We Wuz Kangz: Occidental Dissent’s Black History Month Resources

Just brainstorming … I need to compile all this information in the OD archives, edit and expand on it, and publish it as an e-book called We Wuz Kangz: Great Moments in Black History.

In the meantime, have fun sharing some of the above stories on Twitter!

Note: I’ve compiled many but not all of my articles on this subject under the Black History Month Resources page. I will get the rest of those up today.

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  1. Excellent. As per usual, White Men like you are simply better at everything, including ((((Black History)))

  2. Anyone who tries to tell you the only difference between Whites and blacks is “skin color” is either deluded or lying.

    • They have never lived in a black neighborhood nor have the experience of being around people of color in person. The television has provided all of this information for free, without subscription………and without personal experience.

    • How much you want to bet the Whites Jean Zombi killed were mostly poor Whites that were enslaved there just like the Blacks?

  3. King Tut,
    He’s my favorite honky
    Funky Tut….

    I think we need a small section for mulatto history month, or maybe mulatto history half-day, in which we document the very small handful of contributions to society made by those who could pass the paper bag test. George Washington Carver, Charles Drew, and Frederick Douglas and the like.

    This would preserve Black History Month for highlighting the significant contributions of the pure bred dindu, which would stand in stark and entertaining contrast to the mulatto history half day.

  4. I’m stoked that the Black History Month Resources are back on the website. Whenever I was in the need for a good chuckle, I use to pull up one or two for a read through.

  5. People don’t care about history. People stare at Amnesia Rays radiating from TV screens for the FUN here-and-now.

    So, black history isn’t the main threat. It is black biology. Because blacks got harder muscles, bigger dongs, and stronger voices, they dominate sports culture, pop music, and sex culture.

    THAT is the threat.

    • HAHA. “…According to a survey by The Huffington Post,

      based on condom sales by
      the condom seller Condomania, the top three states for condom size are
      (1) North Dakota (predominately white); (2) Rhode Island (almost no
      blacks) and (3) South Dakota (again almost no blacks)…”

      Linked from James LaFond our White ghetto warrior form Huffington post.


  6. Reading through the post on Hayti, I love this from the turn of the previous century:

    “There is a proverb in this island which you may have heard – ‘In Hayti, there are only three classes who work: the white man, the black woman, and the ass.’ …”

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