r/AltRight Has Been Banned

Update: I’ve just been informed that r/AltRight has been banned. This happened a few hours ago.

It is 2017, gang:

President Trump is now calling the shots in the White House and the Alt-Right is still experiencing a huge surge in interest after a breakthrough year:

“The “alt-right” started 2017 strong.

Donald Trump, hero to the white nationalist movement, was inaugurated as president. Richard Spencer, would-be head of the movement, launched a new website and announced plans for a national tour. And the Reddit channel /altright/, a main congregating point for the largely-online movement, saw 5,000 new subscribers in just one month.

“We started at 11,870 and as of this posting, we have 16,445, wrote the Reddit user TomorrowBelongsToUs. “Keep spreading the word. This is the place to red-pill people.” …”

Congratulations, r/AltRight.

I think it is safe to say that reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. I’ve noticed the same uptick in traffic at Occidental Dissent. We had a stronger January than November.

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    • I laugh at the One Percenters buying up hideouts in New Zealand and Patagonia. These places are still within easy flying distance! lol

  1. My Twitter account is on lockdown because I went after a NIGGER in England after I watched it’s video to the EJew, demanding Whites Gibs Me Dat fo’ dat White Debbil Colonozashun ob dat Momma Afreaka, wur we wuzJKanz n sheeyit. It also got my JewTube Channel suspended/blocked from commenting on various videos.
    Remember, ONigger turned Internet control over to International Orcs. The Ban Hammer’s coming down – but it’s too late. The Net isn’t going to be as important as 3D, under the Trumpenreich.

    • Now that you have eaten a NIGGER dick may be you should eat a Jew and a moslem circumsized dick and tell the difference

        • We have disagreed in the past, and I have disagreed with DTC, but I agree with you on this one. This obscene jackass needs to be banned!

          • Stephen- I admire your faith, even as I diagree with its object, because no one who actually believes should ‘ believe a lie.’ But this dreccch?

            Sorry. Irredeemable.

        • Hey John boy, still scamming the people with that pussy carpenter myth Christinsanity? Get a life boy, that pussy you call a god is not going to save the white race. Lord kek and odinism are the future..

    • Now that you have eaten a NIGGER dick may be you should eat a Jew and a moslem circumsized dick and tell the difference..

    • There’s several companies working to use distributed storage instead of a centralized server to hold web sites. Fundamentally impossible to censor. Here’s one that looks conceptionally good to me.


      It’s not done yet. All of these are complicated and use blockchains(like bitcoin) and Hash tables(like BitTorrent) to hold and find data. Here’s what cool about this. Let’s say someone writes a blog. If you like the persons blog you could volunteer to keep some of his data. The blog would actually be on many, many different computers, each holding a little piece. Since the data would be on many computers the download speed could be very fast like BitTorrent.

      Maidsafe is combining currency with storage space so people could also rent storage space. So you could sell a little piece of your hard drive and make money.

  2. Say what you will about Milo but he was the excuse for a steroidal size chimpout at the Berkeley campus tonight. Drudge in a bit of hyperbole even used the word “destroying.”

    • Milo isn’t a WN nor is he Alt-Right, he’s just Alt-Lite and yet these psychotic maniacs are still calling for his hanging.

      Honestly the recruitment via these Leftists are just doing a fantastic job for the majority of us.

    • “…Milo isn’t a WN nor is he Alt-Right…”

      True but as long as he’s pissing them off I’m happy. Let him draw a little of their fire.

  3. Go to https://voat.co/ a bunch of people went there after reddit shut down a lot of the stuff on pizzagate. They don’t censor as far as I can tell.

    Use the internet to route around the defects(reddit).

  4. r/AltRight was taken over by degenerate imbeciles who rebranded it with Nazi symbols, and anyone with half-a-brain could see this ban coming. I told them so. The degeneracy was so bad, I’m inclined to believe the forum was subverted and deliberately run off the road.

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