Dylann Roof: “I Still Feel Like I Had To Do It”

Jesus Christ.

“Charleston, South Carolina (CNN) Dylann Roof told jurors who hold his life in their hands Tuesday that he still feels he had to massacre the people gathered for Bible study last year at a historically black Charleston church.

“In my confession to the FBI I told them that I had to do it, and obviously that’s not really true. … I didn’t have to do anything,” Roof said as he made his own five-minute closing argument in the penalty phase of his federal trial. “But what I meant when I said that was, I felt like I had to do it, and I still do feel like I had to do it.” …”

Why does Dylann Roof keep saying he felt like he “had to do it?”

It’s because he was radicalized by the coverage of the Trayvon Martin case. He discovered that the Lügenpresse covers up black-on-White crime while promoting the false narrative that blacks are routinely victimized by Whites. He went into that church and murdered those people because he was incensed by a sense of injustice.

Guess what? Dylann Roof probably knows nothing about what happened in Chicago. The SPLC Hatewatch had nothing to say about what happened in Chicago. President-Elect Trump had nothing to say about what happened in Chicago. The Lügenpresse had already buried the story even before last weekend.

Yes, Dylann Roof’s behavior was a crazy and unjustifiable overreaction, but isn’t it remarkable how quickly Christopher Dorner, Vester Flanagan II, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Christopher Harper-Mercer, Micah X., Cosmo Setepenra and the Chicago Four were sent down the memory hole? Isn’t it telling how the so-called “watchdog organizations” who are in the business of “fighting hate” acted like Chicago didn’t even happen?

In all the coverage of the Dylann Roof trial, I have never seen the Lügenpresse admit once that their coverage of black crime might have had anything to do with what happened in Charleston. There has been no introspection. Nothing has changed. If anything is true, the problem has gotten worse since Charleston. It’s a safe bet that there are more of these “wound collectors” out there and they see The Standard as clearly as we do.

The Standard is that crimes which fit The Narrative are hyped. Those which don’t fit The Narrative are ignored and forgotten. It has become such a glaring problem that the Russians have taken notice.

Note: In his journal, Dylann Roof took sole responsibility for his actions. If you haven’t already done so, read the whole thing. It sheds new light on his motivations.

Update: Dylann Roof gets the death penalty.

Update 2: I’ve been alerted that the SPLC actually did release a statement on Chicago – it was in their News section, not the Hatewatch which I browse. It is a paragraph from Richard Cohen. I suppose that is better than nothing. BTW, I am not a fan of the redesign.

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  1. Anti-Whites always justify “black rage”. They ought to be scared shitless of “White rage”. That’s what’s coming if they keep doubling down and doing their damnedest to exterminate us.

    • More specifically, he’s exhibiting the exact fabrication being used to justify Murphy’s new legislation:


      Anosognosia is the supposed state of being psychotic without realizing you’re psychotic. Somehow the audial hallucinations or material delusions in someone’s head are oh so compelling, yet not accessible to the sufferer…?!!!!!

      In reality, schizophrenics are very much in touch with their hallucinations and/or delusions (which are always material, not of power) as are manic depressives, whose manic phase features material delusions (thinking one is god, George Washington, et al). A schizophrenic will just deny that they’re imaginary, while the manic depressive will remember them as such once brought down from their mania.

      Neither group has this absurd ‘anosognosia.’

      ETA Recall that it was being insinuated about Roof that he was ‘bipolar,’ without anyone coming out and asserting it directly.

      Lies and innuendo and fake diseases that don’t exist. Researchers repressing the truth about the two real brain/mental diseases and the genes that cause them.

      The Roof psy op really shook up white men on sites like Conservative Treehouse. That’s why the jewish media oligopoly stopped featuring white men as homicidal schizos. When the needle was pointed too directly at white men, the psych system’s BS started to become transparent. Too many smelled a fake.

      So now it’s always some non-white guy who is politically schizo homicidal, even though no such real life profile exists. Schizophrenics’ and manic depressives’ psychoses are non-violent. True psychosis generally is. If someone can’t even grasp concrete people, they can’t form aggressions. This was all the conventional wisdom until Pharma decided that every alcoholic, junkie, rape survivor, and homeless loser was ‘bipolar.’

      ETAA It’s also a convenient cohencidence that Roof has gone around during the trial proclaiming psychiatry a jewish fraud. As if someone of his age and socioeconomic group even contemplates psychiatry.

      • The idea behind this creation of anosognosia is to convince people to support ‘pre-crime intervention’ so there’s no due process guaranteed to people with ‘abhorrent’ political views, among other goals.

        People undergoing psychosis don’t realize it, but people around them do. A schizophrenic will blab about how they’re the anti-christ or a prophet; indeed, most suffer a compulsion to have their delusions recognized and validated by others. A manic episode will have someone both physically out of control with extreme elation as well as materially impossible grandiose delusions. Neither group is the slightest bit subtle, although some schizophrenics do learn to not share their delusions since they don’t like the feedback they get. But that is only after they’ve been repeatedly told they’re nuts.

        So this anosognosia is Murphy & Jew Pseudoscience’s way of getting people to accept the demolition of the Bill of Rights and due process specifically. A true psychotic would always have multiple witnesses to offer testimony or affidavits in court, not that true psychosis poses a real threat to society. Suicide is an occasional danger for the truly psychotic schizophrenic or the depressive phase of manic depression – not homicide.

      • Good points, Lorax. The modern psychiatric field is definitely full of fake illnesses and mislabeled diagnoses.

        That’s not to say that schizophrenics can’t be dangerous, just that they’re normally not even capable of blowing up buildings or organizing mass shootings. Most of them just aren’t grounded enough to execute something like that (kind of hard to pull off a crime that takes months of planning when your mind constantly jumps from idea to idea and you can’t even tell what’s real…).

        There has also been a huge push to suppress certain psychiatric explanations for mental disorders. For example, there’s a good argument to be made that many trannies suffer from ‘autogynephilia’ – but no one wants to admit that trannies are mostly just a bunch of perverts.

        • Only a very narrow segment of schizophrenics are the paranoid type, and of those an even narrower segment are violent. The vast majority of schizophrenics really are non-violent. It is the nature of psychosis.

          Psychiatric explanations are supposed to be based on biology, hence the concept of disease and having MD’s be the arbiters of ‘mental health.’ The problem is that psychiatrists don’t base their fake diagnoses and prescriptions on any biological science whatsoever, which is why the field is a fraud.

          Manic depression is very hard wired and discreet and could easily be identified genetically; the medical cartel just doesn’t want to. Schizophrenia might be a big more complex but it is also genetically-based.

          Anyone pretending to deal in biological science who has none is a con artist and crackpot. Psychopath might be the better word. The other problem is that there are very few actual manic depressives and schizophrenics as they are major mutations which don’t get passed on, so even if psychiatrists acted like medical doctors the vast majority would be out of business.

          What I’m saying is, trannies have developmental psychological problems. It’s not an organic genetic problem. Psychiatry presupposes that ‘mental illness’ is physiological and especially organic. Transsexualism isn’t physiological, obviously, as no one can have a male body and a female brain.

  2. He did not have a good handle on the JQ which explains much of the Press obfuscation of crime stats and subtle n not so subtle jabs at whites.

  3. His only mistake was choosing the wrong target. Shooting people in a church makes no sense. He’s a useless moron who deserves death. Had he found his way into SPLC HQ or an Antifa protest and unleashed proper carnage, I can honestly say that I would have laughed and cheered. I’d still be laughing and cheering.

    • Awww, so sorry you don’t get to “laugh and cheer” at another’s act.
      Of course, you could show the “moron” how its done, yeah?

      • Sure. But would I get a hug? Or do you reserve those for the ineffective, slightly retarded imbeciles who kill innocent people in a church? You should pass out hugs at a few state prisons to keep you busy.

        Better yet, why don’t you go crawl up in a nigger’s asshole and die you wretched yenta whore.

    • I’d much rather he was helping to pass legislation that made everyone who profits from the SPLC’s business penniless and everyone that donates to them bankrupt as well. Just a minuscule part of the reparations for White Genocide, that will be collected world wide.

      The SPLC have 300 million dollars squirreled away in a Cayman Islands bank account. They do not give the money they collect to people in poverty. What they love most in the world is Money. Want to hurt them? Make them Poor.

    • I agree, Celestial, that shooting people in a church is ‘no sense’. I would also add that shooting unarmed civilians anywhere is, also, ‘no sense.’

      In fact, I’ll call it what it is – The Devil.

      As far as I know, in Eastern North Carolina, we have had some difficult events in the scope of political fighting, (like the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898) but, outside of the political sphere, no.

      If negroes we misbehaving they were dealt with, or, if in the case of lighter misdimeanours, they were warned, and then dealt with if multiple warnings were ignored.

      It is not within in The Traditional White Supremacist Society of Eastern North Carolina that supports the execution of upright negroes – nada, zero, nothing – which is as it ought be.

    • it was an activist church
      the people there would gladly see your children and women raped by a bunch of the less well behaved members of their community
      they just know that they can get certain things done when they dress up nicely
      never trust a nonwhite that claims to be christian

      the senator for example was part of a group that continually pushes an anti-white agenda in nearly all aspects of american politics

  4. The wretched media has SO much blood on their hands.

    I am sorry his life has ended up like this 🙁 I just want to hug him.

  5. I enjoyed your reasonable ‘review’ of his manifesto when it happened. Personally, I don’t advocate the murder of random people from behind a computer screen and it was a wrong target. Dylan has done more harm than good, seeing as the rest of America waged war against the South and the confederate flag.

    • Roof wanted to spark a race war. His actions didn’t have the effect he intended. Instead, it was used to justify taking down the Confederate Battle Flag in Columbia, which Republicans had long wanted to do anyway.

      • If he had better guidance, he’d have realized he’s already in a race war. Then he might have chosen more effective ways of fighting it than pointlessly sacrificing himself.

    • Instead of drawing attention to black-on-White crime, which naturally was completely ignored by the Lügenpresse, he became part of The Narrative. He was used to further The Narrative.

      If anything, violence rebounds to the benefit of the Narrative. It strengthens it. Among other reasons, that’s why it is a poor tactic. You will be on cable news for a few news cycles and used to advance the Left’s goals. Then you will be dispensed with and forgotten.

      • If violence is such a poor tactic, how does getting your face smashed in by the next bully you encounter advance your position? You could (and should) smash back, or better still, you could identify the known bullies in your area and smash first.
        “Violence is rarely the answer, but when it IS, it’s the ONLY answer”.

        • Well hypothetically he could have been less dramatic and executed drug dealers, known rapists and other undesirables. He probably would have been a very effective vigilante and gotten a higher body count.

        • Interesting video, but Roof wasn’t the innocent victim.

          It may be the case that violence will be the only way to solve our political problems, but we aren’t at that point yet, and the people Roof killed were no threat, unless you view every black man, woman and child to be a threat and fair game.

          I don’t agree with what Roof did, any more than I agree with rampant racially motivated black on white crime.

  6. We all have the right to self defense, but only the community can decide on community defense. Would a congress of movement notables declare a shooting war just now? Of course not. Therefore it is unlawful to engage in such practices as an individual.

    Failing to police our own movement has cost us and will cost us again (#altrightmassacre).

    Right makes right. Quit poisoning the minds of our young men with violent rhetoric.

    • Random White Rage can’t be controlled or policed by respectable conservative “Pro Whites”.

      Dylann Roof was a member of no White organizations and lets face it, none are tolerated by our present Rulers anyway. All of his psychological training to commit this act came direct from anti-White propaganda made in Hollywood. How about the respecties thought police them?

      • I agree with that. The press highlight certain outrages by blacks when they can’t be avoided on the national news. Generally black dysfunction is kept at the local news level.
        If a white behaves badly it’s national news see Duke Lacrosse but amazingly the badly behaving white is often exonerated by trial.

        This Rubs blacks the wrong way and gaslights well meaning whites.

        Whites who eventually notice this pattern are reduced to impotent rage. Blacks are validated in their genocidal hate of whites.

        The result is friction. Roof’s combustion is definitely a product of this friction.

    • Would I ask permission of the “community” or “notables” to avenge my child’s death had they been Channon Christian or Christopher Newsom?
      Get the fuck outta here with your lawful response. Current lawful response enables the violent criminal negro element we all must suffer, hence Roof’s disillusionment and the instinctive reaction to protect his own people. He simply chose his targets poorly. His targets should have been hoodrats, Lügenpresse etc.

      • Or anti-white journalists or sociologists. He’d go down as a maniac hater anyway, but at least taking out those targets would do some actual good (and might even “encourager les autres”).

    • Who are you again? Telling the “community” that they must “get permission” to act?

      Our little bowel Movement has less than 100 chiefs and thousands of tards, each yapping their own favorite shit. Better than 90% of our bowel Movement is jews, mongrels, idiots, degenerates of all sorts — and especially ZOGbots. “Asking permission” from such is a sure road to destruction for any tard stupid enough to ask.

      Dylann Roof did what he thought he had to do. I have no problem with what Roof done.


      The precedent set is that now niggers are subject to “haet-crimes” and every haet-nigger, i.e. all of them, can be tried again and again in diverse jurisdictions until a result suitable to those in power. Thus millions of niggers could be tried on capital “haet-crime” charges against whites, and tried at the federal, state and local levels, the CONstipational toilet-paper “protections” be damned.

      I admire Dylann Storm Roof. I know that most of you disagree, but it is because you don’t hate enough or have a ruthless desire for power to exterminate traitors and jews and mongrels who are currently destroying us Whites with the aid of treasonous whiggers. Roof wanted to start a “race war.” This race war has been going on for 7500 years ever since Satan disguised itzself as a nigger (Willie Martin DSCI orthodoxy) and seduced Eve and she gave birth to two twins: Cain the Spawn of Satan and father of the jews and righteous Abel who was Adam’s Son. Thus there are two seedlines, the jews who are Satan’s Spawn and born evil, and Aryan Adamic True-Men, who have souls and free will to choose to live Eternal upon obeying YHWH’s Law.

      Those of you who cannot discern the Righteousness of Dylann Storm Roof, Aryan Adamic Man, cannot do so because you are not one of us. The Law of YHWH isn’t written in your non-Adamic heart. Keep yapping jew-ZOG “morality” about how “niggers are human”, that Roof “murdered” sub-animals without souls, and we all must obey Under Satan’s Administration (USA) and thus don’t belong with us incessantly, though. For we see jewr snout and rightly suspect what lies underneath jewr tail.

      I take Dylann Storm Roof at His word because He is One with Me.

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  7. Proving a negative or negative proof may refer to:
    Proving a negative, in the philosophic burden of proof.
    Evidence of absence in general, such as evidence that there is no milk in a certain bowl.
    Modus tollens, a logical proof.
    Proof of impossibility, mathematics.

  8. I don’t believe any massacre took place in that church in SC. It was a HOAX created by ZOG to vilify White gun owners. The Empire sure didn’t waste any time putting this mental-case on trial, finding him guilty of all charges and then sentencing him to death. Normally the trial, conviction and sentencing for a capital crime takes years to make its way through the system. Not so in this case!


    • Yeah, isn’t it way odd that Brendan Tevlin’s murderer still awaits trial, when he killed Brendan in July 2014?

    • Maybe, they rushed it through to prevent the riots that would break out if they let the system drag along as usual.

      Deep down, the Commie/Libs are scared of Blacks. They know that beyond a certain point, they can’t control them.

    • Jerry, perception of these things is a matter of consciousness and conscientiousness. I totally agree with you 100%. There are just too many holes in this one (actually a lot of them). From the behavior of the “bereaved,” to the lack of a “slaughterhouse” clean up, to the replacement corpse for the pastor at his wake, as well as Roof himself, even I have to agree with Dick Gregory on this one. And, Dick Gregory is very anti-white. There is much more to this BS story than meets the eye. In jail, Roof’s next door neighbor was the cop, Michael Slager, who shot Walter Scott. That’s a film that also needs real scrutiny by believers of the official story. Perhaps Slager is Roof’s “handler.” I’m betting the Roof & Scott shootings are just ZOG fairy tales meant to further enrage ZOG’s shock troops against evil, racist whitey.

      • It’s not just a ZOG we’re dealing with but also a SSOG (secret societies occupied government) which gets far less attention.

  9. “Why does Dylann Roof keep saying he felt like he “had to do it?”

    Maybe because he genuinely feels that way. Why is that so hard for you to comprehend? As Roof told those niggers before he rightly executed them, “You rape our women, you destroy our country, you have to go.” It doesn’t get any more clear than that.

    • I understand that he was speaking generally but it’s unlikely that any of the old black ladies raped anybody.

      I suspect that was a wtf moment for Aunt Jemima.

      • nah
        they knew exactly what was going on
        at least the senator did and i suspect that his friends there where on board with the anti-white agenda he was pushing

  10. It sickens me that whites could take sides against their own kind to satisfy a demand for revenge from a people that hate us.

    • All kinds of orcs are fucking you dipshits on the outside and this whore son is gonna get buttfucked by niggers insidr prison. So much for altright asslicking faggots. Your leaders are sucking each others cocks snd fucking each others asses fighting with each other and you fucks still have pipedreams about returning to past “glory”. Hahahahahhsh

      • Hello rabbi phaggot. So thoughtful of you to prove why Humans want you expelled. For good. 110 and NEVER AGAIN.

        • Hi street slut, not gonna happen. You guys are just paying for all the sins you perpetrated over the centuries. Do.not pass it on to others. Your kind it. you can eek and ook like jigaboos howmuchever you want but it doesn’t change the fact, white trash whore. Marxism is the future. your days of dominating is OVER BIGTIME. Now get on fingering and cumming thinking about the next orc that is going to scat on your faces. Hahahahha

  11. I get the anger and frustration that Roof felt, but that doesn’t excuse shooting innocent strangers. I wouldn’t excuse wartime soldiers walking into a church and executing innocent civilians, so I can’t excuse Roof. He murdered complete strangers without proof that they had ever harmed a fly, and that’s not justifiable.

      • So you really think it’s okay to just go out and murder random blacks? Have you murdered any random blacks? If not, why not? What’s keeping you from just going out and shooting the next black person you see?

        I don’t actually hate blacks. I just don’t think we fit well together, and I don’t want to be around them. I also don’t accept what goes for black culture, and I don’t want it influencing my children. And I definitely don’t want to pay for them or give up opportunities that I deserve for them. Otherwise, I’m happy just having as little to do with them as possible.

        I have no idea how to untangle the current mess, but I do know that murdering random, innocent people in a Bible study class isn’t the way to go.

    • “innocent strangers

      Black mood swings from one extreme of laid back lassitude to that of nervous irritability, with aggressive and destructive manifestations.

      • Junius, we may very well wind up having a race war, but I don’t see the point in trying to start one, and I don’t see how murdering innocent people will help the cause of justice for whites in America.

        Even if a person doesn’t view what Roof did as morally wrong, it’s obvious that his actions were strategically and tactically wrong. Why start a race war when many whites aren’t even on board with your cause, and by actions that will certainly drive many into the enemy camp?

        I can’t find anything good to say about what Roof did. He murdered innocent people and wasted his own life in the process.

        Btw, I like your blog.

        • Thank you so much, Todd.

          I won’t speak for all over hell’s creation, but, in Eastern North Carolina we are not ever going to be having a race war.

          Yes, we have problems, but, all in all, we have, in spite of The Yankee government, gone on as before – we divided into our various neighbourhoods, churches, and various different clubs.

          I understand that what I am about to say ain’t got a lick of romantick, conflict, or publicity value, BUT, we, still, are carrying on pretty much as we always have – Whites and Blacks living apart, but, working with each other and being polite and considerate to each other in publick places.

          We don’t need a new solution – not from the New England Yankee Government, not from the NAACP, not from Anti-White UNC-educated scalawags, nor from White Nationalists.

          Concerning Roof – he is a TRAGEDY – a permanent blight on his own family, all the families of those god-fearin’ Negroes, Confederate Flaggers, and most all White Southerners. They, we, and all their neighbours, will, all, live with the fact he succumbed to Satan, for the rest of their days.

          In the 18 months since Roof committed his atrocity, never once have I heard any White man, in my town or church speak of it with anything but derision, rue, and judgement.

          As to the community of Charleston, nothing will change – except that the gravekeepers will have to move the weedeater around a few more stones, sooner than he would have, if Mr. Roof had been raised right – with The Lord Jesus Chryst in his heart.

          Have a great day, down yonder in Savannah!

          • I agree with you, Junius. My wish is that there is no race war, or even political war. I grew up in and around Atlanta and live near Savannah, so I’m not quite as hopeful as you. Mostly, I’d be happy with the restoration of the right of association, the end of affirmative action and insane welfare and immigration policies…I don’t demand the whole enchilada. The problem is that few people are satisfied with equality under that law, enforcement of the law, the inability to raid other peoples’ pockets and/or being judged by their character and abilities. We are definitely in a mess.

          • Todd, we are headed back to the right of freedom of association. If Jim Crow was flawed, then, for the same reasons, forcet integration is – this because the government needs to stay out of the private sector.

            Yes, I recall you told me you had connections to Rome, Georgia and Jacksonville, Alabama, but, had moved to Savannah.

            And, yes, as The South is so very large, I feel more comfortable speaking for Eastern North Carolina. I know the people of this area very well – Negro and White.

            The fundamental causes for my optimism in Eastern North Carolina are these – many many God fearing towns and hamlets, and, in spite of the fact we are, most, prejudicet and racist, our desire to give and receive goodwill supercedes that.

            The simply fact of the matter is that, here, even when folks are vext with each other, we still wish to find ways to make it better, that have nothing to do with a race war.

            Yet, we do have some problems, and The Northern Government’s trying to enforce a hypothetical ‘equality’ and their version of ‘justice’, has invented quite a few problems we never had – first and foremost the ubiquitous youthful negro burglar.

            In fact, some of this can get very comick, for one of my best friends in our historick neighbourhood, is the negro foreman of our town’s maintenance crew. A Black Man who does right, ’round the clock, he also, just the other day, askt me to keep an eye on his house for him.


            Because he has a beautiful restored 1970 Dodge Charger from his childhood in his backyard, and, having turned down repeated offers from some of his kind, to sell it, he was fearing that they would, while he was at work, come and steal it!

    • no member of a thing called legislative black caucus can be innocent
      these people where political operatives working towards transforming the US into south africa or worse

  12. Anyone who thinks we’re going to resolve the negro epidemic problem in America without violence, raise you hand.

  13. Here’s my thoughts on Dylan Roof. I understand his frustration at the anti-white media and the current status quo,but by committing this heinous act he is only adding fuel to the Jewish anti-white narrative. I would’ve stirred this young man towards legal activism that would’ve benefited our folk for decades to come.

  14. Once you start shooting there’s no going back. You better have all your ducks lined up before you start and only a fool or a madman would start all by himself. I don’t doubt Roof is mentally unstable and if races were reversed they’d be calling his acts justifiable “black rage” and pleading for his life.

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