The Horserace – September 23, 2016

National Polls

LA Times – Trump +2.4
McClatchy/Marist – Hillary +7 (2-way), Hillary +6 (4-way)
– DOWN 8 points
AP – Hillary +6 (2-way), Hillary + 6 (4-way)
– UP 2 points

State Polls

Arkansas – Talk Business – Trump +21


The Quinnipiac polls show the trend: Hillary has lost 9 points in Iowa, 5 points in Virginia, and 6 points in Colorado. Basically, a bunch of national and state polls that had Hillary in double digits in August have reported and now show her in the 6-7 point range.

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  1. I still think Hillary wins VIA massive voter fraud, HOWEVER the numbers dont reflect whats happened with the recent terror attacks and the Charlotte Riots. Trump should hang the responsibility for the Chimpouts around her neck. Make her defend it.

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