Weekend At Hillary’s: The Medical Episode

Update: Check out the zoomed in video. Unbelievable!

She stumbled on the curb, fainted, and had to be helped into the van at the 9/11 ceremony. The whole country is watching and this is where she chooses to go down!

Imagine that … the #LyingPress spent all of August telling everyone she was FINE and anyone who said otherwise was a CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORIST. What else are they hiding about this woman?

Note: Start imagining President Tim Kaine. It is a real possibility.

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  1. So the excuse was that it was the heat, can anyone be stupid enough to fall for this ? First of all it was not exactly hot (in the shade as well), and second did anyone see others fall down because of this supposedly terrible heat.

    • Heat my ass, not unlike she’s dehydrated from a drinking binge would she just pass out from the heat. Possible she’s just a drunk, but more likely she does have some condition and is weakened and susceptible to heat stroke. Or the heat had absolutely nothing to do with it and it was a seizure of something. There is a picture of her sitting there during the ceremony on Fox where her face has gotten quite puffy like she’s on some medication that makes her hold water. Thought at first this was a conspiracy theory, but now so much smoke and flames as well.

        • He’s an MD doctor right? Such speculations are well within his professional expertise, to get fired for that shows how bad the media is in the bag for the Democrats.

          So coughing is a sign of Parkinson’s? Or side effect of the medication?

          The campaign just said “Pneumonia” though I find that hard to believe in summer. If she does have some respiratory side effects of some medication, all that flying is NOT at all good for your lungs. The air is very very dry up on those things.

          • That guy is a joke.

            My bet is on TB. Also, at the time she collapsed this morning in NYC it was intensely humid, whatever that adds to the speculation. It was hot but the humidity was what was overbearing.

          • This is what I think I know. Pinsky is a psychiatric doctor, his show was mostly about addiction and true crime. I didn’t watch it. He made some pretty strong remarks about her health, I don’t know if they give him a chance to retract what he said or not. But his show was cancelled. It’s painfully obvious to us on the alt right the media isn’t even trying to hide that they are helping to elect Hillary Clinton.

          • PHD in Psychology or an MD Shrink? The latter would qualify him to come to a Parkinson’s hypothesis.

            Michael J Fox has Parkinsons, does he look anything like Hillary? All the shaking, nor do I hear of him just passing out and having seizures. Probably something else, the fall on the plane while Secretary of State was probably at the beginning and it has unexpectedly advanced at a frightening rate recently, possibly due to the stress of the campaign. My theory is she knows it will get her but she wants to get to the finish line first and fulfill her ambition and get a few years in as President for her own legacy. Paul Tsongas ran anyway claiming he was fine a generation back and had he won he never would have finished his first term.

  2. The video looks very bad. The rumors are real. She absolutely passes out just before literally being picked up in to the van by the nigger that is always with her.
    This is a game changer.

  3. Several reporters covering this will commit suicide in the next week, thus making clear that you don’t release *any* video from a Hillary event without her prior approval!

  4. Do you see how weak they really are. Global Elite has all money and power and best they were able to find to represent themselves is this half dead witch ? Not a single young strong intelligent trustworthy shabbat goyim available ?

      • Yes, I remember right before Gorbachev the USSR had a series of walking corpses who would soon vanish after being appointed premier amidst health rumors. It was treated as sort of a joke by normal Americans back then, the subject of a frequent joke or two by Johnny Carson.

  5. It’s fascinating to see her trade in the affection she could have had from people in exchange for power. She risks being the most hated woman in history.

  6. The timing of this is perfect. Most of the U.S. are in front of the TV all day watching nigger ball and will see updates throughout the day of her falling.

    This is coming on the heels of a disastrous two weeks for her. It sets the tone for the news cycles all next week with the obvious narrative regarding her health. It also weakens her confidence coming into the debates in just a couple weeks.

  7. The Hildabeast is clearly too ill to be President but the Jews will cover this up so we get President Tim Kaine. God Preserve Us

  8. MSM is going to have a much harder time lying to us about her health. When they can’t conceal it any longer we’ll start hearing about FDR and wheel chairs.

  9. Wait a minute; isn’t her doctor black? If so, she will be hoisted by her own anti-white petard! How long before they get a Jewish doctor in there? The optics wont be good for the “base”!

  10. Tim Kaine: how does this happen legally? How do you remove a name from the ballot this late in the game? Does he get to nominate a VP? Does the Democratic Party get to slip someone in the top slot? Would a new top slot person get to nominate a new VP?

    I rather prefer Clinton stay on. The worse thing would be a “safe with Biden” campaign, or a Bernie campaign, or a non white. Kaine I’m not sure about, he isn’t well known, and he is a white male which may hurt his base, but he is cleaner than Clinton.

  11. To me it appeared she was not moving and just wasn’t strong enough to stand on her feet. Is she that weak and frail??

    • Looks that way. As if she mustered everything she had to just stand there and hold on to the post until her van arrived.

      She really does need to be in a hospital receiving treatment. She is so insanely power hungry she is willing to literally die for it.

  12. One medical speculation: she has Alzheimer’s, and the medicine they are using to treat it (acetylcholine-esterase inhibitors) are causing her symptoms. Though me Ma hates when I say this, Clinton is her spitting image, and Alzheimers (a horrible dehumanizing disease) runs on that side of my family.

    While AchEis don’t always cause these side effects, it isn’t all that uncommon for them to do so.

  13. They must have pumped her up full of drugs so could could make one last appearance before running off to her home in upstate New York.

    Chances are we won’t be seeing much of her for awhile.

    • Well, if that is her choice in Doctors she’s reconfirmed how bad her judgement it. He’s probably Secret Service or some private muscle.

    • If you google/youtube it, you’ll find that he actually is and that his specialty is related to epilepsy and neurology or something.

  14. .

    There is no shame in you dropping out of the race now.
    America would be…. relieved.
    Mike Miller


    • Common sense says it’s got something to do with old age. The STD thing is mostly fear mongering by squares and prudes running high school health classes. Unless your queer, STDs aren’t much of a threat.

      • Agree with your point in general but her husband is Bill Clinton and if the years-long persistent rumors are true she most likely is into lesbian sex.

        • How many decades has it been since Bill and Hillary had sex? But is Bill Clinton really going to have all these STDs? A heterosexual with 1st class medical care? Are Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Monica Lewisky really the kind of girls who carry Syphilis and the Clap? Read Michael Fumento’s “The Myth of Heterosexual Aids” and learn how a gay disease you only catch from having semen ejaculated into your torn up rectum, by a man who also lets gay men ejaculate into his torn up rectum was misconstrued by liberals to pose an equal threat to heterosexuals in order to scare them into funding aids research that might otherwise not have been much of a priority.

          • She may have caught something from Huma. Assuming that they engage in oral sex with each other, it is plausible that Huma contracted a venereal disease from Anthony Weiner, who is also a well known cheater, and then passed it on to Hillary.

          • OK, I get it, everyone wants to run her through the mud. The point I was trying to make is when an ambulance arrives in the ER with a 69 year old woman who lost consciousness the ER doctors first theory isn’t VD. Maybe a 19 year old coed coming in with an itchy snatch, or a 30 year old queer with pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and kaposi’s sarcoma, but with someone her age “when you see hoof prints think horses not zebras.” If it is side effects of drugs for something she must be bad for them to give her such high dosages.

          • Your assuming Anthony Wiener’s schtick of sending chicks pictures of his dick actually works and he is getting some all the time. I think he is a messed up nerd who doesn’t understand the female psyche doesn’t respond to pornographic imagery the way the male mind does. So many dude’s are F’d up from feminist brain washing about men and women being the same they don’t know this and think a chick will respond the same way he does to a visual stimulii. All he had to do was use his job and title to impress them and he was in, instead he sent dick pics and creeped them out.

  15. Her health must be horrible if she is still having coughing fits and falling down despite having access to and being treated with the best medicines available on the face of the Earth.

    • I has an epileptic girl in my class during elementary school. Went through 7 years of daily school without an incident and only in the 8th grade did she have a seizure in class and we all found out about it. For her to be hiding out so much and then showing symptoms on so many occasions means this thing must be pretty bad.

    • A scientist told me there has evolved a strain of tuberculosis that can’t be cured. TB causes the symptoms we see in HRC, like intense fatigue, coughing and even short seizures.

      Just a theory.

  16. LOL. WOW.

    In the zoomed in video it looks like she is propped up against the concrete column and she is swaying around from side to side with her head occasionally tipping back.

    This is a full on collapse even before she falls. The only reason she even looked like she was standing was because she was propped up and held somewhat in place by the person next to her.

  17. It reminds me of the classic Star trek episode- Patterns of Force- where a planet adopts a Nazi culture with the “Fuhrer” being very sickly and merely a symbol propped up for speeches while the true ruler who really ran the show from behind the scenes was unseen.

    • Really, jay? You hope the whole country’s watching this? But you’re afraid they’re just NFL-watchers, not smart–like you?

      A month ago, when I became the first person, as far as I’m aware, to bring up here, at Occidental Dissent, Hillary’s possible health problems, you told me not to bring up “such nonsense,” such “conspiracy theory speculation that has no basis in facts.” If you’ll care to check, that was in the comments to the blog-post headed “Donald Trump Endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Kelly Ayotte” …

      • Yeah

        Well FDR had health “issues”

        He was stricken with polio

        That &@$&”” old queen of England has been queen since World War II

        It s another bad habit our people have hoping against hope that we ll be saved when some enemy dies off or some bad election in the past is negated by some obscure technicality like Obama not being born in America

        Meanwhile we didn t work hard enough to defeat arch traitors like Paul Ryan

        And yes our people waste too much time worshiping Black football criminals

        • Well, then, why did you just say it’s too bad the whole country isn’t watching this? You’re incapable of coherence.

          • I m just observing things as they are.

            I m in a bar with a German White guy from Brazil and a Japanese guy watching US tennis open Swiss guy vs Serb

            Not watching NFL Negro Felon League

            Rest of America…..

          • Oh–the manly man, “observing things as they are.”

            The first rule, jay, of being a screw-up is accept it. It makes things easier on everybody …

          • He is a complete fucking idiot. Hunter presumably keeps him around for entertainment purposes.

            And yes, you were the first to make an issue of Hillary’s health on this blog. That’s the first thing I thought of when this blew up the last couple of days.

          • It’s not like anyone can take credit for her physical decline though. It did require a clear collapse in front of cameras to confirm suspicions. Speculation on it gets you nothing.

      • Also YES obsessions with weird conspiracy theories are the bane of the American Right Wing conservative world.

        All these conspiracies were supposedly going to turn over the USA to the Russians in the 1960s

        We should have been so lucky.

        • Well, this reminds me of the ending in “Bowfinger” where the spoof scientology leader character says “Sometime the paranoid really ARE being followed.” when it turns out Eddie Murphy was right.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong here but I did suggest sticking a strobe in her face a while back. Still, it does feel like a dirty victory.

        • What, you think the Clintons are going to quit just because of this? Some really powerful people in the Democratic Party will have to stage a coup to force her out. The Democratic Big Wigs had better be a lot more powerful than the Republican Suits who couldn’t get rid of Trump for this to happen.

  18. “[T]he #LyingPress spent all of August telling everyone she was FINE and anyone who said otherwise was a CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORIST.”

    When I myself became the first person, as far as I know, to bring up, here, at Occidental Dissent, Hillary’s possible health problems, I was told by one of my fellow commenters that conspiracy theories like that had no place at this website.

    • Wasn’t me was it?

      I do feel that it’s too easy a kill. I’d like to see her lose ideologically.

      The Alt-Right, Deplorable thing suits me better as a way to beat her.

  19. Here are two additional videos:


    The first one shows just how out of it she was.

    The second one apparently shows metal objects falling out of her pant leg as she collapses:


    These videos are going viral worldwide. Her campaign may be over after today, it’s too early to tell, but it is entirely possible that she might be forced out.

    Enter Biden, which is bad news as he has a much better chance at beating Trump.

      • He’s been a nonentity since he was picked, I honestly forgot about him for a while. He’s also a fucking White male so the Republicans and even the cuckservatives would have no problem pushing him around. Assuming he could get elected against Trump, which he couldn’t since he’s a fucking White male running as a Democrat.

        • Kaine is way more dangerous than Clinton. Not only is he actually more radical if you took the time to study him (with a story more suspect than hers), he’s less hated.

          It would take a white male to deal the final death blow to western civilization. No other profile of person could get away with so much before the populace could figure out what was hitting them.

          He’s spearheaded and passed legislation in Virginia that would make Hillary blush. The man is true evil. Hillary’s a piker in comparison.

          • But for a white male Democrat radicalism is a weakness. He can’t play the race card like Obama, he can’t play the woman card like Hillary, he’ll be judged by the content of his character. He’ll get nothing done because the cucks won’t feel a shred of guilt for tearing him to pieces. NOVA yankees and the negroes in the rest of the state are what gave him power in Virginia. He could force is his agenda down one red state where the decl had become stacked in his favor but here’s no way he could do it to all of them.

  20. Miss Congeniality said that the alt. right part of the Trump coalition was ‘deplorable’. If this stupid ass harpy really wants to see deplorable, she should take a good honest look at the scumbag she’s been married to all these years.

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