UCONN Professor Gets Tucked On White Supremacy

I would have loved to have asked him some questions.

If we live in a “white supremacist” country, why is “racism” considered to be such a terrible moral failing? Why do we have affirmative action and disparate impact? Why do we have federal civil rights laws? Why did we elect Barack Hussein Obama as president and put up with him for eight years? Why does Martin Luther King, Jr. have his own federal holidays? Why are Confederate monuments being torn down? Why are tenured professors able to write so many anti-White books? Why is Ta-Nehisi Coates employed by The Atlantic? Why does Michael Eric Dyson have a platform in the New York Times?

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  1. This smug university professor has a most punchable face. God, I hate these self-righteous cucks who can’t wait to displace their own kind so they can boast of how ‘non-racist’ they are.

    For the Left, they can only see Whites in two opposing categories: Either Whites are Neo-Nazis, ready to hunt down any and all non-Whites and throw them in the ovens – or – they are the kind who are eager to celebrate their own racial and cultural dispossession.

    There is another position, however – namely, Whites who don’t want to become aliens in their own land, who vote for their own racial interests (as Blacks and other groups do), and yet who have no desire to enslave anyone and who simply wish to exist among their own kind free from forced ‘diversity’ and federal integration policies.

    The Left doesn’t want to acknowledge this mediating position because it’s coherent and reasonable. They know it will appeal to many Whites nationwide who feel uncomfortable in the Neo-Nazi camp and yet who are not ready to abandon their nation that has a White demographic majority.

    • With the exception of the medical and engineering schools all (mental) institutions of higher learning should be immediately shut down and purged of their Marxist trash, like that bow-tied baldy-bean.

      • I disagree. We just need Nationalist professors.

        Submission by Michel Houllebeq (sp) goes into this in some depth. The character Godefry, a young brash Sorbonne lecturer is quite entertaining and thought provoking.

      • Perhaps we need a New Inquisition to go after Marxists this time.. I’ll bet most of the inquisitees would be of the same race that the first Inquisition ferreted out.

    • I think in this case he’s not advocating genocide of his “own kind”. He looks like a (((different kind))) to me. Anti-Whites deny White Genocide, then treat White people as pure evil.

  2. I saw part of the exchange but the guy was so high on his own fumes I had to hit the mute button. His basic response to all of Tucker’s questions is to say that pretty much everything is evidence of White Supremacy. He ought to be fired, stripped of U.S. citizenship, and deported to Israel where he belongs.

    • That would have been rich. But we all know that would also have ended Tuck’s career faster than you can say Helen Thomas.

  3. That guy with the bow tie he sounds like the actor in the Matrix, a programmer slick talker.Taxpayers funds College universities, so called Intellectuals brainwashing studends.

      • That’s quite apt. That’s what that professor is ultimately: a vapid bulls**t artist.

        It was funny that the Wachowski brothers (excuse me, Wachowski “sisters”) thought that ridiculous speech was deep and profound. What a pair of cretins.

  4. Interesting. If this guy wants to claim that all these millions of non-whites that have invaded our country over the last few decades were brought here involuntarily and are, in effect, slaves, I certainly would join him in a campaign to liberate them so they can return where they came from. After all, I wouldn’t want them to suffer from living involuntarily in a white supremacist country.

    • Not to mention all those Dreamers trying to implant democracy in Nazi, hatey-hate-hate Europe! White supremacy is so monstrous, undocumented seafarers are literally dying to get there and live under its relentless horrors.

      Ain’t no logic like Lefty Logique!

  5. So white supremacists are deliberately allowing themselves to become minorities in their own countries because they won’t do certain jobs? Take this anti-White Mommy Professor and multiply him by thousands of times. Now you know why college “educated” Whites hate their own race so much.

  6. For anyone who has given me shit about exposing the obsessive fixation on WASP’s. Check the vid at 6:10 where the dweeb prof brings up that at one point ‘back in 1910 the irish weren’t considered white.’ Tucker challenges him about the irish specifically and punts on the italians who Dr. Dweeb also referenced.

    Was there some truth in it? Sorta kinda. ‘Irish Need Not Apply’ was still a thing in some part of the US, but there was too much complexity to the irish’s status even then to simply characterize it.

    My point is that it served a very strategic purpose for the jews to posit the WASP’s as ‘whitey,’ one of which was to disarm the irish and germans who up until the 1970’s in some areas like NYC could still be considered ‘ethnics’ in a sociopolitical kind of way.

    There’s more complexity to how this also served to maintain jewish and black identity along psychological lines, but that’s for another day.

    • Also note that by the 1980’s both the irish and the germans had full scale war declared on them (okay maybe the germans a little more but the irish had taken it fully 100+ years earlier) by the jews and their proxy blacks. Ignatiev wrote ‘How the Irish Became White’ which according to him was through white supremacist exploitations, and the germans killed6millionjewishbabies. The made for TV mini series The Holocaust was aired in 1978 starring Meryl Streep and James Woods. Back then there were only 13 tv channels; America was officially baptized in Holocaustianity. Prior to that the supposed mass killing of jews in WWII was not featured much in main stream media and Hollywood.

      So Tucker was right about punting on the italians. They weren’t considered white then, and as part of the mediterranean race still aren’t now. The slavs are neither non-whites nor ‘true’ whites sociopolitically.

  7. Apparently, wishing for white people to continue to exist is now (drum roll please) “white supremacy”. The left is getting so utterly ridiculous that it is hard to comprehend that they say this stuff in public with a straight face. I think America is entering the early stages of Balkanization. My fellow Amerikaners need to wake up and prepare to weather the storm that is likely going to descend upon us all. https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/

  8. Jew prof is troll ready, taunted till he makes his white privilege confession and then further taunted for it not being convincing till he is a groveling little worm, he has plenty to give up like tenure and retirement bennies and living in a nice community and his children isolated from racial out grouping (his kids need to shark)

    But no doubt our clown “educators” will show up and try and reason with him or hurl insults that basically just glance off his thick skin.

    • I agree, waste of time trying to reason or insult an anti-White. Troll or counter meme only way to go. Unfortunately, even at this late date many pro-Whites fail to understand this.

  9. Tucker Carlson is doing a great service by inviting these slimy academic parasites on to his show, and permitting people to see what they really think. I hope that parents of teen-age, soon-to-be-going-to-college children are paying attention: this is what your money will be spent on. You will be subsidizing some smug dickhead, like this cockroach, to deride and attack you and yours, and to undermine your culture.

    That said, Carlson is far too nice. He asks some good questions, but not enough of them. In addition, he should have asked some of the questions that Mr. Wallace mentioned above.

  10. The liberal establishment labels us White Supremacist. However it’s nothing but a code word for White! The liberals focus on the Genocide of our People. Anyone that advocates for the survival of our People is labeled a Hate filled racist and a White Supremacist. However we’re actually honorable people focused on a Love for our People and not Hate for others. The majority us us are Nationalists and respect each race and ethnic nationalism around the World. The New World Order is the equal enemy of all races in the World. We share that enemy. WPWW !

  11. Forget the loaded term “White supremacy,” it’s a straw man. The reality is that a U.S. that is full to the brim with Whites and only Whites would be a much better place for those who live here (Whites) and we would have far less crime, a higher quality of life and less social dysfunction. I don’t like Carlson’s defensive posture which is really against Whites and Whites being in the majority.

  12. Get into one such position where you can ask questions directly like on TV. anything less than that would be injustice to your caliber

  13. We used to have an expression among us fellows when we young where I live when someone said or did something so dumb that it stood out. I haven’t used it in decades, but,”That boy is all ate up with the dumb ass”.

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