This Is How We Win!

Let’s count the ways that we win this struggle with the Left:

We are destroying the enemy, folks. Feels good, huh?

We need to resolve now to turn up the heat on our enemies and never relinquish power.

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  1. Win enough Congressional seats and state houses to amend the Constitution. I suggest:

    “This Constitution is not a living document; it means exactly what it says, including the Second and Tenth Amendments. Any court decision not based on the exact text of the Constitution, as understood in the context of prior English Law, is not binding on either the States or the People.”

    Until then, the courts may treat the Constitution as a living document (i.e. it means whatever the reader wants it to mean), but Trump will treat their decisions as living documents!

  2. Revive the Anglosphere but on an Ethnostate Basis. Make it the bulwark against today’s globalization.

    Make more babies.

    Also buy rifles…Ruger have a nice little AR for around $600-700. Something that is reasonably priced and well engineered. Made in the Carolinas too.

    Trump has this in the bag! Time to relax and enjoy.

  3. The number one priority in the South is to get rid of the Cuckservatives and replace them with Southern Nationalists who will actively and aggressively defend and take up for the South.

    The best defence of Southern Heritage is Southern Independence.

  4. I worry about Trumps motives sometimes but when you line up his accomplishments like this it’s amazing. Think of all the time wasted on cucks. George Senior could have done all of this and think how much stronger the country would be.

    One thing you didn’t list Trump not investigating White Nationalist anymore. I can’t find the link that said that. It wasn’t directly WN but that he felt investigating White groups was a waste of time. Here’s a link that mildly touches on it.

    • Trump has proposed having some ‘investigating violent extremism’ federal agency be reoriented to investigating “Radical Islamic Terrorism”.

      This refocusing would leave WNs and Alt-rightists alone. (Well the SPLC would still be around)

  5. We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children. Minorities can have the rest of the planet, but the West is ours. Is that not reasonable?

    Race is real. Race is not a social construct; but society is a racial construct.

    White society belongs to white families.

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