The Horserace – September 13, 2016

National Polls

LA Times: Trump +3
UPI/Cvoter: Trump +3
People’s Pundit Daily: Trump +3.3
Gravis: Hillary +3 (4-way)
Reuters: Hillary +2 (2-way), Hillary +3 (4-way)
NBC/Survey Monkey: Hillary +4 (2-way), Hillary +2 (4-way)

State Polls

California – SurveyUSA – Hillary +25 (2-way), Hillary +2 (4-way)

Virginia – PPP – Hillary +8 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)

Iowa – RABA – Trump +1 (4-way)

Nevada – PPP – Hillary +3 (2-way)

Florida – JMC Analytics – Trump +4 (4-way)

Utah – Utah Policy – Trump +15 (5-way)

Michigan – FOX 2 Detroit – Hillary +6 (2-way), Hillary +5 (4-way)


As of 8:31 AM CST, the RCP average has Hillary +2.4 in the 2-way and Hillary +2.0 in the 4-way race. This is her lowest ebb since the Democratic Convention. She had bounced back from +2.7 to +3.1 on the strength of the Washington Post poll. The dive this morning is due to her fall in the LA Times tracking poll. The LA Times, UPI and People’s Pundit Daily daily tracking polls seem to be registering a shift toward Trump. Perhaps this is the earliest evidence of Deplorables/Collapse over the weekend?

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  1. The polls are all over the place but one thing is certain Hunter, once her medical information begins to seep out, this will change some things. I often wonder if this wasn’t a ploy to put Tim Kaine in office anyway. You know Kaine isn’t a Virginian he was from Minnesota and grew up in Kansas although he did go to school in the South U OF MISSOURI and his wife was from Virginia which is how he got down there. The Scary part is Eric Cantor was a native Virginian although to call him a Southerner like calling Pelosi a Southerner would make me retch

      • I am afraid to say it if she were to win, we would have President Tim Kaine within a year or less, or they’d do her like Admiral Pike on Star Trek

      • Yes and a brilliant decision indeed. That whole entire mess was started by some Leftist Democrats and Cuckservative Republicans in 2005 who threatened with major lawsuits under the Voting Rights Act caved in and gave the Left everything they wanted. I would like to understand how that if the USSC threw out the 1965 Preclearance formula how are Obama and his minions in effect making every state in the Union preclear their voting laws?

      • I don’t get that early voting baloney. Election Day is November 8th. too damn bad if someone can’t make it to the polls on that day, unless they are in the military or something like that.

  2. The last Washington Post Poll I looked at (not sure if it was this one or one before): D +10, and always asks for youngest voter in the house.
    Did I read that right? Hillary only winning by two in a four way? That seems odd.

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