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  1. This is a Southern Nationalist website, with which that Stars-and-Stripes video has nothing whatsoever to do.

  2. The Left is finished. All the noisy tantrums they are throwing now are not signs of being reinvigorated, they are merely a death-rattle.

    • Watch out for cuckservatives. They’ll be dying to revive them out of “compassion” and self hatred. So far Trump has only talked tough

  3. This was an internal hack. The domain name was registered within the last 2 days. It’s obviously bait for all the teabagger and alt-right neckbeards out there!

  4. Hacked? I never thought I’d disagree with Hunter Wallace but I’m not so sure. I think the folks at Antifascism.org have been RED PILLED!!!! Welcome boys, glad to see yall on the bright side….the land of truth and honor.

    • This might actually be true. The domain is owned by Alex Beck, college student. The domain was purchased originally in 2001 but had no content until 2012, which was just an under construction banner and a few dead links, with the name “Alexander” attached. This college freshman “Proud Boy” may have purchased this domain when he was 14-15, and staged a hack now that he’s “conservative”.

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