The Case for Trump: Trump’s Black Crime Crackdown

Trump wants to nationalize Guiliani’s anti-crime policy:

“Giving cops more power to quiz passersby on “reasonable suspicion” that they might be up to no good is the sort of aggressive anti-crime measures voters expect from a law-and-order strongman, especially one from NYC. Many New Yorkers tolerated stop-and-frisk over the years for the simple reason that it seemed to work. Everyone’s heard of the dramatic decline of crime in the city from the early 90s to the present day; whatever the police were doing during that period was paying off, and part of what they were doing was stop-and-frisk. The left disliked the practice, though, and agitated against it because it was used disproportionately against blacks, suggesting it was driven by racial profiling. Bill de Blasio got elected mayor in 2013 partly by campaigning against it. The same year a federal court ruled it was unconstitutional.”

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  1. The Negroes are all Criminals for the most part lets be honest about that. If they weren’t known as criminals, the stereotype wouldnt be repeated in EVERY MOVIE EVERY BOOK and EVERY RAP SONG. This is why if you line up 1000 Random Negro Males 990-995 will have a Rap Sheet

    • Black males of the ages 18-34 are about 3% of the population. A lot of the criminal element among that group are repeat offenders, so we’re talking about less than 3%. Crime went down because they went after repeat offenders for smaller, quality of life crimes. You can check a guy for warrants while you’re citing him for urinating in public, then haul him in before he does something serious again.

  2. Stop and frisk did not work,and that jew behind it Michael Bloomberg,would release most all the violent offenders to cook the books on it,and make it look like it was working.I saw that on c-span about 4-5 years ago.
    I have always wanted jew York to secede from the US over it.
    It is un-American.

      • I’ve read about that.Just like the international brigades to Spain,2 out of 3 union soldiers were foreign .
        Funny thing is,east side NY Jews made up the Abraham Lincoln brigade in spain.
        I read “the making of a ghetto” about harlaam,written in the 60s,you’d like that book.

    • Singapore is a good model of how we could cut NYC loose from the US, give it some countryside like Woodstock where the Jews have their hippie festivals and commie camps, etc. On a more practical note, I’d definitely like to see Downstate Illinois south of I-80 become a separate state and cut the Chicago Monstrosity loose. Get rid of “Globalism” as well and places like Decatur can be reborn as Industrial power houses. Instead the jobs got outsourced and businesses founded there long ago had their carpetbagging CEOs come to the town and decide to pick up the white collar jobs and take them off to the bright lights big city so they can go to fag plays and vibrant clubs on the weekends. Carpetbaggers like these also stole Boeing from it’s Legacy in Seattle to put it in Ghetto City? Thousands of miles from where the planes are built. Of course these rats long run plan is to make 747s in China of course, once our crown jewel the Aerospace Industry is gone so is our military superiority.

      • Some of our toughest Whites are from, in or around New York City.

        Donald Trump, Guliani, just the rank and file NYPD.

        It’s pussies, sissies in the Latter Day Saints in Utah that aren’t voting right this year.

  3. Stop and frisk worked great.

    Guliani saved New York City.

    I was there during the B4 years of horror.

    When it doubt….

    support tough Italians like Gulliani and Phily best ever police chief, mayor Frank Rizo.

  4. I’d prefer a “Stop and Blow Their Brains Out” policy.

    I just wanna be done with the enemy already.

  5. One possible way to turn a town or region white? Simply enforce laws to the nth degree and prosocute severely and your nigs will seek out greener pastures.

  6. I’m not for stop and frisk. It’s just another step forward to the police state. I don’t want to give up any more rights. I want my rights expanded. Losing our rights is a losing deal. In New York city in the fifties if you committed a crime with a gun you got the electric chair. Bring that back. The way forward is to lock the ones up we do catch and don’t let them out. End section 8 housing and relocate these people to public housing where they can be watched. Birth control shots for everyone on welfare. With birth control they would soon be gone. Possibly two generations. That one Black guy shot that stopped his car in the middle of the road had seven kids. What the f&&k? I bet we pay for all of them. Let them pay for their own kids or Depo-Provera shots every three months.

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