Activism: Contact Your US Representative and Senator To Urge Them To Support Economic Sanctions On South Africa

It took me less than five minutes to send this to both of my US senators and congressman:

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, recently announced the South African government would start targeting the businesses and property of the White minority in South Africa. This is racism. I’m contacting you to support the United States imposing economic sanctions on South Africa.

I strongly urge you to do the same.

Note: Feel free to copy and paste the message above. Send it to your senators and congressman. Do the right thing.

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  1. I seriously doubt there would ever be sanctions against against SA (even if Whites were being boiled in giant soup-pots), but I support the campaign, because it would at least stir up a hornets nest of doubleplusungood doublespeak.

      • Another repulsive Yid. He has a Masters in “Jewish Studies”, so he must be a master swindler.

        “In 2010 he was the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress from Illinois’s 9th congressional district, losing decisively to [his Tribesfrau] incumbent Democrat Jan Schakowsky with 31% of the vote.”

        US Democracy: Zhid vs Zhid.

      • Whoa! This could be a big distraction, Middle America needs to consolidate power first against our domestic enemies. A Herculean task seeing how entrenched they are in the media, judiciary, schools, etc. Stabilize the critical patient first before fixing a broken bone.

  2. All this talk of ‘white privilege’ misses the point.

    The real story of the world is White PriviLEECH.

    What is White Privileech? It is the non-white privilege of leeching off white talent, white achievement, white success, white rule of law, white ingenuity, white efficiency, white craft, white productivity, white innovation, white beauty, white conscience, white science, white technology, white maintenance, white management, white everything.

    All this immigration and Diversity stuff is about White Privileech. It’s about the non-white world saying they want to leech off white gold because they suck so bad at digging for their own gold. Even people in East Asia, the most successful part of the world after the West, want to come to the West and live with/under whites because they find it preferable to yellow rule and yellow ways of doing things. Yellows find more justice and freedom under whites than under their own kind. And blacks in Africa want to go to EU and leech off white achievements.

    Of course, when we say ‘white’, we really mean Anglo and Northern European. After all, non-white refugees, migrants, and invaders bypass Latin, Greek, and Slavic nations and head for northern European nations like UK, Sweden, Netherlands, and etc. Though it’s colder up there, there are more goodies up there and things are run more efficiently.

    Also, black men want to leech off white female beauty, and yellow women want to leech off white male beauty. Black men find white women superior to black women(who are deemed ugly), and yellow women find white men to be superior to yellow men(who are deemed to be dorky).

    Indeed, Jews love White Privileech because Jews found the greatest success by attaching themselves to the Anglo World. Granted, unlike most other groups, Jews eventually out-performed white gentiles and made a lot of whites dependent on Jewish innovation and ingenuity.

    Still, Jewish Triumph couldn’t have been possible without the Anglo and Northern European world. It was there that Jews found the most freedom, rule of law, opportunity for achievement, and infrastructure & instruments necessary for innovation and elbow space for genius.

    Suppose all the Jewish immigrants had gone to Latin America and lived under Latin rule. They would have faced too much corruption and ineptness all around. This is why Latin American Jews are more successful than others BUT can only rise so high. Latins run a corrupt and inefficient system, and there are too many obstacles for ambition and ingenuity.

    Or, imagine if all the Jews who came to America had instead gone to China or Africa. Chinese wouldn’t have allowed Jews all that freedom to rise to the top. Also, Chinese are very corrupt and have no use for Rule of Law and property rights. Jews could have rise only so high under a system like that.

    And in Africa, Jews would have been too busy running from savages with spears. One African nation where Jews did very well was South Africa and ONLY BECAUSE Anglos and Boers ran things. Apartheid may have been ‘unfair’, but it did allow stability and rule of law at least for whites, and Jews thrived within that stability. But once blacks took over, there’s been less and less order, and many Jews have fled.

    Or consider Zimbabwe. White farms were confiscated and given to blacks, but blacks ran things into the ground. So, Zimbabwe is now begging for whites to come back and run the farms again. Zimbabwe wants to leech off white productive, white efficiency, and white know-how. White Man is the Cow to Milk. Milk the White Cow.

    So, the real story of the world isn’t White Privilege but White Privileech. So many non-whites want to gain the Privilege of Leeching off Whites. They want to come to white nations, live under white rule, be treated by white medicine, be managed by whites, be taught by whites, be impregnated by whites(or impregnate whites), be led by whites, be provided for by whites, and etc.

    So, the paradox of PC is that it’s about non-whites bitching about White Privilege in the hope of leeching off it. Even though Non-whites say they’re just as good as whites, they don’t seem to believe in it with conviction.

    If indeed they really believe themselves to be just as good as whites, they should stay in their own nations and demonstrate that they can achieve just as much as whites do in white nations. But they realize that they cannot do on their own what whites can. (And Latin whites discover they cannot achieve as much as Anglo whites.) So, they want to come to white nations and leech off whitey.

    The fact that they can only have Good White Things by leeching off whites suggests that, on some level, they understand that they are not as good as whites. They fume with rage to hide this repressed shame. In terms of what they SAY, their loud message is “We are just as good as whites”, but in terms of what they actually DO, their actions imply, “We can’t have nice things on our own, and we must go to white nations to have nice things because whites do everything so much better.”

    With PC, they scream about ‘equality’ and denounce ‘white privilege’. But again, if they really believe they are as good, intelligent, and productive as whites, why can’t they replicate in their own nations what whites have done in white nations? Why have they failed over and over? Why is that their ONLY way to have Nice White Thing is to come to white nations and leech off whites?

    Yep, the story of the world is White Privi-LEECH.

    Apart from that, ‘white privilege’ is a scapegoat Jews use to distract Americans from the fact of Jewish Elite Privilege that truly rules America.

    But Jews also Yellow Peril(the Chinese Dragon!!), New Cold War(Russian Bear!!), and ‘Islamofascism’ to distract us from the truth of WHO REALLY RULES AMERICA, therefore the world.

    It seems people-in-the-know really know who really rules the world:

  3. Of course, it shall be done this afternoon.

    We are moving closer to that fateful hour, and we need to start getting active and organized. Things could turn ugly at a moments notice.

    Use the next few days to stock up.

    • Done: Here is my blurb:

      “Dear Senator Conryn, The persecution of whites in South Africa is not getting much media attention, and I write to ensure you know the latest: President Zuma is calling for the seizing of the land and businesses of whites to “redistribute” to blacks. This New Apartheid demands a similar response from the US as the Old: economic and diplomatic sanctions.”

  4. I forwarded your message to Cochran, Wicker and Harper.

    How about a poll from you via Twitter, etc. as to support or opposition if President Trump suspended habeas corpus and arrested seditious politicians and judges up to and including SCOTUS?

  5. It will be a sad day, indeed, when the white race benefits by complaining about racism. Fortunately, it will never come.

    • Same problem here in Texas. That’s the main problem for all of Dixie. We need a Southern Nationalist Party and/or Southern Populist Party, without these old cucks.

  6. I recommend doing the research find out exactly who the lower level congressional staff members are who s job it is to listen to constituent concerns

    Ask for them by name

    Be polite

    Try to engage in a conversation

    Don t rant and rave

    I want to teach this skill to all our activists

  7. Thanks a lot, guys. Sanctions led to the fall of civilization in South Africa. More of the same will surely fix it.

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