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  1. The only thing restraining these animals is the threat of an immediate retaliation with air strikes.

  2. Iraq regime Saddam Hussein annex Kuwait was the starting point for 9/11.Bush liberation Kuwait was on behalf of foreigner future interests. Three decades of squanders of resources we’re weaker.

  3. Sorry but any idiot they would look like that has no validity as far as I’m concerned. If you’re going to be a professional look dress and do not tap to your body.

  4. Keep in mind, Trump isn’t stopping all 3rd worlders from flooding into our country. He only wants to stop illegals and terrorists but the looney tunes can’t even abide with that.

    • Trump has covered his ass on the question of terrorism either way.

      The left can’t moan about him in quite the same way they Mohamed about Bush being a lackey of the Sheiks.

    • Sand niggers have been coming here for a long time. Decades before the Jews Wars. The pint is this video is WHY do we want feral sand niggers HERE? Ship them all to Israel!

    • You’re right. Fair’s fair. Americans should invite the Iraqis to invade their country and lynch their leader.

    • Trump has STATED, again and AGAIN, that he is AGAINST the Jew Wars. Are you thick? the POINT of this video is that we don’t WANT feral sand niggers in White Lands.

        • Not so. Every time Iraq invasion is mentioned Trump points out that lwe should have taken their oil.”
          The press Jews all fall over each other to say he’s evil for saying this. Clever goys should notice that Trump is implying Iraq was invaded for the Heebs benefit.

        • The issue is they hate us and are a danger to citizens in the US. Why they hate us is irrelevant.

          You care more about Iraqis than Whites? Are you an Iraqi? What is it to you?

          • No, I just understand how people feel about invaders, there are many of us in Dixie who remember Lincolns War on the South and have empathy for the people of Iraq.

          • I have the same empathy for them, that they have for Whites – which is zero.

            None of us were asked if we wanted to fight wars in Iraq for Israel, just like opening the borders to all White countries and flooding the third world in – no one was asked. It was just done and now we have to protect ourselves any way we can.

          • It’s an all voluntary army. no one forced the invaders of Iraq to go and murder people who never threatened us, if someone killed my family I would cut off their heads and sleep rather well.

          • When you are a soldier, you don’t get to pick and choose what wars you fight in. You follow orders or go to jail or get shot.

            And I don’t care about your non-White pets, any more than they care about the survival of the White race. They don’t care, so I don’t care.

            Why are they crying that Trump won’t let them come to America, if they hate America? They are just being silly. The logical response is American immigrants and tourists can’t come to Iraq.

  5. U.S. have no control beyond the military base. Unlike Vietnam war the forrest shelter Vietcom from airfpower.Base it to prevent large formation army guiding the airpower.Iraq retreat from Kuwait Saddam army obliterated.

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