DNC Chairman Candidate: “My Job Is To Shut Other White People Down”

So, Keith Ellison has ties to the Nation of Islam and once supported the creation of a black ethnostate, and Sally Boynton Brown sees her job as “shutting other White people down” as DNC Chairman.

This is the “mainstream.” We’re the “fringe.” Makes a lot of sense, right?

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    • What a goofy, nerdy-looking broad. Who’s feeding her dozens of cats while she’s out making dumb speeches like this?

      • Attacking a woman for her gender — even as stupid as this argument is — is not the answer. Scumbag above you even called her an “it”. It’s not women’s fault you asshole. Fuck you cocks. The problem is your fucking cock. You’re supposed to use your brain to think. Feel better!?

        • “It’s not women’s fault you asshole. Fuck you cocks. The problem is your fucking cock.”

          Not all, but some. Blaming men are you? I don’t have a cock! And, you’re on the wrong site. Women can be the most abusive, degrading opposition. She’s my enemy. I called “it” exactly how I saw it and you can disagree with me. Now, where’s your cock, big boy? You’re carrying on like a feminist.

          “You’re supposed to use your brain to think.”

          Practice what you preach, professor.

  1. I think this isolated multicult/pc/libertard needs to spend some quality time in Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore with her pet negroes she loves so much before attempting to lecture any white person on what they need to do. Her parents must be so proud.

  2. If this is the best they can do, there’s no way they’ll mount a serious challenge to Trump’s re-election.

  3. By her own logic, she should withdraw her candidacy so the Black guy can have it. What do you call a female cuck?

  4. This is great. We need more polarization based on racial lines. I hope the DNC drives out all of their white supporters. The DNC needs more crazies like her

  5. Maybe someone should yell at her that she’s a frickin white female? Maybe she isn’t aware.

    Bizarro world courtesy of Cultural Marxism, Frankfurt School and the creation of feminism. Completely intentional.

  6. The idea here being that we Evil Whiteys wouldn’t listen to a Black calling us scum, but we will listen to her calling us scum.

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