A Southern Defense Force Is Justified

The SPLC reports that the League of the South is forming a Southern Defense Force:

“In a military-styled order titled “Directive 02022017,” Michael Hill, president of the neo-Confederate League of the South (LOS), announced Friday the formation of a new vigilante “defense force.” …

While Hill is just one voice in a growing chorus contributing to an escalation of violent rhetoric across the South and the United States, the formation of the SDF represents something else, too –– a desperate promise of armed resistance from an aging radical on the fringe of a movement he once dominated.”

At this point, I would say it is completely justified. If anything is true, it is LESS NEEDED in the South than elsewhere, but we can’t allow the antifa terrorism that we see below in the North and West to take root at the South. Hopefully, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is paying attention to what is going on and will launch a long overdue crackdown on leftwing political terrorism.

We have to start thinking about what is coming beyond the Trump administration. For now, the Trump administration will likely put a temporary end to this nonsense, but what if these people are radicalized and at some point return to power in Washington? This could only be the calm before the storm. We’re not even a month into the Trump administration and look what has already happened.

These antifas are domestic terrorists. They’ve been violent for years. The problem is only going to get worse when 40% of Millennials believe political correctness justifies repressing speech.

Note: Breitbart is reporting that George Soros is financing the groups behind the Berkeley riot.

Remember the time the antifas and other violent leftwing protesters forced President Trump himself to exit his motorcade and sneak into and out of the California Republican Convention? Did anything like that ever happen to Barack Obama? Have you ever seen a so-called rightwing “hate group” do anything like that? These people have a permission slip to behave like the Reconstruction Klan and Congress needs to pass a Force Act to put them down in California and other Blue States in exactly the same manner. They have already declared themselves to be engaged in a violent insurrection.

New York City, NY

Berkeley, CA

Atlanta, GA

Portland, OR

Trump Inauguration


Richard Spencer Punched

Seattle, WA

Sacramento, CA

Buffalo, NY

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  1. I agree with this 100%. Need to form volunteer self-defense units, White paramilitaries, rapid reaction force, Pepe patrols, whatever you want to call them.

    There seems to be a significant wuss element within the Alt-Right that, I’m afraid, would never go for this type of thing and would prefer to be martyred on camera.

  2. Going to get a Colt 1911 and a conceal/carry permit. I’m an easygoing guy but I’m not letting anyone intimidate me because of my beliefs.

  3. The answer is three fold:

    1) Personal / familial preparedness. Food, fuel, firearms.

    2) Right wing charity squads: do good works, become better people, get to know the people, hold classes, light propaganda, practice chain of command and logistics. Preach Personal / familial preparedness. Food, fuel, firearms; and how to accomplish it, but no violent shenanigans or rhetoric.

    3) Assist the state in its lawful duty to uphold Order and Right. Carry cameras to document wrong doing, private sleuthing to unmask the bad people.

    When the day comes to take up arms, there won’t be any ambiguity: anti-deportation “protests” will be taking place nationwide and perhaps world wide in the major cities. The feral animals will get out of control, simultaneous to reports of assassinations of ICE officers and wall construction crews.

    The first few days will be insane, as feral violence immolates the social fabric. After a few days when “normies” have felt the bite of their pets, and people are truly hunkered down for safety, the battle lines will appear and we will push them back and lock them in their cities and start starving them to death. It should take no more than a month without outside interference.

    First the Deep State, then Immigration. If we can get the “Northern Alliance” (USA, Russia, and several European countries) it will check any outside interference. In chess terms, we have the path to check mate. Why would we chance screwing it up with a premature violent play of any kind? Let them destroy themselves with violent rhetoric and acts.

    • Preparedness is total bullshit and worthless. We are being beaten by people who don’t waste time with that kind of shit. 90% of this is who gets more people to the confrontation wins. MREs in you basement doesn’t do shit and never will. Guns won’t do shit.

  4. First off a few things here:

    1). Let’s not go down the militia route.
    2). Let’s not train as a para-military unit connected to political movement, I belive there are legal ramifications to that action.
    3). Let’s not forget one of the reasons people are drawn to alt anything is the fact it has avoided militia type activities.

    And last but not least…stay away from bird sanctuaries.

    • Response to 1, 2, and 3; nonsense.

      Being prepared to defend your neighbors, your family, or yourself, either individually, or in concert with others should not be viewed as voluntary, it should be viewed as a sacred duty.

      Militia’s are an overall good. All should participate in one.

      • Thank you for the reply Mr. Hines. I always have high regard for your perspective.

        I could be wrong, but I thought I read an article concerning #3 before. We all who have been in this for many years, understand the pitfalls of militia participation. That aspect, in my opinion, is where the most damage and infiltration can occur.

        While engaging in such activities, all must be vigilant and careful.

        So, on to the question of the SDF. How would it operate? When would it be deemed necessary?

  5. It’s pretty simple.

    As the police and security forces increasingly fail to protect us, we must provide for our own protection, be it bodyguards, militias, mercenaries, whatever.


    ‘“In a military-styled order titled “Directive 02022017,” Michael Hill,
    president of the neo-Confederate League of the South (LOS), announced
    Friday the formation of a new vigilante “defense force.” …’

    To my memory, The Articles of Confederation as well as the Constitution refer to this ‘vigilante defence force’ as a militia.

    Furthermore, though our forefathers folded such a thing up in 1877, a Southern Militia has been clearly requisite since not long after WWII, when Liberal New England justices exceeded their Constitutional responsibility, and began writing law, instead of interpreting it.

    Moreover, if anyone represents a ‘vigilante force’ it is those forces on The Left which act as informal proxies for the governing New England Establishment; and, perhaps not curiously, y’all, the SPLC, are a repressive organ of said establishment which seeks to terrorize, demonize, and usurp the whole world into being a colony of said political edifice.

    Lastly, I, as do a growing number of Tarheels, wholeheartedly support Dr. Hill and his League, as the only authentick amd morally authoritative representatives of The South, at this time.

    Dr. Hill’s call makes sense from many different angles, and I thank him for it. It’s not sabre rattling, but, the survival of our culture and people – things which are the very antithesis of y’all’s purposes.

  7. A tip for those interested: The best fighting instruction in the world comes from a guy named Brad Steiner. He developed the most practical system of self-defense there is. He is out of Western Washington, but I believe he also travels. However, he is picky. He tests to see if prospective trainees agree with his basic attitude about violence. The reason is he gives intensive mental training to underpin the physical training. If you are not receptive to his ideas, you won’t act in self-defense or will hesitate and are a lost cause. If you get his training, you are a different person.

  8. Now that I think about it, it must be fifteen or twenty years—maybe even more—since I first saw leftists with neckerchiefs pulled up, in stagecoach-robber style, over their lower faces, at these protest events. Never have I heard such outlaw-style masking remarked upon, in, say, a news report or a magazine article. You’d think the use of it by a person who has committed vandalism or battery at one of these events would merit a heightened punishment for the offense, but I’ve never heard of any such extra punishment.

  9. I hope these people know what they are doing. Firearms are totally useless in this. We have to learn street fighting/protest tactics. People on the right don’t understand escalation of force. They have two modes: do nothing and all out war. In real life, violence almost never goes to all out war.

    The main issue with antifa is that they out number us. That is 90% of the problem.

  10. The Southern Defense Force is much needed in the South. The Communists, Liberals, Black Supremacists, and Islamic Terrorists are extremely Violent. The name Southern Defense Force means “DEFENSE” and that should be the focus…Defense of the Southern People. The military is controlled by the Jewish Supremacists, Military Industrial Complex, and United Nations. That includes the National Guard which has been the “American Empire” defense force. Most states have something of a State Guard under the Governor. However the need for Militias is extremely important for the survival of the South. Something that should be a focus is outward in being a Defense / Peaceful division of the South. The Government and Liberal Media look at the “Militia” as Violence. Having good public relations is key in making any Southern Militia a good thing for the Southern People. WPWW !

  11. Immigrants made America

    Immigrants made America great
    while racist rednecks and billionaire bastards are making it worse. So, you damn ignorant from the damn south, why don’t you make your own country? make also a wall around it, but not to prevent us to enter, but to prevent you to get out. Inside your own country then you can shoot all day to the empty cans of beer, pray your stupid god, being racist and what else you idiots like to do. Just get out of the USA, you are too stupid to be Americans

  12. I believe nobody really knows how this all plays out, but getting prepared is the right way to go. Food, guns, ammunition, know the people of your town. Know like minded people if possible.

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