The Alt-Right Celebrates Trump’s Victory In Washington

I wasn’t there.

I’ve never been to any of the NPI conferences. I presume some of my friends and followers were there though. I watched all of the drama with the anti-fa unfold via Twitter. There was a point when the circus outside the NPI conference was on FOX News.

The New York Times has two stories on the NPI conference:

“WASHINGTON — For years, they have lurked in the web’s dark corners, masking themselves with cartoon images and writing screeds about the demise of white culture under ominous pseudonyms. But on Saturday, in the wake of Donald J. Trump’s surprising election victory, hundreds of his extremist supporters converged on the capital to herald a moment of political ascendance that many had thought to be far away.

In the bowels of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, three blocks from the White House, members of the so-called alt-right movement gathered for what they had supposed would be an autopsy to plot their grim future under a Clinton administration. Instead, they celebrated the unexpected march of their white nationalist ideas toward the mainstream, portraying Mr. Trump’s win as validation that the tide had turned in their fight to preserve white culture. …”

They published this one an hour or so ago:

“WASHINGTON — By the time Richard B. Spencer, the leading ideologue of the alt-right movement and the final speaker of the night, rose to address a gathering of his followers on Saturday, the crowd was restless.

In 11 hours of speeches and panel discussions in a federal building named after Ronald Reagan a few blocks from the White House, a succession of speakers had laid out a harsh vision for the future, but had denounced violence and said that Hispanic citizens and black Americans had nothing to fear. Earlier in the day, Mr. Spencer himself had urged the group to start acting less like an underground organization and more like the establishment.

But now his tone changed as he began to tell the audience of more than 200 people, mostly young men, what they had been waiting to hear. He railed against Jews and, with a smile, quoted Nazi propaganda in the original German. America, he said, belonged to white people, whom he called the “children of the sun,” a race of conquerors and creators who had been marginalized but now, in the era of President-elect Donald J. Trump, were “awakening to their own identity.” …”

See also Buzzfeed, NPR, LA Times, and The Daily Beast. Congratulations to Richard Spencer and NPI on triggering the shit out of the #LyingPress. I didn’t even recognize Spencer in this photo in the Christian Science Monitor.

Occidental Dissent has triggered them as well. This site has been under some kind of attack for a few days now. I had to activate Cloudflare this morning to take care of the problem. That’s why you are seeing that screen pop up which tells you to wait a few seconds for the page to load. As with the Twitter purge, I take it as a clear sign that our haters are even more upset than usual that they are trying to take us offline now.

Anyway, I haven’t been to Washington, DC in six years, but I am planning a road trip to Virginia for Trump’s inauguration on January 20th. I hear the Left is planning to throw a historic tantrum. Is anyone else here interested in going?

Note: Anyone know what happened to my old buddy Jeffrey Imm of R.E.A.L. (Response for Equality and Liberty)? I assume that guy is still around up there.

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    • Par for the course, Brad. Get a “free” blog at blogger or and you will be censored like Incogman was 4 years ago. I’m trying to get 313Chris up back again on one of my own web pages.

      By the way, the Mamzer from Mentor Bryan Reo is a “law clerk” for Attorney Kyle Bristow. A month ago Reo, a board of director member of some $PLC for ZOGling whiggers, was trying to get a default judgment against my Church and Roxie for making fun of his “relationship” with Kyle Bristow. I pointed out that Reo was a member of the same Board which had a lot of bowel-Movement tards and that while the Lake County Ohio county korts had no jurisdiction over Roxie and my Church, they did have jurisdiction over Reo, and Bristow and another Ohio lawyer and maybe it was time for disbarment of lawyers who violate the Ohio and US CONstipations.

      Our bowel Movement isn’t what it pretends to be.

      Hail Victory!!!

      • I just spoke to Chris this weekend. He’s lovely! The conversation was brief. I was running around doing all kinds of things- I couldn’t really settle in for a real chat. HE is very busy. I really look forward to getting to know him! We should al go to the Inauguration together, and meet up! That would be so much fun! We could be a bit of an antidote to the anti-fa!

    • 313Chris had half a clue, as opposed to this crowd, which might have maybe 1/16th.

      I honestly think that Chris’ positioning his site so google-next to this one may have landed him in cyber wasteland.

      He provided some antidote to the Kool-Aid being dispensed and drunk here so shamelessly.

    • Chris was suspended for an article he did on Hillary Clinton. I’m sorry I missed it. It sounded hilarious. I noted in a post up the thread – I just spoke to him, this weekend. He’s very, very bright. I’d warrant you 2 would get along very well, IRL.

      • How bad could it have been compared to all the stuff going around about Clinton?

        I remain skeptical. The timing of the shout out to Occidental Dissent and Chris’s take down is suspicious.

        WordPress is highly aware of people squatting in/shadowing domain names in the pro-white scene. Chief legal counsel Paul Sieminski hates white people. He has gone out of his way, including using his own company’s resources to sue a pro-straight group in England for false copyright infringement complaint, to harass white people. He’s married to an indian woman and went to Georgetown University, one of the epicenters of anglo genocide.

        Don’t underestimate him.

  1. I’ve been to some other Alt-Right events, but not NPI. Judging from the photos, I’m not sure I’d fit in socially, as I’m neither a young Millennial metrosexual nor a white-haired old man. I like Forney’s writing, but I’m not sure I’d want to be seen hanging around with him. A lot of these people strike me as awkward.

  2. Brexit type nationalism is a cat n mouse game now. May has delayed it long enough for Trump to be allied force and now she is waiting for Le Pen to knock off Hollande. Learn French.

  3. My brother went with some friends to NPI. He said the fat black guy from One People/One Person was outside at some point. An antifa homosexual in short-shorts started brandishing his ass and shouted, “Does this make you uncomfortable?” My brother (an undergrad who has put up with quite a bit of leftist madness) said, “No, it just makes me sad for you.”

    He said Jared Taylor’s really tall, that Millennial Woes was a good speaker, that Macdonald and Dickson were the best speakers in the group. Apparently the reason Spencer keeps Tela Tequila around is that he has a sort of Derbyshire fetish for the Asian women. My brother talked with her and said she confessed that she got interested in the alt-right when she saw how mean-spirited the media were toward her, and she started to notice that most of the women seething against her were single, crazy Jewish women (like those who froth about Sarah Palin).

    Steve Sailer had a piece awhile back talking about how Jewish women’s rage at not being able to find a husband gets channeled into enraged articles against various attractive Aryan women (like Trump’s daughter) who remind them of the goy women their husbands left them for.

    My bro forgot to get my “Culture of Critique” and “Sexual Power in Utopia” signed, but he said he was talking to Macdonald and Devlin as equals and he didn’t want to get downgraded to fan, which I understand.

    As usual, the “racists” acted like adults and the “antifascists” acted like psychotic pigs.

    • “antifascists” acted like psychotic pigs.

      Anti-white groups organization throughout Trumps campaign, rounded up those bad characters ensued riots and violence in many cities.

      • I’m not afraid of those Marxist fags. They’re are nothing like their predecessors the Bolsheviks and the KPD.

          • They know that the Koolaid reference about Jonestown should be related to projects for racial integration and left wing social engineering projects. Jim Jones’ church was all about blending black n white in one harmonious sugary elixir. Inevitable mass murder by armed negro guards under direction from a white liberal messiah ensues. A Marxist fag would deflect responsibility for such massacres onto a conventional political campaign and supporters.

          • Inevitable mass murder by armed Police Psych State guards under direction from a white Alt Lite messiah ensues, resulting in one harmonious blending of olive, yellow, brown, black and white = Koolaid.

            Non-fags, fashy or otherwise, know this.

          • What does this even mean?

            “Inevitable mass murder by armed Police Psych State guards under direction from a white Alt Lite messiah ensues, resulting in one harmonious blending of olive, yellow, brown, black and white = Koolaid.”

            Are you on the run from a mental asylum? POLICE PSYCH STATE GUARDS–wtf are those?

          • I see the last hurrah of a black rampage in the dying embers of Minority Occupation Government. There will be no continuity between Jeff Sessions and Loretta Lynch. I have no idea what you are inferring from those stories about deranged blacks.

          • One would hope so.

            But, I’m getting bad vibes that Sesssion supporters are championing Sessions dismantling of the KKK in Alabama and his desecrating Alabama schools.

            It’s always a danger that some solid Southerner like LBJ will seek to make it with Washington elites by pandering as the most anti Racist leader there is.

      • I agree. Plus he’s also such a gracious Southern man. It’s like the character Aragon in Lord of the Rings – a noble man left over from a long lost, better time before the fall of man.

      • I agree. I love listening to him especially when he goes into his past and relays a genteel time that seems so inviting. He’s a refined Southern gentleman from a bygone era – hopefully soon to return! He should have had lots and lots of children. We know they would have been raised very, very well.

  4. You can watch the conference on Red Ice Radio:

    A little dry, but I would call them Alt-Medium, as they don’t name the Jew, but do talk about a white ethnostate and some other pan-aryan ideas.

  5. I’ll go. I’ll see who else I can round up. My old gang is scattered to the 4 winds. FYI – I chatted w/ Chris 313. It was brief conversation. I look forward to getting to know him IRL. He is lovely. He has no hard feelings about being Shoah’ed, by you, FYI.

    • You should only trust your kin and friends of the family. If you want to meet fellow nationalists, do as nationalists do: Have 6 kids. At minimum :p Then you’ve got 6 fellow nationalist buddies.

      Spencer, whom I’ve never met, strikes me as a legitimately nice guy. I’m sometimes wary that he’s more into eugenics than nationalism though.

      Progress falls to relativity, so eugenic advancement is relative outside of some framework to define it. Ultimately it just comes down to some triumphing over others and justifying that triumph with claims of “superiority” for their having won. As such, calls for “eugenics” tend more to be calls for some to squash others, for the sake of squashing more than for the sake of “advancement”. I favour a degree of eugenics, but I’m also very wary of others who do.

      Nationalism is more a spiritual thing. Nationalism is very much akin to faith, as is piety to one’s ancestors. At core, there’s a belief among nationalists of an organic origin that was outside anyone’s control (eg. a difficult environment), or, alternatively, of having been created by God. Similar to the Atlantis myth: the Atlantians having been created and given their laws by gods.

      We Europeans are more modern and progressive, so it’s very difficult for us to become true nationalists. Most nationalists then can be doubted as fully dedicated. Truth ethnonationalism seems to be an almost impossible level to reach.

  6. That Christian Science picture is insane. None of the ALT Right dressed like that or rode a bus to attend. That is blatantly dishonest and deceptive. Its not even them! Is it any wonder why we have adopted the German term Lugenpresse- meaning Lying Press?

    • The Koolaid is apt here.

      These are the White Supremacists the left imagines. So when they see the real thing they stutter and stammer and point and everyone just shrugs.

      This sort of image editorial is what Daily Stormer parodies so cleverly. See the Mizzou KKK scare.

  7. I am deeply disturbed by what I perceive to be an inordinate and undue amount of reverence that some alt-rightists have displayed toward the president-elect. I mean, he is clearly and unambiguously not an advocate of any type of white identity – instead, he has supported affirmative action and similar anti-white causes for years, befriending such race hustlers as Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton in the process. But even if I were to make an exception and neglect his complete and utter lack of pro-European credentials, I would still be thoroughly repulsed by the fact that his personal qualities – aside from tenaciousness, which is admirable – are not in line with the ideals and values of our people, but rather resemble those of nonwhites more; for when have whites equated the standard of greatness with greed, lust, and vulgarity, as is the case with Mr. Trump? Now, don’t get me wrong – I, as you, enjoyed watching our enemies’ confused faces on TV when he finally destroyed the political ambitions of the Clinton crime family, and I should say that that pleasure alone was worth the price of admission, but does that suffice to consider him a white hero? How about his support for massive legal immigration (“And we’re gonna have lots of people coming in, but they’re gonna come in legally.”) Please do not respond with ubiquitous and vague comments such as “Trump is a beginning, not an end;” as such comments do not make any sense.

  8. Just a word of caution:

    I think Alt Right, race realists should lay low now, keep a low profile. I’m getting strong vibes that the Left is trying to delegitimize the Trump administration with charges of association with open racialists or

    The Alt Right.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is getting smeared as a Southern Racist and his supporters are doing a “Ron Paul” style:

    “He’s not in any way a terrible WASSIST , he publicly broke the Alabama KKK and worked to desegregate Alabama schools.”

    Establishment cuckservatives like George Will or getting back on board and sending out vibes that the Trump Admin

    “Must send a clear message that White Racists can not have any contact/influence on the Trump Admin”.

    And next there will be the usual Libertarian, free market types looking to give vouchers to all Black students in Chicago, Washington DC, Detroit to break the public school monopoly and get them to attend White private schools, any private schools that don’t take the Black ghetto schools are


    Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Just keep a low profile.

    When Pat Buchanan had his brief years of success in Presidential politics, his sister Bay Buchanan made him break, denounce White racialists, the Alt Right, choose a Black women VP candidate. Bay Buchanan wanted a job on TV.

    Just keep a low profile.

      • So when MSNBC invites you to get on TV as a representative Trump/Sessions supporter and requests that you dress in KKK or Nazi costume and make lots of comments about how much you hate niggers and want to gas millions of Jews – are you going to answer that call?

    • I think now it,s time to go after those weasel words. Bunch of jokes and memes needed to laugh out those masters used to control us with weird words.

    • Balls. My cohort and I just called to get tickets to the Inauguration Ball (hey why not ask?) and we were told, respectively, “Don’t count on it. It’s THE HOTTEST TICKET EVER”.
      We won’t affect anything.

  9. About two years year ago* I told a business associate to keep an eye out for the alt-right, something he’d never heard of, because I expected it to be a player one day.

    He and I were in a meeting today when a picture of the protest against the alt-right conference popped up on the TV. He gave me a ‘how the hell did you call that one’ look. I love being right.

    *I was more of a crypto-non-jew back then, much less crypto today.

  10. New York Times or Jew York Times runs a story that says:

    “White Nationalists Celebrate ‘an Awakening’ After Donald Trump’s Victory”

    How much was spent for the NPI meeting?

    How much is spent for AIPAC conferences?

    How much damage has NPI done to the world? Did it call for wars, invasions, and sanctions on other nations? I think not. I don’t think NPI has any politician or institution under its wing. White Nationalists have done zero damage to the world since the end of the Cold War. All the new wars waged by the US have been cooked by Neocons and Liberal Zionists by pulling the strings of the shabbos goyim. And think of all the Wall Street robbery and manipulations that enriched the 1% over everyone else. Look at the power on Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Ivy League, and DC, and none of it has to do with white identity or white nationalism. Wars and the looting of the world was carried out by the Globalists, not nationalists. If anything, nationalism has been the most effective instrument against total-Jewish-supremacist-globalism.

    AIPAC owns all the presidents and all the politicians. Its agenda has destroyed entire nations and regions.

    Yet, NYT doesn’t call AIPAC ‘Jewish nationalist’ or ‘Jewish supremacist’. It finds nothing strange or weird about all US politicians hailing Israel to high heaven and shedding zero tears about Palestinians who are far more oppressed than blacks under Apartheid.

    It finds nothing wrong with 98% of Americans being pressured to support and praise the nationalist and even supremacist agenda of the globalist 2%.

    NYT is okay with the Jewish elephant trampling the entire world but freaks out about the white mouse that wants its voice heard.

    But then, this fear is understandable. Jews are the mouse with elephant power, whereas whites are the elephant with mouse power. According to the Narrative, serving and pandering to Jews is what America is all about, but voicing any interest in favor of white identity is eeeeevil.

    Jews and white gentiles are like British imperialist elites and the native masses in India. Brits were the mouse with elephant power while the Hindu masses were the demographic elephant with mouse power…. that is until they began to speak up and resist. (This is why Jews are so eager to destroy any gentile majority in all nations. It is united gentile unity that has been the bane of Jewish supremacist takeover. Jews promote Diversity in the US not out of love for Muslims or anyone else. After all, the Jewish agenda calls for more wars and more mass destruction for the Muslim world. Jews simply want Muslims in EU and US to use them against the white majority. So, the very people whose agenda has killed millions of Muslims[and other non-whites] are inviting Muslims to the West as a battering ram against white people.) If Jews love Diversity, why do they insist on keeping Israel as Jewish as possible?

    Jews are the 2% mouse with elephantine powers, and whites are the majority elephant that has been forced to hide behind the wall. But when the real elephant awakens and gains elephant power, the real mouse will have to hide in the hole.

    Anyway, the MSM highlighted the Alt Right to use it to smear Trump. They thought Alt Right would act like a bunch of Neo-Nazis, but in fact, most Alt Right people made cogent and sensible arguments. MSM realized how their smear campaign had backfired. Alt Right didn’t take the bait and act like Hollywood KKK or Nazis. They spoke more truth than the MSM.

    So, now the MSM is reversing its policy and trying to shut down all Alt Right voices.


    There is something wrong with the New ‘Progressivism’.

    It is pathologically narcissistic — represented by mindless & trash self-obsessed celebrities and ‘stars’ — , yet it claims to care about humanity.

    Christian missionaries in the past may have been earnest and foolish, but they were willing risk and give all to convert and save mankind and do good work. Many of them were genuinely selfless. Even the brutal Crusaders were willing to risk life and limb for Christ.

    Communists and socialists in the past may have been naive and ruthless, but they were willing to make great sacrifice for the good of humanity. They rolled up their sleeves and worked with the workers and poor. Their main goal in life was not to hang around movie stars and fashion models.

    Today’s Progs are really Probs or Prog-snobs. They join NGO’s or seek some plush gig at some well-funded ‘news’ site like Huffington Post or Huffing-and-Puffing Post.

    Or they seek some job at Hollywood or MTV or fashion industry. Or they remain within the bubble of Ivy League community. They’ve formed an alliance with Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and even with Las Vegas. They promote narcissistic rap culture and even promote the pornification of mainstream culture, what with Disney now swaying young girls to dress like hookers and act like Miley Cyrus. They are all into me, me, and me, BUT they claim to speak for humanity. They promote globo-homo-American pop-slop-culture all over the world BUT they claim to care about cultures and peoples around the world.

    They are completely blind to the fact that in 2016 their favored candidate was the Wall-Street-funded and War-State-sponsored Hillary Clinton whose policies destroyed entire nations, especially Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, leading to deaths of countless folks. That she was the darling of Wall Street and foreign rulers(esp Saudis) who see US as a cash cow. And that her call for a ‘new cold war’ with Russia is far crazier than the Cold War that at least was real ideological life-and-death struggle.

    Also, for a movement that is supposed anti-right and anti-nationalist, the guiding hand behind it is Zionist-nationalist and Jewish-supremacist as Hillary has no problem praising the Occupation in West Bank and declaring a New Cold War with Russia that is premised mostly on Jewish animus at Russians for taking back their country from Jewish Globalist Oligarchs.

    I mean if ANYTHING resembles ethnic supremacism in the US, it is AIPAC ‘nurenmberg’ rallies where ALL politicians, Trump included, whore out to Jewish Greatness and Zionist Glory with ZERO sympathy for Palestinians who still live under Occupation.

    And for a movement that purports to care about the Ordinary Person, the Progs spend an inordinate amount of time and energy with mega-millionaire celebrities, movie stars, rappers, and other biggies whose only real interest in life is staring in the mirror and raking in the bucks from suckers to live like pigs.

    How can a movement that is so into celebrity, fashion, hipsternism, narcissism, self-obsession, privilege, hedonism, and wanton excess be a movement for the People?

    We often hear the Progs or Probs bitch about how Trump and his supporters are ‘racist’, ‘misogynist’, ‘Islamophobic’, ‘supremacist’, and thuggish.

    But these Progs sound just like Jewish Zionists who bitch about Palestinian terrorism * violence while being utterly blind to the fact that Israel has been the main aggressor against Palestinians. They are total hypocrites without even the saving grace of being halfway aware of their own BS.

    I mean what is more ‘racist’ than the US support for Israel that still occupies Palestinian land and has 300 illegal nukes(and ignores international Nuclear treaties)?

    What is more ‘racist’ than black thuggery in rap that is hostile to all groups and even encourages young blacks to see other blacks as ‘ni**az’ and shoot them? And what is more ‘racist’ than black thuggery that targets non-black races with impunity?

    What is more ‘racist’ than the illegal immigrant notion that they should be above the law as they break into the US? They come not with respect but with contempt for US laws. Who do they think are, forcing themselves into the US, violating US laws, and then demanding that the US offer them pathway to citizenship?

    And what is more ‘racist’ than Stop-and-Frisk and Gentrification implemented in big Liberal Cities that are really meant to control and contain black violence. Just like the Cold War sought to contain communism, the real Hidden Agenda of White-Jewish-Homo Liberalism is to contain black crime and pathology by increasing immigration(thus using browns, yellows, and Muslims as buffers) , locking up lots of blacks(like Bill Clinton did), and by gentrifying downtown neighborhoods so that blacks will be priced out and relocated to other areas. In other words, make Liberal White Urban communities whiter by dumping the problem-blacks on white suburbanites or small-towners.

    And speaking of ‘misogyny’, which group depict women as a bunch of whores, biatches, cu*buckets, and a piece of ass? Are Rappers or Evangelicals promoting the image of the woman as a ‘bitchass ho’ or ‘skankass ho’? Which race came with up ‘twerking’ that urges women to act like sluts in public and shake their asses like they are f***ing? Does 700 Club or Hollywood disseminate images that encourage women to drink like a fish, party like an animal, and use their bodies like hookers?

    Did new ‘feminists’ or Phyllis Schlafy come up with ‘slut pride’ culture?

    Is it the American Conservative or Rolling Stone magazine that promotes women-as-whore-slut-hookers meme?

    Is it the Amish or Mormons OR is it the Liberal Jews who control Pornography and Pornographized mainstream culture in the US?

    And speaking of trash-sexualization of the American public, who were behind Jerry Springer show, Maury Povich show, and all those ‘gay pride’ parades that feature homosexuals as degenerate sex-obsessed freaks acting lewd in front of families.

    Do conservatives control the media that dished out such trash to the American public?

    And which families, Liberal or Conservative, take their children to homo parades to watch these kind of degenerate street theater as ‘new normal’ and ‘progressive’?

    Which group in the US is most involved with rape and violence against women? Black Democratic men or White Conservative males? Look at crime stats, and black men really dominate in raping, and not only black women but white women and other women. Most blacks are Democrats and purport to be ‘progressive’.

    And who controls sports culture? The sports media are controlled by Jews, and it promotes the Thug as the ‘new cool’. And black athletes go out of their way to show that they only care about fame, fortune, whores, and notoriety.

    And speaking of ‘Islamophobia’, what did Obama-and-Hillary’s policy do to the Middle East and North Africa? That entire region is reeling from violence brought about by US and its allies pulling all sorts of dirty tricks to weaken national borders and supply extreme Jihadis with weapons with which to raise hell all over, in the process undermining what were once stable modern secular Arab nations.

    Yet, Neocons, Hillary, and Obama claim to care about Muslims by offering them refuge WITHOUT ever mentioning the fact that terrorists now run amok all over the Middle East and North Africa. And the media are complicit in suppressing the fact that Muslim refugees are on the march(often with rage) because of Zionist-Globalist foreign policy that emanates from the US, the barely hidden agenda of which is clearly Jewish-Zionist-Globalist-Supremacist.

    But Prog-Snobs are too busy making love to their own holy image — supposedly it is morally superior because its heroes are thug rappers like Jay-Z, deranged pigs like Lena Dunham, and uncle tom Muslim like father Khan whose son served in the Zio-controlled US military to kill fellow Muslims in the Middle East — to realize what utter phonies they’ve become.

    It is telling that the Hillary slogan was “I’m with Her”. Oh her highness. It’s all about me, me, me.

    Now, I think it’s fair game to say Trump is boorish, crude, vulgar, and brash.

    But his ascent in politics was made possible because shamelessness and crass self-promotion was normalized in America. I mean what was the Obama Cult all if not crooning about how he is The One, the messiah, the savior, the redeemer, and all that crap? And what is the Oprah cult all about? Oprah is some fat black woman who made billions with new age flakery, but she’s been hailed by all sides as some kind of prophetess. And look how the Clintons got so close to showbiz aspect of American Culture.

    In the early 80s, many Liberals scoffed at the notion of Reagan, a former Hollywood actor, as a politician. But now, Liberals turn everything into celebrity-mania. Anyone with celebrity is ‘cool’ and even ‘wise’. So, if the Current Year says Lena Dunham has cultural value — even though her only claim to fame is acting like a shameless pig — , then we must run with that meme. Or if the Current Year says it is glorious and courageous for a man to cut off his wee wee and get a fake vagina to be called a ‘she’(or sue for big bucks), that is what Progress is all about.


  11. White folks should think in terms of Brain Nationalism. Nationalism often focuses on military power and armies, but brains are weapons too, indeed the most powerful weapon.

    So, white brains should be seen as white weapons; therefore, white brains that go across the aisle and serve the OTHER SIDE must be seen as BRAITORS, or brain-traitors. Imagine if a bunch of smart Jews went to Iran to work in nuclear weapons project there. They would be Braitors. Imagine if a bunch of Jews committed their brain power to serving ‘anti-Semites’.

    Down with Braitors.

    But so many white brains have been Janissaried to serve the Jews who are hellbent on destroying the white race.

    In any society, only a handful of people think and have sufficient brain power and/or mindfulness to understand power and how to lead.

    The masses usually go along with the elites.

    So, Jews never needed to control all whites. All they needed to do was control the white elites, and then rest of the whites would follow. Among whites, only a small percentage have the brain power to rise to the top.

    So, if Jews win over those white brains, the rest of the white community(the white body) will follow like sheep.

    Since Jews control academia and media, two areas that most engage with white minds, the smart whites came under the total influence of Jews.

    This has been true on both white left and white right. White left serves Liberal Zionists, and white right has come to serve the Neocons.

    Trumpism is valuable because here was a white guy with gentile chutzpah who aroused a different set of emotions in the white masses.

    It has led to an increase in white consciousness, and this makes Jews nervous.


  12. The problem is the Politicization of Justice.

    Justice means concern for all peoples who are wronged. It is an acknowledgement that anyone can be an innocent victim of dark forces, thuggery, crime, brutality, repression, and/or oppression.

    But when justice is politicized, it’s really about using justice-as-a-means-of-power than about justice itself.

    Now, all political sides, all nations, and all peoples politicize justice.

    They tend to play up the cases of Injustice that or benefits and promotes their own power.

    So, Russia plays up its victimhood at the hands of Nazi Germans, but they’d rather not talk about the mass rape of German women.

    Chinese Communist Party would rather talk about Japanese horrors in places like Nanking, but the Great Leap Forward? Well, that was a ‘mistake’, sorry, and let’s move on.

    Jews play up the Holocaust and the Russian pogroms, but they’d rather not discuss the chapters of communist history, especially those that involved Jewish radicals running the Gulag and executing orders that led to the deaths of millions. And Jews do not want Nakba to become a household name in American homes.

    US would rather play up Pearl Harbor but not get too emotional about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Blacks made a lot of noise about white rule in South Africa but overlooked black brutality in black-run nations in Africa. Even if black-run nations were awful, at least blacks had the Power.

    Turks would rather not discuss the Armenian issue — though good many Turks are honest about it now — , and Muslims overlook all the nasty Muslim-on-Muslim violence and just blame other powers like US, Israel, Russia, and etc.

    So, the Politicization of Justice is as old as history.

    But it is now especially problematic in the West because the Progs claim to be post-tribal, post-national, post-ethnic. They claim to speak for and stand for all of humanity on an equal basis. Progs point to how things had been ‘racist’ in the past when the institutions of justice favored whites over non-whites such as black, Mexicans, Chinese, and etc.

    But in the New America, as in New West as a whole, there can be no such thing. Justice must be equal for all.

    But, is it now?

    Actually, no. Justice is just as politicized and polarized today as in the past, indeed possibly more so.

    For one thing, globalism made the Game of Power more intense than ever. Globalism isn’t about people around the world being mellow and getting along. It is about dog-eat-dog cutthroat competition among peoples of the entire world to be the Best and then to do whatever necessary to belong to the Best Club dominated by the US. Elites around the world want to suck up to US power to get theirs. And entire populations want to move to other nations for a better life. It’s hectic, crazy, and wild. Not only keeping-up-with-the-Joneses but with the Schwarzes, Chans, Patels, Abdullahs, Sakamotos, Slimezes, Kissoffs, etc.

    This means more concentration of wealth at the top, more desperation for the ones in the middle, and total loss of hope for those on the bottom who, furthermore, don’t even have the spiritual and moral safety net of religion, culture, and family since Pop Culture and PC have promoted degeneracy, decadence, and wantonness all around.

    In the age of nationalism, even the have-nots at least had a sense of rootedness, homeland, heritage, and culture. Globalism has deforested entire nations. Soils are now loose, and we have mudslides all over the places. Soil without trees turns into mud. Likewise, when ethno-roots are pulled out from nations, all nations become flooded with mudslides of humanity. Globalism is about Blood-and-Soil-Erosion of nations. It turns all peoples into muds on the move all over the world. It turned US from an assimilationist Melting Pot to a messy Mud-Slide.

    At the toppermost echelons of elite privilege, justice has become ever more the weapon of power. It is just a Political Tool. Since Jews control the upper reaches of America, Justice has been politicized to further Jewish power and interests. This kind of Justice has no use for truth, facts, reason, or equality under the law. It goes by the rule of “Is it good for the Jews?” Indeed, homomania is really just a proxy for Jewish Domination. In normalizing elite-minority-privilege, homomania indirectly justifies Jewish elite minority power. Jews find homos useful because homos are well-represented in elite institutions and tend to be rootless. If indeed Jews cared about true universal meaning of ‘marriage equality’ and ‘new normal’, they would be pushing for Incest Pride parades and Incest Marriage as well. But why no such ‘justice’ for incest-sexuals? They are powerless and without talent.

    We know lots of white folks are victims of black crime. They are victims of racial injustice in the form of black thuggery.

    But much of this is ignored or swept under the rug. White victims don’t matter because the injustice suffered by them doesn’t aid and abet Jewish Power. For Jewish Power to remain viable, white power must be suppressed, and the most effective way to do this is to sting whites with the ‘white guilt’ venom that paralyzes white pride, white unity, and white righteousness. Thus, in atonement mode, whites will naturally suck up to Jews and blacks to win their forgiveness and blessing than serve their own white identity and interests.

    Just as a hornet stings a spider with venom to incapacitate it, Jewish elites use words and images as venom to paralyze the white mind, heart, and body. Humans are organisms, and everything humans do is an artificial extension of what happens in nature. In nature, everything is a weapon. Animals and plants use fangs, claws, roars, howls, venom, musk, ink(as with octopus), suction cups, tentacles, wings, paws, legs, hooves, and/or etc to gain advantage over other organisms.

    We tend to see media as just a public resource for the good of us all, but in fact, those with the power use the media as their weapon to control and gain mastery over others, or even to destroy them.

    Idealism has fooled us into believing that humans don’t act like animals. In fact, humans act just like animal organisms but with far more sophisticated and complicated tools of controls and weapons. Media aren’t an open format and forum that treats everyone equal for the sake of universal justice.

    It is the tool and weapon of those who own and control it, and their agenda is to defeat, dominate, and paralyze those they dislike or fear. Just like an octopus uses ink to obfuscate, the media use various means to cloud up the truth. Just like a snake bites its prey to render it immobile, the media emit words, images, and sounds to bring forth certain chemical-emotional reactions in the viewers.

    A certain narrative has the chemical-emotional effect of paralyzing white folks into sorry-timidity while mobilizing black folks in fits of rage.

    NYT sure spills a lot of ink. Not ink worth to print but ink meant to obfuscate and divert.

    Even a little bit of potent chemical can bring down a huge elephant. Media often work like a transquilizer gun to bring down the white elephant. White people must find a way to become immune to this immobilizing chemical.

    But then, it is worse than a mere tranquilizer that just makes a person weak and helpless. PC is also like rabies virus that makes white people bark madly and murderously at their own kind. So-called SJWs are white kids turned rabid by PC virus.

    We talk of Reason, but humans are animal organisms with emotions that are essentially expressions of bio-chemistry. Certain images, sounds, and words have the power to set off certain bio-chemical reactions among the viewers.

    If indeed the media wanted to appeal to our reason, they would not rely so much manipulative sounds, editing, slow motion, loaded terms, facial expressions, shifting emotional tones in vocal delivery, and etc. All such are designed to trigger certain chemical-emotional reactions in us to either energize us or paralyze us.

    A doctor injects chemical directly into our veins through needles or drugs.

    But media also work like chemical injections. While the media don’t directly touch us with their hands, the power of images-sounds-words disseminated by the media is meant to set off strong emotional triggers in us. So, the White Guilt Narrative by the media is the equivalent of a doctor injecting a paralyzing chemical into the veins of a white person.

    Justice is politicized because the Powers-that-Be(mostly Jewish) are more interested in Control & Domination than in fairness and equality of justice. Jews essentially see Justice as a tool or weapon of power than as a guarantee of fairness and decency for all peoples.

    After all, why did the Jewish-controlled Western media make far more fuss about South African Apartheid than about Israeli Nakba or Occupation? Indeed, the fact that the Occupation goes on but all US politicians must sing hosannas to Israel goes to show that Jewish Power is not concerned with justice as a universal goal.

    In the US, the media and Justice Department care about certain victims ONLY IF if their victimhood stories serve the Power That Be.

    For example, we are told that America cares about Muslims. In fact, America only cares about Muslims as victims of convenience to the powers-that-be.

    So, the media don’t care about Muslims as victims of Zio-Globalist foreign policy under Bush II, Obama, and Hillary. None at all. But the media care about Muslims as victims of ‘Islamophobia’ in the US because Jews can use this narrative to present themselves as compassionate defenders of a vulnerable minority from those evil white ‘racist Christians’.

    Also, if Mexicans were attacked by blacks in the US, the media never pay much attention. The media also prefer to ignore stories of blacks attacked by Mexicans gangs in LA. But if there was a story of Mexicans attacked by whites, that would be a big big story.

    Now, what is the difference between a Mexican attacked by blacks and Mexican attacked by whites? Both are equal victims of racial violence. So, according to Universal Justice, both should get same attention and hearing.

    But in the US of Politicized Justice, the plight of the Mexican attacked by blacks is ignored whereas the Mexican attacked by whites is the Big Story of the Hour. In one particular case in Texas, a whole bunch of blacks raped an 11 yr old Mexican girl, but the attitude of NYT was that a bunch of ‘misguided’ ‘Texans’ did it.

    In some cases, even non-whites are made out to be whites because the Politicized Justice of Jewish Power is so eager to paralyze whites with ‘guilt’ while pretending that people of color are all allies. So, even though Jorge Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, the story became baby-faced black child killed by Southern White.

    Politicization of Justice also overlooks all the victims of black thuggery in schools. We know that blacks students are the worst thugs, and some of them even intimidate and beat up teachers. So, true justice would focus on the victims of black thuggery.

    But since the Jewish Narrative depends on White Guilt premised on the oppression of Noble Blacks, all those victims of black thuggery are ignored and instead, we had the Obama administration accusing schools of ‘racism’ against black students since they were suspended more.

    Politicized Justice always favors the ‘sacralized’ groups such as Jews, blacks, and homos. It also determines how much sympathy a certain victimized group will get.

    So, if Jews are attacked by whites, they get super-sympathy. If they are attacked by blacks, they get some sympathy but not to the extent of vilifying blacks since Jewish Power needs blacks as allies. If homos are attacked by white Christians, it is a big big story. If attacked by Jews or black Christians, less of a story. If a white mob were to beat up Muslims, that is a big big story. But if Muslims were to be attacked by Jewish military power or by black criminal thugs, forget it.

    Also, sacralized groups can get away with tons of bad behavior. How many Jewish crooks went to prison following the 2009 financial meltdown? How come homos are never blamed for the AIDS epidemic(that also cost non-homo community dearly) even though wild homo behavior spread HIV all around? Why do we pretend blacks are holy victims with this BLM BS when they are the main thugs and killers in America?

    And this also applies to certain individuals. So, never mind what Hillary did with her emails. She was too big to fail according to the Establishment that protects its own.

    Of course, news and information are also politicized to the hilt. There was a story not long ago about how the NYT isn’t driven by factual reporting but by the Narrative that is imposed on the reporters. NYT provides reporters with the fill-in-the-blank forms that restrict what can be reported. It’s like Stalin forcing quotas on his commissars to prosecute/execute a certain number of ‘counter-revolutionaries’. To fill those quotas, even innocent people had to be accused by Procrustean means to confess their crimes that they didn’t commit.

    In the US, there is a quota for White Guilt. Not only are reporters raised with PC that worships Holocaust, MLK, and homos/trannies, but they are required to fill their quota of certain amount of Evil White ‘Racism’ stories. If they don’t fill the quota, they come under suspicion by their more zealous colleagues and their Jewish bosses who can ax them.

    And some journalists are so eager to over-fill the quota of the Tribe that we have someone like Sabrina Rubin Erderly creating quasi-nazi-rapists at UVA.

    So, it is rather rich for the Progs to talk of ‘fake news’. NYT has a fake-news-policy since it orders its reporters to produce the news stories to fit the Narrative demanded by Central Command of Zio-Globalism.

    Shame on the Media.

    Beware of the Ziorganism.

  13. From today’s Heartiste:

    “PS An LA Times story on the alt-right. Richard Spencer appears to have congealed as the official face of the alt-right. I have nothing against the man, so good luck to him. From what I’ve read (about himself and of his views), there isn’t much with which I’d disagree. I wouldn’t stress objectives like mandated racial segregation or mass deportations of nonWhite citizens, (that kind of stuff just serves red meat to an automatically antagonistic media), but his world view strikes me as mostly in line with a realist appraisal of the eventual fate of hyperethnic, multiracial societies.

    The other criticism I’d level at him is the embrace of the ghey. Enough already with this fruitcup glorification as a perceived means of lending a revolutionary movement a sophisticate’s credibility to make it more palatable to a pozzed culture. I really don’t see NPI going anywhere if its brand is embroidered with the gay rainbow. The Trumpening is a clarion call to a resurgent masculinity, not to the poseur campulinity of roided up gays.”

    Enough with the faggotry, boys.

  14. Attending the Inauguration would be fun. I’m currently single, so might have to go by myself and cause some shit with the protestors.

  15. Can’t be more cucked than Evan McCuckin.

    Evan McMullin ?@Evan_McMullin
    The white supremacist movement exists in contradiction to the natural truth that all men and women are created equal.

    Hunter Wallace Retweeted
    Evan McMullin ?@Evan_McMullin 1h1 hour ago
    Where is our line? When will it be too much? Will there be a point at which we say that we can no longer tolerate white supremacy among us?

    Evan McMullin ?@Evan_McMullin
    Repudiating and eradicating the white supremacist movement is a primary duty of our leaders, conservative and liberal alike. Let us do it.

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