The Impending Deportation of Jose Antonio Vargas

This is the funniest thing you will read this weekend:

“On election night, while making my way through a crowd gathered outside the Fox News headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, a white man wearing a Mets cap patted my back and said through the noise: “Get ready to be deported.” Rattled, I made it inside the green room and waited to go on the air. …

“What does it feel like to be the country’s most famous illegal?” the Fox anchor Lou Dobbs once asked me. We were off the air at the time, luckily, so I didn’t have to answer on live television. In general, it feels daunting. Since Mr. Trump was elected president of the United States, it has felt terrifying. …

The pain and vulnerability underlying these conversations are a direct contrast to the vulgarity of the public messages I get on social media, particularly on Twitter. “Christmas came early this year. It will be even earlier next year when @joseiswriting becomes Deportee # 1,” reads one message. “I can’t wait until @joseiswriting gets deported. It’ll be such a great day,” reads another. …”

The alt-right has waited for years to settle this score.

It started in 2011 when Jose Antonio Vargas became the #LyingPress poster child for the DREAM Act amnesty in The New York Times Magazine and later in 2012 in that Time magazine cover story. Jose’s activism progressed from there to his Emerging US and Define American projects. It has continued in hundreds of articles about illegal immigration like this one in Rolling Stone on United States v. Texas.

The exact moment when Jose crossed the line though was his MTV documentary “White People” which came out last summer around the beginning of Trump’s presidential campaign. It was one thing for an illegal alien to become a public champion of illegal aliens in the United States. It was another thing for an illegal alien to arrogantly lecture White people whose ancestors built this country about checking their “White privilege.”

Adiós, Jose!

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  1. An illegal alien who agitates for other illegal aliens and their “rights” and proceeds to attack and demean the majority of the citizens of the invaded country in films. Oh, yeah. On the first available flight home. What an arrogant prick.

  2. Remember this whenever you hear people ask us to tone down our “offensive” rhetoric. These people have been openly violating our laws and insulting us for years. I just wish we could deport Tim Wise and all his white “privilege” hustlers as well. If they succeed in stopping Trump and regaining power they will only double down on their hatred of us.

  3. He would be the ultimate candidate for “strategic deportation” since such a high profile case would lead to self-deportation on a large scale.

  4. The thing about non-whites, with the exception in the far east.After a decade residing in a white society with abundance of resource,law and order, and the constitution guarantees equal protection of the law.Returning to their ancestral lands of utter despair is a culture shock .

    • Mexico does not suck. Vargas is a homosexual. Big cities with their large gay communities just make life more “enjoyable” for guys like Vargas. He will do just find living with his own kind back home in his motherland.

    • That’s funny, I’m from Texas and the white people all get tans because they think they’re too white. You jealous?

      • What are Mexicans doing in America if not for money?? Mexicans hate whites and only want money. In that way Mexicans are just like niggers. Don’t you agree?

      • Of you, you foul Mayan p.o.s.? it’s your disgusting race that caused me to leave the Catholic Church in the first place, thankfully to find the REAL Catholic Church of European Christendom- Orthodoxy.

        Xenos….Go to hell.

  5. Trump family sporting Red and wearing New Balance…it’s a sigh.

    The N is a Runic looking SS to me!

    • I wonder if New Balance realizes how their 1 or 2 American Made shoes went from a much more expensive option for consumers and an almost ‘Made in China’ necessity to a growing trend where they could offer many different models, even at three or four times the cost of imported products. They might not want to piss off the people who helped push the “Made in USA” meme when everyone else was being mesmerized by cheaper and cheaper imports. I’ve personally helped to sell a lot of 993 New Balance shoes when they were pretty much the only option for American Made running shoes.

      • Most New Balance shoes are made outside the USA. Also, their standard for “Made in the USA” is that the shoe is supposedly 70% made in the USA.

        Wikipedia: “In 1994, New Balance manufactured 70 percent of its shoes in the United States. In 2006, New Balance stated on its customer help site that approximately 25% of the New Balance shoes sold in North America are Made in the USA.”

        New Balance: “We make or assemble athletic footwear in the USA, which represents a limited portion of our sales. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes Made in the USA”

  6. If Trump actually boots Vargas’ brown ass out of the country, then we’ll know that we really are going to get tired of winning.

  7. ALL illegals out! No exceptions. This is MY country, get it? My people, white people, fought for an won this country, then they made it into what was once the greatest nation on earth. Do not give me that standard jewish/marxist hate crap about how we ‘evil’ whites took this land from its legitimate owners. We fought for and took it from the Indians, who took it from other indians, who took it from other indians. I make no apologies. My people fought for and won this land and made it great just as i will fight for and win it back and make my land great again!

  8. To fully fathom the tomfoolery of Mr. Vargas, and those who will accuse one of being nefarious, for saying his positions are unfounded, as is his presence, here, you only have to envisage this…

    As you are carrying in the groceries, from the car to the house, an interloper stealthily inserts himself; and, when you find him at your kitchen table helping himself to a new box Twinkies, and you ask him what he is doing there, he looks at you like you are the interloper and lectures you about what sort of a person you think you are.

    When you suggest that he leave, before you call the cops, your neighbours descend on the house and tell you that, in the name of love, you have no right to insist the interloper be not there; that. in fact, you need to put away the dining room table in the basement, so that you will have enough room, when you come to yours senses and go out and buy him a new bed, large enough for his cousins to come, as well.

    Stay in your house with your windows and doors wide open, 24/7, and when you find yourself crowded, compliment yourself on realizing the full potential of the nation – exactly what your forbears had ‘intended’, if they had only known what it was that they were intending to create, in the first place…

  9. Okay, so this is a racist website. Cool. Didn’t see anything offensive about Vargas’ video. It’s a very good, educational video, actually. The conservative white step-father of that guy who gives workshops, he is scary. Just the way he speaks is scary. So I can see why his step-son is scared of talking to him. There’s a typical conservative for you – they are often scary toward anyone who shares opposing views or different skin color. Vargas, on the other hand, isn’t scary at all.

  10. Interesting, and a nice thought. But I won’t be surprised if he grows old in the USA (assuming there is a USA decades from now).

  11. This guy really makes me sick. And O’Reilly and Kelly also make me sick, chatting with him, expressing sympathy. All that has to be said to him is “You have to go back.” The kindest thing to say (for example, if Kelly feels like slobbering over the scumbag) should be, “You can apply to immigrate legally from back in the Philippines. You’d better go while it’s still a possibility. Now fuck off.”

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