – Prophet Monson, seems like a total, boring stiff.

Mormons seem to have no clue about “the Jews”, have no history of ever being in conflict with Jews as White Catholics from the old country have had. And since only terrible, close living with American criminal Blacks can turn a generally “nice” White person in to a RACIST against Blacks, most Mormon Whites are not going to want to fight, or be able to handle very hostile Black criminals. LDS Mormons have never lived in rough, racially mixed Northern Cities or the America South where there are lots of criminal, hostile Blacks. The Book of Mormon Plates were supposedly found in Up-State New York, the new church and their converts moved to the rural Midwest – Illinois, Ohio and Missouri then the church was brutally persecuted there and the Saints moved across the Plains to Utah… all these places were very, very White, and for the most part, they are still very White. Mormons tend to prosper and grow in White places.

So the downside is that White Mormons are generally doing pretty well these days and don’t like to rock the boat – they are patriotic Americans; while they were once being brutally persecuted by “America” and Mormons had virtually their own separate (all White) Mormon nation. Now the mainstream Mormon/LDS Church has gone “mainstream” and the Church is desperately trying to win the acceptance, approval of mainstream Christian churches like the Baptists, who hate the Mormon/LDS church, accuse it of being a non Christian cult, stupid squables like that.

I think most of us involved in American White nationalism would like for the Mormons or any White group to start thinking, working to separate themselves from very corrupt race mixed, Jew dominated America and stop being so patriotic and loyal to America. But mainstream Mormons aren’t going to do that now, as things stand.

But, Mormons haven’t give up all their independent old ways – as they teach very practical ways of self reliance, food storage, have their own social welfare system that provides food and jobs for their members in need.

I have had good success making friends and contacts in the Mormon church, but I don’t do open, White racial activism and know this would be a bad idea.

Instead, I simply am honest and give positive feedback to all the really good things White Mormons do. And when something comes up like the huge propaganda campaign to help/save all the poor, suffering Black victims of the earthquake in Haiti – I do share some words of caution, tell them that nice LDS folks should learn more about the historical realities of places like Haiti and not try to bring back every poor, diseased person from the Third World in to America. I also present the idea that America has lots of people here now that need help, and Mormons should consider sending their missionaries to places like rural Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, UP Michigan – learn to be as good at hockey as the Mormons are at basketball and football.

The Atlantic Magazine listed Mormons as the most “Conservative” religious community in the USA ( The Mormons: The Most Conservative Religious Group In America )

So, it’s generally OK to work for Conservative political issues, campaigns that work OK/well for White Nationalists – same as Conservative politics from the Nixon/Reagan years tended to be White, more more favorable to our White people/culture than the Lib/Min/Leftists.

So there is lots of good news for racially conscious Whites in the Mormon church as it stands now in 2010 – the best being that White Mormons have the highest birth rate of any White group in America with the possible exception of the Amish.

And the main danger/problem with the Mormon church is the problem that all successful (White) Christian churches have: they want to go out and help, SAVE, every single non White person in the world, convert them, share the true gospel etc. This means suicide for our race if they actually do this in places like Nigeria, Haiti, El Salvador.

My take on this is that huge numbers of Mestizo Hispanics and Pacific Islanders will convert to the Mormon Church with the idea of crashing in to America/White Mormon society – but few Blacks will come in. The moral restrictions are too tough for almost all Blacks and also Blacks can’t sit still for 3 hours in calm, White Mormon church activities, Blacks like to jump around and shout in church and at the end of the day, even super nice White Mormon families don’t like to hang around large, Black urban areas – they won’t say they avoid the areas because they are “Racist” – they just want to be in a safe, child friendly community – and that’s not East St. Louis, Memphis.

So, to sum up this essay on the Mormons/LDS Church – I would say that if you are looking to be in/around a “Christian” church with lots and lots of very nice White folks – yes, check out the Mormon LDS Church. Be honest that you respect their pro family policies and their healthy activities and tell them you heard lots of positive things about Mormons being…

Nice folks.

The Mormon/LDS Church has many of the strengths and weakness of other once, prosperous, White Christian Churches. If you haven’t given up on “Church” – give the Mormon/LDS Church a try.

(And leave racial activism and most politics out of the LDS church buildings)


  1. “”….It’s something we have to do – punish traitors….””

    It´s most important thing we have to do. Or at least harass them. It worked in Eastern Europe. We don´t have immigration or other progressive issues. Lot of people wondering down here why western people don´t use the old good and effective McCarthyism

    • In line with that point of yours, Yuri, I’ll post again something I posted here, at Occidental Dissent, six months ago …

      “In ‘The Slaughter of the Cities,’ E. Michael Jones says, I think, that Bridesburg, a Polish neighborhood, was the only one of Philadelphia’s Catholic neighborhoods that withstood what he, Jones, regards as a deliberate effort by liberals to break those neighborhoods up.”

      • The Jews targeted all Catholic cities,Boston,St.Paul and in New Orleans the Catholics said there going to breed us like Hogs.

  2. Agreed. But as Hunter says

    Southern Baptists Southern Evangelicals don t listen to their corrupt religious leaders . LDS do .

    • The Southern Baptist Convention is pretty Cucked as are most of the Churches NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST but it is exactly as Hunter says, the leadership says ONE THING, the people do another. Also if you notice Nondenominationals are growing like wildfire because Protestantism is empty

    • LDS views their leadership like Roman Catholics do the Pope. I was raised Church of Christ our leadership has no connection to anyone but ourselves. In other words there is no governing body, each group is independent, Now my understanding of Baptists and others is that in theory they are independent but the Conventions lay down certain bylaws each group agrees to but of course enforcement is another thing altoghether

  3. Moronism is nothing but a mind-control cult, no different from that L. Ron Hubbard nonsense. It’s a shame that Morons are so White yet feel no kinship with non-Moron Whites. I wonder if it’s possible to de-program them?

    • I just drove through salt lake city,it was like Babylon.
      The utah Mormons are all cousins,related to young or smith,they had 30 to 40 wives a’s hard to break a blood bond I would imagine.

      • They didn’t have 30 or 40 wives a piece.

        More like 3 or 4, many were widows.

        Yeah, plural marriage is different but so is our current system where college mis educated White women never get married or don’t start trying to get a husband until they are 42 years very old.

        • I have heard it from several sources and have seen the ancestor worship of mormons
          1 source,book by krakau (sp.)
          “Under the banner of heaven” about the FLDS(fundamental latter D S,who to this day have dozens of wives,claims smith had 40 wives,young had 32.
          I have heard young men bragging about how they look like the prophet.

          • Joe marrying a 14-year old is pretty disgusting, especially in post-modern, 21st century America; however, the legal age for a woman to be married in Illinois at the time her married her was 14 years old. It might have been odd back then but it certainly wasn’t illegal. Yes, I understand that these are just quibbles.

  4. First off,the Mormons are associated with freemasonry.
    Secondly,the Spaniards out west were lied to by the US govt. by being told their title to lands would be honored,and ended up fighting the US govt. and Mormons.Not very saintly.
    There christian social system resembles old testament judeism .
    It really boggles my mind when I am in Utah,a lot of them are built like Vikings and they all fall in line with that G’dam Mormon BS.

  5. Never trust a Mormom. They will always put their bizarre religion above all else. Trying to influence them is a waste of time. The Mormons have been raised since the crib to fall in line.

    • Nah.

      The main problem with Mormon LDS is that it’s a club of nice, clean, wholesome White people and non White converts who want to be around such people.

      It’s not hard to understand the appeal.

      The main problem is that White LDS are pussyfooters and they are doing well in the system and do not want anyone rocking the boat and upsetting the system.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t Mormons believe that American Indians are a lost tribe of Israel and since many so-called Hispanics are partly of native American heritage, why shouldn’t they kind to Hispanics?

    • The human sacrifice of humans in mexico was similar to the Jewish sacrifices to moloch.It probably had the same effect on the population.
      I have read that the Jews made contact to central america long before Spain.
      In the book “The Conquest of Mexico”written by Bernal Diaz,cortezes lieutenant almost 500 years ago,the edition translated by a jew,the bantam series of history I believe,said it was a possibility.One of my favorite books.really high adventure reading.

      • Yes, it seems that at some very distant past, many people practiced the same things and worshiped the Divine in the same way.

          • How do you know that Satan exists? I’m new to this website so I really don’t know how deep I can go into this or any other subject. It seems many of the alt-right websites don’t tolerate any heavy discussion on any subject, especially when it has to do with sex and religion. I consider that to be one the “Achilles Heel” of the movement.

          • I’ve been commenting on this website almost since it began, and initially HW was open to talking about things religious. However, in the last year or so he has made it a policy not to engage in arcane theological discussions. So I don’t engage in theological minutiae, but I do point out the intersection of Christian theology with Western history, which clearly needs to be done on a regular basis; for if we don’t, we deny the very Western history we’re talking about. Does that help at all?

            As to knowing whether or not Satan exists, have you listened to Hillary lately? LMAO

          • So let me get this strait,only a jew is kosher enough for sacrifice?Not every body sees that as divine.
            Thor is the only lawgiver I recognize.

          • Your presumption assumes that all human beings are like you,thinking themselves like Gods, when they are mere sinners.

            Have you never heard of the expression ‘a sinner saved by grace?’

            Well that’s where I stand -where do you stand?

          • Funny… I didn’t know Grace was something that you could claim, as if it were a work of your own. You sound like the White Witch in CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, who entered the garden another way, stole the fruit, and got immortality, but was damned thereby. Think what you’re talking about. Think what you’re saying. It is a terrible thing to fall in the hands of the living God.

          • I realize Valhalla is not your goal,quit judging me from inside your jew time-space cube,what’s funny is, they have you circle the bible like Arabs circle the cube in mecca,trapped in time.Which leads us directly to the ultimate entrapment ,this box we are communicating on.
            The Sun was life to Vikings,the Sun was death to Semites,yours is a religion of darkness,spawned by darkness, and the savior you have been waiting for is the prince of darkness.
            Who rules so called “sin”.
            When you see the judge,who rules from a mountain of corruption,who do you beg mercy from?
            I am sorry I do not have some romantic philosophy of life and death,as far as I am concerned, the jew has got the hammer of Thor and has been crushing us with it,time to get it back.The law became divine when they turned the romans into pussyasses.Your bliss comes with a heavy price,and all of mankind and nature are gonna pay.

          • Your words have damned the white race,and nature, for far to long.
            If you and your kindred cannot see how the demonic powers,and you are that to me,have used Christ to control and manipulate man,we are all damned.

          • Oh, and Jesus Christ was not a Jew, as we define it today. Don’t confuse terms, religions, and false ethnic supremacists in occupied Palestine, with the tribes of Sinai’s height.

          • So you believe,God hated his creation,and sent the law down to be imposed on all of mankind,by a tribe of penis mutilators?

          • Remember Fr.,you insinuated I was swine,because of my faith and understanding did not suit your rapturous ejaculations ,as anyone could see ,if they look at the time of your posting,and see that you called me a swine to my original comment when you double posted.,so who is insensitive,a man of Thor,or the man of jewus.
            I do admire your honest answer,but will never wrap my head around it.

    • Oh, but they were part of a BAD tribe who were turned darkie. I think all that’s in their now-shunned theological past, though. Their beliefs seem to be incredibly EXTRA pliable. They’ve gone just as soft on holding up immigration law as washed-out Mainline Protestants and the cucky Catholic hierarchy.

    • Thank you very much for that link

      I have a few LDS Mormon friends

      And I m honest with them about crime and immigration and LDS coward pols

      I ll pass this on

      I push the idea not to give to the national LDS church

  7. One way to talk to Mormons is to mention that Joseph Smith was of the tribe of Ephraim. Point out that he was tall, blue eyed and fair complected. And that almost all of the early Mormons were Whites and almost all were given Patriarchal blessings stating that they were of the tribe of Ephraim.

    Point out that Article of Faith 10 predicts that all the tribes of Israel will be gathered into tribes again. Ask them if it makes any sense to have tribes if there is not some genetic difference that the members of each tribe share.

    Point out that if Joseph Smith was White, blue eyed and fair complected, how could the other tribes of Israel be very much racially different?

    Remind them that Ammon in the Book of Mormon went on a mission to the Lamanites, but he would not marry a Lamanite when given the chance.

    Now you are ready to point out the importance of marrying someone like their selves. And that the the true blood of Israel is and always has been White.

    And show them all the genocidal anti-White things going on.

    Since they have a strong concept of the things I mention above, it may be possible to use these concepts to turn them against the cuckservative genocidal mindset that their leaders have only in recent decades succumbed to.

    • These are reasonable arguments

      I just don t see much use for reason when dealing with most LDS Mormons in cities

      They want to be liked and accepted do well

      They are getting away from all things racialist in the past

      Instead they want to dress clean and be liked

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