#LyingPress Is Gaining Traction

I’ve been using the term #LyingPress a lot lately in the hope that it would start to catch fire with Trump’s supporters:

“After the rally finished, one man approached the press pen and shouted insults, accusing the media of being in the tank for the Clintons and being “bought and paid for.” Another man, wearing a Make America Great Again hat and holding a sign with the same slogan, walked up beside him and began yelling at the press that we were “lügenpresse,” adding that the phrase means “lying press” in German. The first man started shouting it too, then turned to the second and made a self-deprecating remark about not pronouncing it right. …

The website Occidental Dissent, one of the nodes of alt-right online commentary, frequently uses the term, and the #lugenpresse hashtag on Twitter is fairly active and largely used by alt-right Twitter accounts …

And yes, it was PEGIDA in Germany which repopularized the term:

My own recent experience with The Economist was partly the inspiration:

The Economist respectfully asked me some questions about the Alt-Right. This was the entirety of our email exchange. This article was the result of that exchange:

“FIRST, an apology, or rather a regret: The Economist would prefer not to advertise the rantings of racists and cranks. Unfortunately, and somewhat astonishingly, the Alt-Right—the misleading name for a ragtag but consistently repulsive movement that hitherto has flourished only on the internet—has insinuated itself, unignorably, into American politics. That grim achievement points to the reverse sway now held by the margins, of both ideology and the media, over the mainstream. It also reflects the indiscriminate cynicism of Donald Trump’s campaign. …”

Unquestionably, however, Mr Trump has bestowed on this excrescence a scarcely dreamed-of prominence. As Hillary Clinton recently lamented, no previous major-party nominee has given America’s paranoid fringe a “national megaphone”. Many on the Alt-Right loved that speech: “it was great,” says Mr Griffin. “She positioned us as the real opposition.” Because of Mr Trump, the Alt-Right thinks it is on the verge of entering American politics as an equal-terms participant. “He is a bulldozer who is destroying our traditional enemy,” says Mr Griffin. Mr Trump may not be Alt-Right himself, but “he doesn’t have to be to advance our cause.”

“This excrescence.”

Well then, I would say it is fair to note that the “excrescence” known as The Economist is the lying Jewish mouthpiece of Lynn Forester de Rothschild who has been a major financial contributor to all of the Bill and Hillary Clinton campaigns. Last time I heard anything about Lynn Forester de Rothschild, she was hosting $100K a plate lamb dinners for Hillary at her oceanfront Martha’s Vineyard mansion:

“Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a backer of Democrats and a friend of the Clintons’, made sure attendees did not grill Mrs. Clinton at the $100,000-per-couple lamb dinner Mrs. Forester de Rothschild hosted under a tent on the lawn of her oceanfront Martha’s Vineyard mansion.

“I said, ‘Let’s make it a nice night for her and show her our love,’” Mrs. Forester de Rothschild said. …”

Has anyone else looked into this?

It’s like Lynn Forester de Rothschild is the epitome of everything Trump was talking about in his speech about the neo-liberal globalist conspiracy. Just glancing through her biography, you have a major Clinton Foundation donor who divides her time between New York and London and her oceanfront palace in Martha’s Vineyard who controls The Economist magazine who backed John McCain in 2008 and whose tentacles stretch deep into British finance, Wall Street and even the Bilderbergs (!!!)

If the Alt-Right is reviving Nazi-era terminology about the #LyingPress, maybe it is an act of self-defense against their Weimar-era degeneracy, corruption and warmongering?

Note: Personally, I used to laugh at the nutters who warned about dark conspiracies by the “Rothschilds,” but now after seeing all this I am starting to wonder if they might have been on to something all along. It is highly disturbing to see the same #LyingPress which led us into Iraq now agitating to embroil us in World War III against Russia.

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  1. Not a conspiracy. It’s in the open, with the Rothschildes and other investor class elites. The Lying Jewish press knows it too.

  2. This morning, BBC claimed that the Trump campaign admitted to them that Trump is behind Clinton in the poles. However, only by a few points.

    Sixty Minutes interviewed people from Ohio. Men, especially steel mill hands, are for Trump. Their wives, and most other gals, are for Clinton. If this is how the North is generally. We’re in some troubled.

    • It’s astonishing. These women are in for a shock no doubt about it. The Poor House will be reinstituted.

      • No, they won’t be. They’ll think it was the Republicans sabotaging Clinton’s policy. Not her doing her master’s bidding.

      • Yep, last night. They claim Ohio is part North, Part South, part farm and part factory. Which makes it an analog for the whole U.S. I don’t buy it though. It ain’t nothin like Texas. Or the rest of Dixie.

          • Most people in Missery resent being compared in any way to the North. Some of them are friends and coworkers. A lady I know from Missery says that anybody there that calls themselves a Yankee, is usually ashamed of their Southern origins, or an actual transplant. A girl in my class was from Rolls, and called herself a Yankee. Her brother wore his Confederate gear to school, just like the rest of us. They both spoke Southern and couldn’t be distinguished from us Texans.

        • I’d say some counties in southern OH are really ethnically Southern, just on the wrong side of the river. Not exactly “heart of Dixie” Southern, but more Southern than yank.

          • I think that’s where Earl Thomas Conelly was born. Right across the river from Dixie proper. Ohioans, Illinoisans and New Englanders always seemed, to me, the most hostile to Texas. Why? I couldn’t tell you.

    • 60 Minutes is owned and produced by jews. No further explanation is needed.

      It’s part of the jew narrative to divide whites in the wake of an otherwise galvanizing betrayal by the establishment. They want white men to blame ‘white women’ as if white women in Trump’s target demographic are *that* disaffected or myopic. They’re not. He may have taken a few points hit in the polls due to some women (and men) disapproving of his asshole attitude, but it’s not enough to explain the huge jump. That is FAKE. I traveled all over Pa in the last month, in the northwestern region, and every sign I saw of hundreds was for Trump. I don’t believe these households are so divided. The gender wars have always been more a jewish production than reality.

        • I’m a white woman who’s been called a ‘fucking bitch’ for doing nothing but failing to express neediness to some low life male manager (here a slav) in a working class job. The fact is, I’d prefer Trump to Clinton (although I don’t like either), because being white was WAY worse than being a woman in the ultimate scheme of life and in that job and economic strata generally. I just don’t buy that that many of Trump’s key female demographic don’t agree with me, or that the moderate elements of white women didn’t already have a sense that Trump was an obnoxious asshole. The guy’s hardly an unknown. Nothing really ‘new’ has come out. Clinton’s hypocrisy alone would carry Trump for many women.

          This is all predictable jew agitprop.

      • It’s part of the jew narrative to divide whites in the wake of an otherwise galvanizing betrayal by the establishment. They want white men to blame ‘white women’ as if white women in Trump’s target demographic are *that* disaffected or myopic. They’re not.

        Jews excel at diversionary tactics.

        As of right now, if only racial minorities were allowed to vote every state would be blue (and it doesn’t matter which minority is polled: Asians / Blacks / Muslims / etc. would all create a blue America).

        If only White women were allowed to vote, most states would be red:


        The key issue isn’t women’s voting patterns, it’s that we are being demographically displaced in all of our respective nations.

        • Have you considered Costa Rica? Might be a good fit for your political profile. I mean that sincerely.

          • Is that right? I suppose we will see who’s the fool on 11/8.

            The idea that that polls are rigged and that Trump is going to win is something you want to believe. I do too. Ain’t gonna happen.

          • I find myself concerned that as a social democrat that you are not someplace on the left. Polls Asside.

          • Take your cheetos stained fingers, turn all your TVs off to protect your soupy skull from the gaslighting, make sure they’re no jews hiding under your couch, and go outside.

    • Maybe so.

      It could also be a major gaslighting operation. How else do you explain a 14 point gap in the polls? Either way, we should vote for Trump and whatever happens, happens.

      • I was at the gym an hour ago and a heeb behind me was chuckling about the CNN maps and feed.
        He commented on the wikileaks disclosures and said “she also killed the czar don’t you know, she was there. Everybody blames Lenin…but she’s to blame.”

        I replied “It was Jacob Jurovsky and Sverdlov”

        He stopped talking immediately.

        • Basically, the tracking polls – LA Times, PPD, Reuters, UPI, Rasmussen, IBD/TIPP – show a close race. The media polls show Hillary +11 and +12. Some polls like YouGov fall into the middle.

          • I’m just hoping that the Johnson vote is going to evaporate when the wife can’t overhear the polling phone call.

          • One thing to look out for is that these polls drive people over the edge into a violent reaction before the polls. We do not need a Tommy Mair style incident.

            Discipline. Steadiness.

        • I find it hard to BELEIVE that he gets less than 40% and that she gets more than 45%. The other 15% split between Stein, Johnson and other sundry candidates.

        • That professor Tucker (annoying) Carlson had on yesterday, I think, who’s famous for accurately predicting presidential campaign winners is holding fast to his stance that Trump will win. I think Trump will take legal votes by at least 3%, but the counting will be rigged from various angles.

          The polls are rigged from various angles. The media is a jew-controlled organ. Most of what we’re watching is orchestrated to give the appearance of ‘authenticity’ and ‘spontaneity’ but it’s not much realer than the average Hollywood production.

      • We should vote Trump, but have a ready-to-go plan in place in the event of a Clinton “win”.
        As far as that goes, it would be good to have a plan in place in case of a Trump win.

        I love the idea of having state level petitions ready to go as mentioned in last episode of SNradio. If u include links to League website in petitions, it would give you a shitload of free webtraffic. Might crash the site for awhile.

        It really bothers me to think that someone else besides the League, or SN in general might catch that momentum and leave us behind. Now that would be horrible.

  3. Bill Clinton’s father was a travelling salesman. The western end of his territory was Sherman, Tx. My barber, R.V. Clinton, is his first Cousin. Which is an embarrassment to him. Long story short, the Clintons are infamous in Arkansas, Northeast Texas and Eastern Oklahoma. We know what they are. Clueless soccer moms in Ohio and Pennsylvania, don’t. That’s why they’re dangerous.They fool a lot of people. Trump will carry Texomaland.

    • Are you talking about Clinton natural father, whose surname was Blythe, or his adoptive father, who married his mother, and is the father of his younger brother Roger?

      • Not sure. I just know that it was a big deal when Bill ran for President and it was known he had familial connections to Grayson County and northeast Texas. People here knew he and Hillary are bad news, even back then. Most everyone in town was pissed when he got elected, both times.

    • Are you sure about the identity of Slick Willie’s daddy? Because I was certain it must be the Devil himself.

  4. After Hillary wins the election with 150% turnout in key inner-city precincts, the media will have to switch to the Soviet format of sitting in front of a camera in a well-guarded studio reading government news bulletins about the glorious achievements of our first woman President and how Trump tortures babies for fun. As incompetent affirmative-action hire Vester Flanagan demonstrated, it’s very easy to kill reporters who travel around in well-marked satellite trucks.

  5. I want to reiterate for whatever record that I do not consider myself part of the Alt Right.

    I’d commend Brad Griffin on admitting (?) that he may have been wrong. Most around here struggle to do that it seems. If whites need anything, it’s people who can grow and forge new, uncharted paths.

  6. It was over after the first debate in my opinion. Trump had the momentum at the time, 100 million people tuning in to take a look at him and dozens of lethal lines of attack against Hillary and globalism that would have gone over with normies. He showed up unprepared though.

  7. Trump will make America so deplorable that Mexico and China will embargo and sanction and refuse to trade with us as long as Trump is president – oh and all those Muslims, Somalis, Mexicans, and Central Americans will become refugees and have to flee the country and they wouldn’t want to stay here. And Mexico will pay to build a wall to prevent any of those Deplorable Americans from entering their country.

  8. George JEW KIKE JEW Soros owns the voting machines is 16 states. It’s rigged. Get ready for WWIII. Putin – NAIL THE KIKES!!!! Get ’em ALL!

  9. In her 2012 tribune in the Daily Mail, Lynn de Rothschild explained what’s wrong with Britain and the USA:

    For 40 years, [my Rothschild of a third husband] had worked as a banker and he always said that his first duty was to his clients. Evelyn embodied the values and ethics that gave people like me faith in our positions.

    Now, however, we both believe that greed and corruption in the City and on Wall Street have understandably shaken the faith of countless millions who have been excluded [from the system].

    Can a middle-class girl from nowhere ‘be good’ and make it the way I did? I seriously wonder if she even would want to try.

    She says she’s a self-made businesswoman who was born in a middle class family. My bet is that she’s at least partly Jewish. Anyway, she says in her tribune that she worries about the rich getting richer and the middle class getting squeezed. It’s become harder for middle class people to strike it rich.

    So, that must be why The “Economist” is attacking Trump and supporting Hillary. Lynn de Rothschild thinks Hillary is going to take on Wall Street. She also thinks the best way to support the middle class is to keep sending the last factories to Mexico and China while giving amnesty to the illegals and bringing in millions more parasites.

  10. This site gets better day after day after day. To hell with the lying press ….and the Rothschilds!

    Time to heat up the ovens.

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