Vox Day’s Absurd Counter-Signaling

It is getting really tiresome:

“It’s all but a dead letter now, but this little photo montage from Twitter should suffice to demonstrate why the American Alt-White’s Master Plan to embrace a long-defunct German political ideology was, in a word, retarded.

Is it fair? Not particularly. So what? It’s funny and effective. It is excellent rhetoric. It’s the first time the Left has outmemed the Right in ages, and all because some amateurs thought they were playing underwater 5D chess. Sometimes, what looks stupid is just stupid. …”

Dude, stop.

1.) Someone was actually shot at MILO’s event in Seattle. These same people have shut down countless MILO events on college campuses. They attacked Martin Shkreli with flying dog feces. The antifa even attacked the SPLC Hatewatch reporter in Seattle.

2.) Lauren Southern was accosted outside the Deploraball and had to dodge flying rotten eggs.

3.) Over a 1,000 antifa protesters tried to shut down the Deploraball in Washington, DC. There was even a plot to disrupt the Deploraball with butyric acid bombs.

4.) Gavin McInnes got into a fight with antifa at the Deploraball.

5.) Multiple people were assaulted outside the Deploraball including one young man who had his head busted wide open.

6.) Frank Luntz was attacked at the DC Marriott for fascism.

7.) The antifa tried to beat up Tomi Lahren in Washington, DC.

8.) Countless ordinary Trump supporters and people on their way to work were attacked by antifa in DC.

9.) The antifa attacked Starbucks, McDonalds, Bank of America and even trash cans.

10.) The very same antifa who protested the NPI Conference held a Queer Dance Party on Mike Pence’s lawn.

11.) The antifa have been attacking us for decades now. They even attacked my wife at a picnic in St. Louis when she was 15-years-old.

12.) The antifa were distributing stickers outside the Deploraball which said “NO! Stop Trump/Pence #NoFascistUSA.” In their view, President Donald Trump is a fascist, and everyone who supports him is a racist which justifies the use of violence against them.

Everyone to the Right of Lenin is a “fascist” to antifa including Frank Luntz. It’s not Richard Spencer’s fault that The New York Times didn’t run Vox Day’s answers to their questions about the Alt-Right. I’m interviewed all the time by the media and they often don’t run my answers to their questions either.

The Left is currently in a bloodthirsty mood because Trump won the election. As Richard has said, there has been a change in their behavior. They have been psychologically wounded by Trump’s victory. Many of us have been doing this for years now including hosting conferences in DC, but we have never seen anything like the amount of leftwing violence we have seen over the past week.

If you don’t want to be a Nazi, then fine. Don’t be one. I’m not a Nazi either. The same Neo-Nazis have been around for years now, but they aren’t responsible for what we are seeing. What this is really about is that antifa are psychologically experiencing a sense of loss of power and are violently lashing out in rage.

Note: If either Vox Day or Cernovich had wanted to find a fight in Washington, DC, they could have easily found one. This is all about President Trump, not Richard Spencer.

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  1. Yeah, Vox periodically cucks out on one issue or another. If he isn’t the belle of the ball, he doesn’t give a shit, really. Self-admittedly he is a narcissist, bordering on sociopathy. He’s said this a number of times on his blog.

    • He advertises his non-White ancestry. Calls himself “Supreme Dark Lord” on Twitter. Tries to shut down discussion of the White Genocide issue. Invented the term Alt-White and uses it to attack Whites, that want to discuss what is good for Whites.

      He’s on Team Anti-White.

    • You know, when he branched off from Sad Puppies campaign I thought that was because of some genuine differences in thinking between him and others who were essential just a bunch of run-of-the-mill conservatives. Now it seems to me that he just being a bit of a brat: he tries to join a “movement” and become it’s star, but when he finds out that not everyone really cares for his shenanigans he drops it and looks for the next thing(Gamergate, Puppygate, AltRight). This the same pattern that Milo and Chernovich demonstrate, that’s why he pals around with them, they have similar behavioral patterns. Then again he has Castalia and I enjoyed his books, so props to him for that. It’s just that weird when a guy just comes, starts throwing his weight around and then wonders why some people are not singing him praises.

  2. “What this is really about is that antifa are psychologically
    experiencing a sense of loss of power and are violently lashing out in

    Ironic. The more powerless they become, the more their minds turn to violence.

  3. If a right wing thug attacked a leader of the left on TV, there would be hell to pay in the entire media and the CuckRight would condemn him. Yet when one of the left’s thugs attacks a right wing figure, the entire left encourages their thug and the CuckRight hits right AGAIN.

    Is it any wonder Progress is defined as moving to the left?

    • I wonder if the puncher is also Jewish? Cap America is a (((Simon))), Kirby creation. Jones is a (((Spielberg))), (((Ford))) Lucas creation.

      As American as Appfelbaum.

  4. the inaugural protests were white. They won’t last. The NYT was already sounding the retreat due to “bad optics”. The real resistance will come later from the non whites,who chaffe at the leash of the Jewish handlers and won’t stay docile.

    Civic nationalists are carrying the day.

    • “real resistance”? They’re getting arrested if they commit crimes and the illegals are getting deported.

  5. Vox Day, Milo and Cernovich — a Mexican/Italian, a fag, and a self-help / self-promotion guru.

    I like Vox, he’s a solid analyst with lots of interesting stuff to say, but this is our fight not his (or the fag’s, or the self-help guy’s….).

  6. Vox has got some kind of weird fixation on attacking not-sees (= anyone to his right, of course). He understands perfectly well that signalling against “racism” or “sexism” or “homophobia” or “xenophobia” is merely helping the left. He’s even reasonable on the JQ. But when it comes to anyone he can jam into his mental model of da ebil not-sees, he gets hysterical. I’m not sure if that’s just a quirk, or his limit, or what. The other possibility is that there may be some potential legal issue in Italy. A lot of the European countries have some pretty strict laws about that sort of thing. He doesn’t just disavow, though– he goes out of his way to attack, so that wouldn’t really explain it.

  7. I actually read what Voxbergstein wrote.
    1) Vox is a kike. ONLY kikes are obsessed with “defeating KNAAAAZZZEEEZ.
    2) The Alt Right is WHITE. Vox is denying this FACT. See “MILO”
    3) Vox is attempting to subvert and absorb the Alt White, and per jusual tactics. See “The Tea Party” and “MILO”
    4) Voxberg will LOSE. See “MILO”.
    This time, FINALLY, the KNAAAZEEEZ win. There is no other Solution.

  8. Sometimes if someone isn’t gaining or losing any money or status, then they just giggle from afar. Vox Day ignores information that doesn’t fit his talking point.

  9. You’re not representing Vox accurately.
    He doesn’t attack ‘Alt White’ as an enemy, but views assimply fellow travelers who are, in his opinion, employing a ridiculous strategy of glorifying Nazism.

    While I disagreed with his take on HailGate he’s stating the obvious…1488 anything in 2017 is a nonstarter. It doesn’t take a genius to see that.

  10. It’s funny hearing the chihuahua’s here barking at the pit bull. Be careful otherwise you will have your asses handed to you. Vox Day as gotten more of the Alt-right agenda through then all of you combines. He clearly points out the low level warfare we are engaged in as whites. You got your feelings hurt because he is pointing out the obvious. Swallow your pride and realize the mistakes Spencer has made. He always was an anti-Christian arrogant punk. Vox provides real clear strategic ideas not little heel biting scrapes.

    Sad to see an Alabama man go the way you have been lately Hunter. I’ll check back in a few months, maybe you will be over your hurt feelings by then.

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