Defining The Alt-Right

Jacob Siegel has obviously spent more time on this than other journalists:

“So what exactly is the alt-right? I tried to trace the movement’s knotty intellectual roots in this essay and wrote about how it spread a neo-fascist ideology for The Daily Beast back in its early days. In short: It attacks the principles of equality and universalism, and the post-enlightenment liberal order. If that makes it similar to neo-Nazis and Stormfront white supremacists, it’s distinguished by a keen interest in aesthetics, metapolitics, and popular culture—which is how you arrive at frog memes and Twitter Nazis. …”

Very true.

So, I was reading The New York Times the other day and I thought this was a great article about the waning days of Western liberal democracy:

“WASHINGTON — Yascha Mounk is used to being the most pessimistic person in the room. Mr. Mounk, a lecturer in government at Harvard, has spent the past few years challenging one of the bedrock assumptions of Western politics: that once a country becomes a liberal democracy, it will stay that way. …

Mr. Mounk and Mr. Foa developed a three-factor formula to answer that question. Mr. Mounk thinks of it as an early-warning system, and it works something like a medical test: a way to detect that a democracy is ill before it develops full-blown symptoms.

The first factor was public support: How important do citizens think it is for their country to remain democratic? The second was public openness to nondemocratic forms of government, such as military rule. And the third factor was whether “antisystem parties and movements” — political parties and other major players whose core message is that the current system is illegitimate — were gaining support.

If support for democracy was falling while the other two measures were rising, the researchers marked that country “deconsolidating.” And they found that deconsolidation was the political equivalent of a low-grade fever that arrives the day before a full-blown case of the flu. …”

We’re at the cutting edge of this!

I was also excited about this article from Charles Krauthammer in the National Review this morning. We’re on the right side of history:

“Twenty-five years ago — December 1991 — Communism died, the Cold War ended, and the Soviet Union disappeared. It was the largest breakup of an empire in modern history and not a shot was fired. It was an event of biblical proportions that my generation thought it would never live to see. As Wordsworth famously rhapsodized (about the French Revolution), “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive/ But to be young was very heaven!” That dawn marked the ultimate triumph of the liberal democratic idea. It promised an era of Western dominance led by a pre-eminent America, the world’s last remaining superpower. …

What better symbol for the end of that heady liberal-democratic historical moment. The West is turning inward and going home, leaving the field to the rising authoritarians — Russia, China, and Iran. In France, the conservative party’s newly nominated presidential contender is fashionably conservative and populist and soft on Vladimir Putin. As are several of the newer Eastern Europe democracies — Hungary, Bulgaria, even Poland — themselves showing authoritarian tendencies. …”

I’m pleased as punch that the “liberal-democractic historical moment” is passing.

The New York Times has a big article called “What the Alt-Right Really Means”:

“Not even those most depressed about Donald J. Trump’s election and what it might portend could have envisioned the scene that took place just before Thanksgiving in a meeting room a few blocks from the White House. The white nationalist Richard B. Spencer was rallying about 200 kindred spirits.

“We are not meant to live in shame and weakness and disgrace,” he said. “We were not meant to beg for moral validation from some of the most despicable creatures to ever populate the planet.” When Mr. Spencer shouted, “Hail, Trump! Hail, our people! Hail, victory!” a scattered half-dozen men stood and raised their arms in Nazi salutes. …

The alt-right is not a large movement, but the prominence that it is enjoying in the early days of the Trump era may tell us something about the way the country is changing. At least since the end of the Cold War, and certainly since the election of a black president in 2008, America’s shifting identity — political, cultural and racial — has given rise to many questions about who we are as a nation. But one kind of answer was off the table: the suggestion that America’s multicultural present might, in any way, be a comedown from its past had become a taboo. This year a candidate broke it. He promised to “make America great again.” And he won the presidency.

Mr. Trump’s success is bound to embolden other dissenters. This could mean a political climate in which reservations about such multiculturalist policies as affirmative action are voiced more strenuously. It could mean a rise in racial conflict and a platform for alarming movements like Mr. Spencer’s. More likely, it is going to bring a hard-to-interpret mix of those things. …”

Spencer made a good point here.

If you are a cishet White male in Obama’s America, you have been placed by mainstream American culture in a box of shame, weakness and disgrace. I would add the word “dishonor” here. Some have called it the Stool of Eternal Repentance. Every leftist freak is supposed to come by and take a whack at you over this -ism or that -phobia. It is a mentality utterly foreign to Southern honor culture.

“The Vanderbilt University political scientist Carol Swain was among the first to describe the contours of this worldview. In her 2002 book, “The New White Nationalism in America,” she noted that young people were quick to identify double standards, and that they sometimes did so in the name of legitimate policy concerns. “I knew that identity would come next,” she recalled. “It had to come. All they had to do was copy what they were hearing. The multiculturalist arguments you hear on every campus — those work for whites, too.” Mr. Spencer, asked in an interview how he would respond to the accusation that his group was practicing identity politics in the manner of blacks and Hispanics, replied: “I’d say: ‘Yuh. You’re right.’ ”

Professor Swain’s analysis does not just pertain to radicals. It is a plausible account of what is happening in the American electoral mainstream. The alt-right is small. It may remain so. And yet, while small, it is part of something this election showed to be much bigger: the emergence of white people, who evidently feel their identity is under attack, as a “minority”-style political bloc.”

When I was 22-years-old, I bought Carol Swain’s book when it came out in 2002. I found it very reasonable and have been impressed with her over the years. She has been the victim of a SJW witch hunt herself at Vanderbilt.

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  1. Quoting neocon (((Krauthammer)))’s nonsense about being on the right side of history is a delusion of secular liberals who believe in the Hegelian gospel.

    The kikes (((Steve Cohen))) of Tenessee in the house of representatives and (((Boxer))) are doing their best to get rid of the Electoral College.

  2. A Prog calling you a ‘racist’ is like a religious nut calling you an ‘atheist’.

    It isn’t an observation that you believe in race & racial differences but an accusation that you don’t BELIEVE in blacks(like they’re god).

    When a religious nut calls you an atheist, it isn’t a neutral comment of your disbelief in God. It is a total condemnation of your character as evil and wicked. Even if you, as an atheist, respect the right of faith, your accuser will say you are evil because you refuse to believe everything in the Good Book.

    In fact, the whole ‘racism’ thing isn’t really about ‘race is just a social construct’. After all, the notice of racial differences is tolerated, even praised, IF it can be spun to reflect positively on blacks, i.e, blacks are uniquely creative and athletic and colorful, therefore worthy to be top heroes for whites. So, it’s really about favoring blacks as superior.

    So, accusation of ‘racism’ is no longer about the n-word or burning crosses. It is the unwillingness of race-ists to believe in the holy greatness of blacks.

    After all, the cult of ‘racism’ is not interested in protecting all races equally. It is only invested in promoting blacks above all else. Sure, the plight of non-blacks will be highlighted if such folks are attacked by whites, but, as with the Paki store owner in Ferguson, it will be totally ignored if the victims are set upon by holy blacks.

    Cult of ‘racism’ is about blacks as sacred icons who are above criticism.

    Same with ‘antisemitism’. It is no longer about Hitler and Holocaust. It is the failure to worship holy Jews and daring to notice and criticize Jewish Power.

    And ‘homophobia’ means you have sinned for not worshiping homos as blameless angels. They are not even to be blamed for the HIV disaster that resulted from massive assery.

    These are secular-religious or secugious terms.

    They are utterly irrational, delusional, fantastical, and self-righteous because they disallow even sane, rational, and factual discussions of the problems of black pathology, Jewish power, and homo deviancy.

    What about Muslims? This is problematic. On the one hand, the progs want to include them in the pantheon. But the alliance of KKKrazy Glue is already flimsy enough with too much diversity. Addition of Muslims will cause problems with homos, Jews, and feminists.

    On the one hand, Zionists count on ‘Islamophobia’ to keep Americans(esp whites) reliably pro-Israel as safe haven of ‘western values’ against the barbarian Muslim horde.

    But Jews also want to bring the growing Muslim population into their anti-white tent.

    Trump saw the contradiction in this and exploited it.

    Anyway, if people want religion, they should pray to God or seek Nirvana. Worshiping select groups of flawed humanity as godlike folks is downright disgusting.

    It is disgusting for blacks, Jews, and homos who become filled with hubris, moral narcissism, arrogance, fawning self-regard, megalomania, and self-aggrandizement. So-called ‘black Christians’ worship themselves than Jesus.

    And it is disgusting for other groups who hang their hopes for the future of mankind on the likes of Anthony Wiener, Jay-Z, Oprah, Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, Perez Hilton, Elton John, George Takei, Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, and such ilk.

    Alt-Right is PC-atheists. Non-believers of sacro-PC tripe. Or a-PC-ists.

    AR doesn’t believe Jews, blacks, and homos are sacred, beyond criticism, and worthy of worship. All peoples and powers must be scrutinized and criticized. Honestly and factually.

    We are not so much heretics as atheists of the secugion of our era.

    We are like the dissidents in the USSR who refused to believe in the sacrosanctness of Marx. Lenin, and the proletariat who were supposedly beyond reproach.

    Sure, Marx and Lenin were right about certain things. And the working class has legit concerns. But they should not be turned into objects of worship.
    Under communism, the failure to worship these iconic figures and groups got you labeled and destroyed as a ‘bourgeoisie’.
    Under PC regimen, refusal to worship Jews, Negroes, and homos get you labeled as an ‘anti-semite’, ‘racist’, and ‘homophobe’.

    But WE refuse to believe in the holiness of these people who are supposed to be beyond criticism and reproach.

    WE believe in the freedom of conscience to speak truth to the bogus power of PC.

  3. It should be quite obvious to all by now that this is a growing movement.

    We’re not going away.

    We are the vanguard, the pathfinders, blazing a trail for our people.

    Tomorrow belongs to us.

  4. Caldwell is the best writer on the mainstream right imo.

    His article was almost an alt-right reading list. (Surprised this site wasn’t mentioned.)

      • What are you talking about? I don’t see the Alt-Right as a Roman Catholic movement in any way, shape, or form. Who the heck do you think most of the legal immigrants and illegal aliens are—they are not White Europeans.

        • Some invaders may be catholic in name only, going to mass once a year, but we know what damage RINOs and their ilk can do. As the article states, there are many different angles that combine to common alt-right goals. The Catholic angle is just one path leading to red-pilling. Cut it off and we cripple one-twelfth of Kek. Now why would you want to do that.

        • Traditionalist Catholics may be involved in the alt-right, but your run-of-the-mill Vatican Ewww stupid Catholic? Hell-they’re already half multiculturalist do, three quarters sodomized, and 100% cucked.

  5. What has changed is that over the last 8 years, the PC and SJW crowd have created an environment actively hostile to whites, men, and Christians.

    The Alt-Right is a civil rights movement against this reverse Jim-Crow where Whites, Men, and Christians are oppressed, repressed, fired, or even killed.

    If the rest of the “identities” simply stayed in or defended their own niche, there would not have been Trump. I predicted (in a comment to Glenn Greenwald’s celebration) that Olbgerfelt would cause the election of a republican that would reshape the court far to the right/originalist.

    Even it was not the last straw, but all the Christians destroyed when they refused to cater to a gay wedding. That is hate from that side of the identity. Add in Black Lives Matter calling for the death of the police. And several other small things which proved they hate us, everything we stand for, and wish to destroy us.

    The fuse was GamerGate where the SJW attacks were the last straw and there was a small victory, but it proved the left was weak and a paper tiger.

    The last 8 years have been a slow motion Pearl Harbor bombing a few targets, but it has awakened the sleeping giant.

    • We soundly reject Alt-Cuck’s attempt to redefine Alt-Right to suit its own branding agenda.

      Alt-Right is a biological movement of the White race, headed by men, because that is the biological order of things.

      It is true that Christians are under attack, and they are welcome in the Alt-Right. Most of us are also Christians. Also welcome are Pagans, Agnostics and Atheists. One woke Pagan is worth more than 50 slumbering Christians, which most of them are these days, and your constant whining about muh Christianity drives away our non-Christian brothers who are already well woke and looking to join forces. Knock off that divisive shit already, dummy.

      SJWs and GamerGate are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Everyone in the Alt-Right knows that. Go sell your grandiosity elsewhere, and tell your master you failed.

      • No non-Christian (even the most self-aware white nationalist) is my brother, or my friend. Because they are an enemy of God in Christ, and they are sold under bondage to Satan- who is the father of the Jews. You’re ss deluded as the most ethnocentric Kike in the world, if you don’t get that!

      • The Alt-White is the backbone of the Alt-Right but not it’s entirety. You also forget it is centuries of Christian refinement which ONLY the white Europeans underwent. Christendom was and is white. If we convert Asia and Africa it would still take centuries and might not end up with Christendom – Constantinople was Christian but cucked before overrun by Muslims, Rome fought them and defeated them at the battle of LaPonto.

        GamerGate was the Alt-Right’s version of Rosa Park’s refusal to “move to the back of the bus” (I’m being brief, I know the history is more complex). The movement for the civil rights of whites and Christians had to start with one victory. Just like WW1 started with a single person being shot.

        The movement is fought by men but dependent on women. And women returning to traditional roles of being Mothers. Have you seen the demographics? It is irrelevant if there are a lot of white men rising up if there are no white women bearing a large brood of children to continue things. Before the cucked churchians, Christian dogma celebrated large families. The best thing any white man can do is find a white woman and have a large family with her – but with the (alt-)right woman given the tilted playing field.

        • The role of Christian camps in Alt-Right will be written by historians.

          Did they fight with us to secure an existence for our people and a future for White children?

          Or were they too busy pushing their religious agenda?

          Time will tell.

          • It will be written in the Lamb’s book of life at the White throne and some will end up in Gehenna – the 2nd death, and some to eternal life.

            Those who push a religious agenda will burn forever in Gehenna. But existence is both temporal and eternal. Those who only worry about the former will be lost. The latter is a more complex matter, yet considering the ignored suicides, abortion, and the rest, every race will be better when whites rule. Rhodesia and South Africa were better.

  6. For the last 50 years , European man in North America, Australia and Europe has been abnormally underreacting to his own territorial and demographic dispossession and disinheritance.
    The reason that the Alt-Right is trying to assert White identity, is because the only way one can defend something that is under constant attack, is to assert that which is under attack.
    In order to neutralise this, the Anti-Whites / Left, have refused victimhood status to Whites and ridicule the notion that they are collectively demonising Whites, while in the same breath they simultaneously continue to relentlessly demonize and persecute their White victims.

    • Does that seem natural to you?

      European man back then was already subservient, apathetic, degraded and lacking critical thinking, something was seriously wrong.
      The German people rebelled against what they had but Hitler made that possible.

      While White demonization must be acknowledged, we must also not allow ourselves to fall into the enemy’s victimhood mentality or any other trappings that would holds Whites back.

  7. I’m glad to see altright is growing. But altright is a big tent with competing visions. I hope that the Southern Nationalist message is able to keep up with competing messages, such as making the soon to be former US into a single white ethnostate. If we do not compete hard enough, we will end up getting integrated into the Amerikaner Free State.

    • The Alt Right is just a way the elitists are trying to co-opt the working class white identity movement. Southerners should stay away from it.

    • The enemy is already working around the clock to co-opt it, inject it with even more Fail and Autism than it already has.

      You have snake oil merchants like Roosh V, Paul Joseph Watson, Davis J Aurini and many others.

      Better watch out.

  8. Below is a map that shows, in modern form, the old route by which the interior South was settled, via the Great Wagon Road. Starting in Philadelphia, the route went west, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, whence it turned southward, along the eastern edge of the Appalachian system. By 1761, when Harpers Ferry began operating, it passed through Harpers Ferry, thence to Winchester, West Virginia, in the Great Appalachian Valley itself. Around the time the Revolutionary War was ending, white settlement had reached what is now Knoxville, Tennessee, where there was tension with the Cherokees. Not until the Indian Removal Act, forty or so years later, during Andrew Jackson’s presidency, would that tension be addressed decisively.

    Roughly a century is involved, from Philadelphia’s founding, in 1682, to the 1786 settlement of White’s Fort, which became Knoxville in five years. A decade or so before White’s Fort, around the time the Revolutionary War started, Daniel Boone had worked his way out through the Cumberland Gap, the Great Appalachian Valley’s back door, down near what is now Tennessee’s northern border. Soon, whites including Abraham Lincoln’s grandfather, who fought in the revolution, were moving out through that gap to the new world, of Kentucky.

    As you see, the Great Wagon Road passed a little bit south of Harrisburg, which is Pennsylvania’s capital and lies within the Great Applachian Valley itself. On the valley’s map, which I’m also posting, Harrisburg would lie a little bit above the “6” and the “7,” where there’s a mountain break. I guess some of the ancestors of the Pennsylvania Dutch went up into that area and settled in the great valley.

    The third item I’m posting is a 1751 map of the Great Wagon Road. I’m including a detail of its early stretch, on which I’ve white-boxed Lancaster, for orientation. Interestingly, the Delaware River, on that map, is marked by its Anglo-Norman spelling, “De La War,” after the first royal governor of the Virginia colony.

    In the Jacob Siegel article that Mr. W. linked is a link to another Siegel piece, about Paul Gottfried. Siegel’s mention that Gottfried lives in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, which is southeast of Harrisburg, is what put me in mind of these things. I’ve thought Occidental Dissent’s Southern visitors, in particular, might find these visuals helpful, in an understanding of the settlement of the South. My sense is that Knoxville, semi-isolated down there, near the great valley’s southern end, felt more of an attachment to the North than to the South, as the Civil War was getting started. The Great Appalachian Valley was its supply line, I guess, to the Philadelphia that was, in a sense, its historical origin.

    Because my understanding of this course of events is very limited, I should add that that path southward, from Pennsylvania, was not the sole route by which the Southern stretch of the Great Appalachian Valley was settled. In fact, James White, who established White’s Fort, was a North Carolina man, who’d served in the Revolutionary War. By his time, there seems to have been a fair amount of movement, from North Carolina’s coastal side to its area on the other side of the Appalachian Mountains. That’s why you had, during the Revolution, the “Overmountain Boys,” though some of North Carolina on the far side of the mountains would eventually become part of Tennessee.

    Because of my account, the blue line, on the Google Maps view, gives the impression the Great Wagon Road went all the way down to Knoxville itself. From Wikipedia, I have the impression it went down only to about Kingsport, Tennessee, which you can also see on the map there, at Tennessee’s north. Kingsport is where starts the Holston River, which flows down to Knoxville and joins another river, to become the Tennessee River. It’s roughly the point from which Daniel Boone started his westward trek.

  9. As someone who only recently began having any kind of online interactions/presence the last couple of weeks have been an eye-opening education. Lots of work to do

  10. The core problem with cuckservatives is that they do beg for moral validation “from some of the most despicable creatures to ever populate the planet”. OTOH, alt-righters give this vermin the big middle finger.

    You can’t begin to fight an enemy until you first acknowledge he is your enemy.

  11. Antileftard but anti-cuckservative and tradcuck as well.

    It is nice to know that so many at least somewhat shares my interest in aesthetics, metapolitics and subverting culture.

    I don´t call it cultural or meme war, I call it Weltanschauungskrieg.

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