SPLC Squirms Over Steve Bannon’s Power

SPLC President Richard Cohen is upset with Chief Strategist Steve Bannon:

“The chief strategist in the White House, a man who rallied a growing white nationalist movement behind Donald Trump, is now telling the news media to “keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while.”

We should all be outraged – and more than a little unnerved. …

To maintain their propaganda, they must muzzle the institutions that reveal the facts, the objective information that informs policy decisions. Without this information, a democracy simply cannot function.

Without a vigilant press and without the free flow of government information, Trump can lie with impunity. He can govern based on the “alternative facts” he gets from the far-right extremists and conspiracy theorists he apparently follows quite closely.

Voters, meanwhile, will have no way to get the truth. …”

Hahaha … what vigilant press? What objective information?

The Lügenpresse exists to push the Narrative. Remember “Hillary has a 99% chance” and “Trump has no path to 270”? Steve Bannon is correct to label the Lügenpresse the opposition party and to note it completely blew the election. Nate Silver makes the same point here, here, here, here, here, and here. The upshot of Silver’s analysis is that the punditry blew the election.

The punditry desperately wanted Hillary to win. They misinterpreted the data. There were oddities like Trump being ahead in Iowa by 7 and Ohio by 5 on the eve of the election which were dismissed and explained away. Iowa and Ohio have traditionally been Midwestern bellwethers. There was clear evidence that the Millennial vote was depressed, that black turnout wouldn’t match the record set in 2012, that Hispanics weren’t alienated by Trump’s racism, that there was an unusually large number of undecided voters and that there was a massive enthusiasm gap. It had also been well known for months that Trump was winning the White working class by an unprecedented margin.

I recall telling my wife on the morning of the election that there was a possibility that California was skewing the popular vote in the national polls and that Trump could win the electoral college. I simply couldn’t see Trump easily winning Ohio and Iowa, but losing Florida or North Carolina. It made no sense to me because state voting patterns are closely aligned.

“Trump +7 in Iowa.

What does that tell you? If history is our guide, it sounds to me like a Hillary collapse across the Midlands. George W. Bush won Iowa by less than 1 percent in 2004. You would have to go back to Reagan in 1984 to find a Republican winning Iowa by a similar margin.”

I was citing “alternative facts” here like cultural geography and the fact that the stock market was predicting a Trump victory. I also brought up Master Feng who predicted Trump would win the election because he had the feng shui purple energy of the country leader.

Who called the election? Master Feng or Steve Kornacki?

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  1. “Alternative facts” are facts the media do not report, to keep Whites dumb and ignorant. This tactic is called The Silence. To make a decision people need to hear both sides of the story. The Silence ensures they get just one.

    • It’s sunk in with lefties that the press had the wool pulled over their eyes. (((Their)))power was shattered with the bullshit polling push. The lies even seeped in here in various disguises.

  2. The (((SPLC))), along with the (((ADL))), is a domestic terrorist organization that currently enjoys tax-free status. I hope our new Emperor will deal with those hostile alien subversives ASAP.

    • We have to challenge their tax exempt status because of their vindictive and terrorist tactics against a majority white population.

  3. SPLC: [Bannon] ** is now telling the news media to “keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while.” **

    Bannon doesn’t expect the Jews to shut up. He’s only telling them what would be the decent thing to do.

    What Trump and Bannon need to do is not shut up the Jews, but break through the censorship and defamation, and make it possible for a big pro-White TV station to be created.

    By the way, the Washington Post (link) had a youtube video of a Chinese monkey who accurately announced Trump’s victory as early as five days ahead of the November 8 election.

  4. Nate Silver still denies the mainstream polls were wrong by much. Voter fraud is real, pollsters knew what was going on and were under intense pressure to predict a Hillary victory.

  5. Sorry Richard, you’re a day late and a dollar short. MSM discredited themselves and are going the way of the dinosaur. Protest or pontificate all you want, you’re anti-White lie machine is over.

  6. It doesn’t matter an iota that the media was wrong about the election. Everyone has to understand that the media is run by very antiAmerican people who don’t want the American people to know the truth about anything. Not one single thing. It’s time for a takeover of MSM so that the people can learn the truth about everything that they’ve been lied to about. Come on. You have to use your brains!

  7. Miami has gotten aboard the Trump Train. Just imagine how many illegals, per day, are going to be scooped up and deported.
    I was on a greyhound bus years ago crossing into Riverside county from San Diego county and there was a checkpoint on the I-15. It is no longer there. But at the time time Border Patrol boarded the bus and removed a few illegals. They methodically questioned illegals and actually ran their info right on the bus. They were detained and we drove on.
    Thousands per week nationwide will be gone.

    • Heard a radio show on NPR last weekend lamenting how awful Trump is supposed to be. A border agent told how it goes under Obama, the minute a Central American group walk in one girl announces she is a “refugee” from persecution of “gangs” and they are given a ticket to appear in court and let loose to catch a bus to Atlanta. Anyone who has actually visited a 3rd world country knows they will lie to you with sob stories to try to con you out of money. Our whole feminized nation has fallen en-masse for their con letting half of Central America show up here to go on welfare. Time to start targeting not only criminal aliens, but removal of those who are a public charge. All these welfare leeches need to go, I’m not feeling very generous these days and seeing some hispanic woman pull out a WIC or LINK card at the store and get free food really pisses me off.

      • Around that same time period, this was under the Clinton Administration, Border Patrol agents would walk around bus stations (city busses) and randomly approach Mexicans. I once saw agents pul over a car, the illegal bailed and and ran. The agent got into his running car and chased him in his car.
        Trump is simply enforcing laws that even Democrats enforced in the past. What has happened is that these grifters have gotten used to violating our laws under the past eight years of Obozo and they are furious now that immigration laws are now being enforced.

      • I can’t wait for (((National Pinko Radio))) to lose its taxpayer funding. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets $500 million a year from White American taxpayers so they can broadcast anti-White, anti-American propaganda.

  8. The Juden have invented a new word to describe Holocaust and world war II revisionism ‘post-truth’ They are parading this word, this alleged new Nazi concept of speak, in the exclusively Jewish media across the West in the hope it sticks, but so far it has only seeped out to the Lügenpresse in the form of quotes from Jewish orgs.

        • Whether or not it really happened (I’m not opposed to Holocaust revisionism) is beside the point. The point being the anti-White purpose it’s being used for. That’s what needs to be emphasized.

          • You are missing the point, young Aspie.

            If their holocaust didn’t happen, they would use some other historical event to justify White Genocide. And if that didn’t happen they would use another and another, on into infinity.

            Everything the anti-White says, puts us in a future world without Whites in it. They can do nothing else. Its time the Aspies on our side noticed and pointed it out.

          • Exposing the Holoxoax hasn’t worked in 70 years.

            What Bob is saying, is you can tackle their justifications for White Genocide one by one on into infinity, or you can save yourself the trouble and declare all of them invalid in a single stroke: “You are justifying White Genocide.”

          • Exposing the Holohoax was the most powerful instrument in red pilling millions around the Western world. Once one no longer fears the Jew and his guilt trip they can then be red pilled on race and white genocide. No one will listen if they believe the hoax.

          • Yes but the only ‘evidence’ they have are the bearers of the mostly fantastic anecdotes and those are dwindling quickly. To be fair some told the truth: theatres, soccer games, canteens, cigarettes, sending mail home and there is other physical evidence such as swimming pools, kitchens, hospitals and even brothels(!), but most of the anecdotes would make an honest person blush.

      • Everything is a lie and Western governments have been complicit in all the lies. We have to recognize that our foes are not just one particular (((type))) or color. I would think most here would agree that our own traitors within the race deserve a special kind of judgement.

      • Joh 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  9. “Voters, meanwhile, will have no way to get the truth. …”

    Opposite of the MSM whom Trump by-passes with his tweeter feed and they’re tottaly discredit of their halftruth.


    By ‘liberals’, which ones do we mean?

    I think there is a division within the Democratic Party. Not everyone is for war and neo-imperialism. And this is why the Democratic Elites are eager to ramp up the tensions. When there is division in the home, try to unite everyone by directing their ire at some FOREIGN enemy.

    Over the years, Jewish Power has become more central to the Democratic Party. Yet, at the same time, as the Party became all about Diversity and anti-white politics(at least in rhetoric because most privileged white urbanites are Democrats), there’s been rise of anti-Jewish sentiments, not least because the majority of People of Color side with Palestinians. And increasing numbers of Prog Jews are leaning to BDS or something similar, if only because they don’t want to look like hypocrites before the Diversity Crowd. And even though Democratic anti-white politics is really meant to be anti-deplorable-white and pro-virtue-signaling-white, the problem is a lot of People of Color cannot tell the difference between ‘good’ ones and ‘bad’ ones.

    So, there is a lot of divisions within the Party. So, Jewish elites of the party beat the war drums about RUSSIA and other foreign threats to rally the much divided troops. It’s gonna be more difficult than Ancient Jews trying to keep the 12 tribes together. There are now 120 nationalities in the US.

    Foreign policy is used as rallying cry, but it can also prove to be divisive. After all, if the Democratic Party comes down hard on China, it will alienate Asian-Americans. If it comes down hard on Muslims, it will piss off Muslims. On the one hand, Jewish Democrats want US foreign policy to be pro-Zionist and fight Wars for Israel. On the other hand, this is risky since it increases bad blood between US and the Muslim world. So, the Jewish-controlled media try to spin the Middle East issue as BAD RUSSIA supports BAD ASSAD and causes all this ‘refugee’ crisis, and BAD TRUMP THE NEO-NAZI won’t take ‘refugees’ like the US didn’t take Jewish refugees during WWII. But this is, of course, selective reading of events. It ignores the fact that much of the Middle East and North Africa, MENA, are up in flames because of Jewish-controlled US foreign policy that was instrumental in messing up Iraq, Libya, and Syria. With Syria and Yemen, US used its proxies. And it overlooks the fact that the main architect of the Afghan plan began under the Carter administration.

    Democrat elites wanna push the narrative of the US as the good guy who takes refugees from evil Assad, but as Tulsi Gabbard said — and she is no bimbo like Hanoi Jane — , it is the US that has been aiding the moral equivalents of the Khmer Rouge in Syria. Gabbard blows up the narrative that American Jews are compassionate friends of the Muslims. She reports that US foreign policy is the cause for the mess in the region. She doesn’t name the Jewish Power, but anyone who connects the dots will come to that conclusion.

    We have to be careful when we say ‘liberals’ because there is a huge difference in interest and emphasis between Jewish Democratic elites and the increasing non-white rabble of the Democratic Party. And there are differences even among the rabble(and even among the elites, as rising numbers of non-whites in Democratic elite ranks don’t much sympathize with Jews). Blacks and Mexicans don’t give a crap about Russia, and they don’t give a damn about Muslim world. Mexicans want more immigration and amnesty, but blacks aren’t too keen about that. Arab-Americans are pissed at Jews, and Muslim Americans find feminism to be degenerate.

    But the Party is still largely funded and run by Jewish elites. They don’t know how to keep the rabble together, especially as Black Lives Mattered into a mess. Also, the homo issue sort of fizzled cuz Trump went along with it(though without enthusiasm) and promised to protect homos and trannies from Muslims. We have no idea what the Pussy March was supposed to be about.

    So, Jews figure the only issue that might hold everyone together is RUSSIA IS THE NEW BIG BAD WOLF THAT PUT TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Jews fear Russia more than anything. It’s no longer the Cold War fear. During the Cold War, there was the dread of communism with Russia as its main sponsor. But such fear is history. USSR is long gone, and Russia is just a regional power, not even a great one at that.

    So, why all the fear? Why all the hysteria? It’s because the Russian example is threatening to Jewish globalist elite rule. Jews associate ‘nationalism’ with politics for the gentile majority at the expense of Jewish supremacist domination. Jews are now so addicted to total supremacist rule in the US that anything less seems like the holocaust. Not holocaust of Jews but holocaust of Jewish supremacism. After all, Jews are free to make money and get ahead in Russia and Hungary and Poland. So, why all the fuss? Putin isn’t anti-Jewish. It’s because their respective nationalisms will not totally surrender to Jewish demands. In the US, Jews have been getting everything their way. Even a man as blunt and crude as Netanyahu got to step all over Obama who remained mute during Gaza massacre and showered Israel with billions more even as Israeli politicians were spitting at him.

    When people become accustomed, addicted, to total power, anything less seems like ‘injustice’. It’s like King mentality. For a king, a good life isn’t enough. Everyone must obey him. And this became the Jewish template in the US, and Jews hate ANY threat to the globalist order where gentiles say “your wish is my command”.

    In a way, there is a consistency between Old Liberalism and New Liberalism IF we look at the Jewish element. Jewish anti-war stance in the past and Jewish pro-war stance in the present may seem like opposites on the outside BUT they have the same logic since both are predicated on ‘Is it good for the Jews?’

    In the past, anti-communism was associated with the American Right dominated by Wasps. So, naturally, Jews were either pro-communist, communist-sympathizing, or anti-anti-communist. Jews figured communism had no chance of taking over the US. So, the bigger threat to Jewish power was Wasp Right using the specter of communism to justify their power(like the Nazis did). So, being opposed to the Cold War was good for Jews.

    Today, Russia’s example inspires the path to political independence from Jewish globalist control and nationalism. Jews find it threatening, so they cook up the New Cold War. Again, it’s good for the Jews.

    It’s like the story RASHOMON by Akutagawa. Ostensibly, three people tell three different stories. The bandit says he killed the samurai in a fair duel. The wife says she killed her husband who reproached her for being raped. The samurai, through a medium, says he killed himself because he was wronged by both bandit and wife.

    And yet, at the psychological level, they are all telling the same tale driven by ego and pride. The bandit admits he is the killer but proudly says he fought a fair duel and won like a man. The woman says she was raped and victimized by the bandit, but her husband blamed her. So, she was victimized by her husband too, and so she killed her husband because she couldn’t take the blame and humiliation. She defends her dignity.

    And the husband says that after the bandit raped his wife, she asked the bandit to kill the husband so that they could run off together. So, he is the victim of both the bandit who raped his wife and of the wife who betrayed him. He makes himself the object of sympathy.

    So, in a way, they are all telling the same tale.

    Same with Jewish Zionists and Jewish Globalists. Same with Jewish anti-war Liberals and Jewish pro-war globalists. They seem to stand for different things, but if we look at the source of their logic, it all comes down to “Is it good for the Jews?”

    On the surface, what Jews want for Israel and what Jews want for EU/US seem like opposites. Jews are pro-borders & pro-nationalism in Israel and anti-borders & anti-nationalism in gentile lands. Hypocrisy? On the surface, yes. But there is consistency in their inner logic since both are predicated on “Is it good for the Jews?” It’s good for Jews to have nationalism in a Jewish-majority nation, and it’s good for Jews to weaken nationalism in gentile lands because gentile nationalism is a barrier to total Jewish domination.


    • Yes that s true

      It s similar to the truth that Jewish financiers in New York like Jacob Schiff and the Warbugs. A led the Bolsheviks in Russia led by the likes of Leon Trotsky /Lev Bronstein

  11. “We should all be outraged – and more than a little unnerved. …”

    No, Mr. Cohen, you’re not listening. You should be quiet.

    And listen.

  12. Feng shui more accurate than the MSM, kinda wild!
    I wonder how many average Americans even know what the SPLC is? I was not aware of it until I started studying American patriot issues/Jewish subversion. The SPLC was likely connected tot he infamous MIAC report back in 2009. I remember when that story broke, and even mentioned it in print in an essay in one of my indie published patriot books.

  13. America is a Nation of Immigrants. So, we are told over and over.

    Okay, I can live with that(depending on how we define immigrants; maybe pilgrims and early settlers could be called ‘immigrants’ too).

    But it’s sort of meaningless as a general abstraction. Why? It’s like saying a Nation is a ‘nation of people’.

    Okay.. but which people? Surely, the character of a nation is defined by WHAT people it has.

    So, while Japan is a nation of people and Germany is a nation of people, they are different because Japan is filled with Japanese people and Germany is filled with German people. Change the composition and the character of the nation changes. Just ask the Serbs in relation to Kosovo.

    Yes, every nation is a ‘nation of people’ but the crucial question is Which People?

    After all, Holy Land would be a ‘nation of people’ whether Jews are there or Arabs are there. But with lots of Jews, it is called Israel and with lots of Arabs, it’s called Palestine.

    So, going back to US as ‘nation of immigrants’. Okay, let’s accept that formulation. But WHICH KIND OF IMMIGRANTS made America?

    If all immigrants are the same, would the America that we know and admire have come into existence if the founding stock had been Pakistanis, Arabs, Hindus, Chinese, Turks, or Nigerians? It would have been some kind of nation, but it wouldn’t have been America. After all, Spanish and Portuguese were ‘immigrants’ who settled Latin America, and the results were VERY DIFFERENT. Why? Different kinds of immigrants to establish the foundation and different kinds of later arrivals in varying numbers. Argentina took in a lot of Italians and ended up sort of like second-rate Italy, itself a second-rate nation in the EU.

    In contrast, the most successful New World nations were US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. What do they have in common? Anglo founding stock.

    And it was the formula set down by Anglos that the LATER-ARRIVING whites adapted to. And they could easily meld into the Anglo-American model because they were also white, racially alike or similar. So, once they adopted the new culture and language, they were like fellow Anglos or Angloists.

    So crucial to the formation of America was the arrival of Anglo ‘immigrants’ as founding stock and then arrival of Europeans who could easily meld in with Anglo-norms.

    If indeed, all immigrants are of same worth and usefulness, let’s do to mental experiment.

    Suppose the Anglo founders of America had decided that all future immigrants must come ONLY from India, Africa, and Middle East but NOT from Europe.

    How would US have turned out with such immigration policy? I’m sure it would have been interesting(to say the least), but the result would have been something closer to Ottoman Empire or Venezuela than the most powerful and richest nation on Earth.

    Indeed, we can see the importance of THE ISSUE OF WHICH PEOPLE even from internal migration. If a bunch of white Iowans move to Minnesota, it will have different impact than if a bunch of blacks in Mississippi or a bunch of Mexicans in Arizona move to Minnesota.

    Not all peoples are the same. They are different racially, culturally, and narratively(politics of memory).

    Not just any bunch of generically formulated ‘immigrants’ could have made America possible. America, in its founding and development, has been essentially a Nation of European Immigrants. And ONLY THAT FORMULATION AND NONE OTHER could have made America possible.

    Suppose we do another mind-experiment.

    Suppose not a single East Asian came to the US. Now, the US would suffer from lack of chop suey joints and middle management in high-tech firms, but the US would essentially be what it is even if not a single East Asian had arrived.

    Suppose not a single Hindu came to the US. The US would out on curry joints and funny characters on TV, but the US would essentially be the US.

    Suppose not a single black had been brought to the US. Now, the US would miss out on certain things that came to be associated with Americanism, esp in music.

    However, the essential block of the US would still be what they are. After all, US was not built on boogie woogie and rap-crap. (And US would have far less crime, and its culture would be less rotten without the jungle boogie crap.)

    And so and on if we do this mental experiment with Muslims, Nepalese, Arabs, and etc.

    BUT imagine the US without European ‘immigrants’ as founders and builders, esp Anglos. There simply is NO America as we know it.

    So, WHICH IMMIGRANTS needs to be answered when people yammer about “America is a nation of immigrants.”

    Israel is a nation of immigrants too, but which ones? Chinese? Hindus? Africans? I think that maybe they were Jewish? Would that be a good guess as to why Israel ended up the way it is?

    Finders Keepers, Sowers Reapers.

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