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  1. Muh dik, muh dik,
    Southern nationalism is shit,
    Were should all the niggers go?
    Back down south till all will know,
    Any white man who stays is a nigger loving homo

  2. 937 Trump extended his hand to Hillary. Looks tired and and subdued.and disciplined. Donald needs 2 think. Trump won. Hillary lost. #debate

      • Give the devils their due: they stick to the script.

        The people see through the Pravda and believe their own lying eyes.

      • Doesn’t matter what the ZOG Establishment says when theyz’ bitch loses. That they have to make excuses means that they lost.

        Let’s understand the main thing. Donald Trump is destroying the Republicuck party and now ZOG is gonna lose itz whigger peasantry that keeps them fed.

        Trump fought and Trump won, as Trump needed to do in order to accomplish Trump’s agenda. Trump already accomplished ours.

        Hail Victory!!!

  3. Our collective narrative is

    1) He prepared, he improved

    2) He righted the ship

    3) The core argument: If Trump doesn’t win, we won’t have a country.

  4. He rocked this time. I will admit advantage Hillary in the first debate but this time he was on game and did not allow himself to be sidetracked and that fake smiling, better than thou demeanor for Hillary did not work this time. He owned her ass!

  5. Yeah, she’ll bring us all together. So nice.

    But tens of millions of us are irredeemable and deplorable.

    They don’t count. Not even people.

  6. Bringing up poor Kathy Shelton got somebody’s attention.

    Vox and Think Progress (offshoot of the Clinton-aligned Center for American Progress) are spinning it hard

  7. Kathy Shelton ?@KathyShelton_
    Thank you @RealDonaldTrump for standing up for me before my rapist’s defender Hillary Clinton.

  8. My goodness! ; I know it’s been a while since I have been here, when you say that you no longer care about the election!

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