Whores of Babylon: JLO Rocks The Vote For Hillary

Every harlot in America is a Hill Shill:

“Pop superstar Jennifer Lopez was joined by Hillary Clinton at a free concert in Miami Saturday night, where the Democratic presidential candidate urged supporters to head to the polls for early voting as her campaign was rocked by a renewed FBI probe of her emails the previous day.

Donning thigh-high boots and a short skirt emblazoned with an American flag, the 47-year-old singer ran through a litany of her greatest hits before urging Clinton supporters to vote, calling this year’s election “one of the most important in our lifetime.”

“It’s time to unify, support and vote for the only choice that makes sense not only for women or for Latinos, but for all Americans,” Lopez said as rain soaked the crowd at the Bayfront Park Amphitheater, according to USA Today. …”

Trump degrades women though … Madonna just offers blowjobs, Katy Perry and Amy Schumer strip naked, Miley Cyrus gets fingered and Pussy Riot releases a single. Some fine role models here for Michelle Obama’s daughters!

Note: It looks to me like they are doing a great job degrading themselves.


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  1. The great irony of the Rolling-Stone-Sabrina-Erderly-Jackie-Coakley controversy is that, despite the trouble RS got into as the result of telling lies, Rolling Stone would have gotten into even bigger trouble for telling the truth: an honest story about the problems of black rape in America.

    When it comes to the truth, every journalist knows the rules: “You never open your mouth til you know what the shot is.” PC calls the shots and never fairly.

    The problem of America concerns Truth and Time. Time happens, and what was once true is no longer true with the passage of time. For example, Roman Empire was once mighty, but it was no longer once it was invaded by the Germanic barbarians. Romans who once had power over the Germanics were under the power of Germanics. It would have made little sense to speak of Romans as the powerful once they’d fallen.

    When Truth is frozen over time through fixed narratives, sacralization, mythification, iconization, idolatrophism, and etc, it is no longer part of time.

    Whites once did dominate America, mostly for the good but not without abuses, some of them terrible. Okay, that was true back then.

    But that America is no more, so it makes little sense to pretend that America today is the one in the opening of THE GODFATHER where the father laments how the court system favored presumably bad wasp boys over an Italian girl with honor.

    When Truth is pickled, taxidermized, mummified, it may keep its original shape and form. But it’s no longer living since times have changed. It’s empty idolatry of truth-as-fixed-reality.

    PC’s big paradox is it is so committed to destroying white male wicked power but justifies itself on the existence of white male wicked power. When the wickedness no longer exists in the present, PC keeps bringing out the pickled version of truth from the past. It is no wonder that TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is mandatory reading for every generation. It offers them pickled truth as if it still applies to current America.

    Pickling White Male Evil is like making witch’s brew.

    The real glass that broke was the pickle jar of White Male Evil, not some glass table at the UVA fraternity.

    Sabrina Rubin Erderly held it above her head and shook it for all to see… until it slipped out of her hand and… smash.

    The Great White Defendant is a pickled idea like this shark:



  2. Too bad Crooked’s portable pee-pee bag didn’t fall on the floor when she raised up her flabby arms. That would have been mad funny.

    • Hillary supporters, whether they know it or not, some do, some don’t, are supporting bringing in millions of Muslim Supremacist/Islamic Jihadists into the United States, and Hillary and cabal will be supplying the Muslim Supremacist immigrants with tons of guns and weapons , via the mobsters in Hillary’s cabal. ZOG’s mobsters are supplying the Muslim immigrants in Europe with tons of weapons and guns, ZOG has same agenda for the USA. That’s how “deeply opposed” to gun violence Hillary is. The Muslims Hillary brings in to the USA will go on RAPE JIHAD like they’re on RAPE JIHAD in Europe, that’s how “deeply opposed” to RAPE and violence against women Hillary is. Who Is Huma Abedin ? :

        • @ Noah :

          I’m not sure if you’re doing satire and you really agree with me that Hillary & Huma belong in prison or if you’re a page boy for John McCain, yet another Washington enabler of Islamic Jihad in the Middle East AND in the United States. Sounds like he lets you wear your RED fez tarbooshe to work.

          thatta boy, keep your nose to the grindstone, and someday you’ll make third degree, you’re going to go places, boy, good boy.

          • I don’t get the page boy bit.
            I was doing satire. I think that there are many legitimate criticisms to be made of Hillary, but you aren’t making them.
            She did vote for the war in Iraq, and somehow the alt right doesn’t relate that to our current problems and refugee crisis.
            I love how the people screaming for Muslim blood don’t reflect on the fact that what caused these problems is the last time they screamed for Muslim blood.
            Now you’re gonna stereotype and strawman me in a dozen ways without actually responding to the substance of what I said, because you guys are like that…
            Have at it.

  3. J-Lo, Madonna, Kate Perry, and Miley Cyrus are what is wrong with modern American culture. These are people who have made a living off of degrading American culture and values. These people have contributed nothing to society but to bring it down. It’s only fitting that they would back Hillary.

  4. The feminist crowd hated Trump’s remarks and alleged groping because it disrespects women. This same crowd has no problem with women disrespecting themselves and corrupting the morals of the children Hillary feigns such concern for.

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