Cuckservatives: Glenn Beck Now Says Ted Cruz Isn’t George Washington

It happened this morning on the Glenn Beck program:

“Glenn Beck nervously paced back and forth through his TV studio designed to look like the Oval Office.

“He’s gonna call?” the conservative stalwart sheepishly asked. Beck was a lovesick puppy questioning whether his wayward one-and-only, Ted Cruz, will call him as scheduled on Monday morning.

“He’s gonna call,” co-host and longtime confidant Stu Burguiere reassured him. …

Following the interview, Beck joined Burgiere and Pat Gray on the “Oval Office” couch, and poured out his heart.
“For the very first time I heard Ted Cruz calculate. And when that happened, the whole thing fell apart for me,” he lamented. “It’s my fault for believing men can actually be George Washington. It’s my fault.” …”

I loved the backdrop of Glenn Beck in a replica of the Oval Office. There’s really nothing that screams kook at you more than that!

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  1. Beck said that God killed Scalia to get you to vote for Cruz. I guess God was wrong about Cruz, too?

    Never mind. Beck is a nutjob.

  2. In 2009 Beck was pretty great at times. Then he made himself irrelevant, then he made himself an enemy. Now, his meltdowns bring me strange feelings of joy. That they are occurring in an Oval Office mock-up is beyond funny.

  3. The only thing this fool ever said that made sense was when he said Barry Soetoro doesn’t like White people. But the jews at FOX crucified him for it.

    Beck’s flunkies on the couch are probably wondering who else they can leech off of when Beck finally gets taken away to the bug-house. Maybe Alex Jones?

  4. Life is filled with anguish, sorrow, trepidation, and woe. Sometimes, though, there are incandescently lovely moments. Moments that fill one’s soul with pure joy, and utter satisfaction. This is one of those moments.
    It’s all worth it .

  5. He’s gone completely nuts. Watching that video was surreal.

    Ted Cruz is actually better off by distancing himself from Beck.

  6. Beck is such an effeminate little freak. Disgusting. Totally controlled opposition.
    I wonder what George Washington would do if he could come back and tell little Becky that he did not appreciate being compared to Ted Cruz -an effeminate, Canadian born mongrel who defies the U.,S. Constitution.
    Check out my patriot and white nationality themed WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes”.

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