The Rainbow Renaissance

Brace yourselves for it.

If Trump loses the presidential election, we will likely see a resurgence of this species of idiocy. By that I mean you could see millions of White Southerners move on from TruConnery to MAGAism to where the Texas Nationalist Movement is now or where the League of the South was about 20 years ago.

I’m putting this out there now because I want to take credit for calling it when it happens. I’ve been saying for a while now that the Texas Nationalist Movement is best positioned to reap the benefits of a Hillary victory. Texas will naturally be the epicenter of the secessionist wave which will sweep across the South.

These Trump supporters flirting with secession for the first time will believe things like Texas or the South is “the real America.” They will believe things like we need to secede in order to “save the Constitution.” They will say anyone can be a Texan or a Southerner … African, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, Native-American, LGBT, Cracker.

Oh, and they’re not racists. These people will say they want to secede because they can’t stand the thought of living through 4 to 8 years of Hillary’s America. When Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election, I was surprised when hundreds of thousands of people signed those secession petitions. I didn’t see that coming. If Trump loses this election, I expect something like that will happen again, but on a much larger scale.

Rainbow secessionist groups will sprout up out of nowhere. Just like in 2012, they will be started and led by people we had never heard of before. There will be a lot of that on social media like Facebook and Twitter. I don’t think it will come out of the Heritage movement because it will be a reaction to a Hillary victory. It won’t be driven by Confederate nostalgia. Many of our Rainbow Confederates could definitely move on to something like that though. You could see them rallying behind General Goodson-type figures.

The Rainbow Renaissance will peter out after a few months. The secessionist wave will fade through the winter. No state will secede in 2017, but it will still be a significant milestone. When the Confederacy was launched in 1861, it had only the dimmest awareness of its own nationhood (see the progression of flags), it was led by mainstream conservatives like Davis and Stephens, it was barely removed from Americanism and its vanguard was sidelined in the government. After its defeat, the Confederacy was justified by Davis and Stephens with long constitutional apologies of states’ rights.

Anyway, it will be fun to revisit this post in November and see how much of it came true.

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  1. That flag sends conflicting messages. One might think it represents pro-Confederate homos, a group that doesn’t even exist.

    • Not exactly. Austin, Texas is second only to San Francisco in its overall ranking of “Gay friendly.”

  2. Said this years ago Hunter, Texas will be the flame that starts the fire. By the way if you have the stomach for it, you should see a sliver of the Dr. Phil episode from yesterday and what will make you physically ill is seeing how much of the Yankee perversion that is even as we speak warping Southern Girls fragile minds and psyches and without Daddies with a Belt, its all going to the dogs. How do we get a semblance of normality back again? What is the League’s opinion on how to restore a semblance of control?

    This poor child was from somewhere in Dixie, not sure where but I saw it and it made me ill

    • You think this represents the majority of Southern mothers? It represents the horrible agenda the jewish/yank media has against the South and Southern mothers – most of whom are the most capable in the world.

      I don’t understand – almost every Southerner I talk to understands the media has been and always will be against them. So this is unlikely to poison Southern minds and more likely to enforce stereotypes and hatred from non Southerners against native Southern women.

        • We have to be real about this Robbie. There are 100 times more girls like this in the Northern US than in the Southern US. That being said, the cultural poison has seeped in at some level and will have to be dealt with. The South is overall a million times much better shape going forward than anywhere else in the US, but the cultural poison is still present at EVERY Southern University and in every town. This cultural poison will have to be expunged. A NEW CSA IS THE GOAL YES but we must realize what we will have to do to keep and sustain a new nation. It will be a complete effort at EVERY SINGLE LEVEL to expunge the last 400 years of societal damage.,

      • Absolutely not Marcus but it represents something we need to talk about and be real about as WN’s. The cultural poison has spread far and wide, albeit the South has a much lower dose overall, BUT it is still there. We will have to handle people like this when the day comes. There will have to be re-education camps and all sorts of things to re-train women. As I have always told Hunter Marcus, it will take at least 1-2 Generations to clear out the cultural damage.

        • it took the Spanish over 700 years to expel the Moorish invaders from their land. Should we be any less dedicated when the very existence of our race is at stake? The problem with Americans is they cannot think long term. This will be a multi-generational struggle.

          • I have said this for years Connor. Anyone who thinks Freedom will be gained in 3 years or so is kidding themselves. It would take 70-100 years to restore everything

  3. Texas is in the best position to secede for several reasons, and will likely be the first state, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

    Whatever happens, we must not, under any circumstances, let any rainbow group set the tone for the secession.

    • Absolutely not. The Rainbow Confederacy is about as foolish as those who at one time in years past were part of the Neo-Confederate movement who said NONWHITES can be with us as long as they agree with Small Government. #B_LS_T

  4. I advocate what I like to call the Parallel Bilateral/Unilateral Strategy in relationship to Partition/Secession.

    As we work “within the system” on a bilaterally and legally acceptable path to Partition (and there are several), we simultaneously develop the capacity for Unilateral Partition.

    Groups like The Texas Nationalist Movement and so forth are useful for the Bilateral arm; the Alt Right and White Nationalists would be useful for the Unilateral Arm: a logical and healthy division of labor. As we know, idle hands are the devil’s workshop!

    There is no way they are going to let us break away unless we have credible threats to hurt their economic interests. Likewise, we will never get Normies to go along if we market this as a one way ticket to Nazi Germany or some other rearward looking place in history. We have to be forward looking and paint the most attractive view of the future we can. As Adam Smith pointed out:

    is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker,
    that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.
    We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love, and
    never talk to them of our own necessities but of their advantages. Nobody
    but a beggar chooses to depend chiefly upon the benevolence of his
    fellow-citizens. Even a beggar does not depend upon it entirely.”

  5. Bilateral Paths to Partition:

    1) The US cedes territory as in a Treaty, to a new nation. Having a Shadow Government and a Constitution in place would be exceedingly helpful.

    2) The Courts declare it to be so (not likely, but with enough pressure, the Courts can and will do anything).

    3) A Constitutional Amendment adding a secession function to the Constitution. I propose the following:

    Every two years, the elections for the House of Representatives affords an opportunity to question the people of a state concerning secession. A state can secede on a single ballot with a 75% majority. A state can secede if it has a 2/3rds majority on 2 consecutive ballots (two years apart). A state can secede with a simple 50% majority on three consecutive ballots, for instance, 2018, 2020, and 2022. The election series can be triggered by the Legislature of the State or by a petition of 10% of the eligible voters.

    This has the advantage of being “safe” for the Normies and Mainstream politicians, as nothing happens at first and you can grand stand all day long without doing anything. Texas et al can start, and, after time, as more states ratify, things start getting serious.

    4) A Constitutional Convention where we redraw the map lines and arrange other affairs such as travel, commerce, currency and regulation for the resultant nations; this is what Partition SHOULD be were the other side not driven by pathological hatred and sociopathy.

  6. Unilateral paths to Partition:

    1) We hold our own elections and form a Shadow Government. Get people used to the idea of an actual new nation so that the transition is more likely. The Shadow Government could start working on several key tasks:

    a) A Constitution

    b) New Money

    c) The post-Partition relationship with the United States (travel, defense relations)

    2) A COMPLETELY SEPARATE militia system

    a) where, IN PRIVATE, people arm up and stockpile food, and help their neighbors do the same

    b) where the militias PUBLICLY practice their chain of command on NON-VIOLENT projects, such as neighborhood beautification, helping old folks, widows, and orphans, free medical and dental care, education classes where white history and nationalism is taught along more traditional subjects such as computers, health and and so on. Pretty much anything NON-VIOLENT.

    c) this will draw so many downtrodden and forgotten to our side and make our goal of a new nation not only palatable but desirable – a real “ground game” for a real “monster vote”!

    3) Boycotts of the current system. Hit them where it hurts: money. When GDP is plunging every quarter, the Other Side will rapidly throw in the towel as the blacks and Mexicans get uncontrollable in the absence of Bread and Circuses.

    • Think Orania! On a greater scale it is the perfect model for the Ethno-State. Check it out on You Tube if you have never heard of Orania!

  7. I agree that it is VERY unlikely that any state will secede in 2017. I am not worried about Texas leaving -if they would take all the Mexicans with them! I do not plan to leave Indiana, but if I ever did it would probably be to Montana or Idaho.

  8. Rainbow renaissance is a fantasy. Constitution fetishism will not save the historic American nation. Is anybody else struck by the parallels between American Indians’ ghost dance and the cucks invoking the Constitution? The cucks invoke the Constitution as if the spirits of the American founding fathers will appear to fight on behalf of the historic American nation and bring peace, prosperity and unity to the historic American nation.

  9. Texas or the South is “the real America.”

    I was taught that from childhood. It was reinforced in school by the songs we sang and the history we were taught. We were also taught to avoid blacks and the trouble they cause.

    • There were only two regions of distinct culture to the USA when it was settled, NEW ENGLAND and the SOUTHERN COLONIES ie MD-GA. The Middle States were a hodgepodge of ethnicities and religions. The Founders chose what I term the Pennsylvania model for the United States frontier, frontier at that time meaning the Northwest Territory and the Mississippi Territory, Kentucky and Tennessee were basically organized as counties of Virginia and North Carolina respectively. Ky and Tn were the only two states west of the Appalachians that were never US Territories.

      The Midwestern States were settled by the three streams of the Upper South, Pennsylvania and New England and this pattern repeated all the way to California in some shape or form. What this did was create a culture were no one really had anything in common with one another. The Mississippi Territory, being full of mighty Indian tribes, was settled much slower, but its warmer weather made it undesirable for immigrants so it became an extension of Georgia and SC.

      The Founders idea of making one unifying American culture was a mistake and the South discovered that too late. The odd part of Post-Reconstruction was that as the culture had changed elsewhere so much because of immigration and even New England because of low birth rates was being replaced by French/Irish Catholics the South became seen in the popular culture as the last place that still maintained its unique culture. Madison Avenue and every advertiser for years seemed to love Southern branding, up until the 1950s when we entered Reconstruction II which hasn’t ended yet.

      Southerners are for the most part the only White Americans who almost all of their ancestors were here at the founding. Of course there are exception ethnics such as the Germans in South Tx or the Italians in New Orleans who came later but for the most part everyone can trace their lineage back that far. Mine goes back to before Bacons Rebellion

      • It would have been far better if the Articles of Confederation had been made stronger. Then there would have been no “Civil War. People ought to read the Anti-Federalist papers to see what they predicted if the Articles of Confederation was scrapped and replaced with the Constitution. They said state sovereignty would disappear, the power to tax would dominate all, and the Judicial branch would emerge supreme over the other two branches.

      • I went to school between 74′ and 86′. My Elementary school teachers started their careers in the late 1940’s. I didn’t know what political correctness was until I heard about it from Rush Limbaugh in 1993. We learned that Texas was good. So was Dixie. And People that didn’t drink sweet tea or eat chicken fried steaks, were strange and foreign.

        • That’s wonderful. I don’t need to tell you my half-black public school didn’t teach a thing. And my nearly-all-white private school (which struggled to bring in black students) was full of Yankees. Most Southerners couldn’t afford private school I imagine. Many of the students there did get into good schools, but only 1 of them had any intelligence. So, I guess it does matter what hs a person goes to. The one with intelligence got perfect scores in college…

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