Inside The Alt-Lite’s #Deploraball

New York Magazine attended the #Deploraball and offers us this window into the Alt-Lite:

“When I asked to attend the DeploraBall — the vigorously-protested 1,000-person pro-Trump black-tie event causing a rift in the alt-right — organizer Jeff Giesea offered an angle: “There’s definitely a Trump baby boom in the works.” His DeploraBall co-organizer, anti-feminist activist Mike Cernovich, will soon have a daughter with his wife. And Giesea’s surrogate mother is twelve weeks pregnant with a son. Surrogate? “I’m a gay man,” said the 46-year-old businessman, whose mother is Mexican-American. (She supports building the wall.) Will his son have two dads? “It’s complicated,” he said, describing his relationship as well as the conflicting impulses within his movement — particularly when it comes to gender and sexual politics. …

While protesters with signs preaching feminism and resistance to fascism were being pepper-sprayed outside the DeploraBall, Cernovich invited Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoft (who came out as gay after the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando) onto the stage to announce his website’s first White House correspondent: “Twinks for Trump” photographer Lucian Wintrich, whom Hoft described as a (gay) victim of the New York City art world’s “gay mafia.” Leaning into the microphone, a tuxedo-clad Wintrich announced, “I’m going to be the youngest, gayest correspondent in the White House in history!” Someone in the crowd shouted, “Our gays are better than their gays!” DeploraBall’s guests, who had paid between $99 and $2500 to be there, cheered. Soon thereafter, a man with a Flock of Seagulls haircut took the stage to sing. …

In the world of Deploraball, same-sex interactions of all kinds — social, political, sexual — seem somehow easier than those between men and women. …

A question about Trump’s golden shower rumor led McInnes to an indictment of sex in New York City: “That’s not really his culture,” He said of Trump. “I think that fact that rumor got wings shows how naive the left is, and how they don’t get Trump or really anyone that’s not in their inner circle. That’s normal for us to hear about, golden showers.” By “us,” he meant “New York creatives,” the liberal-leaning tribe to which McInnes, who has worked in magazines, blogs, radio, and TV, still sort of belongs.

“I mean, I may have been into that stuff as a young man, but when you get older, you get more traditional. And you realize that these things that go back a quarter million years maybe have some merit to them,” he said. He recommends getting out of “that stuff” by the age of 25. If you stay in it much longer, “you become a colostomy bag for other people’s cum. New York City is an elephant’s graveyard for ovaries.” …”

Rolling Stone offers this comment from Gavin McInnes:

“What does define these new voters? Gavin McInnes describes what he sees as the prototypical Trump voter: “He’s a chain-smoking, swearing Staten Islander. … You know what he thinks of gays? He doesn’t. He doesn’t really care,” McInnes says, throwing his hands in the air in an elaborate shrug, noting that “he” doesn’t care about transgender issues or racism either. “It doesn’t come up in our day-to-day. You know what comes up in our day-to-day? A little three-letter acronym that goes like this: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

“It’s pretty simple, is it not?””

Do you see the Alt-Lite’s problem here?

Trump’s base are rural, White working class evangelicals from the South and Midwest. I talked to dozens of these people while I was touring DC. Trump lost the West Coast and the Northeast. He lost California and New York by such a landslide that Hillary ended up winning the popular vote.

The Alt-Lite seems to think that homosexuality can be mainstreamed on the Right, but “White identity politics” will and should remain taboo. And so, you can have someone like MILO who bathes in blood, a White House correspondent who hosts “Twinks for Trump” rallies, and some other gay guy from California who is having a child via a surrogate and that is going to be “mainstream” and the Trump coalition is going to work that way in practice. As Bill Mitchell says, there is “no room on the Trump Train” for White Nationalists. Now that the election is over, the Alt-Lite has convinced itself that White identity politics had nothing to do with Trump’s victory – this, of course, after scrubbing their own Twitter accounts – and that huge numbers of blacks and LGBTs will vote for Trump in the future.

I guess we will see how that works out. It is a hard trick to appeal to and summon the electoral potential of White identity politics while simultaneously trying to disavow White identity politics.

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  1. The problem with gays is that they simply won’t STFU about their gayness. They’re just like crossfitters at the gym who love to talk about crossfit- endlessly. NObody cares. Then there’s the deviant nature of gays, when talking incessantly about their gayness they are talking about disgusting, vile sex acts that God called an abomination. A traditional, white culture will be void of gays with a few closeted exceptions. The rest can leave peacefully or remain and be hurled off tall buildings, the one thing the muslims get points for being right on.

    • Yes. I personally don’t care if gays are but I don’t care nor want to hear about it. I don’t want it promoted in schools as a alternative lifestyle and I don’t want people to sued if they don’t do whatever it is that gays demand they do.

  2. “The Alt-Lite seems to think that homosexuality can be mainstreamed on the Right, but “White identity politics” will and should remain taboo.”

    That’s what the GOP establishment thinks too, and they’ve been trying to make it work for decades. Unfortunately, exalting your enemies while betraying your base leads to a shrinking and discouraged base, as well as to empowered enemies.

  3. ““What does define these new voters? Gavin McInnes describes what he sees
    as the prototypical Trump voter: “He’s a chain-smoking, swearing Staten
    Islander. … You know what he thinks of gays? He doesn’t. He doesn’t
    really care,…”

    He might care about it when they are teaching his 10 year old son who is enrolled in his local public school about homosexuality.

  4. You can have an active and dominant homosexual culture, or you can have the florist, the baker and the pizza-shop server all working peacefully at their trades, with no-one to make them afraid. You cannot have both.

    “Gays” like to persecute ordinary people, especially nice white ladies. These ordinary people, nice white ladies and quietly competent, well-behaved workers are the base of white politics.

  5. Mixing pro-White with pro-gay is like mixing beer with turds. I don’t see it flying in the long run, maybe not in the short run either. The twinks, like cucks, can disavow White identity all they want but as far as the left is concerned they’re Nazis too.

  6. I don’t buy the idea that JP Watson or Alex Jones are classical liberals. They are too intelligent and sophisticated to have fallen for such outdated and intrinsically white stances in an age of deconstruction verging on race war. To my mind there are three possibilities for what motivates the Alt-lite. Number one are post-neocon right-wing Jews like Milo or Lauren Southern and alternative Jewsmedia sites like Breitbart or Drudge struggling to find a new home while still trying to hold back the tide of fascism. Number two in the case of goys like McInnes, Cernovich, Jones and Watson there could well be the Zio deep state intelligence services behind their sponsors, (Watson in the context of the Jew-K is a very likely example of an MI5/Tavistock Institute shill). Number three is Jewish financial power which again seeks to hold back white identitarianism and fascism and can wear or dispense with any political hat along the sliding scale from left to right to far right (civic nationalism and populism) until it reaches what is now being termed the ‘extreme’ far right, that is the more moderate small L liberal Alt-right (generally the academics) all the way to the extreme Alt-reich wing in the form of sites like the Daily Stormer or Radio Aryan.

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