Washington Post: The Trump Administration Isn’t Even Trying To Fight White Nationalists

So, I was reading in The Washington Post this morning when I saw that the Trump administration won’t be fighting White Nationalists “even in the flimsiest and most ephemeral way imaginable.” Even though I didn’t write about it at the time, it didn’t escape my notice that J.M. Berger mentioned us in that Politico article he wrote a few months ago:

“A handful of America’s racist thought leaders took note of Trump’s entry into the race. Brad Griffin, who writes under the pen name Hunter Wallace on the white nationalist website Occidental Dissent, said that while Trump couldn’t win, he hoped the candidate would “inflict a lot of damage” on establishment Republican candidates, a sentiment echoed in comments around the wider white nationalist Internet. …”

Boy, was I right:

J.M. writes:

“The Trump administration is reportedly planning to rebrand a government effort to combat violent extremism into one that focuses only on terrorists acting in the name of Islam.

And in this case, it would be a statement that should alarm anyone who believes in fundamentally American values such as equal rights and freedom of religion.

Just two weeks in, the new administration has seized one opportunity after another to fracture the United States along racial and religious identity lines.

But it would cost President Trump’s administration virtually nothing to maintain the status quo, and literally nothing to quietly let these few existing programs die of neglect. Instead, the administration is taking advantage of yet another opportunity to ratify white nationalism and white supremacy. …”

Is it racist? Is it sexist? Is it white supremacy?

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  1. Liberals make the argument that we have to be ‘fair’ to muslims for our own safety and stability. To ‘demonize’ all of them or focus on the extremists is to risk radicalizing the ones already here.

    Yet they never make that argument about us, even though it’s actually valid in our case. No one ever suggests leaving us alone as a means of neutralizing the ‘threat’ we pose.

    Trump and Bannon are probably doing this without stating it outright, though.

    • I’m pretty sure that Trump is thinking such things and trying to implode the things into reality.

      All he need do after this directive is to provide legal protection in the workplace for right wing dissidence. (As long as you keep it off the clock and don’t commit a violent crime)…shouldn’t right wing nasties get the same shield that radical black nationalists enjoy?

  2. .

    Obama fought Whites and helped mozlims now Trump is setting America straight again.

    Embrace it. America is where the White people are.


  3. My gut tells me Trump was advised that there were next to no terrorist attacks by “White Nationalist hate groups” so he decided to remove them and focus on Muslims.

    • Its a fact. World wide the violence is by Islam, followed closely by Political/Secular/Anarchist. White Supremacist/Nazi/Fascist are among the least violent groups studied.

      markhumphrys dot com/left.right.violence.html

  4. “Brad Griffin, who writes under the pen name Hunter Wallace on the white nationalist website Occidental Dissent, said that while Trump couldn’t win, he hoped the candidate would ‘inflict a lot of damage’ on establishment Republican candidates ….”

    So far, the only thing on which Trump has inflicted damage is the Aryan population, which he has reduced by one …


  5. Declaring Antifa a terrorist organization is a classic example of pummeling people who dare to play outside the “Overton Window”. No one will stand with Antifa.

    • Trump has the means, motive and opportunity. Hopefully he RICOs them or jails them in Guantanemo Bay.

  6. WNs don’t so anything, what is there to fight??? These libtards are getting silliness by the day. I think many of them actually believe that blogging is “violence.”

  7. Just looking at that bald, pathetic fag J.M. Berger I knew right off the bat he was a cuckservative. They all look like that.

  8. F*ck equal rights! Did GOD give the Egyptians equal rights? Or the Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites?

    No, and YOU JEWS know it, so stop LYING 24/7/365!!!

    This is OUR nation, NOT yours!

    Be afraid. Be very afraid, Jews.
    Christendom’s making a comeback

  9. https://cambriawillnotyield.wordpress.com/2017/02/04/of-kingship-and-kinship/

    ” Let’s separate what was good in Trump’s victory, good for all people of European descent, from what was part of the democratic heresy. What was good was not all the universalist rhetoric about all Americans bleeding the same blood of patriotism. Such pap is from the men of the Enlightenment, it does not come from Christian men. The good in Trump’s victory stems from an ancient source, a wellspring that has almost run dry for lack of use. That wellspring is the European peoples’ sense of kinship. There was something underneath all the democratic blather during Trump’s campaign for election to the presidency. A sizeable amount of his white supporters had wise blood; they were not looking to the democratic process to aid them against the wickedness of the liberals, they were looking for an ancient king – “One still strong man in a blatant land…” The Christian king is the great defender of his people, not the democratic herd, but his kith and kin. The great exemplars of the Christian king were Alfred, the king of Britain, and Nathan Bedford Forrest, the uncrowned king of the white Southern people.”

    Reading this, I cried tears of repentance, and then, joy…to think the Almighty may have given us a godly ruler for such a time as this….

  10. Ratify white nationalism and white supremacy? If only! Don’t forget that Trump unequivocally “disavowed” and condemned Alt Right.

    • Trump’s disavowal of the Alt Right was about as tepid as his disavowal of David Duke during the Primaries. Duke didn’t seem to care then, he knows Trump just did what he had to do.

  11. What a concept. Trump prefers to deploy resources on terrorist threats that DO exist, as opposed to the ones that DON’T!

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