Hail Victory: Miami Has Fallen


“On Thursday, Florida’s Miami-Dade County became the country’s first jurisdiction to abandon its “sanctuary city” policy in response to an executive order issued this week by Donald Trump. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez ordered county officials to comply with “detainer requests” from the Department of Homeland Security, which ask local law enforcement to jail suspects without warrant until they can be picked up by federal immigration police. …”

Do you think President Marco Rubio or some other worthless cuck could have accomplished this? I don’t think so! Look what can be done with real leadership!

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  1. Another triumph of Civic Nationalism!

    By the way, AltRight.com is essentially OD now: with the right men at the top, we will win.

    • With that New Testament phrase, Michael, you’ve revealed more than you intended to. To Southerners, that’s all that Jesus is: a chief, like Trump.

  2. It’s a start!

    I am very curious as to how things will go with the mayors who resist the order. Just how hard will Trump push them, and by what means?

  3. Just went to altright.com and confirmed my suspicion: that your posting of this entry there would not include that Confederate flag.


  4. It’s very good news.

    I hope that the six such places, in The Tarheel State, are quick to follow.

    I’m fed up with them trying to skirt what we, the rural and smalltown Tarheels, have set up for our government and culture.

    Damned ironick for a Confederate to look forward to The New England Government to bust up cities in his own state, but, I’ll live with the irony and look forward to seeing this oversized governing edifice actually mitigate some of the execrable effuvia they’ve evincet.

    • President Trump is from New Amsterdam, sir, not New England. And many of us Manhattanites have always had strong pro-Southern sentiments!

      • Thank you, Mr. Kleinfeld.

        Always good to meet a Copperhead, and especially the rare one from the land of Peter Stuyvesent.

  5. Awesome. I am glad that the wretched “sanctuary cities” are starting to obey the country’s Constitutional immigration laws. I wonder how mayor R. Israel Emanuel of Chicago will react? I suppose that there are (((people in power))) who are not happy about this.
    I understand it is “holocaust remembrance day”. Perhaps I should cruise over to WND or some similar site and leave a few truthful comments and a link to the the Barnes Review! Probably a waste of time, but maybe it might start some Christian Zionist on a vendetta to refute me -in which he might discover the truth.

  6. Urbana Illinois just decided to become a “sanctuary city” in the last few weeks in response to the pinko defeat in November. A town dependent of a government funded University really bites itself in the ass with this bone headed move.

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