Why Russia Is Winning The Second Cold War

Behind that frog whistle

Many years ago, I researched the question of why the United States and the West had taken such a disastrous turn in the mid-20th century. I was surprised to learn that the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement was closely related to the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The United States and its NATO allies were fighting with the Soviets for the allegiance of the Third World at the time. Cold Warriors like Presidents Eisenhower and JFK supported desegregation mainly for geopolitical reasons.

The state of the black population in the United States was a staple of Soviet propaganda. It was used to embarrass the West by portraying Americans as racist hypocrites who failed to live up to their own values at home. The Soviets also believed black disaffection was a major source of weakness for their adversary. The Soviet line was that communism, not liberalism, would bring about true equality for non-Whites. This is why the State Department threw its support behind desegregation in both the Brown v. Board of Education decision and the pathbreaking Civil Rights Act of 1957.

There is a compelling case to be made that the Cold War was a necessary, but not sufficient condition for the triumph of anti-racism and desegregation in the United States. In other words, civil rights has long been bound up with geopolitics in ways that most people don’t realize, particularly in our relations with Russia.

Fastforward to 2017: the West’s liberal elite is signaling it wants to start a Second Cold War, but Russia and the United States have switched sides in the conflict. Now, it is the United States and the West which groans underneath the yoke of Cultural Marxism, and Russia which stands for freedom. The West’s liberal elite has declared war on the indigenous White population and has lost its legitimacy as a result. Non-Whites and sexual deviants are the privileged caste at the top of the West’s social justice hierarchy. Meanwhile, the disaffected White working class which used to be the core of the American nation is said to suffer from a laundry list of pathological -isms and -phobias has become the equivalent of India’s Untouchables caste. Hillary Clinton branded them “The Deplorables.”

Makes a lot of sense, right? In the 1960s, blacks made up only around 10 percent of the American population. America was at the peak of its power, prestige and influence. American institutions were perceived as legitimate by the White working class which was, and remains, the largest demographic group in the country. It was relatively easy for the American elite to portray communism as a dangerous, godless, foreign ideology. The disparate conservative factions could unite in opposition to the Soviet Union.

Now, we have the ridiculous spectacle of a discredited and widely loathed elite beating the war drums and trying to lead a population it despises into a conflict with Russia it doesn’t want. Instead of uniting against Russia, conservatives have splintered and partisan polarization has wrecked the old bipartisan consensus. In Western Europe, the oppression of the White working class by the smug liberal elite is even worse and non-Whites are a smaller percentage of the total population.

We’re arguably in the last days of the Second Cold War. The conflict was over before it began. Liberalism is losing the Second Cold War because it lost touch with White people. Trump’s victory illustrates that all Russia had to do to emerge victorious in the conflict was expose America’s out of touch liberal elite and rouse the disaffected White majority against it. That’s what Russia aims to do in Europe in 2017.


Note: As America’s racial and cultural demographics continue to change while its political center of gravity collapses, this will be an issue long after Trump is gone.

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  1. A conversation between the greats William F Buckley and Christopher Hitchens on the relevance of United Kingdom after the end of their empire.

    At 3:09 Buckley quips: “the single most important fact of the first 50 years of the 20th century, future historians will note, is that Americans speak English, and the most important fact of the last 50 years may prove to be that Russians are white.”

    A prescient remark!

  2. I wasn’t aware of the connection between the Cold War and the civil rights movement. Blacks have been nothing but a problem for this nation.

    It is too bad they couldn’t have been sold off to Brazil when they were no longer needed for labor.

  3. There used to be a plethora of Soviet anecdotes where two guys compare US and USSR and when the Soviet one runs out of arguments he says “and you lynch negroes”. It has actually became a cultural meme which is still being used in an ironic manner.

  4. When I was in a Russian version of ROTC one of my “military translation” instructors, a retired colonel, told us about his friend who visited US in the 70’s. When asked what he disliked the most about it he just exploded:”those fucking niggers, a bunch of animals, no culture, no manners, they should’ve just wasted them all”. When I heard it I was shocked, because in order to visit America, or any foreign country for that matter, one had to toe the party line very thoroughly and be committed “anti-fascist” and stuff. What happened with him there I wasn’t told, but I guess he was “mugged by reality”, one way or the other.

  5. The state of the black population in the United States was a staple of Soviet propaganda.

    Blacks have always been used as political weapons, still are.

    • I won’t fully trust Putin till what is happening to whites under our anti-white ruling class is a staple of Russian propaganda.

      Too often, Russian propaganda is still politically correct. Treating blacks as the sacred people whose welfare matters whereas the fate of white people does not is part of the political correctness that should be eliminated.

      I hope we will see improvement in the coming years. What Russia could do with little effort would make a huge difference in the West.

  6. I’m more willing to fight with, and more loyal to, the man who is willing to protect me and my family than I am the man who tries to destroy me and my family. That particular type of loyalty doesn’t have physical borders or boundaries. The only expiration date for that loyalty is the time of my death. The greater the threat, the stronger the bond. It’s a simple, logical conclusion(a survival instinct) that the rabid anti-White establishment seems to have forgotten.

    You poked me as I slept
    I was content
    I was indifferent
    And now I’m not

  7. Man there is some really top-tier content coming from Occidental Dissent lately. I share a lot of articles with people – including normalfags – and l lately I’m sending every OD article I read to my list of contacts. Excellent work going on here.

    • Hunter Wallace should be teaching college political science and history instead of Mommy Professor. Perhaps someday he will.

  8. Liberals lost the First Cold War too if they really believed, as I’m sure many of them did, that accepting pieces of Cultural Marxism would somehow stem the tide of global communism. “Civil rights” was born and bred by commies. Liberals are incapable of rational thought and that’s why they’re so dangerous.

  9. I hope the left picks up and runs with that line of thought.

    Trolling will be so easy a conservative intellectual will be able to do it, and that is saying a lot right there.

  10. There is a key factor in this which our Western elite have mishandled. They are trying to start a Cold War after Vladimir Putin has been idolized by the Western white youth.

    America looses this cold war before it gets started. Weak, non masculine, sjw leaders and black cultural worship led to fertile ground for Russia with such a man as Putin. It wouldn’t have worked with any other past leader of Russia.

    Wether Putin deserves this adoration or not is up for debate, but the fact is, he has it. Putin is the anti-Obama in their eyes. This underlying psyche is why Trump carried the day with many of the youth. If Trump would have played the traditional neo-con card of Russia bashing he would have lost this group of voters.

    This Cold War 2 has no hope of success because the only support it has are the old and the weak. The strong awakened youth will not carry the burden this go around.

    • The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics anti-Russian propaganda was about how Russians are evil because they are anti-homosexual. Not like us Westerners. We are pozzed; yay us!

      For vigorous, healthy young men who are interested in sports, this message is repulsive.

      Russian propaganda has three super-weapons available: heterosexuality, Christianity and white identity. It should use all three.

    • Well said.

      I’ve always thought that a large part of the reason Westerners love Putin is that he’s a confident, strong, and masculine White man.

      Even many college liberals have a grudging sense of admiration for him. They’ll complain about his supposedly horrible actions, but a good chunk of them – especially the ladies – secretly think he’s a pretty cool / badass guy.

  11. “The state of the black population in the United States was a staple of Soviet propaganda. It was used to embarrass the West by portraying Americans as racist hypocrites who failed to live up to their own values at home.”

    Here’s concrete proof of Soviet race- guilting …at the hands of Jewish Soviets :

    ” Orlova plays an American circus artist who, after giving birth to a black baby (played by James Lloydovich Patterson), immediately becomes a victim of racism and is forced to stay in the circus, but finds refuge, love and happiness in the USSR. ”


    The film was based on a comedy play by Ilf and Petrov and Valentin Kataev, Under the Circus Dome (??? ??????? ?????), which was seen and liked by Aleksandrov. They made the play into the plot, but during the initial film shooting they went to America. Upon return, they disliked the director’s interpretation, and after a conflict they abandoned the work, forbade the mention of their names in the credits, and further work on the plot was continued by (((Isaac Babel.)))

  12. Was not aware Sessions has not one or two, but FOUR Mongol grandchildren until now.

    His daughter (White) married an Asian male, which is something I’m seeing a lot more of around here.


    • This was discussed on Stormfront some time ago and then swept under the rug.

      What was really shocking to me is how many of the Republicans believe in the multiracial baloney. They are either marrying non-White, or adopting non-White children. And yet we’ve always been told they were secretly on our side, just going along with the left as a tactic to get elected. Nope. The Respecties swallowed it hook line and sinker and now they are Preachers of the One True Faith of Diversity.

  13. Russia has also, so far, successfully checked its enemies, in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk and Syria.

  14. See this alternate view, purportedly by Russian nationalists, in the comments at The Irish Savant:

    Anti Rusionism

    Appeal of Russian nationalists to European (white) nationalist (right) and conservative organizations

    “We need to secure the entire Russian youth from the virus of nationalism” Vladimir Putin

    colleagues! The future of European nations and European civilization
    depends from you. The problems that we face are similar: the hordes of
    immigrants from Third World countries, displacing indigenous people,
    Islamization, degradation, the retention of power left (cultural
    Marxists, internationalists, neo-Bolsheviks, and so on.) This situation
    does not allow health national forces to take adequate measures against
    these problems. Propaganda of nationalism and racial identity is banned
    in most European countries.
    However, every European nation has a
    unique situation due to various domestic factors. Sometimes, when it has
    viewed from aside it is difficult to see the real content of events in
    the other country.

    We have learned that the hostile forces to the
    Russian people spend a great job of disinformation European
    nationalists, regarding the situation in Russia, for you to lobby for
    their interests. This situation is not acceptable, and today we want to
    convey to every European nationalist that Putin and his government –
    they are enemies of the Russian people, Putin &Co are robing and
    destroying Russia, by set up “iron hand” regime from one side and
    militant internationalism of neo-Bolshevism from the other side.

    He lists a long catalogue of Russian government oppression against Russian nationalists, and concludes:

    We again ask everyone who reads this appeal – not to support
    anti-Russian regime of Vladimir Putin, the maximum distance of all the
    pro-Putin structures, trying to take advantage of you in their own
    interests. We urge you to exercise racial solidarity and respect for the
    national liberation struggle of our people.

    Political Council of the ethno-political Association “Russkie”


    Perhaps someone more knowledgeable (Cyrill Krasilnikov?) could comment?

  15. One of the problems of the modern era is people no longer put emotions at the center of life. It’s about sensations and ideations. Or celebrations and cerebral-ity.

    Emotions lead to love, family, sense of community, sense of belonging and duty.

    Sensations are momentary, intense in bursts, but without long-term meaning. They can also be addictive and harmful like bad drugs.

    Ideations are arid and dehydrate the emotional connection between oneself and family, community, and people. They favor a world where people are connected by aloof ideas and puritanical agendas than by warmth of human emotions.

    Vietnam seems to moving away from a world of emotions, of men and women who seek love, of family, of community.

    The masses seek easy sensations of pleasure and forsake the deeper bond of lasting emotions. The elites favor ideations of globo-ideology over emotions of family/community, and that brings them closer to Western elites than to their own ethnos.

    Now, I’m not opposed to sensations and ideations. We all need sensations for fun and thrills. After all, most of life is toil for much of mankind. So, there are times for celebrations to have fun, to let loose, and etc. There is a need for festivals and amusement parks.

    And we have minds, so we need theories, principles, and thought-experiments.

    But, for most people, emotions should come before sensations and ideations. Emotions are the core bond that lasts. After all, sensations are like fireworks. They may be dazzling, but it’s ephemeral or too raw/animal. As for ideations, they make us think of higher things, but whatever idea, reality is reality and human nature is human nature. A man sitting in a room can think of various philosophies, but after he has thought them all, he is still a man in the room and he still has human needs of love, belonging, and community. In the end, ideas in the head don’t change man and his nature. It’s like, after Marxism passed away from the Russian scene, Russians are still people with human needs. The main role of ideas is to serve those human emotional needs, not to take minds away from emotions as if ideas exist in a world of their own.

    So, emotions should come first. Emotions are deeper than mere sensations because they are about seeking meaningful attachments and bonds. It’s like the difference between LOVE STORY and Lena Dunham. Both Oliver and Jenny in Arthur Hiller’s movie were seeking love despite their modern attitudes. In contrast, the Dunham just looks for jolts and sensations, hogs for attention.

    Emotions form bonds, commitment, and joy in sharing. Sensations are intrinsically selfish since they are about ‘my fun uber alles’. As for intellectual or sophisticated types who favor ideation and cerebral-ity over emotions, they’ve cut themselves off from what is most human: the need for love, attachment, and belonging.

    After all, the main reason for having a family is to love people to love. What decent parent would favor selfish fun or theories over his/her children? And what child would favor selfish fun or theories over his/her parents? So, even as we need fun in life and ideas to guide us, the core of life comes from the realm of emotions, from which comes love and family.

    A meaningful life puts emotions first, ideations second, and sensations third.

    But it seems like elites put ideations(mostly nonsensical PC or soulless ideas) above emotions while the masses put sensations(mostly infantile orgy-porgy-ism) above all.

    A truly healthy society needs a populace that are bound mainly by emotions.


  16. This was an interesting piece, While I read a few vintage Cold War era books, a few of the “conservative mainstream/JBS/go-back to sleep-normie” books like “None Dare Call It Treason” and the hard right “White Power” by Rockwell, i had not realized that Russian propaganda of that era played up our treatment of the Negroes. I knew that (((American Communists))) stirred the racial pot in the 60s, but did not know about the Russian PR angle. Very interesting.
    In a sense, I suppose that we have flipped sides with Russia, at least on the Cultural Marxism issue, and have already lost this phase of the struggle. Very sad.

  17. As Russia becomes more nationalist, traditional, and Orthodox the hate liberals have for them increases exponentially. You never saw such hatred against Russia when it was as part of the Soviet Union, did you? Then it was all about arms treaties , understanding, peaceful coexistence, and reconciliation.

  18. There’s been no switch of side because cultural marxism isn’t marxism. Putin has more in common with Marxism than he does with American conservatism.

    The US lost the second cold war because it invaded Iraq and the US sees ISIL as a refutation of Bush’s strategy.

  19. The way I see there was a back and forth debate about civil rights since the beginning of the US. At first the racialist won. Each era racialism weakened. Lincoln was less racialist than the founding fathers and FDR was less racialist than Lincoln and Kennedy was less racialist than FDR.

    When America started, Blacks and Indians hadn’t assimilated into society, so racialism made political sense. Now it doesn’t politically, it may make sense scientifically, but not politically.

    Just like in the context of radical anti-communism, antisemitism made sense for nazi germany, since Jews, being religiously attacked by the Orthodox Church, were highly represented in every movement that opposed the Tzar, from Kerensky to Lenin. Of course Hitler had to cover up Germany’s role in supporting Lenin. In today’s Germany, antisemitism doesn’t make sense. It’s relativism.

    Most racialists supported racialism because it was convenient politically, not be because they considered it their life’s work. Just like most Communists supported Communism for the same reason. I’d say Putin falls into that category. Not Lenin or Stalin, of course.

  20. Communism is a Jewish invention. Cultural Marxism is a Jewish invention. Jews are using minorities to divide and conquer the US as Jew Stephen Steinlight openly admitted and apparently all white countries based on current events. IMO, this is all Jew related, no matter what type of scheming they attempt to claim otherwise, as it all benefits JEWS and harms whites. Why would Russia care what niggers thought of them, NOW that Russia is no longer Jew/communist?

    I think the info Hunter obtained, was just an attempt by Jews to explain away ZOG actions as the motivations of goyim.

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