How Trump Could Take Back America

We’ve long joked here that it is impossible to “Take Back America,” but President Donald Trump has opened up an unlikely political path in which he could do just that. It would require a long term north-south political axis that unites White voters in the the Midwest with the South who are normally at each others throats.

Here’s the reason why it has never worked before:


The Nine Nations of North America

The reason is cultural geography.

As Whites spread into the interior, they settled in parallel bands that have different cultures. The Upper Midwest was settled by Yankees, Germans and Scandinavians. The South was overwhelmingly settled by people of British ancestry. The Midlands region is a buffer zone that was settled by migrants that moved west from Pennsylvania. These cultures have been longtime rivals through American history.

Yes, but … the same is true within the South. In Alabama, for example, there was a time when South Alabama and North Alabama were bitter rivals – this divide has only faded over the last few generations. The Deep South and Greater Appalachian region were at odds until the Reconstruction era.

Maybe something has changed? Maybe the Obama presidency was so racially and culturally polarizing, not unlike the Reconstruction era, that Whites under siege are starting to find a greater unity nationwide. Maybe Trump was a racially polarizing candidate, but not a culturally polarizing one in some ways. Whites have split along ethnocultural lines when more socially conservative candidates have run for office.

What’s so remarkable about this election is the sea change you see in the rural Midwest. It suggests that downplaying social issues and emphasizing populist economics and nationalism was a winner there. Normally, the South doesn’t go along with this, but the demographic peril has changed the electoral calculus.

If Trump’s national populism can hold the South, the Rust Belt, and the Far West in an electoral coalition, he can marginalize New England and the Left Coast within the Union. The Democrats could win Florida and Nevada and still lose.

That’s what “Taking America Back” means … taking it back from the Left Coast and Acela Corridor elites.

Note: It is no small accomplishment to unite the Upper Midwest with Texas. That’s an alliance that is going to take a lot of work to hold together. Minnesota and Texas on the same side? If it were not for Egg McMuffin, it would have happened.

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  1. So the Interstate highway system hasn’t done anything to bring all the different parts of the Union together? Off of every highway exit ramp there’s a WAL*MART, a McDonalds and a Motel 6.

    • Every town looks just like the town before. All have the same outlets and stores, and restaurants.What bookstores have in one region they will have the same identical books in another part of the country. It is like a bizarre Twilight Zone episode where whatever exit you take the same town keeps popping up.

  2. Trump didn’t really downplay social issues. He actually appeared more sincere than the “FREEDOM AND ENTERPRISE” (as explained in the Wall Street Journal “abortion isn’t very nice maybe someday we’ll change that law” “Jesus is my favorite philosopher”, let’s see if you’ll go for Harriet Miers or this guy Roberts who did pro-bono work for homosexuals) GOP. It’s a big mistake to downplay the importance of Trump stating that “he’s always hated the idea of abortion” (something that a mainline Republican would never say, even saying that women who would have abortions might be punished) and “we are going to protect Christianity.” You know the Jews hated that, big time. Other candidates dependent on Jewish money wouldn’t speak in those terms, I think that should be pretty clear. And his making a list of potential Supreme Court justices was also crucial. Trump won over the social conservatives and utterly discredited the frauds at National Review who said that pro-lifers should vote for Gary Johnson because he supports the 10th Amendment. There are plenty of Christians in the upper midwest, the problem there has been indifference by the GOP to their economic situation. And a crass faux Texan like Bush, a nutty warmonger like McCain, and a Mormon like Romney wasn’t going to sell there.

  3. Split a few states – Jefferson from California, Liberty as Eastern Washington, whatever the same in Oregon.
    Then go more Federalist. That is why we were the united STATES. It was a soft nationalism, but it worked – Montana was not New York was not Texas. You could vote with your feet.
    Starting with Wilson, accelerated by FDR, then LBJ and Nixon made it cancerous, the Feds started running everything. Trying to turn everything into something like NYC or LA or SF, and couldn’t imagine why anyone would object.
    Trump has said of Marijuana that it belongs to the states. LA had a smog problem since before Columbus, the high plains probably couldn’t have a pollution problem.

    When Trump removes a federal regulation, the states are then empowered to re-implement it if they want. Where there are federally enforced regulations, there should be extras, for example if Gay Marriage federal, then add a Covenant marriage. If Federal bankruptcy, then have a jubilee bill so anyone for that year could declare bankruptcy (including student loans) .

    A return to Federalism, where each area can do its own thing is the only way to unify when there is no unity. The Feds can handle defense, interstate commerce, diplomacy and passports, the post office.

    Oh, and let the left coast secede. Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Portland and Seattle can leave.

  4. The Coalition of the Ascendant is doubling down, showing no insight or willingness to adapt: perfect!

    We cannot cede power again, democracy is a death sentence with what is already baked in the cake. They were content to kill us slowly when they thought it was “locked in”, they won’t make that mistake twice.

  5. In “To Kill a Mockingbird,” there’s a mention of the tension between North Alabama and South Alabama. The action is set in the fictional Maycomb County, Alabama, which, apparently, is based on South Alabama’s Monroe County, the author’s home. The narrator indicates that the children whose story is being told are startled to learn their schoolteacher is from Winston County, in the state’s north …

  6. We must keep pushing for WHITE ethno-Nationalism, no matter the sub-group or variation. It’s our only hope.

  7. “The South was overwhelmingly settled by people of British ancestry.”

    As soon as I read this lying crock of baloney, I stopped reading this article.

    News Flash to the imbecile author: The South was overwhelmingly settled by Scots-Irish people, because they had a natural talent and inclination to gravitate towards an agricultural based society that allowed them to farm and produce crops that they were then able to export to the greasy, lazy, worthless blue bellied Yankee scumbags who lived above the Mason-Dixon Line.

    Check your historical facts before writing such baloney.

  8. Am struck by that image of Johnny Cash gratuitously giving the finger to whomever. To the world, I guess. That must be that Southern gentility we hear so much about.

    • Southern Gentility died in 1865, Mr B. However, those older ladies, who were my elementary school teachers, tried to keep it alive and instill it in us. Sheldon Cooper’s joke on the Big Bang Theory about learning all the social skills necessary to function at an 18th Century Viennese ball, wasn’t really. However, that was the 70’s and those teachers were at the end of thirty plus year careers. The 1940s of their youth, were obviously the best times of their lives. For I’ll, or good, we’ve moved on.

      • Whatever has become or will become of the South, James, I know it has, at least, occupants like you and our fellow commenter Junius (Nikolai), with both of whom, I’ve had agreeable exchanges in which I’ve learned much of interest.

    • Tucker is misinformed. The Scots-Irish didn’t gravitate towards the border states to farm and produce crops. The land they squatted in and eventually came to own wasn’t conducive to broad scale agriculture. It was considered undesirable.

      • What had struck me was the comment’s tone, its vulgarity and viciousness. I wasn’t concerned with its factuality.

  9. There are at least 150 million muds on the North American continent. Killing them all or in some other way removing them from the continent is absurd. That leaves the options of letting them remain dispersed or forcibly consolidating them into specific regions where they can be contained. The southwest for mestizos and the southeast for niggers makes good sense to me.

  10. as a native coastal MS’n i know this to be true. i’ve lived in Mobile, AL, Cary, NC, presently in the N. Dallas 40 for the lst 20+yrs… i also lived in NOLA for a few years, anything north of NOLA is considered ‘another country’. people from Baton Rouge are ‘foreigners’. there’s also the aspect of rurality as well, w/coastal folk being more somewhat metropolitanized and open to/used to dealing with different types of peoples due to trade. being from so far South, my feet are wet, one can travel in MS 30mi into the north part of a coastal county and the generalized mindset regresses some 20-30years. Whites here and in Europe are going to have to set aside such minute cultural and religious differences and pull together as a race, or … eventually there won’t be one.

  11. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    Donald Trump won 49 of the 50 states by 2.2 million votes. California alone accounts for Hillary’s entire million vote lead.

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