October Surprises

Last night, I took a break from politics and took the wife out on a date at an Irish restaurant. We are about to celebrate our three year anniversary. I had an English dish called Bangers and Mash. It was great.

As we were leaving, I checked the news and noticed that all hell was breaking loose on Facebook and Twitter. Trump had been caught on video making a very Trumpy statement about women like ten years ago and Wikileaks had dumped some emails in which Hillary had been caught making a very Hillary statement about globalism to a bunch of Brazilian bankers behind closed doors:

“Donald J. Trump issued an unusual videotaped apology early Saturday after a 2005 recording surfaced that showed him speaking in extraordinarily vulgar terms about women, setting off an uproar in the Republican Party.

“Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am,” he said. “I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.” …”

I’m not sure what the timeline was here. Which came out first? The long awaited Wikileaks dump or the Trump Tape? It sounds like one campaign was retaliating against the other and trying to keep bad news from dominating the news cycle.

“Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton admitted she takes two positions on policy issues.

One in private — ostensibly, the “real” position and one for the public — according to a damaging email leak released on Friday by Wikileaks that included clips of Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street banks and other organizations. …

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere,” Clinton told Banco Itau, a Brazilian bank, on May 16, 2013.”

By the sound of it, I’m guessing the Wikileaks dump came first?

It’s nice to have Hillary saying in her own words what we have been saying about her all along: she is an open borders, neo-liberal globalist.

She dreams of signing new destructive free-trade agreements like NAFTA and the TPP which will continue to suck jobs overseas and impoverish the White working class while enriching the Davos elite. She dreams of a borderless world in which all immigration enforcement has collapsed, where any refugee, drug trafficker, or terrorist who wants to come here can waltz across the non-existent border, where all illegal aliens have been given amnesty and can vote in our elections and the whole Third World can come here if it wants to do so.

Imagine a world where the fossil fuels industry (oil, coal, natural gas) has been regulated out of existence by the federal government in order to chase the same “green energy” pipe dream that Obama has been chasing for the last eight years now. Imagine the forced unemployment that would cause (already has caused) across Appalachia. Remember all those “green energy” jobs Obama promised to create 8 years ago and 4 years ago?

Gas prices have plummeted because of fracking which radical greens led by Bernie Sanders are determined to ban. Look at Germany where the average price of electricity is 3x what it is now in Alabama. In Germany, the elderly are freezing to death in the winter and reverting to wood burning stoves because of high energy prices. That’s not even because of fossil fuels. It is because they shutdown their nuclear power plants.

In the last debate, Hillary talked about deploying “half a billion more solar panels.” She didn’t say that China already dominates the solar panel industry, has expanded its US marketshare, and would be poised to make even larger gains under the Trans-Pacific Partnership and whatever she dreams of coming after that.

So, if you are living in southwest Virginia, you can expect the following:

1.) Hillary wants to ship more manufacturing jobs out of your community and shutdown coal mining. Because that’s exactly what is needed right now in your area, amiright?

2.) Hillary wants to dump unlimited numbers of Muslim refugees in your community in order to rip apart the social fabric. Don’t even bother to ask obvious questions like – why?

3.) Hillary wants to make it as easy as possible for drug traffickers to operate in your community who bring everything from heroin to prescription drugs into your community.

4.) Hillary wants to integrate your public restrooms so that transsexuals won’t suffer from an identity crisis. She supports gay marriage and god only knows whatever crazy thing “progressives” will dream up next.

How many “genders” are there now? Hundreds, right? How does society accomodate them all and make amends for the systemic oppression of trans-ableists and trans-speciesists?

5.) Hillary wants the whole Third World to be able to come across our borders – including all the gangbangers, rapists, murderers, thieves of Latin America – and settle in your community and tax you in order to pay for their schools and every other cost of their presence here.

6.) Hillary wants to set loose terrorists into your community – like the one who recently struck in Roanoke – and calls you a racist and bigot for objecting to it.

7.) Hillary wants to send your children overseas to some foreign country like Iraq or Libya where they might die in order to destabilize large areas of the world so that ISIS can take over there. She might even start the Third World War with Russia over Ukraine’s border. She doesn’t give a damn about our border though.

8.) Hillary says that your friends, family and neighbors are “irredeemable” and “un-American” Deplorables on account of their racism, sexism, nativism, classism, bigotry, Eurocentrism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, heteronormativity, and their cisgendered white privilege due to their implicit bias and all the advantages that have accrued to them – living as they do in their trailer park – under the systemic racism that President Obama has maintained for the last eight years.

9.) Hillary wants to disarm you and take away your guns on top of all that.

10.) Hillary wants to raise your taxes, regulate the hell out of small businesses, regulate other resource extraction industries like timber to death while giving foreigners who don’t have these government imposed competitive disadvantages free and unfettered access to our market.

11.) Hillary wants to jack up gas prices and electricity prices. Because, who doesn’t want to pay more for energy? It’s a no brainer!

12.) Finally, Hillary wants to demonize the police and glorify the angry, sullen, rioting mobs of negroes you see every other week now on television. She wants to incite them against you in your community. But you, YOU need to live in fear of destroying your career by uttering something that sets off the wrong -ism or -phobia tripwire.

Oh, but wait … wait, you say that Trump made a lewd, offensive comment about women ten years ago, and he called Alicia Machado fat twenty years ago in a beauty contest. Are you telling me that Donald Trump was the person who everyone in the world thought he was – someone who had cultivated an image as a billionaire playboy since the 1980s – until he ran for president? Are you kidding me?

Like that totally blew my mind! I don’t care about any of the things above now that will have a direct impact on my own life and the lives of everyone in my community!

Update: The Trump Tape came out first.

Note: I asked the wife what she thought about this. Her response was “so what”? How does that affect us and our family?

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  1. Washington Post released the Trump audio. Wikileaks posted their leak exactly one hour later.

  2. I was out after an opening, lovely looking girl baited the group with the Pussygate stuff. The guys are all moderately Leftie at the table and one of their girlfriends showed up.

    She speculated that This might be the end of Trump but everyone thought he’d bull through it. I got the sense she wanted her boyfriend to grab her snatch more often quite frankly!

    I pointed out that Hillary’s opinion on Crimea was more important as a contrast with Trump given actual happenings in the real world.

  3. The story about Trump’s private comments from 2005 may help him, even a “low information” voter can see that this is a stupid, canned attack from the criminal media.

  4. “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders…

    Precisely why the leadership of the GOP prefers her over Trump.

  5. The Bush clan Romney and Ryan have been planning this October surprise behind closed doors for who knows how long.

  6. I like it too. So, apparently, does Hillary. In fact Bill said she gets more than he does. That’s why I’m voting for Trump. But seriously, this shows that her campaign is desperate. This “leak” didn’t come out without her approval. What could she be thinking? If Trump is smart, during the debates he’ll bring up the Clinton’s actions toward women. I think it’s a miscalculation on Hillary’s part. She can’t win over this. And Trump should never apologize. Shows weakness.

  7. Romney had a dozen paid people behind him at some cuck’s campaign in Utah for a MSNBC clip it was embarrassing since they did not show the size of the audience. Whole thing is a joke on them not even the bitties this is aimed at take it seriously

    Idiocy for gossips

  8. Scott Adams ?@ScottAdamsSays
    Today America united as a nation to decide how many alleged Trump gropes equals one alleged Bill/Hillary Clinton rape.

  9. So far, these emails just sound like business as usual. I don’t think her ‘open borders’ comment was to be taken literally as in rapists and drug traffickers are welcome.

    Coal is going to be ancient history. There are already stagnating old company towns that never would have existed if it weren’t for the mines and the mines are long gone (but the pollution remains). Without a diverse economy, there is no hope of things getting better. People have to drive to another county to work some crappy job if they want to stay.

      • lolz. “shafting the miners”. and – as an disillusioned nuclear plant dude, and physics instructor: the fantasy of “alternate energy” is going to kill millions when the next maunder minimum comes along. but maybe that was the elitists plan all along- “useless eaters” as they call the proles.

  10. The thing about Trump is that he was also accused of rape just like Bill Clinton. To make it worse for him, he still thinks the Central Park 5 are guilty even though they were exonerated through DNA evidence. Do people not get wrongly accused? Why is Bill assumed to be guilty, but not him? He would be an immense fool to bring up Bill Clinton tomorrow, but he’s already warned us that he will.

    • The Central Park 5 attacked other people the night of their crime and have never denied or have been found innocent of those attacks. It was the subversive Jew Morgenthau who let them go right before retiring, over the objects of the police department. Trump knows the truth. Trisha Meili was and is a Christian. Do you think Morgenthau would have let them go, if they had attacked a Jew?? Don’t you know how much the Jews hate us??

      • I understand that they were committing other crimes, but they didn’t rape that woman according to the DNA evidence.

          • I’m not saying she wasn’t assaulted. I’m saying it was another perpetrator unrelated to the kids. The perpetrator is named Matias Reyes. He eventually confessed and his DNA matches that of the evidence found. He’s a convicted serial rapist serving life in prison.

          • Separating the assault from the rape, did DNA implicate Reyes in the assault?? Did Reyes meet the convicted attackers in prison?? Was it possible for influence to be exerted over the skinny spick in prison??

          • Yes and yes. His DNA matched and he crossed paths with one of the falsely convicted that became a prominent Muslim activist in prison. He was already serving a life sentence and figured that he would eventually be found out as DNA technology improved. He benefited from coming forward since he was never getting out and was helping an influential prisoner. It was not out of the kindness of his heart or any sense of guilt.

          • I’m not dancing around anything. Look up the case. They were up to no good, but they had nothing to do with the jogger.

          • The Central Park 5 did assault people in the park that night, but I don’t think it was anything on the level of what happened to the woman. They may have knocked a guy off his bike, or done something more serious. There were a lot of kids in the park at that night so it’s hard to tell.

    The Hag has called us bimbos,sluts,trailer trash,whores,skanks. From one woman to her rapist’s victims.When will u resign from ur campaign?

  12. Nothing has changed. There is a shared loyalty between Trump and Trumps voters that is beyond politics. There are no fair weather Trump supporters.

  13. If pressed on this, Trump should use the opportunity to talk about the loss of privacy in the age of the NSAFacebookGoogle. Subtly turn himself into the underdog facing the same problems as the common man.

  14. Juanita Broaddrick @atensnut
    How many times must it be said? Actions speak louder than words. DT said bad things!HRC threatened me after BC raped me.
    7:06 AM – 8 Oct 2016

    Paula Jones weighed in as well, writing on Facebook, “I don’t recall that Bill or Hillary has ever apologized to me and Juanita Broaddrick or Kathleen Willey yet Bill was getting his wee wee sucked under the Oval Office desk and still won a second term, UNBELIEVABLE!

  15. Obviously, Sir – the whole hullaballo about Mr. Trump’s unseemly dealings is not directed towards someone like you, but towards that squeamish, blowing with the wind, everything is relative but style person who the election now comes down to.

    I’m surprised it ‘blew your mind’.

    You suffer from too much intelligence…

    Sincerely, Junius.

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