Caribbean Project: A New World of Labor

I bought Professor Newman’s book at Monticello in Charlottesville.

I had just started reading it this evening when I found this video. If you want to understand our origins in the Deep South, you have to understand how it all got started in Barbados.

Note: It gets real good around 14:00. Professor Newman explains how the plantation complex expanded out of Barbados to the Leeward Islands to Jamaica and to South Carolina. From Charleston, it spread into the South Carolina Backcountry before it exploded west to Texas.

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  1. I’ve read Empire of Blue Water: Captain
    Morgan’s Great Pirate Army, the Epic Battle for the Americas. It goes into detail on Morgan’s life, including his stint as Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. And the Sugar Wars. It mentions the use of windmills fitted out with roller presses, to extract the juices from the cane. At one point, sugar was more valuable than gold. Like cocaine, in fact.

          • I had the PC game “Pirates.” I played as a privateer of the Dutch West India Company. I attacked Spanish shipping and captured pirates for the bounty. Many times, I kept the sugar and threw the gold overboard. The game designers got it right. My character ended up with plantations, warehouses, sugar mills, ships and a booming business in legitimate trade. All payed for with sugar. Especially refined sugar.

  2. Hunter the plantation complex was a vile evil bunch of the worst people in human history. They enslaved Blacks, Whites, Indians, anyone they could. Maybe our civilization came out of it but it’s certainly nothing to be proud of and nothing but pure evil.

    • Maybe so. But it explains why we’re not like Massachusetts and have nothing in common with them, not even history.

      • Not even close to the truth. The North had massive

        slavery they just called them servants. They in many cases had it worse than Blacks as they were no use to them after their indentured servitude was up so they would work them to death. See some of the post here about the kidnapping of children and slavery in the North.

        • I’m aware of all of it. However, they North goes to great lengths to deny it. They even teach their children that slavery never existed in the North. Louis Gates explained to some Boston area high school students that the largest plantation in America was in Manhattan, and that Boston had a slave market. They were surprised. They hadn’t been taught any of this.
          None the less, we have nothing in common, culturally, ideologically or politically. A friend of mine is an OTR truck driver. He says that steak houses and BBQ pits have a lifespan measured in months, in New England. Food is just one of the differences. There are countless others. None of them insignificant.

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