Honesty About Charlotte NC

Black race riots tend to bring out the worst and the best in Americans. The heavily Jewish Lugenpresse – “lying press” is now doubling down on the meme that evil racist police offers in Charlotte NC murdered Keith Lamont Scott who supposedly


Supposedly a nice “family man” (fathered but not supporting at least 7 children), Keith Scott has been added to the sacred list of Black martyrs of American racism. One of the worst liars in the Lugenpresse is Steve Colbert, formerly of Comedy Central, now the host of the Late Show.

Steve Colbert is spreading the meme that the violent “protests” in Charlotte NC are understandable because America isn’t responding to the peaceful protests of “leaders” like NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Steven Colbert stated:

“The shooting of African Americans by police officers and the resulting community outrage seems to keep happening over and over again no matter how many times we do nothing.” (Link)

The good news is there is a growing Alt Right, or just Alternative internet media that does tell the truth about crime, immigration, terrorism and just racial realities. David Horowitz’s Frontpage Magazine has an excellent piece by a writer named Daniel Greenfield that simply presents the facts regarding the Charlotte NC police shooting and the subsequent BlackLiesMatter riots. Daniel Greenfield reports THE FACTS that the deceased Keith Scott:

“had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in two different states and convicted of assault in three states. He had been hit with “assault with intent to kill” charges in the 90s. His record of virtue included “assault on a child under 12” and “assault on a female.”

Daniel Greenfield also writes that Brentley Vinson (the Black Charlotte police officer who killed Keith Scott) appears to be a very honorable, respected member of the community. (Link)

I’ve been aware of David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine work, also his published books since the 1980s. (Destructive Generation, Radical Son). David Horowitz was part of a talented group of former 1960s Jewish marxists, Leftists who broke with the American Left over the Left’s animosity toward Israel and just general frustration with Black crime, sexual degeneracy. David Horowitz supported the Black Panthers in the 1960s until some of Panthers murdered his friends. This movement became known as “Neo Conservatism” and it’s morphed in to something almost as destructive as Jewish Marxism/Communism of the Neo Cons’ parents and grandparents. But, to be fair Horowitz’s version of Neo Conservatism is often honest about Black crime, Islamic extremism.

My view is that I support anyone and everyone who is honest about Black crime or just honest about anything even telling an honest weather report – I doubt if the likes of lying Stephen Colbert could do that. Colbert would probably report the air temperature and then add some lying spin that evil racist White Christians were conspiring to make “Climate change” in minority neighborhoods so 3rd world people of color couldn’t have any water or food.



  1. Horowitz is, more than likely, either a pathological lying Jew or a very long time Communist (well, you can be both) and still under the control of Russian intelligence or the Mossad as a disinfo agent (maybe both at the same time?). It’s not just because of his NeoConservatism, but also the way he targets people and works to manipulate opinion towards his ends, and not all of them make much sense. For example, he’s spread strange, bizarre lies personally attacking authors who have discussed deep level Russian infiltration of the US during WWII (see Diana West’s “American Betrayal” and J.R. Nyquist’s articles on the subject– neither are Alt-Righters though) and beyond. It might just be because he is a Jew and smells danger for his tribe if the details of Jewish/Communist subversion during WWII get aired out (West, however, doesn’t name the Jew), since such revelations basically make it clear that the US butchered the Germans and permitted Soviet crimes because of Jewish/Communist control, but I tend to think that his behaviors and methods have a certain method to the madness to them and are part of some State’s goal.

    Horowitz was also involved, early on, with Mark Levin’s scam “Conservative Review” in support of Ted Cruz, though he’s lately switched to being a full-on supporter of Trump, at least as big a “supporter” a lying Jew can be.

    I suspect there are “plans within plans,” even more complex than in the book Dune (lol), and greater connections between Israeli and Russian intelligence than any of us are aware. Connections so deep and intricate it makes their open, occasional antagonism (like over Syria) hard to comprehend, when both seem to be involved covertly in the same matters. For example, Russia’s little-remarked on involvement in infiltrating ISIS leadership (using long-compromised “Islamists” with KGB training), and their facilitation of Islamic movement out of former Soviet-blocs, often with the direct blessing of the FSB (some of that might just be to clean out bad elements from Russia).

        • I live in NC. Everyone knows that the Jewish mob have been bringing black drug dealers from Florida and New York into NC for the last several decades to sell dope and weed. They increased with Obama their buddy. Regular folks down here are just tired of it. Yankees go home.

      • Deborah Ross is the lobbyist for left wing commies and the big boy drug dealers in NC. She is calling herself a candidate for Senator. She works for criminals.

      • I am uncertain of the full extent of Russian-Israel covert cooperation, and there is plenty of reason to suspect that something odd is going on. Look at the history of Russia and the Chechen war, and the way that Russia played both sides of the conflict, with Chechen “leaders” being made up of double agents, who in turn waged impotent war on Russia. The interesting thing about Russian/Jewish intelligence practices is that running both sides of every conflict is a common theme, and something openly discussed by communist strategists. See the works of ex-KGB agents. Israel and Russia have a relationship, and it is never wise to become too infatuated with even the best of foreign leaders, as appearances aren’t always what they appear.

        That said, I fully understand that this is “politically incorrect” at the moment, so I won’t bring it up again until after Trump wins the Presidency. It’s not like they’re going to nuke us any time soon.

    • If they would round up all the protesters in the NC Charlotte Protests and run the background checks on them they would find half the criminals they are looking for in the State. This is not about race. Good blacks are not using or selling drugs they are mostly the natives down here in NC. We got a bunch of thugs from other states using and selling dope down here and they are not the natives of this state using tax payer money as they live off of government assistance. This guy was not paying for his 7 children. He was wanted for sexual violations against children in other states. Wake up NC. Get the Yankee Negroes out of this State NOW.

  2. David Horowitz has thrown us a few useful tidbits, such as how the Revolutionary Communist Party is behind every single Dindu Riot. He wrote how in 1992 the RCP was in L.A. for months before the riots and left right as they began. You can see the vids of the R.C.P. in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Chicago you name it,

    The RCP is never talked about they are the street wing that connects to the Weather Underground which is STILL alive just under the May 19th Banner.

  3. Colbert is not actually a bone fide Jew. He’s from a Catholic family, of Irish descent. He may have a Nose in the woodpile, but I find no evidence of this. His family name is actually German, so who knows? He’s been working with The Tribe, forever, so he may as well be a Hebe.

  4. Looks like I got this one wrong

    Jew or not Jew says Colbert is Irish

    Colbert is so slimey such a liar

    But he s from Irish

    Too many traitor lying Left Irish

    • I once had an Irish Catholic, from Boston, FLIP out on my, in absolute HORROR, when I suggested that the Holohoax may “have been exaggerated”. He actually began praying against me. The thinkg is, Colbert may have some Hebe in him. Zhids have been in Ireland for a very long time. But there’s no indication he has Hebe DNA. He is from SC, though. Charleston is a Prime Nest for the Vampyre Tribe. It’s always been their city. Re: Catholics are so cucked that the Church is Practically the Little Sisters of Sabbatei Zevi.

      • Most catholic Irish are pro-Nazi to a degree.
        Colbert is status signaling to get work.

      • The Church has been marinated in “Judeo-Christianity” for so long that an anti-Pope now sits on the Throne of Peter.

      • Stuff like the holocaust happens all the time in the history of Asian countries. They don’t call them “Oriental Despotisms” for no reason. That’s why they don’t get it when they open a Hitler themed restaurant in some jerkwater Asian town and they suddenly get this hysterical global response.

  5. A lot of jews like Horowitz left the Communist Party in the 1950s and 60s because the Reds didn’t support Zionism. In fact the USSR gave weapons to Pigsrael’s Arab enemies. With the help of their gentile enabler William F. Buckley, Jr. those displaced jews took over the formerly WASP conservative establishment, which we now see thrashing around in its final death-throes. Good riddance.

  6. The Jew aka EDOMITE will not allow any honesty about Negro Crime because NEGROES ARE KILLING THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF JACOB and there is one thing Esau has wanted more than anything these past 4000 odd years and that is to see Jacob and his progeny destroyed. Jacob=Israel Christian=Israelite. Add another level to this, I actually see alot of evidence the White Kindred Peoples are the descendants of the original Israelites these So called Jews/Edomites are Mongrels who interbred heavily with Hamitic groups like Caananites and especially Hittites. Just google Hittite skulls and Jewish skulls its the same race.

  7. Jack Ryan writes:

    But, to be fair Horowitz’s version of Neo Conservatism is often honest about Black crime, Islamic extremism.

    QD responds:

    That was the way almost all neo-cons were before about 1994. At about that time, the neos gave up doing anything useful and started in on their invade the world invite the world MUH IZREEL project which they are still up to right now. David Horowitz didn’t go through that metamorphosis.

    • You are most always able to see through the clouds and see things as they are in the real world.

      Why are so many of our people so confused?

      Life doesn’t seem complicated to me. Whenever I talk to bright Eastern Europeans, Eastern European Americans we always seem to see everything clearly, the same way.

      Americans always seem so confused, holding on to outdated loyalties, outdated enemies.

  8. The jews have seized the media in all its forms.
    A black, half black what is called a mulatto gets lionized by the jew media and a White baseball player gets suspended without pay for criticizing the black race riots in Charlotte. The baseball player also has to attend brainwashing classes and eat crow, forever.

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