Paul Ryan Condemns UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements

This is hilarious.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, Mr. “That’s Not Who We Are,” sure changes his tune when it comes to Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Israel, you see, has a right to exist “as a Jewish democratic state.” Ethnonationalism is only objectionable when White Nationalists are advocating for it in the United States.

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  1. Ryan, McCain, Fairy Lindsey Graham are representatives of Israel in the American house and senate. Their constituents are fooled by political commercials run during election season funded by Israel first jews.

    Not one of the Republican leaders has the courage to end a foreign country, Israel, meddling in American politics.

    • Instead they falsely accuse Russia of doing all the things Israel has been doing for years and years.

    • ‘Not one of the Republican leaders has the courage to end a foreign country, Israel, meddling in American politics.’

      It’s a good point, Jim, though, as The New England Government continues to meddle in Israeli politicks (Obama tried, like Clinton before him, to unseat Natanyahu) and, as well, in the elections of many countries, how this relationship is, between Israel and Washington, seems rather cryptick.

  2. Would all those conservative Israel Firsters approve of Whites stealing property from the Negroes or Injuns and then building residential communities on that land for Whites only?

    • Good point, Mr. Kleinfeld; yet, I warn you ; if you start listing Yankee Government hypocrosies, you’ll soon have arthritus.

    • Bob Whitaker had an interesting article some months back. Basically, Israel is a state founded on genocide, now and several thousand years ago.

  3. We have to blame the men too for feminism. The fact is a lot of Western/modern fathers did a lousy job. They were too materialistic, too immature, too individualistic, too excessive, etc. They forgot how to be patriarchs, and they failed to instill true culture in their girls. They didn’t know how to be like Don Vito Corleone. They never grew up, watched too much TV, didn’t introduce their girls to race, culture, history, and morality. So, the girls grew up on the two PC’s: pop culture and political correctness.

    Also, the problem of feminism, along with individualism and careerism, is that it puts materialism above organismicism. Indeed, this is the problem of modernity. It favors ideas and materials over life. This is a huge misconception since ideas and material goods are useless & can’t exist without life. Humans are animals. Before anything else is possible, there must be life. So, any understanding of meaning of human-ness must begin with life. Each human is born of father and mother. Since it is a complex process to raise a kid, it is a moral duty for man and woman who produce life to commit to one another and to the life they produced. That is the core of morality based on biological truth. But so many ideologies of modernity attack this. Feminists attack it as patriarchal. Feminists, being into sisterhood or individuality, thinks only of what the Woman wants. So, if she wants be a wife, that is okay. But if she wants to be single-mother and deny the kid a father, that is good too. Or, if she wants to kill the kibbler through abortion, that is good too.

    Feminists don’t understand life. All they care about is women’s choice, women’s rights, women’s freedom, women’s freedom, and etc. They never think to ask, “Why do women exist in the first place?” Women, like men, exist because of father and mother. Thus, every child should be the responsibility of father and mother. And since the kid in the womb belongs as much to the father as to the mother, abortion should be a decision made by both parties. Why should the woman have the sole right to choose to kill the kid? The woman may argue that the kid is in HER BODY, but it’s in her body ONLY BECAUSE the man fertilized her egg with his seed. Now, if the man takes off, the woman should make the decision on her own. But if the man and woman decided together to have a kid, the man should be consulted too if the woman suddenly decides to kill the kid. It’s like money in the bank. The money may physically be in the bank, but it was deposited by the customer. Just because the money is in the bank doesn’t mean the bank can do whatever it wants to do with it. Likewise, every kid in a womb is the result of man depositing his sperm inside the woman. If it was rape, the woman should abort. Otherwise, it is a far more complicated moral issue.

    Anyway, our understanding of human-ness must begin with life. And the meaning of life comes from family. Man having a wife, woman having a husband, and they raising a family. While some jobs may be rewarding in their own right, most jobs suck. Even better kinds of jobs, like doctoring and lawyering, are mostly drudgery. The real meaning comes from family life. Indeed, we can see it in the generosity within the family. A doctor may perform invaluable service to his clients, but why? For money. He doesn’t really care for all those strangers. He treats them for money. Once they are out of his office, he doesn’t care about them, and they don’t care about him. And he wouldn’t spend money on them. He works on them to take money from them. But a parent spends money on his kid out of love. That is meaning of life. True meaning of life is based on love of close ones to whom one gives without thought of material reward. Emotional reward is enough, indeed the best kind of reward. Also, it is through the kids that parents live on in story, memory, and etc. Jews understood this. The kid hears the story of his father and grandfather. So, once grandfather dies, the story remains, and it is carried down through the generations.

    The problem with our age is amnesia. We don’t believe in family history anymore. Kids are not raised by patriarchs. Instead, from a young age, kids are made to identify with pop culture idols and emulate the likes of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. From a young age, kids see TV. It’s like in the movie AVALON by Barry Levinson. Before TV, the young kids heard stories from parents and grandparents. And he read books and etc. Also, kids got to know nature by playing outside and going on trips. Now, it’s all zip-zap pop culture that extinguishes all memory. Also, as America is the center of the world, all the world is following the American Model. After all, one needs only 5 yrs residence in the US and love of shopping to be a ‘good American’.

    But real meaning comes from family, and family is about life created through sex bound by moral laws that make love(than mere lust) possible. So, jobs exist mainly to allow people to afford to have families. Men need families. Without them, they are leading dead-end lives. And we can see the result in White Death. Women may work to afford families too, but jobs are far more important for the men because men without jobs cannot have families. The simple general fact is most men will marry women without jobs, but most women will not marry men without jobs. So, if you take job away from a woman, you are not taking away her chance at family. But if you take away job from a man, you are taking away not only his job but his chance at family.

    But feminists are too nasty and selfish to see this.

    When women take too many good jobs, they are robbing men of the chance of having families. This is esp true in our world when women’s expectations for marriage have risen so high. Back in New Deal days, a woman was willing to marry some high school dropout with factory job. Now, women want a much better kind of men, but with so many good jobs held by women, there are far fewer men with the kind of jobs that attract women. Indeed, feminism is self-defeating because as women rise higher and higher in economic ranks, their standards also go higher and higher. They are less and less willing to marry men who are deemed ‘not good enough’. But since more women in upper ranks means fewer men in upper ranks, it means fewer men for ambitious women to marry. Worse, many women who gain good jobs don’t even want families. They just want to enjoy the good life of travel, affairs, and materialism. So, they hog a good job, make all that money, and blow it all on themselves. If a good decent man had that job, he might have spent the money to raise a family than just on himself.

    We need a new view of life that puts life first. We need to say life comes first since the only reason we exist is because we are alive, and we are alive cuz we have father and mother. So, life is most important. And since we don’t live forever, our lives continue as memory in our kids, who are also life. And it just so happens to be the case that men who want to get married need jobs. So, even though women should not be banned from jobs, careers must be prioritized to serve men. In serving men, jobs also serve women who can marry the men, and it will serve the kids who will be born into stable families. Feminists will cry foul because such a system favors men for jobs, and from a purely libertarian-feminist perspective, their complaint would have merit. Libertarianism puts ideas and individual choice above all else. So, the idea of liberty and freedom beats all. But the core meaning of life comes from life itself. What is use of liberty or freedom if there is no life? And life imbued with moral value is about family. So, the core meaning and purpose of humanity is to have family. That being the case, society should be ordered so that it maximizes the chance for men to have wives and families. It is a form of biological socialism. It might be called Bio-Social-Security. If men and women were asexual and interchangeable, I would agree with the libertarians. And if we lived in a BRAVE NEW WORLD kind of society where the state makes all the people, family would be unnecessary. But we still create life through family. And the true meaning of life is found not at work but when one comes home ot family from work filled with colleagues and strangers. (Though co-workers may be close friends, they are still not family. If a co-worker decided to quit and go elsewhere, that’s just part of work. But imagine if the spouse left or a child ran away. Or if they died. It’d mean a lot more.) It is when the man comes home and hugs his wife, kids, and dog and cat that he finds true meaning. Why? At home, it’s not about dollars and cents. He gives himself to wife and kids out of love. At work, he did stuff with others to make money. It’s like an accountant will serve any old folks, but it’s for money. But he will do stuff for his own parents out of love. He works for money, but the money gains most meaning when spent on family. The main purpose of work is to allow men to afford family. When women take too many good jobs, they not only hurt men but women who want to be wives/mothers. Suppose a bunch of women want to be good wives/mothers, but it is difficult to find men who can support them. Why? Cuz too many women hog the good jobs… and these women don’t even intend to get married and just lead Sex-and-City lives of piggishness.

    The main problem of our materialist-consumer society is it puts money and jobs above life and family. Our society pretends as if money and jobs are ends in themselves when, in fact, they are just means to have families(for people with true bio-moral sense).

    After all, consider two men: one is a libertarian who is just into me, me, me materialism. He spends all his money on videogames, fancy cars, travel, expensive man-child toys, collectibles, record albums, and etc. Now, all those things are nice, and I’m not against having stuff. But are they the ultimate meaning of life?

    The other man uses his earnings to mainly afford a family, have a wife, and have kids.

    Suppose a lot of time passes, and both are old and near death. The second guy is surrounded by kids and grandkids. He has memory of life well-lived with wife whom he dearly loved. The first guy is all alone in some hospital surrounded by Filipino nurses and Nigerian assistants who don’t give a rat’s ass about him. In his house are lots of stuff — games, books, records, and etc — that don’t care about him and will end up in some trash heap or Salvation Army after he dies. Who led a more meaningful life? Charles Foster Kane dies with lots of stuff, but he has no family. It’s miserable. But George Bailey is surrounded by family at end of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. And Don Vito Corleone died meaningfully as his family remembers him and dearly loves him.

    When consumer-material society put jobs, money, and individualism above life, family, and culture/community, it committed a great crime against humanity.

    In this sense, the National Socialist model was most sound. Now, Nazism ended up doing horrible stuff with WWII and Holocaust. Its imperialism and radical racism were hideous and worth denouncing for all time. But when it came to national policy on family and economics, it came closest to a model that found a meaningful covenant between the need of materiality/economy and need of the biology/family.

    This has meaning for men, women, and children.

    We need some socialism on the matter of family, a kind of bio-socialism.

    If socialism is about sacrificing individual wealth and liberty for the good of the whole where necessary, then it should be considered in relation to biology.

    After all, Social Security program too is bio-socialist. The earnings of young individuals are passed to old individuals. Purely from a libertarian viewpoint, it might be called unjust since money is taken from one bunch of individuals and given to another bunch who didn’t work for it. But the biological fact is older people are weaker, wearier, and sicker. So, they can’t work like young people. And golden yrs should be somewhat pleasant. So, young workers make sacrifices for older folks.. and also, young will not remain young forever. They will become old one day and they will receive social security paid for by the new young.

    Then, we need bio-socialist considerations when it comes to men and women. Men and Women are different. Men cannot have kids. And women generally will not marry men without jobs, esp good jobs. So, jobs matter more to men than to women. Also, even though money is nice to spend on fun consumer stuff, money is ultimately a means for creating and raising a family. While one can spend all the money on non-family stuff, it is ultimately meaningless since a man who dies along surrounded by dead stuff or material goods is at a moral/cultural dead-end. Also, it is within the family that men, women, and children share in something truly meaningful. If we are life, then we must life mainly for life, and it is from the family that we came from, it is the family which we must create, and it is the family that we must leave behind once we die. (Another way to enact bio-socialism is to allow women to have good high-paying jobs but taxing them at much higher rates and passing that money to men so they can afford families. After all, men need the extra money to have families. Since women take good jobs and chance of families from men, the state can take a chunk of the women’s paycheck and give to men to raise families.) Western Society is so proud of its social safety nets and social security, but it has failed because it has forgotten how to create life and family. The fact that aging white folks in the US and EU must talk about importing masses of non-white immigrants to work to support social security for old white folks who left few or no children behind reeks of failure. What does it matter if white folks created lots of stuff and wealth IF they failed to create life that will love them, cherish them, take care of them, and remember them and carry on with their stories and memories? The question is do you wanna be like Vito Corleone or like Jack Nicholson in CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, a man who got the sex and girls but failed as a real man with family? If the aging West has to import tons of non-whites to take care of old whites, then it has failed big time. It has favored materialism over organismicism. West forgot that, above all, we are organisms. We need life before we can have ideas and ‘stuff’.

    Even Soviets had sounder concept of family that what happened in the consumerist west.

    This is one of the most beautiful images of fatherhood. From Tarkovsky’s MIRROR:

    In the end, feminism is irrelevant. Yes, earlier forms did good in allowing freedom to women and giving them chances to develop their minds. And etc. But in the end, most women are not Madame Curies. Most of them never used their freedom to do good work or achieve remarkable things. Same with the men. Less than 1% of people change society in any real way. Most people live not for great fame or fortune but for family. And the advance of second wave feminism, in concert with perpetual youth-ism, materialism, hedonism, piggerism, shamelessism, and etc. led to a social disaster. Even the affluent who do better than other are soulless and lost, worshiping garbage like ‘gay marriage’ and trannies. It is a life out of balance, like in KOYAANISQATSI, where individuals are made to favor the ever disposable insta-delights over things that have meaning over the long haul.

    Fatherism or neo-patriarchalism is the only thing that will save society. Not just masculinism but father-ism because every man was born a son, and every man can only pass down his identity, story, and culture to his son. (A man has moral and cultural power over his own kids that he has over no other. A Jewish father can make his son Jewish and tell him the story of his people. But he can’t do that to any other kid who isn’t his own.) We need a culture that makes boys grow up and put away childish things and act with honor like young Vito Corleone. And has a sense of culture beyond superhero movies, video games, and sports dominated by the Gros who are trashy and tattooed all over. (We are so far away from the time of Jackie Robinson who had some class, at least in public.) We need men who have enough sense not to graffiti their ass and arms with tattoos. Or get dumb piercings or get gay-ish haircuts. Male culture is a disaster because it’s geared to churning out Perez Hilton-imitators than Vito Corleones. A NYT article says gaydar no longer works since even straight urban males now dress and act like fruits.

    Imagine that: “HIPSTERS BROKE MY GAYDAY”

    THAT IS WHAT PASSES FOR MALE CULTURE IN THE MODERN WEST. And men are looking pretty fruity in Japan, what with all those ‘herbivores’. No wonder so many Japanese men would rather play video games for life than be fathers.

    This, btw, is a homo idea of family. Needless to say, certain sicko Jews have been at the center of both radical feminism and homomania.


  4. This Israel worship is getting way out of hand, not just in Congress and politics, but on the street as well. When are Americans and the rest of the West see that Israel and the jews are the root of all evil and we should not be supporting them in any way shape or form.

    • In British Raj India they spoke just as glowingly of their British colonial masters right up until Gandhi threw them out. The USA is no different.

  5. I think it’s time we all write letters to Ryan, Graham, McCain and let them know they are sycophants to Jews/Israel and they are not fooling anyone with their lies. No surprise that the Jew media always seems to present them as the voice of Republicans, when they are nothing but puppets spewing the commands of their Jew pay masters.

  6. Congress gives a foreign country more representation and support than it gives to its own White population. Actually we get zero from these traitors. Where are all the Constitutioners complaining that there is absolutely no clause giving Congress the power to represent foreign governments?

  7. Israel is a weak point of the cucks, they should be made to make these statements more often and much louder.

    • “Israel is a weak point of the cucks”
      BOY! Ain’t that the truth!! The amount of olympic level mental gymnastics cucks do over Israel puts even the most delusional liberals to shame.

    • Seems to me they always scream for Israel at full volume. Even screaming for non Whites and the alien invasion comes behind it.

      • My point being is that on this issue the cucks are trollable, the more ridiculous they sound the better that’s the goal of the troll

  8. That’s not “who we are”??? Huh? So it’s the duty of the US to kiss Israel’s ass on command even to our own people’s detriment ? The reality is that real life people, right and left neither one ever say anything good about Israel for a magnitude of different reasons and points of view. The only place anyone really ever seems to see the judaizer-fetish crowd is on TV and the Hasbars fellowship impostor’s online who do it for a living since that thug live doesn’t pay the bills, even in Israel.America first! NOT Israel!

  9. Sorry to have to use this word, as I don’t throw it around recklessly.

    Paul Ryan is flaming faggot – same as lisping Lindsey Graham. Not all faggots are homosexuals and not all homosexuals are faggots. Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham are faggots – they live to be on TV crying about the latest Lib Laraza cause of the day. They constantly try to shame any healthy White American who has any healthy interests in protect our people or our culture. That faggot Paul Ryan couldn’t even carry his own state of Wisconsin as VP for Mitt Romney. All healthy White folks in his Wisconsin voting district hate and despise him, I can’t understand how he and Lisping Lindsey Graham keep getting re-elected. MY god the GOP Republicans just re-elected him….

    Speaker of the House of Representatives!

    He and Lindsey Graham, John McCain are reading straight from a Hillary Lib Left Democrat script going on and on about how the Russians stole the election for Trump!

    Why aren’t our people pelting these faggots with water balloons filled with vile liquids?

    To their credit Wisconsin folks booed Paul Ryan off the state at a “unity” show at the Wisconsin State fair.

    If any of us are in the same room with him we MUST shout at him:

    “You’re a Faggot Ryan”.

      • No he’s not. Please don’t go down the route of always accusing people we don’t like of being secret Jews. Most of the time it isn’t true.

          • No. We have clear enemies, many of these enemies are ethnic Jews. We also have many terrible traitors – like Paul Ryan and like Amren traitor of the year Glen Beck. Please do not muddy the waters, confuse the issue by falsely calling traitors Jews. The top of the Catholic Church including the Black/Muslim boot licking Pope Francis are traitors. Few are ethnic Jews.

  10. America has a “special relationship” with Israel, a “Jewish” state. In metaphor, I suppose that a pimp has a “special relationship” with his whores, and disciplines them when they get out of line. As to the Jewish state, why can they (Israel) be ethnonationalsits, but not the white Europeans who founded America? (Crickets in the background). I wish my relatives could break free from Zionist preachers and Holoco$t mythology and view Israel like any other country.

  11. Why is Ryan up walking around in the day light? shouldn’t he be in his coffin until it gets dark? I heard that vampires can’t take sunlight.

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