President Trump, Nationalize Social Media

Well, this doesn’t come as any surprise:

“SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter suspended a number of accounts associated with the alt-right movement, the same day the social media service said it would crack down on hate speech. …

Heidi Beirich, spokeswoman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told USA TODAY that the center had asked Twitter to remove more than 100 accounts of white supremacists who violated Twitter’s terms of service. She also pointed to two alt-right accounts that had been verified by Twitter, including Spencer’s.

Twitter says it verifies an account by giving it a blue check mark when “it is determined to be an account of public interest.” Twitter launched the feature in 2009 after celebrities complained about people impersonating them on the social media service.

“We are encouraged by the decisions taken by Twitter. Now it is a matter of whether they are carried out,” Beirich said. “Obviously, well-known white supremacists violate these terms of service and we are glad it appears that Twitter has chosen to step up on these issues.”

Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat is being used as a new excuse by the leftwing commissars of political correctness to justify the political censorship of social media.

The SPLC, which this article confirms is behind the SJW campaign to censor Twitter, has been outraged for some time by the growth of popular hashtags like #hillaryshealth, #draintheswamp, #buildthewall, #maga. Many of these popular hashtags were started by the Trump campaign. See here, here, here, here, and here.

During the campaign, President Trump vowed to #DrainTheSwamp by breaking up media monopolies:

“Over a hundred years ago, a pro-business Teddy Roosevelt busted up more than 40 oil, railroad, steel and other “trusts” that were wielding their rapacious monopoly power to gouge consumers and interfere with the efficient functioning of the American economy. Donald Trump will break up the new media conglomerate oligopolies that have gained enormous control over our information, intrude into our personal lives, and in this election, are attempting to unduly influence America’s political process.

“The very corporations that have gained from shipping America’s factories and jobs offshore are the very same media conglomerates now pushing Hillary Clinton’s agenda. She is the official candidate of the multinational ruling elite. …”

We’re calling on President Trump to make good on his campaign promise to #DrainTheSwamp … starting with media monopolies like Facebook and Twitter which are censoring political speech.

Update: Gateway Pundit is reporting that Facebook and Google are using “fake news sites” as a rationale to censor Breitbart,, Infowars and other major websites.

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  1. “… starting with media monopolies like Facebook and Twitter which are censoring political speech.”

    As far as I know, these are private enterprises, with no more power than Occidental Dissent has to make use of the worldwide web.

    • I hope you’re joking.

      All of these entities are part of an interlocking cabal. Faceberg becomes Faceberg by them repeating the name nonstop in the (((media))).

      The media isn’t a Jewish monopoly? Get the f-outta here.

      • You’re right, HW, social media platforms like Twatter and Fartbook must be taken over by the government and turned into public utilities. Their arbitrary suspension of users’ accounts with no recourse to appeal is a violation of Constitutionally guaranteed free speech rights.

          • So restaurants can exclude black customers? Christians don’t have to bake wedding cakes for gays? You don’t get it, or you do and you are an enemy.

          • In the first place, Afterthought, I personally am opposed to the laws that require businesses to accept customers of “protected groups,” as I believe blacks, gays, and so on are termed in such laws. If you happen to think those laws require Facebook, Twitter, etc. to accept the membership of persons of all political views, then that’s what you should be advising Mr. Wallace, our host, to argue here, not that the companies should be nationalized.

          • Allow me, Captain, to be blunt: If you or other commenters here want to argue that the membership of Facebook, Twitter, and the like should be subject to government control, because those entities are “cartels,” “public accommodations,” or “publiprivate,” well, then, knock yourselves out. To me, all such legal theorizing is idleness, an attempt by alt-righters to ride like hobos on trains they hadn’t the wit to construct for themselves. Even if, in other words, such theorizing were actually to bring about that government control, the victory would be a paltry one, a trifling, vagrant’s victory. It wouldn’t be a remedy of whites’ fundamental weaknesses, which are weaknesses of imagination.

          • The money supply is privately operated. Use of the term quango is less common and therefore more controversial in the United States. However, Paul Krugman has stated that the US Federal Reserve is, effectively, “what the British call a quango… Its complex structure divides power between the federal government and the private banks that are its members, and in effect gives substantial autonomy to a governing board of long-term appointees.”

      • They have no exclusive legal right to the use of the worldwide web. Nothing is stopping you from setting up a competitor to them right now.

      • They are not monopolies. You can use other sm and search engines. In fact, I’ve been using Brave instead of google for my go to search engine and highly recommend it to others.

        Other sm platforms will come along and grow unless they are banned or blocked in some other way.

      • The North Carolina Secessionists, at Facebook, were affeckted by the purge, they having been just a little bit too Confederate for the powers that be…

      • I’d call them Quango.
        Quasi Government Organizations. They exist on the liminal space between government appointments and private profit and regulatory authority.

  2. Keep it steady till inauguration. The vote was enough for the moment. Don’t be blackpilled by these petty censorship efforts.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  3. Let’s understand that this recent (((SPLC-Twitter-Faceberg))) action was planned before the election and was going to part of a broader purge under Clinton en route to full blown physical genocide.

    They lost, but they will still go for their purge with what they have left:courts, the media, academics, silicon valley. Their best play is to lull us back to sleep, this is their worst play. This is their Waterloo.

    We need a “short march” through the institutions, purge the anti-whites and replace them with pro-whites.

    Remember, with our struggle here we free Europe and Russia, and then its all over for global Jewry.

  4. Maybe you, Mr. Wallace, should start an alt-right Facebook or Twitter. For a day or two after the election, you cackled that charges of racism etc. would now be laughed off, that there had been a white man’s revolution. Okay–approach some investors, ask them to help you start alt-right social media. Remind those investors that they’ll be able to laugh off any charge of racism …

  5. No nationalization. Having social media declared a “public accommodation,” as the courts have done to break down freedom of association in groups such as the Jaycees, would do the trick.

    • HAHAHA!!! That is not me. I am a redhead. I favor J. Jill, Ann Taylor, Anne Fontaine, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lipschitz garments. I’d be wearing a gorgeous French wool coat. I also tend to be jolly and playful, in person. I would mock him to his face, and I would ask the reporter why Jews feel compelled to lie about everything. I do not point, and I do not do the Chicken Head thing. That said – God Bless that young woman!

  6. Attempting to rule by hysteria, once a common diagnosis of mentally ill women. Cucks fear hysteria and crumble before it, alt-right pushes them (though honestly I think the left’s candle has been lit and they are in a feed back loop they cannot control anymore)

    • Their souls crave the punishment that their lives generated. Just like Dante’s Inferno.

  7. The Communist Liberals are mad the “Queen” didn’t get elected President. However this assault on our Free Speech rights will continue in the future until the Communist Liberals are back in power in Washington D.C. Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media should be considered a Public Utility like the Phone companies back in the day. The Alternative Right and other White Nationalists being censored and deleted on Social Media is nothing but a violation of our Constitutional Rights. However it’s a lesson in activism. We shouldn’t rely 100% on new tools like Social Media and should have a diverse online activism and most important real world activism like meetings and public events. The most important tool of activism is street activism. WPWW !

  8. It,s amazing. twitter does this, SPLC does that…and the rest of the organizations too….everything just happens.

    Only open minded bleeding heart white liberals just sitting down and do nothing.

    We here in Eastern Europe still believe that when You go after white liberal then some paranormal force makes jews powerless, closes borders, keep education pro white and so on…

  9. I have been “suspended” from Twitter 6 times. The bastards have even gone so far as to suspend the account of Trump supporter Clint Eastwood! This is intolerable.

    However, today I created a new account on “black twitter” (the ghetto part of that social media platform, for colored folks only) as part of counter-offensive being planned by Andrew Anglin. He will issue orders to attack the enemy using these Fake Black Person Accounts, or FBPA’s, shortly.

  10. They are calling Breitbart a “fake news site??”

    Look, I freely admit Breitbart reports through its own filter and sometimes the headline is a little overselling of the content of a story. But it’s not The Onion!

    If true, this is getting serious. This is FB making an ideological judgment to censor something for a view, and not something that’s meant to be made-up or a joke!

  11. we have these jewish cretins on the run. because of stupidity, greed and desperation, they lost the World Series last week. let none of us rest until the victory is complete and we have chased them out of their holes. then, truly, america, then europe, will be great again.

  12. My Twitter is suspended. I may or may not try to get back on. Acting in 3D world is infinitely more gratifying

  13. Back in 2000, I think it was, a friend of mine remarked that the internet was like a great library, in which the books were all over the floor. Two Jews, namely, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, solved that problem with Google, whose impact was about to be felt even as my friend was making that remark. My friend himself was a white man, employed to write software for a very-large defense contractor—but he didn’t come up with Google.

    Now, I see here, at Occidental Dissent, that Google, Facebook, and Twitter are something like natural resources, which the alt-right is entitled to use. That’s alt-right whites for you: they’re always saying “gibsmedat.”

    • Tim Berners Lee just gave it away like a good goy.

      Have you ever read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree?

      You’d have whitey be the tree stump that a flatulent yid sits upon after he’s satisfied his greed.

    • I thought Alt-Right Whites were the beneficiaries of an endless stream of White Privilege? Which one is it, either they are the people who have everything handed to them or they are the petulant losers who have nothing and are always trying to take something from everyone else?

    • Actually, AltaVista worked pretty well before Google.

      Your belief that the search engine is some sort of brilliant invention indicates that you don’t know much about programming. Why did AltaVista give up while Google thrived? It has to do with Google’s connections with the CIA and NSA. Also, Google was promoted by mainstream media from the beginning. It is not only what you know. It is also who you know.

      Speaking of Jews, there is no reason why Zuckerberg should have been so successful in the realm of social media. He didn’t get there only because of programming skill. Connections also made a difference.

      • Zuckerberg had connections. Really? Maybe that’s because his ethnic group doesn’t have its head up its ass.

        When you get a chance, tell us about the search engine you developed–oh, and your alternative to Google Maps, Google Books, Google Translate, and so on.

        • You are sounding like a troll. You want to bait commenters with over-the-top comments and never budge one inch.

          Your use of the “gibs-me-dat” trope shows that you are steeped in mainstream conservative and/or libertarian talking points in which ideology comes before white racial loyalty.

          • What you mean by a “troll” is someone who says something you don’t want to hear. You come here for the feels.

          • I call you a troll because you are here to argue and not to listen and learn. You think you know more than us, and that is just bullsh*t. I am not going to bother trying to reason with someone who uses such pointless rhetoric.

        • Jews have ethnic solidarity. We call for non-Jewish white solidarity here. What is your view on non-Jewish white solidarity? Are you opposed to it? In that case, you are bashing us for the same thing you approve of in Jews.

          • You just said, below, Ed, that you are “not going to bother trying to reason with someone” who uses my “pointless rhetoric.” Do me a favor and keep your promise.

            PS In answer to your question, which will be your last remark I address: Obviously, if I’m applauding Jews for their ethnic solidarity, then what I’m saying is that I WISH WHITES HAD THE SAME KIND OF SOLIDARITY. Idiot.

          • You say you wish that non-Jewish whites had racial solidarity, but there is no sign of white solidarity in any of your comments. You are more interested in bashing everyone.

          • I always listen to you,and I agree with you a lot of the time.
            It was a lot easier for the Germans to band together in their ancestral homeland,against foreign influences,that’s why (((they))) are relentlessly dividing us.If Europeans cannot band together we will be written right out of the history books.I know your frustration.

            You haven’t been boozing it up tonight have you,I am glad I quit drinking,I can be one beligerant sob.
            Give em hell J

          • Thank you for your respect, Timber, and for your encouragement. For the record, no, I haven’t been drinking. I never acquired a taste for alcohol.

            When you wrote that we’ll be written out of history, if we don’t band together, I was reminded of a Mark Twain essay, called “Concerning the Jews.” Years ago, I saw a white nationalist suggest, obtusely enough, that Twain had been critical of the Jews. No–if you’ve read the essay, you’ll find Twain was simply considering the Jews, assessing them.

            In case you haven’t read the piece, I’ve screen-capped, below, its concluding section, in which I’ve red-blocked a passage you might find interesting. At
            is the entire essay, should you want to look at it; but really, this passage in the red block says it all …


          • I typed into my search engine,”why do the jews even let us live”?. I did that a couple of years ago,I don’t know if it would work now,the answer came back,”why would you want to kill your Jack ass”?
            It says in the bible,1000 years is but a day to these people,no offence,but I think Christianity made this possible for them to bide their time.

            Mark Twain also talked about how the gatlin gun was promoted as the end of killing,for it’s sheer brutality,and then he says he doesn’t believe it,it was the same rational they said about the A bomb.
            You were right about that paragraph,those people never sleep.

          • Well, you’ve said it, Timber, in a single sentence: they never sleep. A formidable breed.

            Thanks again for an historical reference that has prompted me to do profitable research. In this case, it was your reference to the Gatling gun, whose historical position I’d not appreciated.

        • There will be plenty of competition / alternatives once the anti-trust laws are enforced by President Trump’s justice department. +FD

      • Actually, no, padre, I grew up among churchgoing people who never had a vicious, crass thing like you in their homes. You’re complete trash.

  14. Abortion, homosexuality, blasphemy against God are sins that the Left allows…People standing up for their own white race are not sinning…

    Get over it liberals….Someone needs to drain your moral swamp…

  15. Create dummy EMAIL accounts with GMX and go back to Twitter. You can do this 50 million times. They cant bar you completely

  16. President Trump, Nationalize Social Media

    He could launch public utilities that would provide the same services as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Paypal, etc, without the censorship of White people and White Nationalists. White people need to be able to communicate with one another without the Jewish interference and censorship. It would also help Trump to get reelected in 2020. But there’s no need to nationalize Jewish businesses. I’d like Facebook to go bankrupt.

    What’s needed most of all is a big TV station made by White people that won’t stop denouncing the anti-White Jewish activists and their race replacement program. At least, I hope the Jewish monopoly on TV will be broken under the Trump government, but I have no idea what’s the best way to go about it.

      • I’ll wait until announcements are made by Trump or his spokesmen.

        If we’ve learned anything by now it’s that the Lying Press can’t be trusted.

        If Trump actually does make some moves that seem to be questionable I’ll wait to see how they pan out.

        There’s method in his madness.

        If he does make mistakes he’ll learn from them and make corrections.

  17. I don’t know if anti-trust legal action is the right approach. The real question has to always be what is practical. What is the most practical way to get white racial consciousness into the mainstream when a pro-white message is considered illegitimate? We just have to keep using all readily available means. Twitter was helpful for a while, but now this is changing, and we have to move on to something else.

  18. Political Correctness is Speech Prohibition.

    Prohibition tried to force Virtue into all corners of life by banning alcohol. It just led to the underworld, gangsters, and shadow economy taking over the liquor business. The only solution was to legalize alcohol and make it legit.

    It’s been the same with marijuana. The War on Drugs has been a big bust.

    Now, the War on Drugs can be won with draconian measures, as in communist nations. But in a free society, the business will just go underground, and gangsters will make a killing. All that money that could be in the hands of legit business ends up in the hands of druglords.

    Same goes with Speech. PC is War on Speech or Speech War. But it is difficult for the State and Establishment to wage this Speech War in the age of the internet.

    Since MSM and Academia have banned free speech and free discourse with their PC speech prohibition, Alt Right has become the Speakeasy of free speech.

    They offer bootleg speech that can’t be had anywhere else. And some of that stuff is so potent and powerful that once people get a taste, they want some more since they are so tired of the Lawrence O’Donnells and Eric Ericksons of the world who must stick to Script.

    MSM may offer the conceit or flavor of freedom but there is no real freedom, no real truth. Likewise, during the Prohibition there were drinks with alcohol taste but no alcohol. For the real thing, you have to come to Alt Right or to alternative news sites.

    Ban taverns, and people go to speakeasys.

    Ban free media, and people seek out writeeasys.

    Granted, Alt Right and other alternative news sites do have problems. Just like bootlegging and rum-running led to street wars, lunatic personalities, crooks, charlatans, thugs, and even toxic drink, there are all sorts of characters in the Alternative News universe. Alex Jones is like the Al Capone of Other News. He sometimes delivers the goods but other times acts the thug clown.

    Too many tommy guns in the Alternative News-verse.

    But as long MSM and academia keep too many things prohibited and banned, much of the real exchange of ideas and discussion will happen elsewhere.

    Bathtub gin isn’t as good as real gin, but it’s better than fake gin that just has the flavor but zero alcohol. MSM just offers fake gin.

    Likewise, Alt ideas and news may not be as good as professional news of the highest caliber, but when so much of MSM has turned into Peoples Daily or Official Scribe, it’s gonna be alternative news and people like Assange and Snowden who are gonna deliver what the Glob doesn’t want us to know.

    Consider NYT and so much it got wrong, from WMD in Iraq, to War on Russia, to Ukraine Crisis, to Libyan and Syrian crisis, to UVA hoax, etc. It might as well be declared a ‘fake news site’

    The only way to end bootlegging was to legalize alcohol.

    The only way to weaken alternative news is to allow true freedom in media and academia.

    And Steven Pinker and Jonathan Haidt seem to be halfway there, trying to allow respectable ways for alternative and even ‘dangerous’ voices to be heard and discussed.

    But the iron hysteria that dominates much of the Establishment channels of ideas and info simply don’t allow it.

    So, we will have our speakeasys, and we will have ganglord Trump as president since people find more truth in the kingpin than in the king-spin.

    PS. If alt right is like bootleggers and organic pot sellers, 14/88 and neo-nazis are like meth-and-crack pushers. Alt Right at its best offers what people want but can’t have due to PC.

    14/88 peddles toxic stuff that will only destroy minds and souls. To be avoided.


  19. Doesn’t really mean anything. The alt-right are professionals when it comes to getting around bans and censorship.

    I don’t think Trump should nationalize the biased media, but he should break these large media monopolies up.

  20. The problem is that in the current climate, anyone supportive of President Trump is being declared a White Supremacist and silenced. But Twitter and SPLC are not at all concerned about the BLM tweets calling for whites to be made a minority, or in extreme cases “exterminated!”

    It appears that there is a campaign to silence opposition to Hillary ahead of her push to hijack the electoral college and buy the Presidency out from under Trump!

    Given the obvious imposed biases by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. it is not unreasonable to impose some mechanism that preserves the First Amendment rights of Americams. While nationalization might be seen as too extreme, a taxpayer funded public social media system looks like an ideal solution to me!

  21. How about just enforcing neutrality on the sites the government already runs, like TWITTER FACEBOOK GOOLE etc.?

  22. Celestial Time • a day ago
    ‘Trump considering Nikki Haley for Secretary of State?’

    Ann not thrilled with idea.

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    Mark Sanford was just on TV saying Gov. Nikki Haley would make a great Sec of State because…SHE’S NOT WHITE! Even MSNBC anchor baffled.

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    If Trump wants an Indian Sec of State, how about Tonto?

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    ANSWER: Carrot Top, Kato Kaelin, Lebron James. Q: If Trump wants someone w/ no foreign policy experience, who’d be better than Nikki Haley?

  23. Obama made a comment today; from a planted press conference question; about “fake news”. This is obviously coordinated by Big Jew, with the point man being Cass Sunstein. This is their Waterloo.

    Bannon as our connection to Trump: listen up:

    Digital Civil Rights; announce a pardon and state protection for Assange for attention and framing, while at the same time calling for Congress to enact Digital Civil Rights: in essence, you cannot be banned from using GoogleTwitterFaceberg because they don’t like what you any more than AT&T or Verizon could ban you from using a telephone!

    Impose ruinous penalties for non-compliance.

    Ultimately we will destroy the entire apparatus. But it is better to get ahold of a captive audience then scatter it to the four winds.

    Secondly, Trump can pardon Snowden and then talk about how the real “fake news” is the “mainstream media”, the liars who shed the last fig leaf of impartiality this election. Stand by the alternative media and they will rally to Trump like never before!


  24. Twitter is already on the brink. Trump should issue an executive order banning the use of Twitter in all government facilities (have an internet filter that blocks them). He should then follow up with an SEC investigation that spooks investors causing their stock to crash.

    He could further punish Facebook and Twitter by allowing congress to levy taxes on their advertisers.

    …then have the SPLC’s 503-C tax-exempt status revoked and force them to divulge their contributors.

  25. More thought on the “fake news” gambit:

    I think they were spooked by the Podesta – Spirit Cooking – Pizza Parlor – Pedo Ring revelations.

    That’s why they are desperate to stop plant the idea of fake news. They don’t want people understanding that the unthinkable actually is true.

    Many luminaries on the alt-right don’t want to talk about how deep the rabbit hole goes. I’ve always wondered why?

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