Terror on Wall Street

CNBC is talking about it now.

Some talking head is terrified that Trump would rip up free-trade agreements and overthrow the globalist elite.

Note: I’m putting this up in celebration of Wall Street’s decline each trading day between now and the election. We’ve only got two more to go between now and then. BTW, we’re deadly serious about hurling these parasites from the modern equivalent of the Tarpeian Rock if we manage to seize power in this country.

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  1. They scaring us here in Europe also with the economy. Whole EU economy running on loans and when jew in the European Central Bank pushes the button, then loan conditions will change a little, and whole EU economy halts.

    Thatswhy we here prepare for war. When Donald really want to fix economy, then he must go after money makers and sad end of Nicholas II and Hitler and Saddam and Gaddafy show us that it,s not easy.

  2. I am psyched. Trump is the destroyer. Everything the Jews have schemed and swindled from us is about to come crashing to earth like a ton of bricks.

    • It is relevant to current events to note that Hollywood and the mainstream media are basically a collection of Hebrews.

  3. Drudge scrubbed all mention of satanic ritual from his page, weird, but probably a lot of lawyers were well paid

  4. Hunter, in terms of percentage decline it’s pretty minor. Statistically, losing streaks of this length are rare, but given enough time they’re bound to happen. “Terror” would be something like a 25% drop. This is hardly anything more than “noise.”

  5. The Stock Market will punish the American Economy if Trump is elected. The Super Rich are big on Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and RINO Party. Anyone that represents Fair Trade will be punished by the World Super Rich. WPWW !

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