The Day The Republican Party Died


All the Republican Senators are lining up to stab Trump in the back. A new one every minute now. This one certainly conjures forth a memory. GIVE. THIS. SPEECH. NOW.

Note: I didn’t see this scenario coming. I had no idea they would be foolish enough to attempt a coup against their own presidential nominee.

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  1. Brutus killed Ceasar. The GOP attempted to kill Trump (politically should I say).

    One month left, if Trump wins, I predict outrage after outrage every day in America, the medias, the GOP, the Liberals. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

  2. Everyone and I mean everyone knew Donald went and said stuff like that on the air and it’s coming out a month before, hahahahahaa

    So unless there is a really super secret plan by such geniuses as Ryan and Hillary and the senators I will bet Trump has trolled them first

    This is last week of the campaign stuff not a month in ‘Murka in the land of idiots

    • So at every Hag campaign event and even the College Gameday show people are showing up with Bill Clinton is a rapist signs

      Maybe we attack them let them hold court on whether Bent Crank is a rapist

      Creepy Bill. Now imagine hundreds of people trying to break into a democratic event with those signs

    • It is rather obvious, these Senators and other elected officials enjoy the perks of their jobs. Principles are lost on them. They see and evaluate a degenerate nation of voters sans morality. Keeping their office and local influence is paramount.

      This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. When a nation willfully self destructs, the opportunists will react accordingly.

    • One thing is for sure. Their coup’s success was based on Trump withdrawing.

      They were all lined up this morning waiting for his announcement and instead he told them to drop dead.

      As you said, this was an angle none of us saw coming. They literally just destroyed the party.

    • It’s going to be a literal bloodbath. It’ll start in Crimea and spread outward rapidly.

    • Why don’t you use this as an opportunity to establish a third, SNP-type political party for an independence movement? Shouldn’t be hard. Just fill out the appropriate forms. Doing so would also get some media attention for yourself and cause nationally.

      Hopefully, Trump gets this process started by declaring war on your enemies.

      In many Southern districts, the GOP goes unopposed, so if you target them first, you could remove the republican without putting in a democrat.

      Over time, the GOP could be supplanted in large areas. This will become increasingly easy as it becomes clear that the GOP can’t win nationally due to racist voting patterns among democrats and demographic changes. In other words, the people won’t mind voting for you guys because there will no longer be a compelling reason to vote GOP.

      With the power government, secession would be a lot easier to organize and more likely to occur (it’s easier for Chinese and Russian billionaires to secretly fund something that already exists). You could also use the power of government to suppress your enemies the way they’ve suppressed you (affirmative action for your kind, control of the media, etc.). Lots of benefits.

      Think about it…and don’t listen to the “worse is better” dead-enders. This is a good idea and this type of thing has always been the genesis of actual independence movements in modern, civilized history. Your people need something to organize around besides an obscure website. They need something for people to invest their time and loyalty in.

  3. GOP, hell, this is how America and its WHITES die!

    What an ignominious end to a once great people of unequaled accomplishment. Let some bawdy banter that literally EVERY hetero white male is guilty of saying something comparable in private conversation at some point in their lives make it into public and they become the gelding corporate puppets they truly are! After the entire Democratic party lined up damn near to the last person to defend their President being a multiple sexual abuser and defining the Oval Office.

    Republican Party, you DESERVE to die!

  4. This is not altogether out of context or hype on HW’s part. About noon MSNBC was running a line of propaganda on how the GOP could pick another person once Trump stepped aside or somehow booted

    What does that tell you about the polling?

    • True.

      I saw pictures on a site of AS at his home throwing birthday parties for his kids.

      The maid would show up with her kid.

      No one knew AS had been diddling her and the kid was his.

      Maria filed for divorce soon after discovering his horn dog betrayal.

      Yea, He personifies the phony ant-Trump weasels.

      Oh, and he backed that rat Kasich in the primaries.

    • Don’t hold it against Schwarzenegger. Racist Jews control Hollywood and a white male has to say certain things to survive. He HAS to publicly come out against Trump or the new KGB may suspect him of treason a la Mel Gibson. Secretly, he may actually support Trump. Let it pass. In the long-run, this means nothing.

  5. Well Jesse Ventura’s line on Trump has always been different than the alt right. He says he support Trump because he’s going to mess the Republican Party up a kind of “worse is better” thing. I kind of agree with that, but the Democrats need a Trump equivalent.

  6. So Hillary is responsible for getting Americans killed, heading up semi-bogus charities, playing a major role in the chaos currently in the Middle East, taking bribes from foreign “donors,” carelessly and recklessly breaching national security protocol, lying to government officials about it and trying to cover it up, shaming her husband’s rape victims……….

    But Trump is the one that is expected to step aside because of a rather benign hot mic, off-the-cuff comments made over a decade ago?

    This whole free election/democracy stuff is a sham. If we really had free elections that weren’t a giant social engineering experiment guided by corporations, special interests groups and media, then someone like Trump never would have been a necessity for President, because Hillary would have been arrested and/or never been allowed within 1,000 feet of anything resembling a polling station or holding any type of political office.

  7. Glen Beck is popping champagne. Cruz is kicking himself.

    A question though: how does Trump turn this around? What would be the strategy?

    I don’t find what he said offensive, but the undecided do. He is in a conundrum. Appease or go all out. He should take one for the team and go full Nazi. Just to radicalize his base for the next election, or a race war. The next election is a foregone conclusion. Hillary will bring in millions and legalize the Mexican filth that are already here… so they can vote.

    • He should go all out, unleash the massive brawl that is inevitable for any solid middle class to survive. Food Fight!!!

      He’s already so far off the reservation that to pretend to go back on is certain death. Continuing the AWOL charge just might save him, though.

      Seems doubtful but you never know.

    • undecided. a bunch of fucking pansies. you are wrong about the election. the monster vote of 55 MILLION previously unregistered republicans is going to DESTROY the left- and all the cucks.

    • Glenn Beck is a fool who’ll be lucky if he can afford a bottle of champagne two years from now. His Blaze outfit has gone up in smoke as a result of his insanity. Trump will still be a billionaire after the election. Glenn Beck will be a destitute nut hated by both conservatives and liberals. He has no reason to celebrate anything.

  8. Have to admit to having been dismayed last night but now I’m more fired up than ever.

    In talking to friends I’ve discovered that most of them while not happy about the situation are absolutely incensed at the incredible hypocrisy and duplicity exhibited by both major parties and the media.

    Trump might actually gain the votes of more men and I’m not so sure a lot of women other than politicians, radicals and Nevertrumpers are all that bothered.

    If he manages to survive the onslaught from all sides… great.

    If not the GOPe will be destroyed.

    Too many of us will rather see it totally decimated in the hope something better will emerge for us on various fronts.

    The divide will only widen.

      • Yes.

        There is a lot of anger, hate and disgust fueling our emotions.

        If Ryan, Romney, McConnell, Sasse and countless other cucks think all will be forgiven and everything will revert to the same ol’ same ol’ they are in for a rude awakening.

    • No woman I know is horrified. Not even Normies. Women know that men talk this way. I know not all men do, but HEALTHY men are sexually attracted to women.

      • We do talk like that behind closed doors.

        People need to get over it.

        It’s not as if women don’t do it, too.

        • The idea that all men think they can just grab women’s sexual parts because they want to or something is absurd. Uh, most men don’t think like that. They don’t think they have this right. It’s the entitlement and aggression that is so damaging for Trump, add the referring to a woman as ‘it’ as an exclamation mark.

          This will hurt Trump with certain demographics.

          It’s the impact the hypocrisy of the establishment ganging up on him has and how he deals with it that remains to be seen.

          • BS. “certain demographics” were never going to vote for Trump in the first place. YOU are just another cuck: go wring out your panties somewhere else. Most WHITE men talk rough and tough – when they think they are in private – most n1qqers ACT OUT those thoughts- and the left just looks away.

          • BS that most middle and working class white men have the entitlement attitude towards women that they can just grab them.

            Pure BS.

            Weak men always try to inveigle ‘all men’ into their pathetic overcompensations.

      • thank you, Denise. Of course men with balls still attached talk this way. Jews created the entire emasculated male society we live in today. Wimminz are their castrating hags set on mudsharking whites out of existence.

        • “Jews created the entire emasculated male society we live in today.”

          On the contrary, the jewish media have been pushing porn. They try to sexualize everything and encourage White men to talk about their women in sexual terms.

          Before the jews took power in the 1960s, there was much less sex in the public sphere and in people’s conversations.

    • I’m fired up as well. Trump stood up and told them all to go to hell – now he is retweeting Juanita Broaddrick – i’m lol right now.

          • Not a cuck. Just pointing out the truth, regardless of whether or not you want to hear it. Americans are weak-minded monkeys. Yes, this will hurt Trump even though it shouldn’t.

            And he’s right, Trump should go all-out and attempt to take these #trucucks down with him.

  9. If this decides the election the Empire of Chaos deserves to fall, probably in racial strife, economic collapse and war abroad. The Chinese century begins now.

  10. The Coup is a dud for laughs see MSNBC’s clip of insurance salesman Romney standing in front of a dozen dorky Mormons doing their best to look dorky for their guy and droning on about the best ‘Murkan values

    Mitts will want that back

  11. You know what would be clever politics for Trump and the campaign for the next month, considering what has happened so far this weekend? He should ditch official conservatism, ditch any pretense of trying to nuance or massage it or work with it, and triangulate against it with a lot of economic populist proposals, some of which he has hinted at in the very recent past.

    • He’s needs to come forward with a NEW tax plan that calls for tax increases on the liberal rich. He should also call for the banks to be broken up and free trade to be reversed.

    • Yep. 100% tax on the (((2%))). The Reich’s Tax Flight Plan should be the model.

  12. These two paragraphs are money:

    I find this reaction to Trump’s private conversation rather ironic. It’s ironic coming from a secular culture that long ago declared objective morality dead. It’s ironic coming from politicos and media bottom-feeders who defended the abusive and disgusting behavior of Bill Clinton, not when he was a private citizen but when he was a sitting president.

    It’s ironic coming from a Republican political elite that has told its religious base that social and moral issues don’t matter in politics. “It’s all about the economy, stupid. Leave your morals in the church but don’t voice them in the public square.”

    Of course, the same “drop the social issues” Republican elite wants us to import zillions of browns because of their supposed family values.

    • NONE of the monster vote that is coming pay ANY attention to the MSM kabuki theatre these days- it is really funny to watch all the cucks in the GOPe dropping there pants for the left and Trump again fails to follow their narrative, though. He had us back when jumped in Megyn’s shit at the first debate.

    • A lot of them see Trump as flawed the way David was – they also believe Trump is seeking redemption. It is a great story Trump can play on if he chooses.

      It is mostly the Mormons who are the real problem.

      • Perhaps not.

        Evangelical leaders stick with Trump, focus on defeating Clinton

        WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Leaders of religious conservative groups largely stood behind Donald Trump on Saturday, the day after vulgar sexual comments he made about women surfaced online, but some expressed concern that the U.S. Republican presidential nominee’s remarks could depress evangelical turnout on Election Day.

        Most evangelical leaders did not condemn Trump, and instead pointed to an urgent need to prevent Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency, reshaping the Supreme Court and implementing liberal policies.

        The latest blow to Trump’s campaign came after a 2005 video surfaced of the then-reality TV star talking on an open microphone about groping women and trying to seduce a married woman. Vice presidential running mate Mike Pence said he could not defend Trump’s words.

        Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, said Trump’s “grossly inappropriate language” does not change the choice facing the country in the Nov. 8 election and that “I continue to support the Trump-Pence ticket.”

        “Hillary Clinton is committed to enacting policies that will erode religious liberty, promote abortion, make our country less safe, and leave our borders unprotected,” Bauer said.

        White evangelicals make up about 20 percent of the U.S. population, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, and represent a crucial voting bloc Trump needs to win the presidency. -snip-

        • Sam, all respect. I live in Nevada and Arizona. Vegas half the week, the other half in a small town AZ. I travel to Utah as well.

          There is no way the small town Christians will cast a vote for Trump in the towns. He had some sway when he talked about the wall. But trying to fuck a married woman and bragging about it is enough to keep them home in November.

          In the city, Whites will vote Trump because we see the niggers and all the other filth on a daily basis. I had two murders within two miles from my home in Vegas just last week. The Starbucks wet back made national news on Rainbow. In the small towns, they are fucking clueless. Beyond clueless.

          Utah? Nice place, but completely insulated. Trump will still win there because no one there votes Democrat. He lost AZ, not sure about NV yet. Mormons have very large voting blocks in NV. And Vegas has been a dumping ground for Moslems for the last seven or eight years.

          Trump needs to get very serious tomorrow and address the immigration thing to win back White voters in AZ and NV.

          Just some thoughts, dude.

          • It depends on how conflicted they are.

            That recording was made 11 years ago.

            Trump said he was sorry and regretted his past actions.

            King David did far worse, repented and Gawd blessed him.

            ‘He who is without sin let him cast the first stone.’

            He’s been photographed with religious leaders praying for him.

            Not the case with Hillary.

            We will see if they judge him harshly or not.

            I think more of them hate Hillary than Trump.

          • Well, I am far more extreme than my neighbors. The Bible verses mean little to me, as they can be interpreted to suit the reader. My personal experience with very wealthy people is congruent with Trump. I have zero issue with what he said. In fact I have a buddy who worked for him and said he is a very polite person. I’m sure he is, you don’t get to his level without people skills.

            All that being said, my overall point was how the voters see him in certain areas. In the small towns here, that abrasive tone is frowned upon. For no other reason than it worries them. These are not cultured people. That is fine with me, they don’t want a NYC guy that is brash. To relate with the townies requires a conformity. He walks a fine line to get them to vote. They might agree with him, but will they take the time to vote?

            The Clinton campaign is effective because they invoke fear. Behavioral psychologists have certainly been employed to focus on the subtle nuances to motivate people to get scared and vote, as if their life depended on it.

            From that standpoint, Trump is out gunned. I could go on and on. My initial point was Trump has to fire up his base and scare the other four percent. The overall message is lost with the average voter.

          • Small town folk don’t just see it as abrasive; they recognize a threat from the rich and powerful. This is why Trump needs to take that abrasiveness and prove that he’ll put it to being their hero instead of a snake oil salesman.

          • Cold hard ANGER – SILENT AND WAITING to vote. first time in 20 years. Outgunned? BWAAAHHAAAAHHHAA. They can only steal this election. and if they do. well, we can still vote with some “long-range” planning.

          • BS-minds are already made up. this is all just horseshit- There are literally NO signs for cankles around these small towns.

          • No, there is a way. This is tempest in a teapot.

            Moreover, no one is talking about the election in normie land. No one cares.

          • At this point, the best path for a Trump victory would probably be to focus on the Rust Belt and emphasize a pro-worker message.

            There are tons of working class Whites in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota’s Arrowhead, northern Illinois, etc. who only vote Democrat because it’s in their economic interest to do so (plus their union bosses tell them to).

  13. They want to hand pick the nominee but that has been true since the get go. They want a traitor as the nominee.

  14. I am so glad this came out. Donald Trump is so wrong to talk about women like that. I, the great Marc Zuckurburg, on the other hand, would never talk that way about any women, not the least of which includes my backstabbing two-timing extortionist yellow bitch of a wife. You know, the one that’s always threatening to snitch on me to the Securities and Exchange Commission unless I buy her more shoes. To think, I only hitched the broad and put a ring on it because I wanted to use her and any kids we had together as an “in” so I can infiltrate the growing Chinese banking sector. She also had the nerve not only to call me a two-faced shitweasel, she taught our kid those words such that they were the first words out of its mouth when it looked at me.

  15. I’ve been telling people this is not an attack on Trump.

    No, in reality it is an attack on we ‘We the Deplorables’ that the uniparty detests.

    He just represents our interests.

    They want to destroy us!

  16. so now disqus is blocking bad words. I posted “go find a n__ts@ck”(without the bs fakeouts” and oooo- disqus had aproblem. they got a problem alright.

  17. I have said this about Hillary from the start. I was on Occidental Dissent months ago saying that she would win and this election is probably over. THAT BEING SAID, it is now up to Trump to damage her so severely she cannot recover from it. He must throw every single thing at her he can

  18. Larry Schweikart ?@LarrySchweikart
    Libs told us for 20 years that personal behavior didn’t matter, only policy.

    Now they throw a fit because we believe ’em.

    Never can please

    • Trump should go to these people’s districts and endorse their opponents. Take them down with him for their disloyalty. #trucucks.

  19. There was never a possibility the GOP establishment was going to lay down without a massive counter-attack. I hope Trump uses the next 30 days to take a chainsaw to the GOP. Although, we don’t know what kind of threats are being made against Trump and his family behind closed doors. If he goes soft or bows out, it won’t surprise me.

  20. I’ve been voting straight ticket GOP since 2000. Sorry boys, I’m done. I’m either not voting or voting for the third party I hope arises out of the wreckage. Nationalist/populist/white. I owe you nothing.

  21. At is a list that another commenter, at the present Occidental Dissent post, has already linked. It’s fourteen numbered thoughts from Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist, about Trump’s present trouble. I’d say Adams has done Trump no good with item number seven, which reads as follows:

    “Another rich, famous, tall, handsome married guy once told me that he can literally make-out and get handsy with any woman he wants, whether she is married or not, and she will be happy about it. I doubted his ridiculous claims until I witnessed it three separate times. So don’t assume the women were unwilling. (Has anyone come forward to complain about Trump?)”

    At is a reminder that the answer to the question that Adams puts there is a simple yes. The person who complained is one Jill Harth, who, in 1997, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in which she alleged Trump had subjected her to groping of just the kind that Trump describes in the audio recording that made the news yesterday (October 7).

    If Trump thinks that, at the debate, he’ll be able to hit Hillary Clinton with the names Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, and so on, he’s probably seriously mistaken.

    • He’s going to have to call her an apologist for a rapist husband who shoves cigars up cunts.

      If she’s prepped she hits back with that example. Sure good for her.

      I think that no one has ever triggered her directly on this rapist husband issue. Because no one has ever tried. Did her GOP opponents in the Senate races ever try to nuke her?

      • Oh, I think we can assume she’ll be prepped.

        I don’t know the answer to your closing question.

      • Fortunately, Sam, you do know better, and thus you realize that I simply want what every serious white man wants: knowledge of his situation.

    • The question would be, then: why just her? Many women and people have claims and stories (some as witnesses) about Clinton.

      Why has only one woman tried to sue such a wealthy groper?

      For some reason I get the sense that Trump is lots of talk and not so much action in this regard. The problem is, the talk is pretty bad, contrary to what most on here seem to think. Both the vulgarity and the attitude of entitlement present major problems. Then there’s his constant sexual objectification of women and insulting posture towards them (his mouth really does look like a ‘butthole’ as Alec Baldwin pointed out on SNL). His idea that he is some ultimate judge of women aesthetically could sink him with them as much as anything else.

      But there aren’t many claims out there of him acting on these attitudes. My fairly in depth study of actual perpetrators of sexual violence and harassment is that they rarely act once, even when they’re careful about which women they target. Certain types will only act against intimates, others – like Trump supposedly – would be less likely to prey in such controlled or discreet conditions. Even when those who harass and attack women in jobs pick certain female targets they almost always evince hostility and abusiveness towards other, often less threatening women.

      So there should be more stories, and more backlash from various women who’ve worked for and around him.

      But there aren’t. So it’s tough to know. Maybe all this will do is prevent him from attacking the Clintons from that angle.

      She is naturally pretty looking. Sometimes the women who aren’t impressed with spoiled prima donna rich boys (and/or who are just more independent generally) trigger the hostile reaction. It just seems hard to believe that a man who gets around like Trump only pulled this once.

    • Here’s the dirt on Trump and sexual assaults against females:

      The claims made by a business partner sound at the least highly exaggerated, mostly because if he was so odious she should have stopped interacting with him. Anita Hill had a very different story; Thomas wasn’t nearly so invasive or assaultive and she had reasonable excuse to continue dealing with him professionally for various reasons.

      What’s most disturbing is the legal document filed against Trump for assault and rape of a 13 year old girl. While it also seems like a possible exaggeration or fabrication, the fact is that Epstein has been proven to be a sexual predator of underage girls and Trump is proven to be a somewhat close associate of his.

      Those two facts cannot be outrun or avoided.

      I keep hoping for as much chaos to break out as possible. It will constipate the Congress and get the average white American to start thinking outside the conventional paradigms.

      • Here’s more:

        Trump’s camp denies the allegations about the 13 year old girl (duh), and questions whether the plaintiff even exists. The problem he’ll run into is that he’s constantly caught lying about something he did right in front of everyone, so while such a plot isn’t out of the question his word equates to nothing essentially.

        The question for Jane Doe would be, why’d she wait so long to sue? It supposedly happened in 1994. She doesn’t claim to have not understood what was happening to her.

        His undeniable association with Epstein, a convicted pedophile, will still tank him. Epstein pled the Fifth under oath when asked whether Trump had ever attended his parties with underage girls present.

        I often think the pro-white movement is just a haven for cranks and neurotic narcissists who want to be like the jews without converting. What else justifies this defense of such a man?

        Since Clinton has associations with Epstein Trump could still persevere with all this out there.

        Chaos and subversion of the status quo. That’s the only good coming out of Donald Trump.

        • No concrete evidence exists that proves Trump ever visited Epstein’s island that I can find, beyond Epstein’s brother claiming Trump had on one occasion under oath.

          Clinton’s record of flying with Epstein is far more supported and illustrious:

          Which is why this Epstein angle in and of itself won’t go anywhere major.

          It’s the sum total that’s problematic.

          • Bill Clinton left a long trail of very vocal rape/assault victims, yet Marxie Feminist Lorax creates a lot of posts where-in she can’t substantiate Trump’s non-evidential rape of the 13 year old.
            Bill Clinton partied with Jew Jeff MANY times.
            And to that – WHERE WERE THE PARENTS of the underaged girls? were the girls kidnapped, and put on the Jew’s rape plane?

    • What a difference 24 hours makes! Trump nailed the bitch. “If I were president she would be in prison”- the best damn sentence I ever heard in this whole entire election facade. Trump is going to win and there is nothing the Jews can do about it. Deo Gratiss!

  22. I have a seething rage in my gut. These scum republicans that we delivered the largest confessional majority since the Great Depression and have nothing to show for it are now stabbing trump in the back? Fuck them. these mother fucking rats.

  23. CH is saying that the Wall Street Journal reports that this is an inside hit job by the GOPe. Reince Preibus is now asking the party to redirect money away from Trump to down-ballot candidates.

    The Billy Bush who made the tape is ¡Jeb’s! nephew.

    That’s it. Cast your vote for Trump and AGAINST Repub representatives and senators.

  24. Trump supports have been beaten up by mobs at rallies and different venues. walking the streets.

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets*

    Individuals and old ladies all over the country displaying Trump signs on their lawns brutally assaulted’

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets*

    Rapes, robberies, carjacking and murders committed by illegals who have often been deported multiple times.

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets* (and he fully funded Sanctuary Cities for Obama)

    BLM rioters beating up passersby, rloting and burning down stores, gas stations etc,

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets*

    Heroin epidemic causing increasingly high numbers of deadly overdoses because borders unsecured. Almost all of it coming from Mexico.

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets*

    Law enforcement officials gunned down in many cities by blacks.

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets*

    Hillary commits multiple felonies endangering national security and profiting from massive corruption.

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets*

    Benghazi disaster and blaming innocent film maker who went to jail.

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets*

    Incredible amounts documented sexual scandals involving priests and cover ups by church officials in his Catholic church resulting in bankrupt parishes throughout the country and many in Wisconsin and his own district.

    Response of Ryan: *Crickets*

    If Trump is not worthy to lead because of his immoral behavior what about a hallowed institution as the church?

    (not picking on Catholics here just pointing out hypocrisy)

    I could go on until my keyboard wore out.

    The country is turning into third world dumpster but the GOPe and the moralists see Trump’s sexual conquests and bar room banter as much worse than the above mentioned.

    Ryan probably has photos of JFK and MLK in his Congressional office prominently displayed I’m sure.

    Phony bastard.

  25. Every debate moderated by Demonrat operatives and anti-Trumpers.

    Exclusive—Whistleblower: Martha Raddatz Covered Up ACORN Scandal Before 2008 Election

    Martha Raddatz, sat through the 2008 election on a major political corruption story that could have changed the trajectory of the election.
    Raddatz, Breitbart News has learned, refused to publish a story on the alleged improper collusion and coordination between then Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and the national headquarters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also known as ACORN—despite having enough evidence to do so.

    Raddatz, along with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, will co-moderate this upcoming Sunday evening’s presidential debate between GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    After she and her producer received a tip about ACORN corruption—and Obama’s connection to it—and evidence backing up the eventual whistleblower’s claims, they showed initial interest in pursuing the story. Anita Moncrief, the eventual ACORN whistleblower told Breitbart News exclusively that she met with Raddatz’s producer Avni Patel in 2008.

    Both Patel and Raddatz were given documents that they covered up and refused to report on until after the election. Raddatz, who was then the White House correspondent for ABC News, and her producer Patel were also provided with personal accounts of the collusion between ACORN and the Obama campaign in October 2008, Moncrief told Breitbart News.

  26. The main reason they dislike Trump is because he verified he is not a faggot as many of them are.

    Let’s not forget they elected Denny (convicted queer pedo) Hastert to be Speaker of the House who had been molesting boys for decades.

    Don’t tell me they didn’t know.

    All high postiions occupied by fags, traitors and cucks.

  27. Ha ha ha.

    MONDAY, APR 25, 2016 10:44 AM CDT
    Republicans rush to defend Dennis Hastert, plead court for leniency in alleged pedophile hush money case
    “We all have our flaws, but Dennis Hastert has very few,” wrote former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

    More recently

    Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) warned that Donald Trump would “tear the Republican Party apart,” suggesting he wouldn’t back him if he won the nomination.

    “I have to search my soul. I think he’s very dangerous for the country, very dangerous for the party,” the former Texas lawmaker said on MSNBC on Super Tuesday about whether he would support Trump.

    “He will tear the Republican Party apart. If you listen to what he’s saying, he wants to be king; he doesn’t want to be president.”

    When MSNBC host Chris Matthews pressed, DeLay said he’s looking for a “man of faith” with principles, and “Trump ain’t it.”

  28. Trump Appears Before Debate with Juanita Broaddrick and Other Clinton Accusers
    by Josh Feldman | 7:40 pm, October 9th, 2016

    Before tonight’s debate, Donald Trump held a bit of a mini-presser with Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey to make statements in support of Trump and against Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

    The only one there with no allegations against Bill Clinton was Shelton, who was there to denounce Hillary Clinton for once defending her rapist.

    And this happened hours before the debate.

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