The New Irrepressible Conflict

Here’s an excerpt from Louis Hartz’s The Liberal Tradition in America:

“We begin a great conservative reaction,” Virginia’s George Fitzhugh proclaimed in 1863 on the eve of the battle of Gettysburg. “We attempt to roll back the Reformation in all its political phases.” The first American Revolution, Fitzhugh argued, had been a mere reform. “But the revolution of 1861,” which raised the banner of Tories everywhere and resurrected even the dream of Filmer, was a social upheaval that would ultimately shake the world.

Here, surely, was a strange note to be coming out of America in the midst of its liberal tradition. What had happened? Had America suddenly produced, out of nowhere, a movement of reactionary feudalism? …

Certainly we cannot deny that the American Southerners, when they began to break with their Jeffersonian past around 1830, duplicated in every essential aspect the argument of Europe’s feudal reaction. We do not find here the mere parroting of a few of Burke’s phrases. We find a most fantastic array of theoretical schemes, some of them to be sure as Aristotelian as they are Burkian, some of them passionately Hebriac in their emphasis on the Bible, but all of them dominated in the end by the basic concepts of the Western reaction. There are a group of ardent traditionalists who cherish “the conservative principle”: the novelist N. Beverly Tucker, Governor Hammond of South Carolina, Albert Bledsoe. There are a group of “feudal socialists” who lashed out at Northern capitalism in the spirit of Disraeli and Carlyle: Fitzhugh, Chancellor Harper, George Sawyer, Edmund Ruffin. There are even a group of “sociologists” determined after the fashion of Bonald and Comte to turn the law of nature upside down and prove that Locke is “metaphysical”: Fitzhugh again, Professor George Frederick Holmes of the University of Virginia, and that Mississippi prodigy who published his system at the age of twenty five, Henry Hughes. Nor is Holmes the only academic figure in the reactionary renaissance. College professors rush to the Tory standard from all sides, Dew of William and Mary giving it a Hegelian touch, Smith of Randolph-Macon showering it with an indiscriminate idealism, J.B. DeBow of Louisiana buttressing it with a solid array of statistics. We have here, indeed, one of the great and creative episodes in the history of American thought.”

Professor Hartz points us in the right direction.

I think of this vanguard of Southern reactionary thinkers as the greats. Southerners know all about the great Confederate generals like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. They’re aren’t as familiar with George Fitzhugh, James D.B. DeBow, Nathaniel Beverly Tucker and others.

These men and others like them were the “Alt-South.” They were breaking out of the liberal paradigm. They laid the foundation of the Confederate States of America. We’ve forgotten how much the “mainstream” changed in the antebellum South … science, ethics, political theory, myths, etc. Slavery’s transformation from an evil inherited from the colonial era into a “positive good” is only the most well known example of what was a metapolitical revolution.

Alexander Stephens acknowledged this metapolitical revolution in the Cornerstone Speech:

“It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with, but the general opinion of the men of that day was that, somehow or other in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away. This idea, though not incorporated in the constitution, was the prevailing idea at that time. The constitution, it is true, secured every essential guarantee to the institution while it should last, and hence no argument can be justly urged against the constitutional guarantees thus secured, because of the common sentiment of the day. Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the government built upon it fell when the “storm came and the wind blew.”

Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. This truth has been slow in the process of its development, like all other truths in the various departments of science. It has been so even amongst us. Many who hear me, perhaps, can recollect well, that this truth was not generally admitted, even within their day. The errors of the past generation still clung to many as late as twenty years ago. …”

Alexander Stephens is saying here that there had been a sweeping change.

The errors of the past generation about liberty and equality had been pushed aside. Starting in the 1830s, we have forgotten that the abolitionists, who were the radical leftwing vanguard of the antebellum era, were the aggressors in the “Irrepressible Conflict.” They prodded, poked and antagonized the South over the slavery question. It was a “social justice” issue for fanatics like John Brown. As the South began reacting to the abolitionist threat, its own self-image changed.

In Robert Barnwell Rhett, we can see it in full bloom:

“All the inexperienced emotions of the heart are against us; all the abstractions concerning human rights; all the theories of political dreamers, atheistic utilitarians, self-exalting and self-righteous religionists, who would reform or expunge the Bible, – in short, enthusiasts and fanatics of all sorts, are against us. …”

In George Fitzhugh, we can see the philosophy of Southern reaction:


The exploitation, or unjust exactions of skill and capital in free society, excite the learned and philanthropic to devise schemes of escape, and impel the laborers to adopt those schemes, however chimerical, because they feel that their situation cannot be worsted. They are already slaves without masters, and that is the bathos of human misery. Besides, universal liberty has disintegrated and dissolved society, and placed men in isolated, selfish, and antagonistic positions – in which each man is compelled to wrong others, in order to be just himself. But man’s nature is social, not selfish, and he longs and yearns to return to parental, fraternal and associative relations. All the isms concur in promising closer and more associative relations, in establishing at least a qualified community property, and in insuring the weak and unfortunate the necessaries and comforts of life. Indeed, they all promise to establish slavery – minus, the master and the overseer.” …

But we solemnly warn the North, that what she calls a transition, is what every leading Abolitionist is moving heaven and earth to attain. This is their real object – negro emancipation a mere gull-trap.

In the attempt to attain “transition” seas of gore may be shed, until military despotism comes in to restore peace and security.

We (for we are a Socialist) agree with Mr. Carlyle, that the action of free society must be reversed. That, instead of relaxing more and more the bonds that bind man to man, you must screw them up more closely. That, instead of no government, you must have more government. And this is eminently true in America, where from the nature of things, as society becomes older and population more dense, more of government will be required. To prevent the attempt at transition, which would only usher in revolution, you must begin to govern more vigorously.”

Slavery has been vanquished.

It is never coming back. No one is proposing to bring it back. Still though, just as Rhett, Fitzhugh and others predicted, the outlines of the struggle are still the same. The Left has renewed the conflict, but this time the object of their scorn isn’t slavery or segregation. It is whiteness.

Whiteness itself is illegitimate. Instead of the abolition of slavery, “social justice” now requires that “white privilege” be vanquished. White people are the obstacle standing in the way of achieving the utopia. Political violence in the name of “social justice” is legitimate. That’s what John Brown thought. That’s what the fanatics and enthusiasts at Berkeley thought too.

As the old saying goes, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. Fitzhugh believed that negro emancipation was “a mere gull trap” and that the “transition” was the real issue. It follows that the conflict wouldn’t go away with the abolition of slavery.

Fitzhugh predicted the rise of -isms and -phobias in the 1850s:

“In the first place, the character of the enemy we have to contend with prevents anything like regular warfare. They are divided into hundreds of little guerrilla bands of isms, each having its peculiar partizan tactics, and we are compelled to vary our mode of attack from regular cannonade to bush-fighting, to suit the occasion. …

“Why have you Bloomer’s and Women’s Right’s men, and strong-minded women, and Mormons, and anti-renters, and “vote myself a farm” men, Millerites, and Spiritual Rappers, and Shakers, and Widow Wakemanites, and Agrarians, and Grahamites, and a thousand other superstitious and infidel isms at the North ?

Why is there faith in nothing, speculation about everything? Why is this unsettled, half demented state of the human man mind co-extensive in time and space, with free society?

Why is Western Europe now starving? and why has it been fighting and starving for seventy years? Why all this, except that free society is a failure ? Slave society needs no defence till some other permanent practicable form of society has been discovered. None such has been discovered. Nobody at the North who reads my book will attempt to reply to it; for all the learned abolitionists had unconsciously discovered and proclaimed the failure of free society long before I did.”

Uniquely in his time, Fitzhugh saw beyond the conflict over slavery and warned that the North was “the true battleground” of the transition:

“Socialism, not Abolition, is the real object of Black Republicanism. The North, not the South, the true battle-ground. Like Fanny Wright, the author of American Socialism, the agitators of the North look upon free society as a mere transition state to a better, but untried, form of society. …”

There is a connection here.

Just as the abolitionists ripped apart the social fabric in the antebellum era, which inspired the Fire-Eaters and the South’s reactionary vanguard, who gradually broke with liberalism and culminated in the dissolution of the Union, the same thing is happening again in our own times. The Alt-Right is racing toward similar reactionary conclusions.

Since whiteness is the object of the current dispute within “free society,” the conflict is now global, not regional. It is going on all over the Western world which is in thrall to liberal democracy. The very same debate is playing out, for example, in France and Germany.

Will it end in a similar way? Are we seeing the beginning of a “Bleeding California”? There’s a striking resemblance between the America of the 1850s and the America of the 2010s. It is not to difficult to project a looming Second Civil War between a kind of Heartland Confederacy and an alliance between the rabidly leftwing West Coast and Northeast.

Maybe it will be California that secedes this time? It’s not to difficult to imagine either that a Heartland Confederacy would emerge as the victor in the conflict. We could have a Second Reconstruction in which “Heartland” would impose a new Constitution on the coasts. The West Coast and Northeastern Jewish oligarchy would be shattered and destroyed, not unlike the Southern planter class. After its power and influence is broken, America would then solider on into the 21st century.

I grant that I could be letting my imagination run wild here. It is worth noting here that Nathaniel Beverly Tucker predicted the Civil War in his 1836 novel The Partisan Leader:

“Tucker is probably best remembered for his 1836 novel The Partisan Leader. Set in the United States of 1849, the story depicts a war between secessionist guerrillas in Virginia and a despotic federal government led by President-turned-dictator Martin Van Buren. In Tucker’s future, the slaveholding states south of Virginia have already seceded, driven out of the Union by Van Buren’s centralizing government and exploitative tariff policy. While the Old Dominion itself remains under federal control, the plot of The Partisan Leader concerns the efforts of patriotic Virginian irregulars to defeat government forces and join the independent Southern Confederacy.

At the onset of the American Civil War, the novel was regarded by many in the North and South as a prophetic vision of the collapse of the Union. It was republished in 1861 in New York with the subtitle “A Key to the Southern Conspiracy”; a Richmond edition of 1862 is subtitled “A Novel, and an Apocalypse of the Origin and Struggles of the Southern Confederacy.” …”

Kurt Schlichter has already written the book.

Is Colonel Schlichter the Nathaniel Beverly Tucker of our times? It’s worth thinking about. I share the feeling that everything we are seeing is all leading up to the grand finale. The new Irrepressible Conflict will answer questions like 1.) will the White Western world will go quietly into the night and 2.) is the liberal world order is capable of surviving this demographic storm? These are the great questions of the 21st century and it is getting harder and harder to avoid them.

My prediction is “No” on both counts. This is the final act of liberalism. It is racing toward the inevitable crackup. In the Trump era, we might already be in the onset of the final act. It’s own self destructive logic which Fitzhugh and Carlyle noted will finally bring the whole system down. The demographic transition we are experiencing in the West will be more radically destabilizing than the conflict over slavery.

It’s kind of amazing, you know, how they just assumed that it would work out. France and Germany would become majority Muslim. The United States would become majority Afro-Hispanic. Not only that, but Europeans could jettison traditional sexual morality and give up having children. Progress would roll on. We could base our whole social order on Martin Luther King, Jr’s fever dream. And it would work!

Boomer naiveté is going to have world-historical consequences. Buckle up.

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  1. When there is a grave and intrinsic evil – you either admit and repent and defuse it as a bomb, or you double down.
    Jefferson knew Slavery was an evil. In 1960, everyone knew both Conraception and Aboriton was an evil except for a few atheistic intellectuals and Planned Parenthood – Sanger was a Eugenicist.

    What I see in the defense of slavery v.s. the “annoying abolitionists” is the defense of abortion v.s. the “annoying pro-lifers”.

    As to equality, the problem is slavery was based on race, not inequality. If there was a dumb white person, he would never be a slave. If there was a very intelligent black, he would be a slave. Knowing that your own (white) offspring might be beaten or worse if they didn’t pick enough cotton might have ended slavery.

    Feudalism? Fine, justify it, but then enslave, or have Lords, Knights and Vassals, or whatever based on rank, intelligence, etc. and not on race.

    Bankrupt arguments were not to justify feudalism or the economic system, but the enslavement of blacks, not any system.

    It is also why it will take a second (I won’t call it “civil”) war to end abortion. And LGBTQ supremacy.

    But do realize the liberals, the Bezerkeleys, the rioters, will lose, but it is likely to be as bloody. They are cursed by their evil, but we aren’t blessed because of inaction.

    • Dear TZL,
      If our President Davis ‘knew slavery was evil’, I can find none of that in the way he managed his pre-war plantation or in his post war commentary.

      Furthermore, we had White slavery in the 19th century – they were
      Germans, and, more comonly than they – The White niggers of the day …
      The Irish.

      That said, I really enjoyed your comment, here, as it is deep and well thought-out.

      We are, as many here realize, at the precipice of a new (un)civil war, and it could be toucht off by many many issues, to some of which you rightly allude.

      • Slavery originally derived from “Slavs” so those from eastern European origin may have a different perspective. But thanks for the kind words.

        Lets end the slaughter of the innocents, which the southrons have been in the forefront, and then we can talk the deeper issues.

    • Slavery is not synonymous with abortion. Call it a social evil if you will but it wasn’t murder or genocide. The problem I have with pro-lifers is their lack of concern with a child’s life after birth, especially if the child is White. Ask them, do White people as a race have a right to life?

  2. One bit of evidence for this state of affairs is the spectacle of both sides of the liberal-democratic consensus pointing fingers at each other screaming FASCIST!

    The system is imploding.

    • As I pointed out in a comment at the previous Occidental Dissent entry, headed “Mainstream Conservatives Driven Underground in San Francisco,” Mr. Wallace, too, our host, who would have us believe he’s not entirely a creature of liberalism, cries fascist at his adversaries.

      • As Aldous Huxley pointed out in his letter to Eric Blair wherein he compared BNW with 1984 the question of our times is Sadism.

  3. “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition.”

    Yes—as I said in Occidental Dissent’s earlier blog entry, headed “The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness,” where some Southerners, I think, took issue with me, the war was about slavery.

      • Exactly. We are still fighting this same old fight despite slavery being long gone. “It was about slavery” is incredibly simplistic.

      • Mr. Griffin – I guess the most salient feature of your article is that is extrapolates race and region, and focuses on the war and it’s aftermath as a conversation ‘twixt two political poles.

        Just in that sense, alone, it is very stimulating and intriguing.

      • Weren’t Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland slave states? Yet they remained in the Union, more or less. Honest Abe himself, no friend of the “peculiar institution” of slavery, said that if preserving slavery would save the Union then he would support it. And his Emancipation Declaration only applied to Rebel-held territories.

    • If for you, John, the war was about slavery.

      For us, and many of our ancestors, who held no slaves, it was not.

      My forefathers, at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries, were amongst the first to settle in the northwest Georgia mountains and or establish the Galax, Virginia/ Sparta North Carolina area, and those areas were exclusively mountaineering White subsistence farmers who did everything for themselves.

    • I wont speak for others but I took issue with you saying “No it wasn’t” after writing this quote:”No, R_The Donald, the American Civil War was more complex than just ‘freedom good, slavery bad’ ….”

      The Rainbow Confederate, Sons of Confed Vets, and Heritage not hate types deny the war was about slavery. I dont think that is the case in these quarters.

      I would say a more accurate way to say it would be that is was about maintaining white supremacy. With slavery being the Antebellum Eras manifestation of WS.

      • ‘I would say a more accurate way to say it would be that is was about maintaining white supremacy.’

        I agree with you, Mr. Wayne, though, I would add that, in non- mountainous areas of The South, the war was about maintaining SOUTHERN White Supremacy, which was just as much aimed at Yankeedom as it was at our negroes.

      • One more thing, Mr. Wayne – as you seem a Southern brother of mine, I will tell you this : if you have not lived amongst Yankees, you will not be familiar with the fact that a good many of them think that, ‘The South has been too ignorant, too backwards, too hateful, and too stupid’ to allow ‘The American Civilization (Northeastern Society) to go forward as it ought, and that, in fact, we have damn near sploiled everythang.

        This kind of thinking is very common amongst them, as you would find out, if you lived there and got to know them, beyond the superficialities of passing social exchanges.

        • Indeed. I have always known that they considered themselves our intellectual/moral superiors and basically viewed us as subjects in their empire. I am only beginning to realize that they also have no idea of how much responsibility they bear for our current predicaments.

          And yes, of course. The conflict has always been about WHICH whites would reign supreme.

          Thank you for your insight.

          • You’re very welcome, Mr. Wayne, and I thank you for the easy going, yet highly intelligent and probing congeniality of yours.

            I am always heartened to meet a Southern Brother, such as yourself. Upon men like you rest the hope of our culture.

            No, Northerners, as you can oft see here, readily put the blame on Jews, Negroes, Liberals, and Southerners, but, barely will hint at, much less acknowledge, that their attitudes and actions, in attempting to destroy our culture, has had a very serious repercussive action on their own civilization.

            They are unwitting sadists – , plundering our properties, sacking our towns, raping our women, despoiling our Negroes, imprisoning our leaders, and killing our soldiers to keep us in a union with them, just so that they can, under the guise of ‘constitutional law’ try to break us down into identityless, deracinated, regionless, and dependent serf-clones of them – all whilst using us for their mental punching bags for their own deficiencies.

            Southern Whites ought always remain supreme in our lands. I am dedicated to that proposition, and do my best to awaken that dedication in my family, neighbours, and friends.

            I hope a very satisfying night is upon you and yours!

  4. “[Slavery] is never coming back. No one is proposing to bring it back.”

    Interesting, Mr. Wallace, that you felt a need to state this. Years ago, I remarked to a friend of mine that all of the anti-Manson statements that have been made by Charles Manson’s imprisoned co-murderers, over the past decades, are meaningless. If Manson and those others were released and were to get back together, they would instantly become again, I said, a murderous band.

    “Yes,” my friend replied, “because there are no times like old times.”

    • ‘”[Slavery] is never coming back. No one is proposing to bring it back.”‘

      It cannot come back, for now, as we have the Yankee system of it – the importation of endless immigrants, legal or illegal, and, as well, outsource to 3rd World sweatshoppes,

      They call it ‘freedom, democracy, and the Freemarket.’

    • If, in fact, slavery would not come back in the South, I think it would not be so for the fact that we would not have it – it’s just that Negroes, as a whole, have forgotten all their agricultural expertise.

      That arises from nearly three generations of life on the Yankee Welfare plantation, (the ghettoes they call ‘projects’)which, the academicks call ‘enfranchisement.

      • In the Army I witnessed firsthand the differences between the Northern and Southern niggra, as well as the differences between the American niggra and his African cousin. They may all seem to be just colored folks to us but they make sharp distinctions between each other!

        • Dear Mr. Kleinfeld,

          I totally agree; and, to that end, I have. too many times to mention, here told our Yankee friends that negroes vary with the locale; that our small town niggras are often a very nice folks; they almost totally to the antithesis to their Yankee kin, living in Northern ghettoes.

          Sometimes this boggles the mind of our Northern friends – how I could be a Southern White Supremacist and yet have any good things to say about negroes.

          Therein belies one way our culture eludes Northern comprehension – that much of our racist feeling arises NOT from hostility, or the notion that ‘every Nigger is a bad inhuman miscreant’. but, from simple paternalistick observations as to both the blessings and limits of the Negro Race, and how we have to manage that, in the best way possible, for both ourselves and them.

          I was raised by two wonderful Negresses, this being that I was of the upper class and that my mama was sickly.

          I know how good Negroes can be – but, I also know how inept they are at collective management skills.

          Thank you for you interesting comment, and please forgive me for my polite criticisms of your Northern race. I mean no harm by it; and, will add, that you are clearly an exception to that.

    • An automated cotton picker produces more cotton in an hour than 100 slaves produced in a week. Blacks are obsolete farm equipment, bad investment.

  5. Richard Spencer calls for a White Ethnostate…does that mean China and India get to keep Silicon Valley and The University of California University System?

    Who gets Cal Tech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory…and Yogi the Bear and Yellowstone…Greater China?

      • No it’s not…and you’re to scared to answer it….

        Native Born White Americans are being voted into a racial minority within the borders of America by Greater China and Greater India=POTUS CHELSEA CLINTON’S HIGHLY RACIALIZED DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTING BLOC…

        • This is why, Mr. Kearney, The South has always pursued a strategy of minimizing minority enfranchisment in our ‘democracy’…

      • My question really gets to the heart of the issue….and has very great significance as to he should rebel rouse to The Historic Native Born White American Working Class..

        • Why don’t you rabble rouse the White Proles rather than calling on Spencer to do it? This isn’t even Spencer’s site by the way.

          • Your comment is stupid and dishonest….The Historic Native Born White American Working…everything revolves around this…if it doesn’t……The Alt Right is irrelevant..

            Just take my word for it…..I have done an enormous amount of Rebel Rousing…

            Richard Spencer is the man of the hour…he is the visible face of Our Movement…perhaps you haven’t noticed this…

            The demographic transformation of the US at the most fundamental level has always been driven by the psychopathic monumental Greed of the MEGA-WHITE MALE CEO WITH DEMIGOD ASPIRATIONS….this is how Comrade Spencer should address The Historic Native Born White American Working Class….it is not a very complicated issue….you know..

    • California can easily be taken back by repatriating Mexicans across the border. Small amounts of Visiting Professorships can be reserved for Asians. These intellectual exchanges are beneficial and no White Ethnostate should turn completely inward. That was the mistake the Celestial Heathen Chinee made.

    • ‘Who gets Cal Tech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory?’

      Non-White Californians, Mr. Kearney – as I’m afraid urban anti-White White Californians will insist; this because they will not feel worthy until they have achieved an identityless ascetick state with no ownership in anything.

  6. Political violence in the name of “social justice” is legitimate.

    Theses SJWs are always surprised and outraged when cops and judges fail to see the social justice in their cause and simply let them go; Rather than arrest and prosecute them for their criminal acts.

      • Because a great many of the more naive ones believe that they’re exercising the right of assembly. And that we should see that the morality of their cause supersedes their criminal actions. They can’t believe otherwise. They’re children. I’ve seen it on news reports. But the veterans among them know better.

  7. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘Here, surely, was a strange note to be coming out of America in
    the midst of its liberal tradition. What had happened? Had America
    suddenly produced, out of nowhere, a movement of reactionary feudalism?’

    Sir, as I have, here, a number of times said to Mr. Bonaccorsi – the refugees from England, who became our Confederate ancestors, were already then fleeing the coming modern socialist secular- humanitarian technologically specialized urban England that had already begun to take shape with the beheading of Charles I, and which would, with the ascension of the Roundheads and the linking of Cromwell’s (and ultimately that of Charles II) England to Jewish bankers that would, inevitably, become ‘The Bank of England’, and the ensuing empire of global exploitation.

  8. The Vanderbilt school and especially their Southron predecessors like Fitzhugh and RL Dabney were without question the most trenchant sociologists America has ever produced, before or since.

  9. There has been a great deal of homogenization of American culture since the advent of McDonald’s, WAL-MART, the Interstate highway system and mass electronic media. Most Americans today no longer consider themselves a Virginian, a New Hampshireman, etc. That generic quality to modern life is preventing the country from breaking up into smaller, revolutionary White republics like it should.

    • Homogenization and Globalization are why race matters, is the ultimate form of identity, and why race trumps any Petty National or regional movements.

      Our regional identities as Southerners or Californians or Bavarians can easily be broken down by mass communication and pop culture. It is much harder to deconstruct race, and that’s why the Alt Right is resonating.

      The French New Right had it correct, Europe needs a federal state that is the sum of smaller regional parts. We need the same federal state for North American whites in America and Canada.

  10. The Leaping Frog of Calavaras County soon to paved over to create room for Greater China’s GENELINE expansion…..

    What is the name of the frog species? The red legged KEK….

  11. “Boomer naiveté is going to have world-historical consequences. Buckle up.”

    Well the Greatest Generation had more blame in allowing/voting for this crap to happen.

    • It’s very true, American Spartan – as many times I have addresst my fellow congregants and said – the problems we face today are inherited from those our daddies and granddaddies refuset to face in 1964.

      Of all times, that was the time to raise, again, our Confederate flag, and see the thing through to the end.

      But, they didn’t, and so we are staring at the warming over of those problems, many times multiplied.

      • I mean the first boomers to vote voted in 1967-68, so they did not elect/re elect the same morons that created the Immigration Act of 1965, the “Civil Rights Act” of 1964, Gun control Act of 1986, “Voting Rights Act”, “Great Society”, etc. I mean the boomers still enjoyed a white majority nation and pushed throught even more leftists ideals as they have been programmed…But the “Greatest Generation” after had been brained washed and forced to fight a war in order to save the British Empire/Save communism, they came home, and just vegged out, got great paying jobs, and voted themselves wealth as they traded our nation, our freedoms and sold future generations into debt because “I FOUGHT IN THE WAR!”.

        They voted away our rights because “I FOUGHT IN THE WAR, AND IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT “FILL IN THE BLANK” YOU ARE A NAZI!

        They voted away our future by voting to allow in the hordes of the 3rd world because ‘MUH HOLOCAUST”.

        They were given a golden goose, enjoyed the golden eggs, and then allowed it to be, or took part in strangled it by just of interests, apathy, stupidity, or self hatred.

        His will not be kind to them..

  12. Irrepressible Conflict is a good analogy: but it is far from New.

    When the Vedic Pioneers were losing control of India, there was a cataclysmic battle called the Kurukshetra, (The Battle for the Kuru Kingdom ~ 1100 BC), recorded in the epic poem Mahabharata.

    On one side was the old line Aryan families, and on the other side was the alliance of renegade Aryans, half-castes, and jungle savages. The rift of that battle is still felt today as you can see in this map: in the map you have “dharmic” religions on one side of the line, derived from the fusion of Aryan renegade religion and jungle demon worship; and monotheistic religion on the other side (derived from the Zoroastrian Reaction to the fall of Vedic India ~ 1000 BC.

    Isn’t it odd that in this “Enlightened” and Materialistic Age we see unprecedented demon worship, exemplified in Pizzagate and elsewhere, and to include Pepe/Kek? You’d think we’d be beyond that. What about all the gender confusion, pierced noses and split tongues, beastly tattoos, robots, AI, and transhumanism?

    No Arta and Druj (Order and Chaos / Truth and the Lie) are heading for the final battle of this Age: light the beacons.

    • Only a hillbilly desert dwelling Jew would think that Frogs are a plague. Frogs are among the most vulnerable animals in the aquatic ecosystem. When the Frogs vanish your ponds and rivers are fucked.

  13. Slavery has been vanquished.
    It is never coming back.

    Don’t be so sure.

    Remember my two Axioms of History:

    1. The unthinkable happens. Routinely.
    2. It can turn on a dime.

  14. “It’s kind of amazing, you know, how they just assumed that it would work out. France and Germany would become majority Muslim. The United States would become majority Afro-Hispanic. Not only that, but Europeans could jettison traditional sexual morality and give up having children. Progress would roll on. We could base our whole social order on Martin Luther King, Jr’s fever dream. And it would work!”

    Yep, I get a load how they imagine this brew will continue scientific advancements. Things like fusion power, life elongation biotechnology, the stock market will keep climbing, etc will go on with 3rd world cowbird eggs replacing whites in their own nations. Once you actually interact on a day to day basis with blacks you realize how impossible this is. And while hispanics can seem competent in an ordinary work situation, when you up the ante to any scientific or intellectual conversation, you suddenly realize how dumb they are and basically suited for little more than a feudal peasant role in society. My mom used to hang out with teachers helping in the local elementary school and she was astounded by how dumb the hispanic kids were. We had a colony of them as early as the late 70s in “Boxwood” a cockroach infested slum in Mt. Prospect IL that turned Euclid Elementary School into the “bad” school in district 26 you didn’t want your kids to go to. By 6th grade you already had girls getting knocked up. The shape of things to come.

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