Steve Bannon Upgraded To National Security Council

This is why #StopPresidentBannon is trending on Twitter:

“WASHINGTON — The Trump administration defended on Sunday a reorganization of the National Security Council that elevates the president’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon — a political adviser with no direct national security role — to full membership and downgrades the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The alteration was contained in a memorandum issued late Saturday defining the organization of the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council, the top decision-making bodies inside the White House on everything from diplomacy to counterterrorism to crisis management to nuclear and cyberpolicy.

Mr. Trump’s document drew from organizational precedents in the Obama and George W. Bush administrations. But the ascension of Mr. Bannon, who until last year was the head of Breitbart News, and the diminishment of the president’s top intelligence and military advisers took Democrats and Republicans by surprise. …”

John McCain, who wants to arm Ukraine and put American troops in the Baltic states, thinks it is outrageous.

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  1. Bannon (surface weapons) would have probably shot Maverick out of the sky after the second crash. To encourage the others.

  2. What’s outrageous is that John “Songbird” McCain isn’t in prison for his treason against America during the Vietnam War, along with his role in the Keating Five scandal, among numerous other crimes.

    • MexCain became a nutjob after water-boarding session 172 in Viet Nam. The diet of rice and rat meat didn’t help much either. MexCain is a traitor alright. At a meeting with illegal migrant workers in Arizona about 9 years ago, he told the migrants, “We don’t want America to be a white country.”

      • Nope. The North Vietnamese never laid a finger on him. His injuries were from his ejection. He is a treasonous pussy who collaborated with them to obtain soft treatment. Then he dumps his wife and marries the daughter of a Mafia thug for the money. Quite a patriot.

  3. Trump should offer McCain the most presitigous post imaginable – Ambassador to the UK, Secretary of Defence – whatever would appeal to McCains’ vanity enough to get him to resign his Senate seat and take the position.

    Then wait a week and fire him.

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      • negro population is 45 million. 20% is huge!!!

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        • Bullshit. Eastern Europe do not like migrants and they kill the muslim criminals when they dare try to enter countries like Poland and Croatia. Western Europe is finally waking up where germans are being told to arm themselves. France finally understood the nature of muslims and will soon elect Marine Le Penn to deport all of them. The AFD in Germany will soon be able to have the power to do so as well. It is only Sweden and the Netherlands that is the problem. Those shitskins will stay in Africa and die.

  5. The elevation of Bannon isn’t a surprise, and I can understand kicking out Clapper, but do we know anything incriminating about the CJCS that would cause Trump to lose faith in him? Surely Trump would not have made this decision lightly.

  6. The White House Comment line is still down. We can email the White House. We need to let every-one know that AMERICANS support the raghead ban, and that we want all the protestors and traitors rounded up and charged with High Treason.

  7. “John McCain, who wants to arm Ukraine and put American troops in the Baltic states, thinks it is outrageous.”

    He also thinks its 1984 and the Cold War is still on, and we’re still at war with Hitler ,the Kaiser and Spain, as well.

    • Funny, when Holodomor was going on DC couldn’t have cared less while FDR was giving diplomatic status to USSR. Now, post USSR, John McNutcase wants to risk WWIII over the same country.

      • These relics and museum pieces are stuck in an infinite loop. The Left ain’t any better. They still think it’s 1792 and 1917.

      • We know Rosevelt was sympathetic to communism, but even had someone else been in there what were they supposed to do, start a war with the USSR? The President was preoccupied with the depression and that is what he was elected to fix, not ideological adventures. I notice the queers blame aids on Ronald Reagan. Reagan was completely preoccupied in his first term with getting the economy back on track and strengthening our military to confront and roll back Soviet expansion. What planet were they living on to think he should have stopped all that and focused his presidency on a few thousand queers with purple spots and pneumonia?

        • Didn’t have to start a war over Holodomor. A NYT journalist went over there at the time and denied it, the Lugenpresse. If the truth about starving 7 million Ukrainians had been widely known, perhaps an alliance with Stalin a few years later would have been impossible to sell. Perhaps WWII could have been averted. Perhaps the mess we’re in today wouldn’t exist.

  8. McCain looks like he’s full of cancer just like Roger Ebert, how much longer will this guy linger around? Wish someone would run that Lindsey Graham out in the primaries? How could that downlow queer not have a ton of skeletons in his closet?

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