Ta-Nehisi Coates: My President Was Black

If you have a good 45 minutes to waste on a long-winded Ta-Nehisi Coates think piece navel-gazing over his blackness in the final days of Black Run America (BRA), you will not want to miss “My President Was Black”:

“In the waning days of President Barack Obama’s administration, he and his wife, Michelle, hosted a farewell party, the full import of which no one could then grasp. It was late October, Friday the 21st, and the president had spent many of the previous weeks, as he would spend the two subsequent weeks, campaigning for the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Things were looking up. Polls in the crucial states of Virginia and Pennsylvania showed Clinton with solid advantages. The formidable GOP strongholds of Georgia and Texas were said to be under threat. The moment seemed to buoy Obama. He had been light on his feet in these last few weeks, cracking jokes at the expense of Republican opponents and laughing off hecklers. At a rally in Orlando on October 28, he greeted a student who would be introducing him by dancing toward her and then noting that the song playing over the loudspeakers—the Gap Band’s “Outstanding”—was older than she was. “This is classic!” he said. Then he flashed the smile that had launched America’s first black presidency, and started dancing again. Three months still remained before Inauguration Day, but staffers had already begun to count down the days. They did this with a mix of pride and longing—like college seniors in early May. They had no sense of the world they were graduating into. None of us did. …”

It begins with a BET hosted cocktail party with the Obamas on the South Lawn of the White House in late October and ends with Trump’s unexpected victory.

Highlights include:

  • “Usher led the crowd in a call-and-response: “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.”
  • “It was the feeling that this particular black family, the Obamas, represented the best of black people, the ultimate credit to the race, incomparable in elegance and bearing.”
  • “Whiteness in America is a different symbol—a badge of advantage.”
  • “But Obama appealed to a belief in innocence—in particular a white innocence—that ascribed the country’s historical errors more to misunderstanding and the work of a small cabal than to any deliberate malevolence or widespread racism. America was good. America was great.”
  • “For most African Americans, white people exist either as a direct or an indirect force for bad in their lives.”
  • “African Americans typically raise their children to protect themselves against a presumed hostility from white teachers, white police officers, white supervisors, and white co-workers.”
  • “That lens, born of literally relating to whites, allowed Obama to imagine that he could be the country’s first black president.”
  • “The national anthem was played first, but then came the black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” As the lyrics rang out over the crowd, the students held up the black-power fist—a symbol of defiance before power. And yet here, in the face of a black man in his last year in power, it scanned not as a protest, but as a salute.”

Poor Ta-Nehisi Coates … he just doesn’t get it. He is utterly blind to how his own Black Nationalist identitarianism and racial grievance politics inexorably leads to Richard Spencer’s White Nationalist identitarianism:


So, I’m a White male. I’ve heard about this “Alt-Right.”

I’m sitting here wondering why Ta-Nehisi Coates is considered legitimate and is a celebrated public intellectual, but Richard Spencer is demonized as a hateful extremist. Why is Ta-Nehisi Coates railing against “white supremacy” when he is feted by the black president of the United States at a cocktail party on the South Lawn of the White House? Why is Ta-Nehisi Coates writing for The Atlantic? Why does he have his own “Black Panther” comic book? Why is Ta-Nehisi Coates teaching a course at MIT?

It’s because Richard Spencer is White, isn’t it?

Obviously, The Atlantic doesn’t have a problem with hail victories so long as it is the black power salute. They don’t have a problem with blacks nurturing racial grievances. They don’t have a problem with “extremist groups” like the Black Panthers. They don’t have any objection to black identity politics or racial animosity toward Whites. Their sole objection is to White identity and White interest group politics.

What would they say if a White musician was on the South Lawn of the White House leading an overwhelmingly White crowd in a call-and-response: “Say it loud, I’m White and I’m proud.” Hell, we all know that would be a “story about race in America,” wouldn’t it? That would be a story about “hate” or something.

The real story here is how that doesn’t work anymore like it used to.

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  1. ‘Identity for me, but not for thee!’

    Truly a great comment, Sir.

    I loved the optimism floating through your analysis; this as you correctly understood that a healthy unabasht, and overt, Negro racism is the avenue through which a return to healthy White racism shall re-evince itself.

    • Your civility and gracious manners are admirable, sir. I am not hopeful such traits will see us through the years of rioting, rapes, and murders ahead if these savages are left free to do as they please.

      • Thank you so very very much, Mr. Coyote, for your cheering and bolstering words.

        Come what may, we must fight hard and yet, never surrender our aspirations to Chryst-like, and General Lee-like qualities.

        If we keep these things, the world may come and go, but, WE shall remain standing, because we will be standing with Him.

        God bless you and all the Coyote clan!

    • “Junius Daniel
      11 hours ago
      ‘Identity for me, but not for thee!’

      Truly a great comment, Sir.”

      I respond:

      Here s a related one of mine – Blacks, Jews and Muslims say and act:

      “What s mine is mine . What s yours is multicultural”

      This is why it never works for us to try to work with Black nationalists, Arab and Muslim nationalists or pro Israeli Jews.

      Yeah these groups insist their countries their schools their clubs and caucuses should be for their people alone , but they won t let us do the same pits must be open for them especially our women.

      • Yes, Mr. Ellis, how so very right you are : one simply cannot work with those who respect no one but themselves and their own values.

        That’s a big reason why The New England Government is so pathetick.

        They have NO respect for anything but the changing aims.

        Have a great day!

  2. except Richard Spencer doesn’t have a history of redlining that kept generations of his family out of housing, an expansion of prosecutorial discretion that coincided with imprisoning a disproportionate percentage of his race in jails compared to their numbers in the population for crimes that are committed equally across color lines, and a New Jim Crow of state-sponsored aggression. Your argument is lazy thinking. It ignores history and pretends that being white does not come with gains in state-sponsored social capital that has come at the expense of others with a different identity. Read more before you write.

    • “the population for crimes that are committed equally across color lines”

      Wrong. Whites are the victims. You’re just a sophomore who thinks he’s wise.

      amren dot com/archives/reports/the-color-of-crime-2016-revised-edition/

      “The evidence suggests that if there is police racial bias in arrests
      it is negligible. Victim and witness surveys show that police arrest
      violent criminals in close proportion to the rates at which criminals of
      different races commit violent crimes.

      There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. Asians have the
      lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics. Blacks have
      notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all
      crime categories and for virtually all age groups.

      In 2013, a black was six times more likely than a non-black to
      commit murder, and 12 times more likely to murder someone of another
      race than to be murdered by someone of another race.

      In 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence
      that involved blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85
      percent of the time. This meant a black person was 27 times more likely
      to attack a white person than vice versa. A Hispanic was eight times
      more likely to attack a white person than vice versa.

      In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a
      white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more
      likely. For the crime of “shooting” — defined as firing a bullet that
      hits someone — a black was 98.4 times more likely than a white to be
      arrested, and a Hispanic was 23.6 times more likely.

      If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91
      percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97
      In an all-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.

      In 2015, a black person was 2.45 times more likely than a white
      person to be shot and killed by the police. A Hispanic person was 1.21
      times more likely. These figures are well within what would be expected
      given race differences in crime rates and likelihood to resist arrest.

      In 2015, police killings of blacks accounted for approximately 4
      percent of homicides of blacks. Police killings of unarmed blacks
      accounted for approximately 0.6 percent of homicides of blacks. The
      overwhelming majority of black homicide victims (93 percent from 1980 to
      2008) were killed by blacks.

      Both violent and non-violent crime has been declining in the United
      States since a high in 1993. 2015 saw a disturbing rise in murder in
      major American cities that some observers associated with “depolicing”
      in response to intense media and public scrutiny of police activity.”

    • Name the White city or community in America that is comparable in violent crime rates to black areas. I’ve asked anti-Whites like you for years and have never received an answer. Not a single one. Go get some help from the SPLC or any other anti-White group if you need to do that. It doesn’t even have to be you that answers. Anyone reading this can chime in.

      List the “gains in state-sponsored social capital” that White people receive.

      • “State sponsored social capital” means that white people are generally and instinctively cooperative. Blacks are generally incompetent and instinctively predatory.

      • We just had a man bites dog story this morning: a drive by shooting in predominately White Clinton Illinois by a white punk. Does that offset the dozens of shootings in neighboring Champaign County done entirely by Blacks over the last year? Liberals love to blame them on drugs, gangs, or guns but the reality is that the story for most of them is pretty much the same, blacks have a wild house party, some brother gets “dissed” goes home and comes back a half hour later seething with anger and shoots the place up. Temper tantrums by the invasive species Homo Criminalus Africanus foolishly introduced into the North American Continent to exponentially raise more destruction than the Emerald Ash Borer are the culprit.

      • i’m from ohio. donald ray pollock is one of my favorite short story writers. ask him. white communities hit by meth are as violent as black communities facing drug problems.

        • Bullshit. I’ve lived in predominantly black neighborhoods(ghettos) and poor White neighborhoods. I had many White friends living in trailer parks. I’ve personally had to deal with methhead stupidity. I don’t need a writer to tell me about my personal experiences and observations.

          In the poorer White communities there was increased crime for sure, but nothing that could be considered comparable to the daily depravity and violent crime committed by blacks. The White meth heads would borrow money and never pay you back, break into your car, maybe break into your home while you were away, get arrested for domestic violence, etc. They were more prone to get arrested on drug charges and destroy their own lives and families than they were to rampage through the streets, raping, assaulting and murdering like it was a full time occupation.

          In the White communities where I lived, when there was a story about local stores and homes getting robbed and the owner shot and killed, it was almost always a story with a black perp who came from outside the area to commit the crime. For every 1 White guy that committed violent acts, there was at least 3 or 4 black guys doing the same. And I’m talking about in the communities that were predominantly White.

          Give me the names of the White communities and I’ll see how they compare to the black areas across America. I doubt you’ll find one that will crack the top 200 when it comes to violent crime statistics.

    • If blacks could cope with modern life without being propped up by state intervention they would stage a regional rebellion and sue for independence from whites.

    • imprisoning a disproportionate percentage of his race in jails compared to their numbers in the population for crimes that are committed equally across color lines …”

      I can only assume you are referring to drug crime. Because if you make this statement about crime generally, you are laughably misinformed.

    • I suspect you are a white, liberal baby boomer who never had to contend with or was affected by racial quotas in employment and barriers in education where you score higher on entrance exams and have a higher GPA than your black counterpart, i.e. are more qualified, and you are denied admittance solely because you are white. It is for this reason that you are entirely ignorant of the numerous examples of anti white systemic, institutional, de jure racism whites face in today’s America.

  3. The black has that teaching job and a book and a pundit spot because he’s got a pulse. It’s a low bar.

  4. “My President was black.”

    Your President was a marginally articulate, affirmative action mediocrity.

    Just like YOU, come to think of it!

  5. Attention Negroes!
    We let you in. We gave you status, rights, and power.
    We now realize this was a truly unfortunate mistake.
    We won’t make this mistake again.
    Now get out.
    White People.

  6. A little over optimistic but on point:

    “The real story here is how that doesn’t work anymore like it used to.”

    Too many whites are still guilt ridden but the more that whites are denigrated, the more whites will rebel.

  7. Our normies need to understand how much blacks, and by extension other non whites, hate them just for being White. Along these lines I’d love to see Keith Ellison become the face and voice of the Dem party.

    Normies need to ask: Why should we be forced to live amongst races who hate us?

    • I think more and more are understanding. A lot haven’t gone completely red pill, but in St. Louis, since the Michael Brown “hands up don’t shoot” farce, I’ve been seeing and hearing white people say in public, in bars, etc. stuff I never heard 5-10 years ago.

  8. Blacks are nothing but political weapons and tools in the hands of our enemies. On their own, they’re a disorganised mess.

  9. When I try to read that gibberish by “Ta-Nishi” Coates {The token schvartze at (((The Atlantic))) } it reminds me of the Infinite Monkey Theorem, which states that a monkey seated at a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will eventually type out a coherent sentence. Keep going, “Ta-Nishi”. In another 6 or 7 million years you just might do it.


  10. “For most African Americans, white people exist either as a direct or an indirect force for bad in their lives.”

    Imagine trying to get a mainstream publication to publish someone saying the opposite, ‘For most White-Americans, black people exist either as a direct or an indirect force for bad in their lives.’

  11. I don’t think Coates speaks as much for the average black than he does for his Jewish bosses at (((The Atlantic))). The average black does have hatred for us, don’t get me wrong, but it is a different sort of hatred than the kind expressed in the Coates article.

    Because from the perspective of an average black, this article doesn’t even make sense. What has Donald Trump ever said or done that could be interpreted as anti-black or against black interests, from all I’ve heard Trump seems to be focused on making life better for blacks who are willing to work hard. I don’t think the average black is freaking out about Trump as much as the Jews are. Most blacks are at least reasonable enough to accept that every post-Obama president cannot be black, as Coates seems to imply he wants. This is not only absurd, it is statistically impossible.

    Im not cucking for blacks, Im just saying that this article reads more like Jewish/Marxist hatred (which has been adopted by black ‘intellectuals’ like Coates) rather than normal black hatred (which is expressed in chimp-outs)

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if some kike at (((The Atlantic))) wrote most of that article and just had “Ta-Nishi” sign his name to it.

  12. But Spencer is saying I hear you. I don’t want you to have to suffer any more. I have a solution that will make you much happier. Let us just separate and we will both be happier living with our own kind.

    And then he is attacked. The peacemakers, those that see what is ahead and want to avoid a bloody confrontation are being attacked to silence their message of peace because the (((forces of evil))) are demanding blood. Rex Tillerson is coming under similar attack for the fear of peace with Russia.

  13. “For most African Americans, white people exist either as a direct or an indirect force for bad in their lives.”

    Hmmmm….so why then do blacks continue to migrate out of their own cities, such as Detroit and Birmingham, and into White suburbs and towns? Why are tens of millions of black Africans and Caribbean islanders crossing the seas to come to “White supremacist” America or “Colonialist-Imperialist” Europe? Can they not understand that they will end up in lands where they will be the victims of discrimination, exploitation of their labor, disproportionate jail sentences, lynchings, and even (horror not to be borne!) micro-aggressions?

    What is being missed here?

    Has anyone ever sat down the Ta-Nehisis of the world and asked them such obvious questions? Or is the logic behind such questions too much for them? (Surely he failure to comprehend has nothing to do with any alleged differences in median IQ, does it?)

    Let us note that the White Power Structure(tm) has in fact given blacks everything they have demanded for the last 70 years. It was the White-run armed forces which integrated first in the late 1940s. It was the White Supreme Court of the Warren era which struck down segregation laws. It was the White presidencies of Eisenhower, JFK and Johnson which pushed the civil rights agenda. It was White corporations like Coca Cola(tm) which Bought the World a Coke for integration. And it was and continues to be White liberals who have promoted equal rights, open housing, the war on poverty, affirmative action, “diversity” programs, and every manner of groveling before black demands.

    And this is the reward which Whites are given? A forever escalating chain of complaints, race hustles and havoc in the streets from Watts to Ferguson.

    Blacks such as Coates tend to reinforce the worst stereotype about their own race. And at least part of the reason is such stereotypes have the ring of truth about them. Above all else, Coates can not see the reality that Whites have given blacks exactly what they have demanded, but like a spoiled child who breaks his toys, he then throws a tantrum until over-indulgent parents pony up another.

    The way to deal with such behavior is to start by telling such children: “No!”

    • What makes you the spokesman of whites? I’m a lot whiter than you are. I just don’t feel the urge to proclaim my whiteness where ever I go because I’m not insecure like you are. Even GJ called you out on Red Ice Radio, and you are to ashed to post on alternative right because you can’t compete intellectually with Andy Nowicki. You just spend all your time on this blog because you can’t get an Asian GF. Just think about all the hot Asian women in the OC who won’t date you.

      • What is wrong with YOU? You must be terribly insecure to follow Laguna here. Can’t you get any Asian BOYS, and you are feeling frustrated?

          • Here’s the thing- calling a person “anti-Semitic” is the HIGHEST compliment than can ever be paid. You have simply confirmed my high opinion of Laguna.
            You, on the other hand, are extremely disrespectful of a True White Man. You need to be horse-whipped.

          • I am a Mischling and am much white than he is. Jews are white. Some are Neocons and Leftist so are tons of gentile whites. Many Jews support the Alt-Right and Radical Center.

            LBF is jealous that all the hot Asian women in the OC ignore him. He’s into that stupid bro culture from Heartiste that no Asian woman would want anything to do with.

            Are jealous of these blonde mischling women? http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/5243520/1/

          • Are you even capable of realizing how stereotypically obnoxious your behavior is? You Jews might be clever but ‘introspection’ and ‘self-awareness’ aren’t really your strong points.

            So far you have:

            – Obsessively commented on Laguna’s posts for something that happened two years ago.

            – Constantly brought up inter-racial sex (implying Laguna has a thing for Asian girls, even though there’s no evidence for it).

            – Tried to get us to accept Jews into our movement (by saying that many of them support the Alt-Right).

            – Accused Denise of being jealous of blond mischling women (trust me, she isn’t).

            Your behavior – which is clearly visible on this site – is obsessive, erratic, and centers on spewing accusations left & right.

            And yes, I know there are Jews in the Alt-Right. In my experience they cause an immense amount of infighting and are half the reason we’ve been struggling to go mainstream. Your own attempts to smear Laguna – by following him here – are just more evidence for this.

            How does it feel to know your own behavior verifies everything my side has always said about Jews?

          • I’m not Jewish, only of partial Jewish ancestry. I’ve always found blonde mischling women to be the most appealing, golden blonde hair, pale skin, and almond eyes. Nordic yet exotic and eastern.

            Asian women are great because they respect intelligence more than most white american women. Even Richard Spencer had an Asian Girlfriend at one point. John Derbyshire has an Asian wife, as do many of the commentors on amren.

            Most white men with stem degree’s are now dating Asian women. Many white girls in college will date useless jocks and frat bros.(doesn’t matter if they are black or white) They offer nothing to western civilization.

            Eurasians are also the fastest growing demographic group and merging into a new Asian Aryan Culture.

            When Laguna made those comments about me on Radix he was trying to convince the Alt-Right that I was a socially awkward sperg type. He was jealous of my interview with Richard but now I don’t feel totally accepted in the Alt-Right as much as I was before he left those remarks.

            I now identify more with the Alt-Left and Radical Center. I would accept an apology from him, but he hasn’t had anything kind to say about my great intellect and grand aesthetic visions.

          • I’m pretty sure they didn’t bash White women while lionizing Asian women and using them as some kind of testament to the intellectual prowess of White men. Have you ever thought that maybe you just weren’t man enough for decent White women? I’ve never had much of a problem.

          • I’ve dated plenty of attractive Asian and Jewish women. Mischling women look European they just have higher IQ’s. Manning up is a cuckservative/feminist term, so this proves the Alt-Right is full of contradictions.

            You won’t adknowledge a significant portion of white college girls date worthless jocks and frat bros, yet if you saw those same girls with a black gangsta you’d freak out.

          • I’ve dated plenty of attractive Asian and Jewish women. Mischling women look European they just have higher IQ’s.

            …..and yet you’re stumped as to why you wouldn’t be fully accepted on a pro-White website?

          • I have interviewed Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, and Greg Johnson. All the big whigs of white advocacy. I am pro-white, I just want to shun the negative aspects of white culture such as women who are attracted to meatheads and replaces them with high IQ Jewish and Asian women.

          • Just because YOU aren’t man enough to get decent White women doesn’t mean there needs to be an influx of Jewish and Asian women. Maybe if White guys today weren’t sycophantic cucks and quivering pussies who run and hide from their own shadows more White women would see them as a viable dating option. I would probably blame White guys for their negative aspects and faux masculinity that they bring to the table just as much as the White women and their negative attributes that you seem to harp on. But you don’t do that. Why is that?

            I’d rather replace the negative aspects of white culture with an amplified version of the positive aspects. Then again, I’m not trying to make excuses for an affinity for non-White women like you are.

          • How so? I’m white and most of my friends are white. I don’t identify with wigger and bro culture(which is black: read James O’meara “The Homo & the Negro). I’m not a fan a rap and acting all ghetto. I am about as white as you can’t get. Basically stuff people like describes be to perfection.

          • The second you try to push your Jewish and Asian woman fetishes on the group is the second you stop being White. You belittle White women and build up Asian and Jewish women. Eat shit.

          • I had a cute Chinese girl flirt with me the other day. I define whiteness as whether the person is of worth or not is how they act. For example If a white girl does not respect my intellect and masculinity than they are of no worth to the white race.

          • Now you’re just pushing bullshit and trolling. Whiteness is defined by DNA. While some Asians can fit comfortably within a White ethnostate, no serious and sincere pro-White advocate would say that replacing White women with Asians and Jews would be the same as having White women, and it certainly doesn’t magically turn Asians into White people.

          • This is an Alt-Right website. The Alt-Right includes Jews such as Paul Gottfried and Cernovich and men with Asian Wives such Derbyshire.

          • Unless something has changed very recently, this is a Southern Nationalist website first and foremost. As such, it is certainly pro-White, but it doesn’t necessarily line up with some vague definition of Alt-Right that you are trying to define.

          • I lived in Northern Virginia for HS for two years, so. I can lay claim to Southern Identity but there were a lot of meathead jocks in my HS. Luckily, I had a nice Asian Girlfriend at the time. Asian Aryanism is part of the South and can preserve Southern Identity.

          • Also the Confederacy had a Jewish Attorney General Judah Benjamin and Asians were honorary Whites under the Jim Crow Laws.

          • If anything Jewish and Asian women are pickier, because they come from greater wealth. When I lived in Virginia the wealthiest people were Jewish, Hindu, or Korean, not generic Whites. That’s the South for you.

          • Tell that to my last Asian Girl Friend. Asian Culture is super Alpha, ex. Samurai’s, Chinese were a warrior culture as well.

          • He has those ‘there’s something wrong upstairs’ eyes. No wonder White women won’t have anything to do with him.

          • Bullshit. “The Region” is vast and one area isn’t necessarily the same as another. Virginia is very different from Arkansas. North Carolina is very different from Louisiana. Georgia is different than Texas.

          • I’ve been Austin, very SWPL. I’ve driven through North Carolina and South Carolina on a Road Trip to Florida. I even saw Asians and Asian Indians in those places. Asians are part of the south, but the south isn’t some scene from Deliverance like people imagine. It’s becoming very cosmopolitan.

          • You keep going on and on and on about white women with jocks. This is what nerds and other losers always do when they have been rejected in favor of some jock or badboy type. It just burns them up knowing they are not the one getting the pussy they have been beating off to while knowing some other type guy is banging away at it. Then they start with the boo hoo, “women only want badboys,” or in your case meatheads and jocks, types.

          • White Nationalist have no right to complain about white women who date blacks because white jocks and bros are not part of the white race, any more than a black gansta is.

          • Asian women are great because they respect intelligence more than most white american women. Even Richard Spencer had an Asian Girlfriend at one point. John Derbyshire has an Asian wife, as do many of the commentors on amren

            Thank you for reminding me why I rarely visit AmRen nowadays.

          • WN’s have failed to attract young white women in large numbers because many would rather date a meathead jock, football star than a great intellectual. This is why we need Asian and Jewish women.

            WN’s complain about white women who date blacks, but how is that any different than white girls who sleep with meathead jocks, football stars, and frat bros. They offer nothing to the white race.

            Eurasian and Mischling women have high IQ’s are very pretty.

          • This is why we need Asian and Jewish women.

            I’m not one to normally do this, and this is a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m gonna have to agree with Denise on this one. You need a nice warm oven to help you reevaluate your propaganda and get your priorities in order. I’m a nice guy, so I’ll just suggest an oversized toaster oven. I’d at least give you a fighting chance.

            I’ll be damned if you start importing Yentas on my watch.

          • It’s obvious what his problem is. LOL, some woman he had a hard on for rejected him and fucked some jock. Now he is on here railing on and on about white women with meatheads and jocks.

            What a major loser. Like most nerds, he doesn’t even know how obvious and ridiculous he is by the whining and complaining.

          • I have to agree on that “Asian-Aryan” part. Some of us… yeah, it’s true we might have Asian moms. I like the alt-right and ok with it. Not like I’m going to commit suicide like E.writer talks about. That’s his problem. I would like White people to be with Whites and Asians with Asians. …But once again, if they do cross, and are supportive of the alt-right and anti-PC culture, they are not a problem. They should be consider allies.

            And what to do with all the Eurasians? Once again, they can be good allies. Good fences make good neighbors, but also understanding that you can’t get rid of them or say they are on the wrong side. Let everyone have an ethnostate and let them have one too if you have to go that far.

          • A blonde Jewess is more Nordic than a Celt because they have most of their genes from Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

          • Nope. That is ridiculous. That’s like saying a bowl of vanilla ice cream is still vanilla ice cream – just ignore that little piece of dog shit near the bottom.
            Nope. 1 allele is all it takes. All must go to the oven.

          • “I am a Mischling..”

            Then between Stephen Dalton and Junius Daniel, you should feel right at home on this site.

            “Jews are white.”

            Keep talking like that and you will soon be Jack Ryan’s new favorite.

          • Anti-Semitic? That’s like accusing someone of yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater that’s on fire.

            How exactly does a one sentence statement about White people being proud of their heritage warrant your reply?

          • That link is to a 2 year old article – and Laguna said NOTHING out of line.
            Wow. You are seriously creepy.

          • Scroll down the comment section and you will see where he ridiculed me and compared me to Rick Moranis’s nerdy character in Ghostbusters. Before that I never had any interactions with him. He was jealous that Richard Spencer granted me several interviews instead of him. He also got me banned from Roissy’s site about two years ago, because I exposed that Roissy’s ideas were based on junk science.

          • Hunter Wallace, why do you allow these nutcases on your fantastic site? I have been a fan of yours for years. Keep up the great work.

          • Typical subversive form.

            Remember, boys and girls, the following comment is what ‘Robert Stark’ responded to and what caused him/her/it to become unhinged and disparage White women, while stating that pro-Whites should be replacing them with Asian and Jewish women:

            There is absolutely no fucking reason any White person shouldn’t be proud of his or her heritage.

            I was being nice with the toaster over atonement. No toaster over for you, sir. Nope. Pestilence like you needs the heavy industrial strength shit.

          • You have never even met me. You don’t know what I look like or what I sound like. You are just making an assumption based on my ancestry. Anti-semitic nutcase!

      • This is too funny! Apparently you’re still angry over some remarks I made about you–remarks I have no recollection making–two years ago. Let it go, bro. You’re becoming unhinged.

          • You prove that you still harbor a grudge against me because you were jealous Richard Spencer granted me an interview and not you. You devote all your time to obsessive hatred against me. Maybe you should shill out. Get into meditation. You have all this pent up sexually frustrated rage.

          • Do you have a blog or YouTube? Have you written a piece for any major alt-right blog? I know you have a huge Disqus presence, but seriously, if you were influential, wouldn’t you be on Red Ice for an interview?

            And aren’t you the manosphere type? I know your into surfer girls and stuff… but seriously. No Asian girls? Not one?

            You wouldn’t know the pleasure of holding a bikini clad Asian girl in the sunset by the tide. Your standing there alone watching all the WMAF couples pass by in your fedora hat.

    • Whites can have pride, yes! In fact, that should happen more often! But if they are half or have identity issues, let them face the other reality and see where it goes for that individual.

  14. African Americans typically raise their children to protect themselves against a presumed hostility from white teachers, white police officers, white supervisors, and white co-workers.”

    Note the Orwellian inversion of reality. It is blacks who commit inter-racial violent crimes all out of proportion to their numbers. It is blacks who perpetuate drive-by shootings, flashmob assaults and the organized pillaging of cities from Watts to Ferguson. It is blacks who commit all manner of atrocities against Whites, from home invasions to torture-murders. It is black race hustlers who manufacture hoax crimes to shakedown White institutions. It has been blacks who have vandalized monuments to White American heroes as well as desecrated CSA gravesites. And which race screams “Black Power” while dragging White motorists out of their cars and assaults them?

    It is blacks who are the protected category on the job or in the classroom. Any offense against them, no matter how trivial (like telling an off-color joke or wearing an Obama mask), is interpreted as “racism” and can lead to termination of employment for the (White) offender as well as consignment to the gulag of “sensitivity” training.

    It is blacks who can get away with the most outlandish insults against Whites, from claiming there is some non-existent “White privilege” keeping them down to condemning the entire history of the country as one of “racism.” (And without stopping to think that perhaps the reason for said “racism” goes back to black perpetuated mayhem…)

    And far from hostility, White people – especially of the liberal persuasion – go out of their way to kowtow to black demands. The fact that Obama would never have been president were it not for millions of White people voting for him goes down the memory hole.

    There is also that ego element. American institutions must all conform to the black perception of reality. If not, there are tantrums over “institutional racism.” So White people must change. Never blacks. Blacks can continue their violence, their dysfunctional reproduction patterns, their non-stop agitation, their laying waste to entire cities from Selma to Detroit without being called on the carpet.

    Of course, it does not occur to blacks that there is a correlation between how they behave and how they are perceived. That is beyond their mindset, it appears. The dilemma comes down to the reality that the racial differences between blacks and Whites are far too wide to be bridged. And perhaps underneath it all, the Ta-Nehisi Coates of the world understand this. Which is why they lash out against a civilization which they know they can never be part of, no matter how many city blocks they burn down.

  15. Women, homos, Sikhs with turbans, and even trannies in the military actually make the War Machine stronger and more dangerous.

    For starters, the military will remain overwhelmingly straight male in real fighting despite much-hyped fringe or deviant groups.

    But more importantly, an ‘inclusive’ military will weaken opposition from the most effective opposition to the military: the ‘progressive’ community. Though there are anti-war elements on the Right, most conservatives tend to be ‘support the troops’ in every war. In contrast, the progressives have traditionally been anti-war and very vocal in criticism of the Pentagon. So, the politics of ‘inclusion’ has a way of discouraging opposition from the Left. The left goes from anti-war to neutral or even pro-war.

    Consider Obama’s destruction of Libya. If Bush and traditional military had done it, the Progressives would have been up in arms. But a black president did it with a homo-friendly military, so Progressives were either silent or supported Obama’s actions. Why, it might be ‘racist’ to oppose a war carried out by a historic black president.

    At the DNC, a mad General had the crowd chanting USA USA USA because he promoted ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ in the military. If the military is given a ‘progressive’ sheen, the Left will be less anti-war. And that is good for the War Machine.

    So, women in combat is just window-dressing to neutralize Leftist opposition to war. Since feminism in military sounds ‘progressive’, the Left will be less hostile to the US War Machine.

    The best way to undermine and destroy the American Globalist War Machine is to demand that 50% of all combat troops be women. Why should men do all the fighting and dying?

    If such law is passed, women will shriek and the US war machine will began to fall apart and stop forcing globalism all over the world.


  16. “The real story here is how that doesn’t work anymore like it used to.”

    If you’re whining about it, then it’s still working well enough.

  17. Mud huts seeking some cosmic justice of a racist system designed by whites. Several centuries of technological advancement, and the media megaphone in the hands of a few.Orwell pointed out in 1984 that the key to controlling the future was controlling the past

  18. We need to understand that Jewish Power is founded on the sacralization of the pud and poon, the union of seed and egg to keep the blood flowing through the ages.

    Abraham was no great thinker or leader. It was Moses who later set down the law. It was David and his son Solomon who later rose to great political heights.

    But even before there was the law, even before there was political power, there was the power of the idea of ethnos. But what made it special was that the Jewish ethnos wasn’t just another bloodline but a bloodline blessed by God via Abraham’s pud. Thus, ethnos was turned from a biological/familial reality to a holy genetic mission.

    This is why all peoples should form their own Covenant that sanctifies the union of their pud and poon. Before the power, there was the law, but before the law, there was the people, and this people began as a family of man flowing from a particular pair of pud and poon. The genius of Jews was that they sanctified their pair of pud and poon of origin.

    So, identity is really about genitality fused with spirituality.

    This is why Yukio Mishima thought the Cult of Emperor Worship was so important to Japanese identity. He didn’t believe in the literal divinity of the Emperor, but he felt that only the myth of the Emperor could imbue the Japanese race/people with shared collective identity of ancient & sacred origin.

    After all, capitalism or democracy can belong to any people. Those are methods and means, not roots and identity.

    But True Japanese-ness can only belong to Japanese people. And how? Through the cult of the Emperor bloodline that imbues all Japanese with the sense of shared blood going back to the mythic and racial origins of Japan. The fusion of genitality and mythology.


  19. Civilization is turning into crap because the connective links have been lost.

    It’s like cells. Why are we different from single-cell organisms? A single cell organism like an amoeba lives only for itself.

    In contrast, all the cells in the body must coordinate together. No cell in the human body can exist or live alone. It only has meaning in relation to all the other cells in the body. A single brain cell is nothing. It only has meaning in relation to other brain cells, and the cells in the brains have meaning in relation to cells in the heart, cells in the lungs, cells in the bloodstream.

    Civilization is like that. Each person has meaning in relation to larger society. Without such link, his life has no larger purpose.

    What is the difference between a thug/criminal and a soldier? Both commit acts of violence. The difference is the thug uses violence only for self-gain. He is like a lone animal that attacks only to serve itself. In contrast, a soldier fights for the good of the team, the army, the society, nation. Ideally, he fights for a just cause or for the survival of the community.

    It’s like the Mifune character in SEVEN SAMURAI gains larger meaning by using his fighting skills to defend a village. He could have become a petty thief serving himself, but he chose to fight and die for something bigger.

    And the thief in KAGEMUSHA gains meaning through attachment to the Clan. Prior to that, he was just some lone thief with nothing to live for or die for except his own petty interests.

    It’s like the outlaws in THE WILD BUNCH gain a bit of redemption when they find something to die for. Prior to that, they’d just been killers and thieves.

    So, the difference between thug violence and soldier/policeman violence is the thug only thinks of himself whereas the solider or police officer thinks of the larger community and higher ideals and/or just cause.

    Unlike animals that live for brute survival and narrow interest, humans have developed complex morality, values, and organizations. Being part of something bigger, our lives gain meaning in terms of morals, values, responsibilities, duties, legacy, and posterity. Civilization is about posterity, whore culture is about posterior.

    What goes for violence also goes for sex. Sex is an animal and natural thing. But humans are more than animals. Non-black races are more than savages. So, they have found deeper meaning in sex. Animals don’t know sex leads to new life. They just go into heat and hump one another. Negroes know sex leads to new life, but Negro men don’t want to take care of their kids. They just wanna go around and bang as many ho’s as possible and leave it to OTHERS to take raise their kids. (And Cuck Christians, in serving this role, encourage more blacks to act nasty and bad.)

    But the civilized races don’t see sex as mere animal horniness or fun. They see it as a natural drive/process that leads to new life and all the attendant blessings and responsibilities. Also, sex is seen as part of something bigger: search for love, courtship, marriage, new life, parenting, acculturation, and etc. So, sex isn’t just for sex but part of something broader, deeper, and more meaningful. Without such mindset, civilization is impossible. Civilization isn’t about individuals indulging independent of larger needs of society. It’s about building links between various facets of life and society to construct and preserve a system of meaning, worth, and higher values. Society links a warrior’s violence with duty, cause, heroism, and sacrifice. Civilization links sexual desire with love, marriage, parenting, children, and posterity. When such links are cut off, warriors are reduced to thugs and mercenaries. And sexual desire just turns animal and crude. It is just for the pleasure of the moment.

    It is all the more dangerous today because the hubris of animal drives are no longer checked by nemesis of consequences. By the ruthless laws of nature, a woman who fools around too much will become pregnant or become diseased(and die). Being pregnant, she will have to sober up and take care of the kid. But in modern society, a woman can rely on artificial means of the Pill, condoms, and abortion to be free of the consequences of her behavior. So, she can act wild and excessive without the natural check on her wildness. If she gets a disease, she can be treated with antibiotics. And even if she does decide to have the kid, the state will pay for child care and provide her with everything. So, female behavior can get totally out of control, and it’s gone totally nuts in the black community esp where black mothers raise their kids to twerk. Advanced technology enable people to act even wilder and more savage than they would in the jungle wild. And this craziness is spreading to white and Asian communities too.

    It should be no surprise that homomania made huge gains in recent times. It is due to the de-linking of the natural drives, morality, culture, and higher themes of society. There was a time when marriage linked nature, morality, culture, family, spirituality, and children. But as the links have been cut, there is only the hedonism of the individual. So, everything is judged according to what kind of pleasure it brings to the Individual cut off and de-linked from rest of society. So, if vain homo individuals will be happy with ‘marriage’, then they must be allowed to ‘marry’ too.

    This is what happens when ‘marriage’ is de-linked from nature, morality, & culture and seen merely as a jolly for individuals in search of their hedonistic ‘happiness’.

    And women have been raised to think this way. They no longer see sexual desire as a link in the chain of love, courtship, marriage, family, parenting, children, and posterity. It’s just a Lena-Dunham thing where it’s just about momentary orgasms, howling like morons at nightclubs, dancing by sticking their asses to be rubbed by male groins in public, and etc. And there is no shame… or shame has been repressed as Mammon says nothing is more shameful than to feel shame about debauchery.

    Shame the shame and de-link people from larger themes and meanings of society. Just tell them that what matters most is the individual’s pleasure of the moment.

    But of course, moments pass, and people grow old. And when all their moments were lived only for the moment, they have nothing to call their own.

    Moments are like bricks. If you can see the bigger picture, you stack each moment like a brick in the building of a house. Over time, all those moments are linked into a house.

    But if you see each brick as just something to toss into the air for the fun of it, all those bricks are strewn and lost, and there is no house at the end.

    The de-linking of natural drives from culture, meaning, morality, and posterity will be the undoing of civilization.


  20. Hunter has probably explained this before but if not I WILL. The very reason why the establishment both JEWS and WASP Freemasonic power-players look upon Negroes yelling BLACK POWER as okay is because in the core of their being, they believe the Negro is a CHILD that needs love. Just like the two year old who threw his toys, Daddy tanned his butt and then Mommy kissed him to make him stop crying IT IS THE SAME DANGED THING. Parents see a child and they give him love discipline and knowledge. To the Elites the Negro is like that child something to Parent. As children will do what their parents tell them, the Negro does what he is told. Now what the Negro knows and why he is so angry is down deep he knows the Paternalistic love and all the perverted games these people play are just lies, he knows to them he is a Coon and Lawn ornament. He simultaneously HATES and NEEDS his sponsors. Understand????

    • The Elites remember every time we rose up against them WAT TYLER IN ENGLAND 1381, BACONS REBELLION, THE REGULATORS IN NORTH CAROLINA SHAYS REBELLION, all of them. They live in fear of a French or Russian Revolution and for that because they know racially we are the same, they want us dead. No us=no rebellion.

      The Jews always fared worst in these rebellions, once the Peasant was free to act he destroyed them. However in France in 1789 he discovered that if he tricked the Peasants with THINGS and IDEAS instead of Truth he could direct these rebelllions, This was how we got both the French and Russian Revolutions.

      The thing was the Peasants figured them out and in 1922 and 1933 we threw them off and in our new world we wanted no more corrupt Aristocrat and no more Jew. So what did the Jew do? He ran with bells on to the Anglo-American Aristocrats, told them that if it didnt stop it would come to America and they would all drown in blood inside their mansions. So they tricked us into the war and control was maintained

      These Minorities are seen as soldiers. They will die too, Planet Israel must be born and all the worlds wealth must be brought to the Third Temple for King Satan. The Talmudics believe this

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