Dylann Roof Suffered From A Host of Mental Disorders

Did you hear the news?

“Acting as his own lawyer, Dylann S. Roof, the young white supremacist convicted of killing nine African-American worshipers at a church in Charleston, S.C., stood before a federal jury last month and insisted that “there’s nothing wrong with me psychologically.” But documents unsealed this week reveal that less than two months earlier a court-appointed psychiatrist had found him to have a host of disorders and that several months before the June 2015 massacre Mr. Roof had described himself as deeply depressed. …

In a motion filed shortly before the trial began in December, Mr. Roof’s lawyers asked for special scheduling accommodations like shortened court days and frequent breaks. That motion cited findings by Dr. James C. Ballenger, the court-appointed psychiatrist who evaluated Mr. Roof in jail in mid-November, that he “suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder, a Mixed Substance Abuse Disorder, a Schizoid Personality Disorder, depression by history, and a possible Autistic Spectrum Disorder.”

The document also revealed that the defense offered evidence of an autism diagnosis at a competency hearing on Nov. 21 and 22. The hearing also featured testimony “that the defendant’s high IQ is compromised by a significant discrepancy between his ability to comprehend and to process information and a poor working memory,” the motion states. …”

Who could have ever predicted that?

Even if Dylann Roof had never lashed out in Charleston, you can tell from these photos that there is something medically wrong with him. In his jailhouse diary, he mentioned that he has Hashimoto’s disease, which affects the thyroid and causes memory lapses and depression. Now it turns out he was suffering from schizophrenia, autism, substance abuse and social anxiety disorder.

This should change the whole narrative around Charleston. It won’t though. Dylann Roof is too valuable as a racist white supremacist to be considered a James Holmes or Jared Loughner.

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  1. They will probably execute him, which as much as I feel sorry for him, is a good idea. People who are mentally ill kill you just as dead as a normal person. It believe that the death penalty is a deterrent to the mentally ill. In some particularly strong mental cases it would not be but in most cases it is.

    • This is, of course, the same mentality that was used to talk about mandatory sterilization, and underlay the whole Eugenics movement. But there are those ‘hu -whites’ who actually believe that such people should NOT be removed from society, and that to sterilize criminals, and work towards the gracious elimination of “mental defectives” is somehow not “Christian.”

      Yet, those same theological Liberals are now calling for the death penalty for this man because of what he did, while ignoring the fact that he did it, precisely because he is mentally defective! The liberals want their cake, and eat it, too…as it were.

      Oh, and the Jewsmedia? Well they’ll never acknowledge that mental aberrationism of Roof, because it suits their narrative to say that “all” whites are ‘this way.’ So, there you are.

      A liberal society is a mad society- on so many fronts.

    • You mean his mental illness isn’t real? The psychiatrist wasn’t real? The lawyer is not real? The name Dylann Roof is not his real name? He’s not really White? That’s not his real hair color?

      You need to be more specific.

    • If I stumbled accross his self portrait portfolio I’d probably have intervened. The vacant look in the eyes combined with posing with a gun is let’s say unsettling. That is unless you think that was all posed by some handler.

  2. The biggie in that list is Schizoid Personality Disorder. Having looked at his photo collection and manifesto, I think that diagnosis is correct.
    Roof seems to have been fairly intelligent and socially functional, but his whole internal life and reasoning was basically on another planet. There’s a depth of isolation in his self-portraits at various Southern landmarks that is genuinely unsettling, and can’t be accounted for by simple autism.

  3. Autism is non-verbal kids smearing shit on the walls and rocking away in a corner. The term has been abused recently to apply to a very different, but very real personality disorder called “Aspergers Sydrome.” Probably a completely different disease with a different cause that affects similar areas of the brain but in a much less severe way. Mike Royko’s son Dave Royko has a truly autistic kid and commented about it on RadioLab on NPR I listened to while driving way out in Indiana where almost no other stations came in. Basically if you have one of these destructive monsters it will ruin your life as it is non stop custodial care of what grows into a large destructive primate.
    Aspergers on the other hand causes people to be very bitter by their lot in life, social rejection, etc. and they come to believe that a radical change in location, or radical political change will somehow change all this. Suspect a lot of these “antifa” also have the disorder. A significant number of so called “transexuals” also have this disorder, particularly heterosexual men who want to become lesbians now classified as “autogynephilia.” They are deluded so much to think a sex change will alter their lot in life, female to male transexuals are also disproportionately suffering from Aspergers.

    • I’ll go out on a limb and say if roof does as suspected have Aspergers (most of these mass shooters do) his ideology is more the exception to the rule and Aspergers tend more often to be anti-racists. The reason why is while white kids are quite keen on telling something is “off” with one of their own. Minorities will usually only see the persons race and not notice (at least at first) that they are “off.” While someone like this will probably avoid predatory blacks, they may well embrace “animie” and go to Japan where the girls will only see “a white guy” and the curious will easily jump into bed with him for a thrill. A significant number of these happy “expats” are in fact Asperger’s who have managed to hide their condition by simply being seen as “a foreigner.”

  4. To directly quote Old Rebel at The Rebellion Blog;

    “Wait — Dylan Roof was schizoid? I thought he was a perfectly normal kid who was forced to kill people after Confederate monuments sent mind control waves into his brain. I don’t know what to believe any more.”

    This has already been news for a few days. But nothing about it at HuffPo or the other Leftist news blurbs. Could it be that this aspect of Roof doesn’t fit into their narrative? It’s not useful for propaganda purposes? Of course, we all know the answer.

  5. I thought he was sentenced to death? Had he been black these mental disorders would have spared him the death penalty and maybe even made him eligible for parole down the road.

  6. The establishment never talks about Mental Illness. One of the subjects ignored in modern society. Everything must meet a certain “Standard” and it’s always the fault of White People. Same old game…..same old results. WPWW !

  7. In another post on here, you guys blame Jews for romanticising and excusing things with mental illness. Then here you excuse mental illness for a guy who murdered schoolkids. I think you lot should take a break and get outside. Enjoy your life a bit!

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