Review: First 2016 Presidential Debate

Well, that didn’t play out as I expected.

Quite honestly, Trump had me on edge through the whole debate. He struck me as nervous, irritable, and thin skinned. He rambled in many of his responses. My impression was that a xanax or two would have made all the difference in the world. He needed to relax and tone it down. I was relieved when it was over because he was too high strung tonight.

Hillary, of course, was Hillary. There is no other Hillary. As always, the terms cold-blooded, inhuman, unlikable, inauthentic, robotic, and fake all come to mind. She is like the fakest person in the office with her big smile. She delivered her canned lines. It was all rehearsed boilerplate and sound bites. Then again, maybe I just tune her out because I can’t get past the tone of her voice to digest what she is saying.

Trump, I think, spoke from the heart, but lost on style due to his tone. He made a number of good points right out of the gate on trade policy. Anyway, it is clear that Trump didn’t accomplish what he needed to do here. Then again, I don’t see what Hillary accomplished either, aside from not dying on stage. I don’t think she came across as genuine or likable. I don’t think she motivated anyone who was disaffected or demoralized to support her campaign.

There is only one Hillary, but there are many Donald Trumps. I prefer the confident, relaxed and funny Trump. I hope he shows up in the second debate.

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  1. If this was a debate club then Clinton did better. However, Americans are becoming more savvy and will judge the debate by different criteria. Also, the next debate is less than two weeks away and Trump is likely to improve while Clinton is not. Also, if the polls don’t move then the Clinton campaign will be desperate.

  2. I say this the polls are close enough HILLARY CLINTON WILL WIN via voter fraud and we must accept this will probably happen. THAT BEING SAID, the Revolution begins 11/9. We will not accept her illegitimate election of course and we will work toward her total collapse

  3. Trump’s lack of preparation showed. Hillary successfully portrayed herself as standing atop the gleaming pedestal of the internationalist establishment; her as that establishment’s quintessential, long-involved representative. In order for Trump to win he needs to cause that very pedestal crumble before the viewers’ eyes. Hillary will come tumbling down with it. He needs to be thoroughly prepared to hammer on the specific fault lines in that edifice until there is nothing left but dust blowing away in the wind. Too bad Pat Buchanan’s brain can’t be put in Trump’s head.

  4. Relax people!

    Comment at Castefootball.

    ‘Good news! A Clinton supporter I’ve been trying to get to support Trump has now changed his mind and is now supporting Trump!

    He’s now going to vote for Trump as a result of this debate!

    I may have been too pessimistic on how this debate will affect voters.’

    • All kinds of folks on Twitter are doing polls. There are the big time polls; Drudge, Time, etc….but even on little tiny People Polls – Trump is consistently winning.

  5. When all is done and said the majority of people are not rational creatures and elections in America are won by emotion, not rationalism, and sound bites over hard political analysis. Thats something the politicos do not understand- which is why they are as useless as tits on a boar hog.

    • Polls are too close she will win via fraud. That being said the Revolution begins 11 9. We will never accept her Illegitimate election

      • Anything under two percent and they can skew the final numbers in Hillary’s favor.

        Nigger Obama is still in office and still has all the resources of the federal government in place to rig the election.

        • No sir I am merely looking at Statistics. That being said these recent attacks and shootings may flip everything. Again if it is close she will employ Voter Fraud and I dont know how we stop Fraud

  6. I only heard a small portion of the debate but if this comment that I read at Anglin’s site is true It will tick me off.

    ‘No Benghazi, no server email mentions, no immigration, no Clinton Foundation……..geez, he could have destroyed her on those topics alone.’

    • He mentioned the emails. But not much else. As far as the unstable on the button angle, I must be the only one on earth that remembers that incident about six years ago involving Clinton and the other two women. Talk about putting paid to all such talk and a kill shot.

  7. The debate was a farce. The moderator prefaced the first question by claiming how great the economy was to soften trumps signature issues. I knew we were going to be in for a long night. The questions were couched in terms of left wing causes like racism and wealth envy. Trumps supporters who cheered were admonished while Hillary supporters grew louder and louder as the night wore on. Trump was constantly interrupted, challenged, “fact checker”, “quoted” by the moderator. It was like candy Crowley on steroids. A whole segment was devoted to tax returns and another to the birther manufactured controversy and another to mean sexist Donald said Hilary does not l

        • I thought it was good Denise but I wish he’d buried her. I think myself it was only close because Lester Token Holt kept interrupting him

    • What did you expect? Lester Holt is an uppity mulatto coon. No heterosexual White males will be moderating any of the debates, just jews, coloreds and queers.

      • Lester Holt, the nigger, was in the tank for Hillary. It was obvious from the onset of the debate and the next debates will also have biased moderators.

    • Lauer went too easy on him before. Holt doesn’t want to be accused of pulling a Lauer. Clinton is looking better by admitting when she was wrong (Iraq, emails). Trump will not – nor ever will- admit that he was wrong, or changed position on a major issue. An explanation would be better. Evading questions and lying to our faces won’t fly.

  8. He didn’t do as well as I hoped but it wasn’t that bad. He has to debate two people and they apparently pack the crowd with Hillary supporters.

  9. Neither one said much of anything. However, what scares me is that Yankeedom will flip and go full Hillary because they think she won. I kept thinking fire in a dumpster, or stalemate.

        • Yes James that was an oversight. I remember when she said WHITE PEOPLE were to blame for the riots. Hello??? BLM Members shoot a Black Female Cop in Philly, a Black Male Cop in Baton Rogue, A Dominican Cop (Mulatto) in New York along with a Chinese Cop and a Mexican Cop in Dallas. Seems to be BLM is killing anyone now who gets in their way. Yet somehow Officer Sylvia Young in Philly, Montrell Jackson in Baton Rogue, Rafael Ramos in NYC, and Patrick Zampirra in Dallas were tools of White Supremacy. Im sure that would have been news to them.

  10. He made no fatal error.

    Peevish but in fairness to him he was being interrogated as if he was the one in public life for 30 years.

    • I wonder if we are holding him to a standard that’s irrelivant though. For instance the bankruptcy.

      Lots of ordinary joes went bankrupt. Who knows how her haughty attitude on that played.

    • He was not holding back. He was on defense all night because of that phucking negro’s anti-Trump questions and inserting himself into the debate. And Hilary threw so much lying filth out there that it was impossible to remember every single one she told in order to refute it.

      When she said that Trump invited Putin to hack into American’s computers, I really wanted to strangle the foul bitch.

      • I was referring to when Hillary brought up the so called history of Trump’s abuse of women. He could have slammed her, but he declined to do so which is an error in my opinion.

        Had he done so it would have been in the news cycle tomorrow and probably most of the week. There is plenty of dirt on her and Bill he could have brought up.

  11. Hillary lectures Donald about his failed businesses? Should we talk about whitewater development corporation?

  12. Turns out Trump did fine. He’s WAY ahead in all the pools, including freaking Time, and Slate. Micheal Moore is having a meltdown, and is getting RAPED on his Twitter feed!!! HAHAHA!!!

    • Denise I have high fucking standards. I want to see Trump bury her.
      I’d like to see him master detas too.
      Fair enough though. She came off like a sociopath. My flesh was crawling looking at her. A vicious wife ambushing a well meaning husband.

      The bankruptcy thing might hurt her. Lots of people are struggling and she impugned everyone who has hit hard times and forced to declare.

      • I know. We were initially disappointed, because we wanted exactly what you want. But he’s going for the Normies. Most folks are NOT Racialist Autistes, like we are.

        I still have Fox on. Hilary left the building first. She was surrounded, literally, by people, until she got up to the “front” where the cameras were stationed. She then walked away from the people who were around her to perhaps prop her up, to show she could walk be herself.

        Trump was engaged in deep debate with Jew in law Kushner. He wasn’t playing for the cameras (!). Trump looked like he was pissed off at what Kushner told him….interesting….

        Don’t worry about it. Every-one is saying what we are.
        We need to Tweet to him. Tell him to be more aggressive. GO for the killing shot. Do NOT drone on. No one cares about taxes, or the Birtheer thing (and Barry is a Muslim home from Kenya). I’m glad he challenged Hillary and her Court Homo Holt, on that. Millions heard the name Sid Blumenthal (((Every. Single. Time.))) But he needs to stomp it down. Tweet at 2AM or 6AM When he’s on Twitter.

        MN went for him, by the way. Minnecuckingsota.

  13. why is the birther issue important, because it offends Obama – who is president and not our worry how he’s offended by anything – or because it offends blacks? Must be the latter. There are more “deplorables” than blacks in the USA. (Thank goodness.)

  14. Funny how Hillary has all sorts of details at the tip of her tongue in debates but when questioned by the FBI and Congressional committees her memory is worse than Glen Campbell’s.

  15. Hilary is a rare bird. She can truly lie with a psychopathic smile on her face. She looked positively bizarre at times. The smiling was programmed into her by her debate prep psychologists, and they serve as a tell, indicating where Trump has struck a nerve each and every time.

    As for Lester Holt – the weirdest looking Frankenstein of a negro I have ever seen – he took Candy Crowley’s play and made it his own, and living up to every stereotype about liberal media bias in the process.

    Trump scored drew some blood, but he also got bogged down. He clearly, and understandably, takes his business record very personally, but he needs to stay out of the weeds. Every moment on defense is a moment not on offense. He needs to turn everything back on Hilary and take her lies to task. The more he shows her for the liar that she is, the more ineffective her barbs at him become.

  16. It also looked as if Hillary already knew what the questions were beforehand. Whoever wrote the questions for nigger Holt gave a copy to Hillary as well so could prep.

  17. How quaint. A google moderating the debate. I can guess how Lester will vote. And then add infinum skypes telling us how it went afterwards.
    If Hillary did not give Lester the questions to ask, I will eat my hat.

    • But the Jews have told us a zillion times already, Holt is a Republican. Did Holt favor Trump to your eyes and mind??

  18. American has troops on the ground in Syria. Without the permission of the Syrian government. America has never been closer to a nuclear confrontation with Russia and that coon, Lester Holt does not think we have a right to know what the presidential candidates are going to do to prevent our own deaths.

  19. Hillary was very smug, as she knew she wasn’t going to be asked any tough questions. That the debate was so slanted in Hillary’s favor actually works to Trump’s advantage. That Hillary needs to be so protected from any hard questions , protected from any objective scrutiny, means she has ALOT to hide. And that was obvious in how slanted the debate was in her favor. And considering how slanted it was in her favor, she still did a mediocre job of it. All that protection with the “moderator” on her side, and she still can’t come off looking viable.

    The more they make it that the debates are slanted in Hillary’s favor, the more people get turned-off to Hillary, because it’s so blatantly obvious Hillary is being protected from any real, serious questions, pretected from any tough questions, so it actually ultimately works in Trump’s favor.

    • I spoke with someone who does fundraising for the Trump campaign in Southern Florida, and she thinks he dominated the first half, while Hillary did better in the second half.

      For some reason, Trump got seriously agitated over the whole Iraq War thing near the end.

      Also, did anyone notice Trump sniffling throughout the debate? Wonder if he had a little cold that was messing him up a bit?

      • Cernovich is arguing that most people stopped watching after the first 30 minutes or so, during which Trump clearly dominated the exchange. Those of us who watched the whole thing saw an uneven performance from Trump.

        I’ve noticed a lot of older White men have this tic that sounds as if they’re sniffing, when in fact they’re simply taking a breath between sentences.

        • Interesting on the tic thing, and I think you’re right in that the short attention span of the average pampered American works to our advantage in this situation.

          Most online polls have Trump as the winner, while Democrat pollster Pat Caddell is saying that Trump did what he had to do last night.

          He’ll gain a few points, while Hillary came across as vanilla and robotic.

          • At the beginning of the debate I noticed Hillary kept closing her eyes and seemed to be swaying slightly. I actually thought she would collapse. I think she was on some kind of medication.

          • I never seen a more annoying bitch all full of herself than that evil crooked sick bitch who was pumped all up on Parkinson’s meds. That said, she “won” the debate according to the lame-stream jewsmedia and pissed off most of ZOGling whigger Amurrikwa according to the polls afterwards. That and that lying nigger moderatard who kept on letting Swillery run wild has the polls giving what I think was a defensive clinch by Trump a slight win by Trump over a well-rehearsed lawyer-weasel Killery.

            I myself was annoyed at Trump — looking at my Twitter feed last night shows it — because Trump could have gone for the kill ala “Mortal Kombat” a

      • They tweaked the Microphone Marcus and they backlit Trump bad while giving Hillary a perfect microphone and good backlighting.

  20. Hillary spoke like a seasoned lawyer cross examined many times and retaliate. Poor Trump just wanted to speak his heart but became defensive in court.

  21. Frankly folks, I think you’re putting too much hope in the billionaire yankee businessman. Even if he wins, then what? I’m voting for him and bracing myself for big disappoints after. Unfortunately, it’s the only reasonable thing to do: vote Trump and roll the dice.

  22. Clinton controlled him like a puppet, which isn’t surprising. He has a temper, will never admit that he was wrong, and believes in conspiracy theories. She had him from the moment she mentioned the $14 million dollar gift from his father.

    His statement that cheering on the housing collapse is ‘business’ and not paying taxes makes him smart are not going to win him any supporters.

  23. I knew Trump was making a mistake when he ditched his original campaign manager and turned to Republcuck campaign “professionals”. His poor performance at the so called debate has probably hurt him. He did a Rope a Dope while Hillary pummeled him with snide punches that he could have used to destroy her with, example: “Mr. Trump you have made nasty comments about women, calling them names, etc”. Trump: Hillary, you’ve called have the country deplorables and you don’t even know these people – really – Hillary ?” or “You stiff the people who work for you, I’m glad my father, who was a working man, didn’t get stiffed by you” Trump: Hillary, you’ve got 2 billion dollars in a family foundation, super rich people have to contribute to the Clinton foundation just to be able to talk to you as Secretary or State. I don’t stiff anybody and settle all disputes in a business like manner, not through thinly veiled bribery”
    See how easy it would have been, Donald ?

  24. I did not see the debate, so I am catching up this morning on the net. Sounds like they went back and forth and argued over who was lying -not calmly debated ideas and alternative views of america’s future. Big surprise on that one (not).

    • All Hillary did was attack Trump, and smirk, and tell the Same Old Lies. Trump was a bit off his game. He’s VERY energetic, and has been campaigning everywhere. He should have rested at least a day. She got under his skin. He was defensive, and he went on about certain subjects way too long. He wasn’t focused.
      Now – he was TERRIFIC in describing the real state of affairs in the JewSA, and how things really work. He was 300 million badjillion gazillion hearfelt.
      He’s wonderful.

  25. Regardless of who people think won the debate it is clear that the Republicans always gets screwed by the moderators.

    The ‘high yeller’ was in Hillary’s camp without a doubt.

    Trump needs to change the format somehow to avoid the collusion and inevitable ambush.

  26. I think Hillary did very good. Here’s a Women that was falling out a couple weeks ago. Trump did ok but I think he missed points on not bringing up Clinton’s husbands behavior with Women and her covering it up. I think Trump will do better next time.

    I think Trumps New York persona rubs people the wrong way. I know it does me. I met lots of people like this in the service from New York and that area. They acted just like Trump. You eventually get used to dealing with them. Mostly by ignoring their braggadocios behavior.

    Hillary really surprised me. I’m sure she’s a psychopath. A very good one. She slips sometimes but when she concentrates she can really…I guess the phrase is “put it out there”. Most people don’t think that there’s a lot of psychopaths in office so she will do better among those people who don’t suspect.

    Some people say that Trump overdid his reaction to the moderator saying he was for the war in Iraq, I disagree. The moderator insisted on dismissing Trumps word on this. Trump also made sure that the public knew that the press refused to even look into the evidence that he was against the war from Hannity. I think that will help. It will cement the already strong distrust of the press in the electorate. Even if they don’t agree with Trump all the time the huge dislike of the press may tip people to his side . The presses support for Hillary may actually hurt her more than help.

  27. God Almighty. Every-one is sniffing like the girl who received a nice pair of pearl earrings, from he brand new beau, instead of a pair of $10,000 diamond earrings.

  28. I think the south needs to amp up the secession effort….there is no other option now….the country is irredeemable at this point and half of the people are insane, leave them and start over…..and please act fast….let me know what states will be yours so i can move on over while the money is still accepted as having value.

  29. I tuned in to the Mark Belling show this afternoon to hear his thoughts as he was one of the most virulent anti-Trumpers in the country.

    To my surprise he said Trump did well considering the bias of the moderator.

    Gotcha questions directed at Trump only.

    Said that fact checks were only employed to discredit Trump and not once was Hillary challenged.

    Moderator was wrong on ‘stop and frisk’ and the Supreme Court.

    In his opinion pundits were 50/50 but the average viewer went for Trump.

    He cited many polls across the spectrum showing Trump as winner.

    Loved his law and order theme.

    I missed the segment where Trump apparently asserted that Hillary said that NAFTA was the ‘Gold Standard’ of trade agreements or something along that line.

    Hillary claims he was lying. Belling said some news stations aired a video of Clinton saying exactly what Trump asserted.

  30. So many of these lefties are worthy of getting their cuck faces punched out.

    Howard Dean tweet

    “Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?”

  31. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    A little perspective. There were 12 Republicans debates. I believe the media declared Trump winner of ONE. He won the Nomination 4:1.

    Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    Hey everyone, be happy. From everything I’m reading, last night was a big win. Hillary can be Debate Captain, Trump will be POTUS.

  32. The Jews are now trying to skew the polls to say Hillary Clinton won the Debate by using supposedly “Scientific” RE: NIGGERS SAMPLED Polls to make Hillary look better. They caught Bill doing this back in the 1990’s calling up Negroes to boost his poll numbers unnaturally high.

  33. I’m quite amazed at the misogynistic and racist comments made here. Why so much hate? The deep-seated hatred prevents an objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and the issues they raised as well as how they laid out their plans for America. Instead comments revolve around racist and sexist slurs attack. Pathetic! And beneath America.

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