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  1. She’s a professor!

    I can’t imagine any better propaganda for our movement than the current behavior of the deranged left. Give this sort of thing a few more months of publicity and everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is going to be ready to fire up some ovens.

  2. I wish they’d pull this shit outside of a biker bar frequented by the Banditos or Mongols. Or a truck stop. Their revolution won’t get far, if they don’t get off their college campi, or out of their enclaves.

  3. Near heart-attack levels of vitriol over an Alt-Liter like Gavin McInnes? Imagine her reaction to Anglin! That’s the thing, though. To these people there is no distinction between McInnes and Anglin. The sooner the Alt-Liters recognize this the better. Their virtue-signalling “colorblindness” will avail them nothing.

    • This is why I don’t give Alt Lite any grief for their shortcomings. In 12 months or less they’ll be with us.
      There is no option for them

    • But I suspect the Milo protests are a sham…it doesn’t hurt the general cause of WN as long as Milo is decoupled from the spectacle.

  4. How dare you fucking bitch protect the jews and men of color who have sexually assaulted me.

    Whites should kick their ass.


    ETA Can anyone confirm she’s a jew? She looks it, ugly enough. Did she call one cop an ‘italian motherfucker?’

    …she did call the cop that, after calling the other one ‘black.’

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