Lügenpresse Smears The Alt-Right

The New York Times has a big new article on the Alt-Right. I’ve broken down below how the Lügenpresse selects and twists the facts to advance The Narrative. A few days ago, The New York Times claimed that Trump’s foreign policy is a “dog whistle” to Trad Youth and this is more nonsense in that vein:

Step 1: Misrepresent Your Subject

Place a phone call to Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement. It doesn’t matter that the NSM, a long existing Neo-Nazi organization, has never been identified or associated with the Alt-Right. For the purposes of writing a story that confirms our preexisting Narrative, the NSM is a much more interesting starting point:

“A small but determined political organization in Detroit began to worry that its official symbol was a bit off-putting. With the group’s central philosophy suddenly finding traction in the daily discourse, appearances mattered.

So in November, as the country’s divisive presidential campaign became ever more jagged, the National Socialist Movement, a leading neo-Nazi group, did away with its swastika. In its stead, the group chose a symbol from a pre-Roman alphabet that was also adopted by the Nazis.

According to Jeff Schoep, the movement’s leader, the decision to dispense with the swastika was “an attempt to become more integrated and more mainstream.”

Let us pause. …”

Wow. Just wow.

The NSM has abandoned the swastika. This is actually news to me. Quite honestly, I had no idea that the NSM had abandoned the swastika until I read about it in The New York Times. I’m not attacking the NSM. I’m just pointing out that it is properly classified in a different corner of the White Nationalist movement. It’s not a group that many people who identify with the Alt-Right are involved with or closely follow.

This is like calling the Socialist Workers Party to use as your lede in a story about the progressive movement. You’re not even trying to do investigative journalism.

Step 2: Invoke a Hated Familiar Image

Americans are familiar with a host of Far Right stock characters from decades of Hollywood movies: Neo-Nazis (Imperium), Klansmen (A Time To Kill), skinheads (American History X). The Alt-Right is an unfamiliar term and doesn’t conjure forth any of these hated familiar images. So what you do is plant the suggestion that these are the same people who are just “rebranding” by coming out of the cow pastures and shedding their swastikas:

“The movement is also acutely image-conscious, seeing the burning crosses, swastikas and language of yesteryear as impediments to recruitment. Its adherents talk of “getting red-pilled,” a reference to the movie “The Matrix,” in which the protagonist ingests a tablet that melts away artifice to reveal the truth. New, coded slurs have emerged. Fewer pointed hoods, more khaki pants.”

Here’s the truth: the Alt-Right movement emerged in the mid-2000s, it started as a collection of people who hated George W. Bush and were strongly alienated from mainstream conservatism in their formative years, it is overwhelmingly comprised of White males who are Gen X’ers or Millennials with reactionary politics, most come from middle class households, have college degrees and tend to be more secular in their religious beliefs, it grew out of online anonymous messageboard culture (forums, blogs, social media), and the vast majority of these people have never been affiliated with any Neo-Nazi organization, Klan group, or skinhead gang.

The Alt-Right are White males (and a smaller proportion of White females) who grew up in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. They are Gen X’ers and Millennials who you can find on almost every college campus in the United States who rejected and rebelled against multiculturalism and political correctness. These are the people who when exposed to doctrinaire multiculturalism took the opposite fork in the road. They resented being demonized and told to be ashamed of their heritage. Whereas the most extreme left-leaning Millennials became SJWs, the most extreme right-leaning Millennials drifted toward the Alt-Right.

What do I know? I’ve only been interacting with these people on a daily basis for 15 years now online and offline. Imagine a college classroom. Some of the young adults in that classroom are wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Now picture others drawing Pepes in their notebooks and shitlording on forums. That’s the Alt-Right.

It’s not the same thing. I know the faces behind the ubiquitous Pepe avatars on Twitter.

Step 3: Exaggerate a Half-Truth

It’s true there are young people who identify with the Alt-Right who self-identify as Neo-Nazis and fascists. This is not an essential feature of the movement though:

“The political establishment has made an entire generation of young white men and women into fascists, and that’s a beautiful thing!” said Matthew Heimbach, 25, who runs the Traditionalist Worker Party out of his trailer in Indiana. His group advocates replacing the United States with nation-states based on races, ethnicities and religions.”

A reactionary is someone who believes the past was better than the present. He is alienated from contemporary society and motivated by a powerful sense of nostalgia. Instead of seeing themselves moving forward toward an imagined future utopia as progressives do, the reactionary pines after a lost Golden Age.

The reactionary mind can be attracted to any number of bygone Golden Ages: the Third Reich, the Confederacy, the Middle Ages, 1950s America, etc. I’ve even had people tell me over the years that the Byzantine Empire was the lost Golden Age. There are lots of people who identify with the Alt-Right who are reactionaries in their politics who are enamored with about 25 years of 20th century European history.

Matt Heimbach is an Orthodox Christian and self-identifies as a fascist, but Orthodoxy and fascism are not hallmarks of the Alt-Right. They are just expressions of a reactionary mindset that varies from person to person. Feel free to search the archives of this website. I’ve probably written 50x more articles over the years about the Old South and the Caribbean than the Third Reich.

Some people who identify with the Alt-Right are really into fascism. Many others are not. It’s foolish to deny the connection, but the common thread is reactionary politics. The other hallmarks of the Alt-Right are radical realism, a focus on identity and iconoclasm which are also expressed in a multitude of ways.

Step 4: Play Up Unimportant Details

The “fashy” haircut sounds weird and cultist:

“Its president, Richard B. Spencer, 38, is a prominent alt-right leader who wears his brown hair in an undercut style once popular among the Hitler Youth. It’s called a “fashy,” as in fascist.”

There are a handful of people who come to the NPI conferences who have the “fashy” haircut. We joke around and call it the “Richard Spencer” otherwise known as the “Macklemore.” It’s really only something that the fashy dudebros from metropolitan areas are into. I guess you could say it is their version of the Afro.

Seriously though, the vast majority of people who identify with the Alt-Right don’t have the “fashy” haircut.

Step 5: Close With a Treasured Familiar Theme

I’m sure this is how a liberal sees the Alt-Right:

“But for all the fresh approaches — the slick marketing, the internet savviness — the message remains the same. It is one of separation, of supremacy, of a refusal to recognize the equal worth of others who do not have the same skin tone or share the same religion.”

It is not reflective of how most people who identify with the Alt-Right see the world though.

It would be more accurate to say that the Alt-Right has a positive sense of racial and ethnic identity, believes in sticking up for White people, place their collective ethnic interests above liberal abstractions and see themselves as part of an unbroken chain of generations that stretches into the past and the future. They are idealistic and motivated by a sense of duty to future generations, not selfishness or hostility to others. They are realistic in that they openly admit to valuing their own kin over strangers.

I’m not going to lie. I love my own son more than your children. I love my own family more than your family. I love my own ethnic group more than your ethnic group. I love my own race more than your race. That doesn’t mean, however, that I have to *prove* that my child, family, ethnic group or race is *better* or *superior.* I love these things because they are mine. They are my own blood. That’s why they are meaningful to me.

Because I am not an ideological egalitarian, I don’t have to engage in an elaborate self-deception as White liberals do. I happily admit that I am “prejudiced” and see nothing morally wrong with that. Thankfully, I don’t have to pretend that everyone who is a human being is “equally” valuable to me when that is not the case. I grant that ethnic and religious conflict is possible and in some sense inevitable in a world of limited resources because I am a highly educated realist, not because I am bigot.

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  1. Excellent analysis of the fake news that we’ve all come to expect from the mainstream media. They are simply incapable of not lying.

      • I have to agree with Kellyanne Conway that the biggest fake news story of the year was the Narrative that “Trump couldn’t win” and “Trump doesn’t have a path to 270.”

          • The polls were fake and I didn’t believe them. I just looked at Trump’s massive crowds and Hillary’s half empty basketball courts to tell me all I needed to know.

            I also think the election was Faked in Hillary’s favor. The reason she lost is they misjudged how much cheating they needed to do.

          • I attended a couple and texted photos of the rallies to my friends warning them, a pro tip if you will.

            It was a question of where they cheated. Not how much.

        • Hell, yes, it was, Mr. Griffin. In fact, I would rate that as the greatest piece of ‘fake news’ that this country has witnesst since ‘The War of The Worlds’.

          I have it ringing in my ears, still today, the electoral expert for MSNBC, going over his map, for Chris Mattthews’s ‘Hardball’ and showing how, once Donald Trump made it to 236 electoral votes, there was virtually no earthly way for him to make the last 34!

  2. “It (the alt right’s message) is one of separation, of supremacy, of a refusal to recognize the equal worth of others…..”

    This is yet another case of the jews projecting their own hatred on to their gentile victims.

    • Your self-reported more accurate description of the “alt-right’ movement is really not an improvement. Attention White middle class men — the world is not going to be a white bubble. Multiculturalism is not a “fad” or a movement. People with different skin pigment and different world experiences are not to be feared. They are to be learned from. If you don’t fear change and things that are different from you, you will actually expand your mind and be a bigger, more intellectually expanded person. That isn’t a bad thing. Please don’t try to hang on to the white culture you describe any longer. It will not help you in the long run.

    • Hmmmm. Well, I identify as pro-White and I’m for separation. I see no benefit in living around non-Whites and if there is no benefit and we all know there are disadvantages why would any sane White want to live among non-Whites? I am indifferent to non-Whites and try not to interfere in their business. Their path is not my path and never can be.

    • “separation, of supremacy”

      How can one be a separatist and a supremacist at the same time? If Whites are living only with Whites, which race are they going rule over?

      Its yet another case of them proving how SILLY they are.

  3. I’ve heard all the excuses and I still don’t understand why pro-White people give interviews to mainstream media.

    I think I’m going to start my own little personal policy of withdrawing any kind of support for people who willingly give interviews to mainstream media propagandists.

    • Whitaker is the only one I have seen that can chop them to bits and leave them with nothing they can use against him. Consequently he gets hardly any interviews.

      They only give you lots of interviews if you are useful to THEM.

      • He is definitely getting better with time.

        I wish Emily Youcis would start getting interviews. That young lady is a delight and has an inner strength far beyond her years. She is going to make one white man very lucky and very proud the day she becomes his wife. For me, she’d be a dream daughter-in-law. She’s got it all – looks, brains, identity, and a whole lot of sass.

  4. Superb analyses of the situation, Mr. Wallace. I’m definitely going to share this article with a few friends of mine.

  5. Your self described more accurate description of the “alt-right’ movement is really not an improvement. Attention white middle class men: — the world, nor the USA is not going to continue be a white bubble. Multiculturalism is not a “fad” or a movement. People with different skin pigment and different world experiences are not to be feared. They are to be learned from. If you don’t fear change and things that are different from you, you will actually expand your mind and be a bigger, more intellectually expanded person. That isn’t a bad thing. Please don’t try to hang on to the white culture you describe any longer. It will not help you in the long run.

    • What if we learn that these foreigners do not like us Americans at all but are only here to take as much as they can grab with both fists no matter who they take it from and who they harm in the process. Is this the kind of learning we should want??

      • That isn’t what happens in the vast majority of cases. But everyone fears that. You have to remember that your ancestors were foreigners too. The world develops…it changes. Just like we as a white nation interrupted what was going on in North America at the time — it happened. And we brought vast improvements overall. And yes, there were no doubt some us that misbehaved — that will happen. Progress can’t be impeded.

          • And we brought vast improvements overall. And yes, there were no doubt some us that misbehaved — that will happen. Progress can’t be impeded.

            I think She means the progress of the European settlers, not the mud flood. And the fact that some injun heads had to be cracked along the way.

        • Proof?? How do you weigh the moral conduct of a poor person who will go to any lengths to be rich?? Are they all the Christian faithful?? Does seeking a better life really mean, getting rich at the expense of whitey??

        • Aww yes, the old ‘progress can’t be stopped’ argument.

          Here’s the problem with that: you are encouraging millions of people from dysfunctional Third World countries to immigrate into highly developed Western nations.

          That doesn’t sound like progress to me.

        • No. Whites were foolish enough to allow your Tribe of demented demons in our world. That was a genuinely tragic mistake. We’ve been too kind for centuries. We will correct this long-overdue error. Expulsion 110 is coming right up to bat – and it will be GLOBAL.

        • Stupid KIKE – our ancestors were WHITE We were never foreigners. You Demon Rats ALWAYS are.
          Every-one HATES you.

    • For the record, I’m more than willing to learn from nonwhites. But that doesn’t mean I want them immigrating into my country. In fact, I seen no reason why they can’t stay in their own homelands and – though this may sound impossible – send us digital videos containing their amazing wisdom.

      Surely – if they are as special as you think – they can use modern technology to send us live-stream videos detailing all the things we need to learn from them.

    • We’re doing this out of pure Darwinian genetic self-interest.

      If a system or culture leads to whites not being around “in the long run” then we will fight like cornered animals.

      We aren’t going the road of Zoroastrian Persia or Vedic India. We are going to survive, and what’s more, we are going to win.

      Russia, and segments of Eastern Europe are beyond your reach already. Britain and parts of Europe are next to escape the noose. America may not survive, but the ball is in our court, and by going down swinging we will aid and abet our brothers in the worldwide struggle.

      Within 100 years we will be off to the stars, a blink of an eye in the lifetime of an entire race. To my knowledge, there is no one out there to stop our infinite spread.

      In short, it’s already over, only the scope of our victory is to be determined.

    • Dear Ms. Ackerman, there is so much that you do not comprehend, as evincet by your statement, it would take too long to tell, tonight.

      That said – I wish you a very good night.

    • There is nothing that is inevitable and there is no right side of history as progressives like to claim. No one can predict the future or long term trends. It is Marxist foolishness to believe that history is a linear progression.

  6. Seriously though, the vast majority of people who identify with the Alt-Right don’t have the “fashy” haircut.

    1. There is no way that, as a grown man, I am going to get a haircut called ‘a fashy.’ Not dissing the guys who wear it, but it’s not for me.

    2. If liberal hipsters have their own style, then why don’t we? We need cool things that help us spot our comrades so we can link up easier. Our style would need to be cool, forward looking, and professional.

    3. If the LOS doesn’t already have their own wristbands, I’d seriously recommend ordering some. They’re cheap, easy to give away, and kids love them.

  7. A lot of the info given to the media is coming from the ADL and the SPLC. I don’t think they understand the alt-right either.

    They think the alt-right is stormfront and the WN vanguard. They are old guys who are just as clueless. How many young people are members of the the SPLC and ADL? While the alt-right was growing all over the internet, they were still focused on the old WN vanguard and men like Don Black/Duke etc.

    The alt-right took them off guard and they are still trying to figure it out. They haven’t yet it seems to me.

  8. Let’s be clear : The Jewish community has risen to incredible power by taking seriously every possible threat that might oppose it, and by stifling it.

    Jews have spent thousands of years being the ‘away-team’, and, they have learned to be pro-active, on any person, entity, or issue they recognize as a threat to their power and influence.

    And, though I have not spoken with any of them, pursuant to the rise of the Alt-Right, my background in how they think gives me little room for doubt that they regard this new ‘Alt-Right’ movement as a new form of Nazism that, wishing to evade the stigma that The Jewish Community has managed to successfully attacht to the swastika, is becoming a very serious threat – because any movement that resists Jewish power, and yet seems ‘respectable’, must be placet quickly back into the disrespectable ‘swastika-bin’, or, at least, as far as the general publick goes.

    My hunch is that folks of the Alt-Right are only beginning to see the rise of the campaign against them.

    It’s going to get very ugly, and my hope is that those who are speaking out against the abuses of my daddy’s folk, in this land, will have the stomach to stand fast, all whilst articulating themselves very cogently, and making sure that those articulations are proliferated widely and constantly.

    • Since you are partially Jewish and have grown up around Jews, you are in a very unique position.

      Why not write an article or two describing Jewish behavior and the best ways to counter it?

      • Dear Mr. Vickstrom, thank you so very much for your kind words.

        If I write an article, it will only help warn those who ought not be warned, and or, how they will be countered, and that is like passing the opposing team your game plan for a bowl game!

        God bless and be well!

    • If you pick a fight with Jews, you are going to get a fight with Jews. You mention their name on Twitter and they appear in seconds to defend.

      I didn’t encounter them much when I did White Genocide activism on Twitter, but I was on message. No Jews, just White Genocide 24/7. I did encounter tons of anti-Whites of all races and religions though. When you do this you realize what a fight we have before us. The White race has no allies, including the White race. The whole world is against us.

      • Dear Mr. Jackson – the enemy is formidable, indeed, though, as their lines are stretcht longer than the Wehrmacht in December 1942, there are many points of vulnerability.

        Please don’t be angry with me when I say this to you : The White Race needs to be it’s own ally, and with that, much much can be done.

        Secondly, and more importantly than the first – since the Jews rejected being God’s chosen people, that passt to The Gentile world. Those blessings are as obvious as the day.

        Never let yourself think that God will let his faithful be driven into complete submission.

        It may just be that the improbable victories of Brexit and Italy’s recent ‘no’, are signs or his dissatisfaction – not to mention the arisal of Vladimir Putin, and a resurrected Russia on the scene.

        Certainly Mr. Trump’s victory, in light of everything against it, makes me suspicious that God has begun to choose a new generation of King Davids.

        Chin up!

        • ” The White Race needs to be it’s own ally, and with that, much much can be done.”

          Indeed. That is what I am warning them of. Reality is coming down on them fast and hard and the majority of Whites are oblivious to their mortality.

          • I’m sorry, Mr. Jagger, but, I don’t know who ‘CI’ is.

            But, let me say this : Trump never campaigned as an enemy of The Jews. In fact, many times he declared his friendship for them, though, The Jewish community, as a whole, refused to accept that.

            Why was that so?

            Because The Jewish community intuitively recognized, back in 2015, that a Trump presidency would and will hurt their attempts to continue advancing their attempts to vivisect and paralyze The White community in America.

            They know that not only is he going to stilt many of their efforts at that that, many inadvertent things, along those lines, will arise from his efforts to strengthen the country.

            For example, look at the tremendous dent Mr. Trump already put into the elaborate mechanism of political control (political correctness) that they have laboured so mightily, for decades, to erect.

            Trump did not do this because he was angry with Jews, or, even, intending them any negative effeckts, he merely did it because it was blocking him, so, he had to take it down.

            In no way is the great body of American Jewry worried about Israel’s future under a Trump presidency. They know that Trump is going to be a vast improvement for Israeli interests over President Obama.

            So, we can clearly see that American Jews make a distinction between what is good for Israel, and what is good for their campaign to reshape the American Society in their image.

            So, now that you know that this is how they see it, you ought see it that way, too.

            So, yes, Trump may well be King Cyrus, as far as Israel is concerned, but, he ain’t gonna be that, over here – or, at least, that is how they fear it, and I do not think that their fears are irrational.

            You can see more evidence of this in his cabinet choices – the majority of which are White Males.

            Notice how Trump’s mind works- Jews appointed to deal with the Jewish sector (finance) and, a negro appointed to handle negroes (the Yankee welfare plantation

            Trump, like many Whites of his era, is unconsciously White Nationalist in many of his leanings, while being consciously against that.

            The Jews recognize all that in him, and they are afraid of that, and they are afraid of his unconscious leanings, still intact, (despite all their propaganda programming) and, lastly, they are afraid that, he being tenured professor of their most prestigious university (Manhatten) he will be undupable and, thus, uncontrollable.

            All folks, on the Alt-Right, ought be aware that, if The Jewish community is, by and large, afraid of Trump, and,. that being so, they must understand that something is very promising for Whites, in a Trump presidency.

            Use Jewish reactions as y’all’s geiger counter!

        • I have seen Japanese tourists that wrote of their visits to the West. They were hoping to experience Whites and our culture, but were aghast when they met a third world hodgepodge instead.

          • Some people call it the ‘Japanese in Paris Syndrome.’ They’re especially famous for their meltdowns while visiting the Eiffel Tower.

          • I imagine it must be like going on a tour of the Amazon Rain Forest and all there is to see is tree stumps.

          • Yes this is true. The only thing that unites them is their hatred of
            Whites. Take Whites out of their reach and they will fall on each

      • Let me give you one tip, Mr. Jackson – when you enemy has lacet a field with mines, you cannot attack over this field, unless you have cleared it.

        Now, in the case you mention, the human mines are all trained to be triggered by terms such as ‘White’, ‘Jewish’ etc etc, so, in whatever manner you make your arguments, you cannot use the trigger terms, but, by metaphorical terms that will do the damage, but trigger no defence.

        ‘White Genocide’ is particularly ineffective, as most ‘good society’ has been conditioned to think that Whites ought not live, or, at least, not as a viable group entity.

        Avoid all words and concepts that trigger the mines, if you are planning on attacking, and sustaining that attack.

        Find straightforward metaphors that place our opponents on the defensive, and which make it hard for them to fire back.

        Think carefully. You can do it.

          • Yes, Sir – you can. Please forgive me, but, you are not quite right there.

            To defend a racial group, in this cultural atmosphere, you have to do undermine the ideas of those who are threatening that racial group, and, as well, undermine those vehicles and agents for delivering those ideas.

            By destroying your opponents siege towers, and catapaults, you defend the castle.

            Have a very good night!

      • ‘If you pick a fight with Jews, you are going to get a fight with Jews.
        You mention their name on Twitter and they appear in seconds to defend.’

        Don’t ‘pick a fight with Jews’, Mr. Jackson. No, do what they do, and wage an intellectual war against them – without any declaration – or overtly obvious signs – which is exactly what they do to to everyone else.

        Jews fight like air and water. Thus, you cannot be this by standing tall like an English Oak Tree, and clenching your branches!

        You, too, must become like air and water – or, perhaps, even like electric impulses, as that affects air and water without air and water knowing it.

    • Whites have NO CHANCE at anything, Mr. Daniel, unless they increase their average birthrate to 3 children per family. If that does not happen, nothing you propose or say will make any difference. Demography is destiny, Sir.

      • I agree about that, Mr. Poupon, but, at this age there is nothing my wife and I can do to contribute to that, except encourage our daughter, and we have done that.

        I will add that, the dilemma you suggest could be largely met by other means : cutting off immigration, just as was done in the early decades of the previous century.

        Have a good day!

  9. The main difference between something like nsm and the alt right is that the nsm is a political party. Therefore if the nsm does anything political, it will run its own candidates. Alt right people on the other hand will look for what they see as a dissident – Ron Paul, Donald Trump (I think they were wrong) etc.

    I look for the dissidents too, but I’m just building the gears for an eventual revolution. That’s where I differ from the alt right. I think they saw Trump as more of a huge victory (but Clinton was especially bad on foreign policy).

    • Absolutely, Mr. Whitaker – that’s the diabolical beauty of The Jewish strategy – anyone who is not actively for White submission is a bad person.

      Incredible how good it works, and yet, the programming can be used against itself.

  10. The Alt right can be seen as people who want to achieve political power under elections within the current American state by maxing out white electoral power while maintaining ideological correctness (from their view) at that same time. They’re people who are looking to concede just enough to hit the mainstream.

    If you go by that, some white nationalists aren’t alt right. The kkk isn’t political for example, it’s fraternal. Anyone who want to revolt and tear down the state isn’t alt right either.

    • ‘The Alt right can be seen as people who want to achieve political power
      under elections within the current American state by maxing out white
      electoral power while maintaining ideological correctness (from their
      view) at that same time. They’re people who are looking to concede just
      enough to hit the mainstream.’

      This is an interesting comment, Mr. Besarab. Thank you.

      Only, I don’t think that the Alt-Right is ‘conceding’ anything.

      They just are making their points with new labels, symbols, and phraseology that defies the conditioning that The American Jewish Community has inculcated into Whites, in order to get Whites to advocate for their own marginalization, submission, and enslavement.

    • Y’all are referring to the Alt Lite. The Alt Right is Literally Hitler.

  11. Richard Spencer should grow a neck-beard (lumbersexual) and do a man-bun (millennial cuck) just to troll and trigger them.

    But speaking of Detroit, I was born there and grew up in an adjacent suburb. Coleman Young destroyed Detroit, but every criticism, no matter how factually based was met with “You’re a Racist!”. People stopped even trying to fix things. Either they went along knowing Detroit would eventually die, or they left.

    Facts are stubborn things, but they aren’t racist.

    Detroit burned the financial, social, moral, and other capital built up since 1900 when the Auto industry created that version of “silicon valley”.

    (and look for Silly Valley to collapse, though I don’t know the stage, just the diagnosis of hubris)

  12. The neo-imperialism of homomania.


    Btw, if prog imperialists push ‘same sex marriage’ today, will ‘same family marriage’ or incest marriage be the thing tomorrow? Decadent degenerate neo-imperialist filth.

    Wherever the US spreads its power, it pushes homomania as the new religion. It is the new crusade.

    Taiwan, along with Japan and South Korea, is a puppet whore of arrogant Western imperialists who claim to be superior, ‘more evolved’, and more advanced morally. These western imperialist don’t respect the values or morals of other civilizations. Instead, they think other cultures exist only to follow and obey America..

    Other nations don’t tell Americans to follow their way, but arrogant ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ Americans think their values and culture is superior to all else. They go all over and say YOU BETTER IMITATE US AND HAVE GAY MARRIAGE BECAUSE WE ARE MORE EVOLVED THAN YOU. Arrogant.

    It is cultural and moral invasion & imperialism. Ugly Americanism push a moral supremacist argument. As the US is now ruled by Glob elites who favor homos as the holy elite minority, they think they have the right to spread homomania all over the world.

    The whole world should associate marriage with homos who do fecal penetration.

    Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and Indians are respecting of other cultures. Russians don’t push/force their values and culture on others. China doesn’t either. India doesn’t push Hindu values on others. Iran doesn’t push Islam on non-Muslim nations.

    But globo-America pushes its decadent homomania and rap ghetto culture on all nations. US also invades and destroys nations like Iraq, Libya, and Syria. US also instigated the neo-nazi coup in Ukraine and then pushed homo parades on the nation. Vile neo-imperialism that uses sodomania as its cultural proxy.

    Btw, are Taiwanese-Asians are so lacking in moral and cultural confidence that they feel the need to imitate the worst decadent excesses of the West that has gone crazy with hedonism and shit culture? Do Taiwanese really swallow the Ugly American Homo Bullshi* that it is ‘more evolved’ to praise penises-penetrating-anuses and men cutting off penises to get fake pussies? That is ‘more evolved’?


  13. It is one of separation, of supremacy, of a refusal to recognize the equal worth of others who do not have the same skin tone…”

    Insofar as the Alt Right holds racialist views, it is not because of “skin tone” but because of genetic and/or metaphysical differences among the races. This would be obvious to anyone who reads Gobineau, Chamberlain, Stoddard, Rushton, Shockley, Jensen, Yockey, Jared Taylor, etc., etc. But the mainstream media continues to ignore and really misrepresent this position. They’re setting up a giant straw man argument.

    It would be interesting to sit down one of the NY Times “reporters” and demand to know why they are misrepresenting the Alt Right. Are they deliberately promoting disinformation? Or is the Alt Right so beyond their limited worldview that they can not see its Big Picture?

    The question then becomes: how to bypass the mainstream media and get the message out? Well, to some degree the Alt Right is doing this via the Internet, and to some degree with people like Spencer addressing public forums. But in the long run the Alt Right will need to create its own mass media. Look at how the Left uses Radio Pacifica both for agitprop and to mobilize activists for action in the real world.

    Among other goals, Alt Right media must discredit the mainstream media–something that would not be too difficult once a sufficient audience were to be developed. The MSM is already losing numbers.

    The Alt Right needs to be keep up the pressure on the information warfare front to finish off the MSM.

  14. On Fake News.

    If any foreign/alien power is controlling and manipulating the US, it is JEWISH. And the Jew-run US has been sticking its hooked nose into the affairs of every nation.

    Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and etc didn’t end up that way on their own. Jews who control the US pulled strings to cause trouble there.

    And Hillary interfered in Honduras.

    And if Trump only grabbed pussy, Hillary loved the fact that Jihadis stuck a knife up Gaddafi’s butt.

    Jews control America, and when they say ‘fake news’, it’s just dog-whistling about Independent Gentile News. Jews want total Media Monopoly and Narrative Control.

    So, when Jews say ‘fake’, they really mean ‘gentile’.

    When Jews say ‘Russian’, they really mean ‘white gentile power’.

    Jews are the real usurpers and tyrants over Americans, but they act like bagel and lox is as American as apple pie.

    Jews gave you endless wars, interracism, Negromania, homomania, and anti-white propaganda.

    Surely, Russianism beats Jewism.

    And even if it turns out that Russia did help Trump, we should thank Russia because any foreign help to resist the Jew is good.

    After all, Americans won their independence with the help of the French. Without French help, the revolutionaries could not have won against the British.

    So, white Americans should welcome ANY FOREIGN HELP if it help their cause against the JEW.


  15. “Matt Heimbach is an Orthodox Christian and self-identifies as a fascist, but Orthodoxy and fascism are not hallmarks of the Alt-Right. They are just expressions of a reactionary mindset…”

    Actually, it is the definition of a Christian alt-right. Because Catholicism is cucked; because Protestantism is her aberrant and whoring daughter, and for the West, it is the only option for Christians- conciliar, European Orthodoxy!!

    And you need to understand that, and you need to get on board, and you need to repent, and you need to follow the Lord!

    Orthodoxy or death!

  16. http://www.nytimes.com/1989/04/23/books/we-were-disinformed.html

    Horowitz isn’t Alt Right(in no shape or form), but if anyone on the ‘right’ foreshadowed something like the Alt Right, it was Horowitz.

    While Alt Right pays homage to Gottfried and Rothbard, neither was the kind of dogged fighter that Horowitz was.

    Neocons sought respectability and establishment position. Horowitz, though allied with Neocons on the Israel issue, was far more committed to combating the ‘left’. And he always regarded the ‘left’ as the bigger enemy of the Jews. He knew about the ‘left’ because he’d been part of the 60s Left that made the ‘long march through the institutions’ and became the GLOB. In a way, the GLOB was more dangerous. While 60s radicals had crazy ideas and were delusional, they were driven by some real ideals. But over time, they became cynical, and it was all about the Power. Hillary and those around her were prime examples of this.

    Neocons were just happy to gain control of GOP, push Zionist agenda, and even work with Libs and the ‘left’ to suppress White-conscious Conservatism.

    Though Horowitz, as Zionist, cannot be a fan of white-centric Alt Right, he is a firm believer that the biggest enemy of the West is the Left and Glob. In this, he was more principled than the Neocons and Cucks who were mainly for position and status.

    There was a National Review gathering in the early 90s when a bunch of respectable luminaries gave nice-sounding speeches. Horowitz then appeared on stage and warned them that they don’t have what it takes to take on the Enemy that is far more dogged, cynical, driven, radical, and ruthless. And given what happened in coming yrs, Horowitz was right.

    Where he was wrong was the failure to see that this danger came not only from the ‘left’ but from Neocons who got overly power-hungry and corrupt. Horowitz’s Zionism made him overlook the excesses of the Neocons and Bush II. Still, his attack on NeverTrump Neocons in 2016 indicates his disenchantment with them. Horowitz saw them as careerists than good soldiers.

    Now, Horowitz’s reason for supporting Trump is very different from that of Alt Right, but both sides seems to understand that a new vanguard is necessary to move away from old staid and defunct paradigms of power. These are radical times.

    Also, Neocons grew out of Trotskyism prior to the 60s. Its heyday was when leftist radicalism was still adult and ‘conservative’ and mature in style. The ideas were radical but the personal style was still respectable, restrained, and even ‘bourgeois’. After all, even Trotsky himself didn’t have a tattoo on his ass or indulge in homomania.

    So, former Trotskyites didn’t really get what the 60s were about. They just took flight from the crazy left of the 60s and found a new home in the GOP as the Democrats seemed to cave too much to black demands. (As immigration and globalism made the Democrats increasing the Diversity party and Free Trade party and LESS the black party and white ‘dumb Polack’ labor party, some neocons began to move back. But then, BLM & BDS prolly triggered a good number of Jews even if they mostly stuck with Hillary. If Hillary’s loss leads to Democratic Party being taken over by blacks and anti-Zionist POC, it could spell exodus of Jews.)

    In contrast, Horowitz was in the very thick of 60s radicalism that was far more nihilistic, narcissistic, and decadent that ‘leftism’ of an earlier time. Those elements of excesses of 60s culture meant that future politics could be more no-holds-barred, reckless, and insane.

    If Neocons didn’t get 60s radicalism and just ran from it, Horowitz was at its center and saw everything. So, he knows the mind-set of the Left. Now, he must know that the hardcore 60s leftist types didn’t gain the most power. After all, it was the middle-of-roaders like Clintons and Obamas and Kerrys that gained power, not the Bill Ayers and Abbie Hoffman’s. But Horowitz is convinced that the entire Left spectrum since the 60s is infected with the same nihilistic spirit. Given the rise of homomania and reckless globalist open borders rhetoric, he may be right. GLOB went capitalist, but its spirit is totally nihilistic and destructive of order, the organic, and the meaningful. What the Right failed to understand is that this destructive spirit could also animate the capitalists. If there is anything that unites Wall Street goons like Jordan Belfort and commies like Bill Ayers, it’s their utter nihilism. Anything goes for the struggle, power, and wealth. No holds barred.

    And we’ve seen that with the rise of Progs trained and brainwashed by boomer radical globs. And in a way, Trump is also part of this excessive politics of boomer era. Fewer inhibitions, wilder, more aggressive, shameless, blustering, and etc. But Trump victory suggests that some are waking to the fact that in the new order, fire must be met with fire.


    • “he is a firm believer that the biggest enemy of the West is the Left and Glob”

      The biggest enemy is the jew. While the jew has a big overlap with the left and globalists, there are those like Horowitz that can never be acceptable as a spokeman for pro white movements because he is a jew.

  17. We are going to be in for a long four years if we listen or react to every Jewish Extremist. Just call them a Jewish Extremist. Call their news outlet part of the Jewish Press Monopoly. Then be done with it and 14 words, we have a right to our race.

  18. Richard ? Spencer Retweeted
    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    If we live under “white supremacy,” why is Ta-Nehisi Coates a celebrated intellectual while Richard Spencer is demonized as an extremist?

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