The Economist: An Insurgent In The White House

The globalists are reeling after two weeks of the Trump presidency:

“WASHINGTON is in the grip of a revolution. The bleak cadence of last month’s inauguration was still in the air when Donald Trump lobbed the first Molotov cocktail of policies and executive orders against the capital’s brilliant-white porticos. He has not stopped. Quitting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, demanding a renegotiation of NAFTA and a wall with Mexico, overhauling immigration, warming to Brexit-bound Britain and Russia, cooling to the European Union, defending torture, attacking the press: onward he and his people charged, leaving the wreckage of received opinion smouldering in their wake …

Without active American support and participation, the machinery of global co-operation could well fail. The World Trade Organisation would not be worthy of the name. The UN would fall into disuse. Countless treaties and conventions would be undermined. Although each one stands alone, together they form a system that binds America to its allies and projects its power across the world. Because habits of co-operation that were decades in the making cannot easily be put back together again, the harm would be lasting. In the spiral of distrust and recrimination, countries that are dissatisfied with the world will be tempted to change it—if necessary by force.

What to do? The first task is to limit the damage. There is little point in cutting Mr Trump off. Moderate Republicans and America’s allies need to tell him why Mr Bannon and his co-ideologues are wrong. …”

It has been an amazing month.

As everyone here knows, I was getting a bit black-pilled on President Trump in November and December. Overall, the Cabinet picks were a disappointment. The turnaround began when President Trump lit into ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis. That’s what convinced me to attend the inauguration. You have no idea how long I have waited to see someone snatch the halo off of John Lewis.

I’ve been thrilled with what I have seen since then. There was killing the TPP! There was the federal charges against the antifas in DC and threatening to defund Berekley! There was The Wall! There was the Muslim ban! Yesterday, I was on the road in Florida, and I saw the tweets where President Trump was pummeling Federal Judge John Robart for usurping our sovereignty.

I turned and looked at my wife with our son in the backseat and said: one day we will be able to tell our grandchildren, there was President Trump standing like a stonewall. We’ve NEVER seen this kind of leadership from spineless conservatives. In my lifetime, only Judge Roy Moore comes to mind. Not since George Wallace in his prime have seen such defiance of “received opinion.”

I can imagine the conversations going on in barbershops all across Dixie. Did you hear President Trump stood up to that federal judge? Can you believe it?

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  1. feels good to finally have a non-appeaser in the white house.
    & a bonus: makes the left’s amygdalas ring like fire alarms.

  2. The light is seen!

    This is only the beginning, Ragnarok will not be an overnight affair.

    The world can be turned against us, every alliance matters. Every battle will weigh into the final decision – such as the upcoming French election, but also when the Federal Reserve et al try to crash the economy. Black swans will be a normal part of life (black pigeons). We must champion normality, while attributing the chaos to the other side. It shouldn’t be that hard, but too often “our people” have refused to take easy wins and instead substituted baffling defeats.

    When the deportations start, and white ascendancy emerges from the grave, then it will begin in earnest.

  3. Trump and his people are like a regiment of heavy cavalry smashing into a confused, scattered infantry line.

    It’s been glorious to behold!

    The important thing now is to keep attacking. Don’ let up!

  4. There is no justification for importing even one Chinese Legal Immigrant…never was…

    This nonsense about POTUS Trump bringing back jobs from China is arrant nonesense….who is he bringing the jobs back for?..Answer:The Chinese occupied California!!!

    The good high paying jobs were always here in America…The Chinese…Hindu….Korean…SIHK…Pakistani Muzzie “Americans” stole these jobs..they are job thieves…

  5. POTUS Trump’s jobs program=pave over…..poison….frack…bucolic NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE….to create jobs for the youth of China…Korea…India…Pakistan..

  6. The GREEDY CHEATING MOTHER FUCKING ONE PERCENTERS…have economically justified the street by street….town by town…county by county…state by state race-replacement of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class…

    And what is this economic justification?



    Think about it…they GREEDY CHEATING ONE PERCENTERS……want serfdom for the Historic Native Born White American Working Class….think about…this is what drives post 1965 race-replacement immigration policy…

    • If you repeated the White Genocide Mantra all over the Internet, as much as you repeat “HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS”, you would make the “GREEDY ONE PERCENTERS” lives a living hell.

      • I AGREE!!!

        How would the Chinese People in China react to handing their University System over to Hindu Legal Immigrants from India?

        ANSWER:The Chinese People of China would see it for what it is:GENOCIDE!!!…

        There is a reason why China’s border with India is heavily Militarized with Nukes..

        Hindu-Sihk India has a 250,000 troop Army patrolling the India-Pakistan border…go to Google images…

        But the Chinese and Hindu “Americans” demand that Whitey commit demographic suicide within the borders of America…We are under no obligation to do this because it would please the Chinese and Hindu…

        This exactly what Richard Spencer should be stating UNEQUIVOCABLY in his campus tour debate with Jew Parasite Noam Chomsky’s Comet Pizza acolytes from Hell!!!

      • This tool was posting the same crap on Alt Right sites 5 or 6 years ago.

        Some people are on the higher functioning end of the spectrum, others aren’t.

        • EXTERMINATE FRANCO-STOESSNER-PINOCHET…you haven’t veered too far from your Fathers’s Economist inspired Fantasies of Fascist Dictator feudal-order-of-things…you filthy COCKROACK…

          Yehuda..or Yankel…I think Yankel is funnier!!!

  7. Dear Richard Spencer

    Here is how you destroy Noam Chomsky’s acolytes in debate:memorize all my comments from today and yesterday on Occidental Dissent….and then recommend that the KHARZAR PARASITE Sergei Brin be soaked in a vat of car battery acid for Sunday Night Native Born White American Family Entertainment…

  8. Dennis Kearney

    Samuel Gompers

    Two Socialist Labor Leaders





    I mean…who the fuck would be opposed to this?


    And I write this as someone who agrees with 90 percent of what Old Noam has written…

    And I’ll tell you something….Ol Noam’s idea of binary recursion in his minimalist syntax program is a mighty deep fucking idea!!!!

  10. Noam was the first one to alert me to the Mohawk Valley Plan…a labor extermination plan that Pinochet-Franco-Stroessner…and Annie skinny fanny COULTER’S Late Father would have loved to implement with extreme violence…which it was…UTICA NY 2017 HANDED OVER TO BOSNIAN MUSLIMS by COMET PIZZA NAFTA=the syphylltic pedophile Billy Clinton from Hot Springs ARKANSAS..

    Apparently the spirit of Generalissimo Franco resides in Utica NY…where old Protestant Churches are now Bosnian Muslim Mosques..

  11. The Economist used to be a good source of international news back before broadband internet and social media made international events readily available in seconds.

    With the Economist, I generally hold that the opposite of whatever they say will come to pass. They fulminated against Brexit and Trump, both won.

    My Dad still reads that stupid newspaper and I have to dispel all of the Economist’s Agitprop every time I see Dad.

      • One of the Rothschilds also married one of the Hiltons.

        I always wondered why the Economist was so Jewy. It was like ZOG come to life, Commentary Magazine masquerading as British business and international newspaper.

          • I recommend reading or watching Anthony Trollope’s The Way We Live Now to understand the British Jewish phenomenon. Augustus Melmotte may be one of the most openly Anti Semitic characters in literature, and the miniseries adaptation from 2002 portrays Melmotte as a scheming Jew financier in 1870’s London. I’m actually shocked the BBC produced the Miniseries in 2002.

          • Fagin is good, but Melmotte is closer to real Jews. Think of Melmotte as a Victorian Bernie Madoff.

        • I used to read it religiously until I “saw the light” sometime in the mid- to late-1990s. Suddenly, it all made sense.

          • I read The Economist until I got heavily into Pat Buchanan, VDare, and the Richard Spencer edited Takimag in the late Aughties.

  12. Noam was the first one to alert me to the late 18th century Massachusetts Native Born White Women textile Mill letters about how they organized their socialist-anarchist LABOR REVOLT…

    But Noam left out the part that these NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WOMEN TEXTILE WORKERS were revolting against the BOSSMAN’S use of Chink scab Labor to undermine their SOCIALIST-ANARCHIST-POPULIST FEMALE LED LABOR REVOLT…I did someone historical research and discovered this…

    If it were up to our friend Yehuda Finklestien…Franco-Stroessner-Pinochet-Annie Skinny Fanny’s Late Father would have been hired to murder and and rape these NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WOMEN TEXTILE WORKERS in revolt against the LANDOWNING PARASITES BACK IN THE DAY…

  13. “You have no idea how long I have waited to see someone snatch the halo off of John Lewis.”

    I’d like to see them snatched off of his White handlers more

  14. Naysayers howl till the cow comes home.Trump a workaholic and he knows what needs to be done before decade expire.

  15. Without active American support and participation, the machinery of
    global co-operation could well fail. The World Trade Organisation would
    not be worthy of the name. The UN would fall into disuse.

    And the downside is?

    As to the judges, for the last 2 months, #NotMyPresident.

    How about #NotMyJudiciary – not on Roe, not on gay marriage, not on imminvaders.

    Madonna wants to blow up the white house? How about a few federal courtrooms (I’m kidding to the exact amount Madonna is, so jail her if you want and I’ll go too – I remember the Josie and the Pussycats cartoon, now it is Madonna and the Pussyhats).

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