Christmas Massacre: Angela Merkel Roasted By European Nationalists

Editor’s Note: This is going to be a long day for Angela Merkel. Stay tuned. There is a lot to digest here.

Geert Wilders doesn’t mince words:

Nigel Farage calls the Berlin Christmas Massacre “the Merkel legacy.”

Frauke Petry of Alternative for Germany proclaimed that “Germany is no longer safe” because of Merkel’s reckless immigration policies:

“Germany is no longer safe,” said Frauke Petry, leader of the far-right, anti-Islam Alternative for Germany party, which will challenge Merkel’s coalition in elections next fall. She added that it was Merkel’s “duty to tell you that,” according to the New York Times.

Petry placed the blame for the attack squarely on the influx of migrants in the country over the past 18 months, which Merkel has supported. “We must not indulge in illusions,” she said, the Associated Press reported. “The environment in which such acts could thrive has been negligently and systematically imported over the past year and a half. This is not an isolated case and will not remain one.” …”

Marine and Marion Le Pen of the National Front called for a national populist axis to fight Islamic terrorism:

“The leader of the far-right party said: “How many more people must die at the hands of Islamic extremists before our governments close our porous borders and stop taking in thousands of illegal immigrants? …

FN leader Ms Le Pen added that president Francois Hollande had to scrap the migrant rehousing plan “immediately”.

She said he had to stop sending immigrants to reception centres around France if he wanted to prevent another wave of terrorist attacks on French soil.

The presidential hopeful added that the Socialist government had to release the list of all France-based radical Islamic groups, as well as the names of the people on the terrorist watch list, which is top secret.

Miss Le Pen said: “Radicalised Muslims with links to extremist groups must be stopped before it is too late. Having a database containing the names of thousands of suspected jihadists isn’t enough. The government must protect citizens from terrorism. Radicalised Muslims are ticking time bombs.”

The FN leader said “Paris, Moscow, and Washington” had to join forces to crush Islamic extremists “as soon as possible;” hinting that only US President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had the power and means to end the global war on terror.

She said: “The terror threat is real and we must act fast, and together. The Bataclan and Nice were just the beginning. The attack in Berlin confirms our deepest fears. We must boost security at Christmas markets and at churches.”

Viktor Orban of Hungary wasted no time blasting the West’s insane immigration policies and calling Berlin an attack on European Christendom:

“Yesterday, a heavy blow was dealt not only to the people of Berlin, but to the whole of Europe and to our common Christian values,” he said in a statement. “I can assure you that my government condemns every form of terror and violence, and stands ready to cooperate with Germany in order to guarantee the safety of Europe and its citizens.”

Merkel & Co. laid white roses at the site of the Berlin Christmas Market Massacre:


When you think about it, this is becoming a sickening new tradition throughout the West … all these people are dead because of the immigration and refugee policies of liberal establishment politicians like Merkel, Obama, Hollande, etc. The same politicians never learn anything from any of these terrorist attacks. They learned nothing from 9/11, the Bataclan, the French priest who was decapitated, etc.

They’re just going through the motions here of pretending to care about the victims of their folly. They’re pretending to be on top of the situation. It is make believe.

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  1. The type of immigration laws that one supports comes down to one’s
    ideology. Progressives tend to be globalists and in theory place equal value on
    all humans regardless of national origin or ancestry. Therefore they
    will remind us that most Muslims are not terrorists and it is unfair to
    judge a whole population by the actions of a few. This reasoning will
    continue to have support until nationalism becomes fashionable once again. Nationalists value their own people ahead of foreigners. We expect that our government will place our interests first when it comes to immigration or any other policy. In this light, since banning Muslims from immigrating to our nation increases our safety it should be done because our interests are more important than the interests of foreigners.

  2. Christmassacre.

    Mind-time is fast, body-time is slow.

    Body will eventually inform the mind, but then it may be too late.

    Mind-time works according to words and info.

    Body-time works according to overall physiological effect.

    Telling someone of the horrors of smoking works on mind-time. In several minutes, a person can be informed of the dangers of tobacco. Even without smoking, the person will know that smoking is awful and offers no benefits. If anything, it ruins the lungs and heart.

    In contrast, suppose someone is told smoking isn’t bad. Or he is even told smoking is good for him. Worse, he is told he must smoke for good health. Refusal to smoke makes him a bad person.
    So, it’s anathema for him to think badly of tobacco or reject it.
    But body-time will eventually make him aware that smoking is bad for him. He will have breathing problems. His skin is turning sallow. His feels heart pains. But this takes time. It could take many yrs for the full effect of smoking to show up. But then, he could have lung cancer or irreparable heart damage. By that time, even if he does know of the danger of smoking, he may not be able to save himself.
    But worse, experts may tell him that he should keep smoking because his health problems are not the result of smoking but from not having smoked ENOUGH. So, for better lungs and heart, he needs to smoke 5 packs a day than just 3.

    The election of Trump is the result of body-time.
    Mind-time is controlled by the Proglob that controls the media, academia, and narrative. From young age, countless Americans have been drummed with the mantra of ‘diversity is our strength’, ‘inclusion, inclusion, inclusion’, ‘opposing immigration is xenophobic’, ‘there is nothing worse than racism’, and etc.
    These lessons are drummed into kids mind in a few sessions. It takes very little time to make kids think this way. And since other ways of thinking are effectively banned or taboo, the great majority of American kids, even of conservative bent, think and feel this way.
    But despite all this Nice Talk drummed into the American Mind, the American Body was getting sicker and sicker from massive invasion, degeneracy, decadence, culture of excess, rootlessness, and etc. Even though the mind has been told one thing, the agonizing American Body rebelled. Maybe Trump is just a snake-oil salesman than a true doctor, but the fact is that the advice given to the American Mind has been BAD MEDICINE, indeed poison.. just like the Proglob political-medical advice to EU is pure poison. I mean what sane person thinks EU has anything to gain by taking in tons of Muslims and Africans?

    But if you control the sounds, words, and images, it is so easy to fool the mind. After all, look how easily the masses got hooked to homomania via TV shows, advertising, and PC.
    But the body eventually finds out what it can digest and can’t digest, what makes it healthy and what makes it sick.
    Telling the European mind that it should take in tons of transfat and sugar will eventually make the body sick. Body-time may be slow, but it will send signals.
    Problem is it may be too late by the time the body tells the mind to STOP DOING WHATEVER IS CAUSING THE HARM.

    But those who control the mind-time keep using the media and academia to tell the mind that the problem is NOT ENOUGH MEDICINE of sugar and trans-fat.
    So, bring in more Muslims and Africans to fix the problems caused by Diversity.

    Body-time works too slow. The nationalists must take over the means of affecting mind-time.
    Since the white mind has been corrupted and has ‘come apart’ from the white body, the white body needs to develop a new mind that will warn and inform if of what is good for it and what is bad for it. Real political-medical advice.

  3. They don’t even have the terrorist in custody. The guy they had falsified his records and lied to get in and they release him. Absolute madness

  4. A NATIVITY scene has been ‘banned’ in case it offends one of the FOUR Muslims living in a Belgian town.

    ‘Town chiefs allegedly refused to include a traditional festive display in Holsbeek, Belgium over fears it could upset a member of the minuscule Muslim population.

    Traditionally locals put a Christmas tree and a model of baby Jesus in a manger in the centre of the town.’

  5. Worse than atomization is sex-axed society.

    Unity of men and women make a race. There was a time when white women respected white men and desired using their wombs to make white babies.

    But now, the two PCs work against this.

    PC of political correctness tells white women that white men are evil & oppressive. So, the only kind of white men who are good are cucked out dorks, but then, women are not attracted to cuck dorks.

    PC of pop culture tells white women that white men are inferior to more muscular and bigger-donged Negrores, and this fills white women with jungle fever.

    Female psychology isn’t loyalty to her race or group. It is loyalty to the dominant male.

    So, if a Negro kicks a white guy’s ass, the white woman isn’t filled with tribal passion to take care of the loser white boy. She feels contempt for loser white boy and runs off with the Negro and uses her womb to hatch the superior black baby.

    Or, like Trump’s daughter, she goes with a rich powerful Jew and uses her gentile womb to hatch Jew babies.

    Women are whores. They are like Teresa in THE WILD BUNCH. Even though Mapache attacked her village and killed the men of the village, she goes with Mapache cuz he’s the big man of the territory.

    Western culture is raw, rauncy, and porny. In sports, muscled blacks whup white boys. And in music, black rappers have the loudest voices.

    White women look down on white men as inferior and want to have sex and kids with negro.

    It’s like Asian women under globalism. When Asian women only knew Asia, they were happy with Asian men. But in our globalized world, Asian women have globalized sexual attitudes and they notice that Asian men are inferior. So, many refuse to have kids with Asian men and dream of coming to the West to have babies with white men or black men. Thus, Asia is Saigonized. During Vietnam War, the women there were all whores of US military men.

    White men are becoming ‘Asianized’ in the West. Imagine a mental picture of

    a white guy pulling a rickshaw that is ridden by a white woman giving a handjob to a big Negro. That is the new white man. He’s cuck-coolie serving jungle feverism. A white father is one who cheers a black guy beating up his white son and impregnating his white daughter. Disgusting.

    With all these big-pudded Negroes and macho Muslims coming to EU that is filled with cuckish white dorks, white women will go jungle-fever and have tons of mixed race babies. This is what the EU elites push as they’re merely collaborationist stooges of Jewish globalists. In the end, EU will end up looking like Morocco or Egypt. A mud nation.


    • Andrea, whites are afraid of other whites. Nobody really fears or respects blacks. It isn’t blacks who make or destroy careers, or enforce political correctness. It isn’t blacks who refuse to keep blacks in line. Very few white women marry black men or offer their wombs to them.

      If you have such a low opinion of white men, then go find yourself a superior Jewish or black guy. God knows nobody is going to miss you. Who’d want to put up with that shit constantly?

      • She is a He and most like a one with gender identity issues. Given her negro/Muslim love coupled with irrational lengthy ramblings prove that.

        • “Women are whores. They are like Teresa in THE WILD BUNCH. Even though Mapache attacked her village and killed the men of the village, she goes with Mapache cuz he’s the big man of the territory.”

          That doesn’t sound much like a woman I’ve figured that Andrea/Patrea/Whiskey or whatever is a troll for some time, but who knows?

    • Patria, you identify some legitimate trends. Nothing is certain yet about that outcome.

      Sex in general I find is a theme in your comments. Not to be rude, but how is it that you know so much about sex with black men?

  6. Some people only blame Muslims for the terror.

    Some people only blame the West for not being welcoming enough, thus alienating Muslims.

    Some people only blame the West for invading the Muslim world and creating all the havoc that radicalized Muslims.

    But sensible people blame both the Invade and the Invite. They see how the two are intricately linked. The West invades and destroys Muslim world and then it invites tons of angry Muslims to settle in the West.

    Btw, it is a canard that Muslims in the West turn to radicalism because of white ‘racism’ or ‘xenophobia’. Their main reason for turning to Islamic radicalism is the disgust they feel toward feminism, philosemitism, homomania, libtard decadence, and cultural degeneracy that both excites and sickens them.

    It is the Proggy elements of the West that most trigger and radicalize Muslims, but the Progs play a sleight-of-hand trick whereby we are told that Muslims have been radicalized by ‘Islamophobia’.

    But the angriest Muslims are to be found in overwhelmingly Globalist cities where the culture is utterly rancid, decadent, hedonistic, and trashy, indeed all-too-welcoming of Muslims as a useful minority group against ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘white racism’. But it seems to me that Muslims who are encouraged by the Libs hate the Libs with passion. Indeed, most Muslim attacks have been against cosmo-Lib communities.

    • Sounds like what happened with Charles Martel and the Battle of Tours. A theocracy and a democracy are not compatible.

  7. So called migrants, enemy invaders commiting inter racial crimes under the guise of U.N. human rights charter, then genocide convention.

  8. Germany has a parliamentary system of government. Merkel is the head of the Roman Catholic Party the CDU/CSU. Her coalition partners besides Catholics are the socialists of the SPD. To knock Merkel out of power either the Papists split, or the SPD socialist-left splits?

    There probably is more chance of the SPD splitting, because they are traditionally Protestant and north German.

    In the 1920’s Hitler split the Catholic Zentrum the forerunner of the CDU/CSU paving his way to power.

  9. North Korea is often mocked on a lot of snarky humour sites for its strange cult like status of their leader and their blind belief in state propaganda, but I am deadly serious when I say that Germany is way worse than North Korea. If Kim Jon Un decided to suddenly let in say 1 million Nigerians, the population would be more likely to rise up and hang him than Germans would.

    I say this as a German but raised (luckily) elsewhere (parents immigrated from Germany), the family and people I have met in Germany are utterly irredeemable, they would rather die than even hint at a fraction of the stuff that is said on this site. They cannot be reasoned with, they could have attacks like this every day and still tolerate this, again I am deadly serious when I say this, they could have 1000 deaths a day and they would still tolerate it. I cannot see how Germany can be get out of this, all one can hope for now is that it will serve as an example of the lunacy of their ideology and that the remaining white countries do something before they also succumb to this madness.

      • BS – they are unarmed and at the mercy of a totalitarian police state. We have weapons and won’t use them to defend a little girl in Idaho raped by mudskins. Who is more useless?

      • I have known some fine Germans, Mr. Blood – but, all in all, you are right – a long-lasting scar of Chancellor Hitler’s foreign policy miscalculations was the severe cutting of the blood proof with water, not to mention the diplomatick impetus for the creation of Israel, the permanent loss of East Prussia, The Sudetenland, and Silesia, and, just as bad, the creation of a new far Leftist German State – the very thing he had, ostensibly, been out to prevent.

        Hitler’s failures left Europe in a very bad way – and Merkel’s endless reign is proof.

    • North Koreans are so terrified by the Kim family mafia the go along with all their madness out of fear of their heads. Look how phony they act, obviously out of terror, watch the fake tears at all the funerals, not any sort of desirable society. I’d rather live in Obama’s America than that monstrosity.

  10. a national populist axis to fight Islamic terrorism:

    How many times have we heard that…only to preempt the military to central asia.Idiots never learn from history It weakens the western front.

  11. The only thing that can pull Merkel’s fat out of the fire is if she gets an “assist” from Nazi LARPers. Support the professionals like Farage and Wilders, don’t undermine them with shenanigans!

  12. It’s very interesting that they still can’t find the perpetrator, even with all of their surveillance networks and CCTV cameras.

    Perhaps this is a ray of light for aspiring Nationalist gunmen and Neo-Nazi assassins?

    Just saying.

  13. This one killed another kid.

    I’m sure he’s hiding out with other Muslims, maybe even out of the country at this point.

  14. Reconquista. Non Christians out of Europe immediately. Let the Hebrews take them in. They are the hand behind all of this anyway.

  15. I always find it funny when the hatred of the Poles, Ukrainians etc for the Jews during WW2 is explained as some spontaneous outburst of bigotry. They hated them because they saw them as the destroyers of Christendom. They knew them. They had lived around them. They knew what they were about. They and the mohammedans are two sides of the same coin.

  16. The problem is the right shares many of the values of liberalism. Many on the right attack Christian values, support feminism and homosexual marriage. A radical attack on enlightenment postulates is required to save western civilization.

    • But first we have to save our race. Even at this late date too many on the right still don’t get that.

  17. Sweet! We are seeing nationalists all awaiting a Trump/Putin SUPER power to crush this bullshit! Of course that leaves out jews and what (((they))) think.

  18. It will happen again. Nothing will be done. There will be platitudes about security, while demonizing people who pointed out that the regressive left’s immigration policies were responsible. In the end, nothing will be done and there will be another large Islamic terrorist attack before the end of 2017. Bank on it.

  19. ‘… all these people are dead because of the immigration and refugee
    policies of liberal establishment politicians like Merkel, Obama,
    Hollande, etc. The same politicians never learn anything…’

    That’s because they do not consider themselves in ‘learning mode’, but, only that of ‘teaching’.

    To me, it takes incredible gall to offer words of condolences to the families of these victims or lay a wreath at their memorial, when you know perfectly well that they are dead solely because of you.

    Like I said to my wife, earlier this year : ‘Honey, we’re back to The Wild Wild West; a time for the six shooter to be carried everywhere; and it’s all courtesy of President Obama, who, as we speak, is probably out golfing as his latest batch of mud race infidels roll in’ …

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