Born Fighting: The Scots-Irish

My take:

By the end of Part 1, you can see how concepts like religious freedom, independence, democracy and equality flowed out of the history, culture and traditions of the Scots-Irish. You can see how liberalism appealed to the Scots-Irish in light of their preexisting culture. It strikes me as being like a shadow of a people that would have been unintelligible in another context:

I’m watching the second video now. It is getting good. The Scots-Irish are migrating through the Great Valley from Pennsylvania into Virginia:

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  1. Just got back from Phoenix. Nothing substantial to report. I went by the DHS headquarters near ASU and saw nothing but a news truck and a reporter setting up.

    I drove around for upwards of five hours through various neighborhoods, some Mexican slums. I didn’t see many illegals walking around the streets though. I’m not from Phoenix so I don’t know if that is normal or not. I see more beaners in Vegas than I saw today, so they might be sheltering, I don’t know.

    It was perfect weather today, so I would have expected to see more of them out and about.

      • I deleted the photos in case they can be traced back to my device or whatever. I’m not technically savvy in that regard so I have no idea.

        But there was really nothing to see. However, in most urban areas in the SW: Los Angelos, San Diego, Las Vegas, there are beaners everywhere. It easy easy to spot an illegal because of how out of place they look. I saw almost none today.

        Hopefully they are worried about getting scooped up.

          • Its part of their bullshit machismo culture that encourages public fighting, drunkenness, and wife beating.

          • I’ve found illegals to avert their eyes (the mammalian submission response) more frequently than they ought. So as to detect them without speech.

          • They live in their own communities and have no need to learn English. I met an old lady that has been here since the 70’s and still could hardly speak English.

          • A teacher of mine in high school said he went to the home of a Mexican student. His mother answered door. When he asked in English to see her son, she gave him some bullshit brush off. So he asked her again in Spanish. “Oh, he’s out back” she said.

          • They are full of shit and they hate America. I have had years of exposure to the beaner.

            I could tell a hundred stories about them. They need to go, and they need to go yesterday.

          • Old people are different than kids. Kids are in school and exposed to English constantly, so any Mexican kid in the school system is not a fresh off the border illegal.

          • Some of them were born here, most infact. It makes no difference to me. They get home from school and absorb the Mexican savage culture from their family.

            Second generation Mexicans are often time worse.

          • Second Generation Mexicans are almost always worse, because they don’t have to work like their parents and are exposed to the Negro Hip Hop culture.

          • We had a shady Mexican ex-con at work from South Texas. He always put the black Hip-Hop station on. I’d rather listen to Mexican music than that awful Hip-Hop. The dude had an effeminate queer brother who actually came down with friggin’ aids. All the hype from the left about how “straight people were gonna get the aids too” and I never personally encountered anyone with aids until this, and it was exactly who you’d expect to get it, a gay “bottom.” His more masculine lover who was the top went out and got tested and luckily was negative. They broke up over this as the sissy correctly felt it wasn’t fair to the other dude to expose him to this anymore. Turns out the top was sticking it up the dudes butt without a rubber and still didn’t catch it, (only receptive anal intercourse seems to be the main route for infection,) so the idea that banging “sally high school” puts you at risk is clearly a leftist lie to hide the fact that this is a queer thing and gayness is very dangerous.

          • The same goes for the Moslems in Europe – including the Turks.

            Until recently, most of the terrorist attacks were by second and third generation foreigners.

          • Exactly. The public schools spend a lot of money teaching these kids to speak English. So if a kid knows No English, he’s obviously fresh off jumping the border with his family.

          • Where I live in Vegas there is a Home Depot a mile from my house. Illegals number in the dozens in the morning. By afternoon the stragglers are drunk behind a gas station pissing on the back of the building in plain sight of the major througway. They don’t care, not one bit.

            When I say drunk, I mean shit drunk stumbling around. I get gas there on my way home and the area stinks of urine. My buddy hired a few of them to do some yard work and they defecated in his backyard.

            The deportations can’t begin soon enough.

          • Vegas represents the worst of America.

            Many of these Mexicans are not Criollo White Mexicans or even Mestizo mixed race. They are straight up Oaxacan Indians. The court systems in CA have had to use interpreters for their weird Indian language because these Mexican Indians don’t even speak Spanish. Oaxaca also doesn’t have houses with indoor plumbing so people shit in the backyard.

          • Yeah, they are savages. Many of them are homeless. Years ago in San Diego when I still swung the hammer for a living I worked with many. They encamped in fields and woke up and stood around for work. Hungover, they stink.

            We had a son and father team on on job. In New home construction they stack the framed homes with drywall. About three feet high. I was running work in my twenties and organized crews. Just about all illegals. The only White guys were electricians and cabinet installers.

            Anyhow, I was walking lots to prepare for final frame inspections and ran into the the father and son team eating lunch sitting atop the drywall. They had porno mags and they nailed the images of women’s vaginas to the dry wall. Porno mags with nails in the drywall. Picture that. This savage was eating lunch with his son tearing out pages and nailing them to the drywall as they ate.

          • “Vegas Represents the worse of America”

            Yes and no. I mean D.C, NYC, NY, NJ, IL, Chicago, LA, are way, way, way worse. I mean we whites turn a valley in the middle of a lifeless Desert into a city of life, that being said the invaders make it way worse…….

            Yeah I caught a Mayan (honest to God Mayan) trying to break into my house, cops cuff him, had to bring in a Translator from UNLV because no one spoke it as the court house….He got 9 months for possision of a stolen car so he should be getting out and into the arms of the Deportation Force.

          • I don’t like the combination of vices like gambling and prostitution which are controlled by Jews: Adelson and Steve Wynn. A town needs a real industry to have a raison d’etre, Vegas is a truly managed and fake landscape, complete with mini replicas of other cities like NYC and Paris.

          • Well Prostitution is not legal in Clark Country (where Vegas is located) thanks to the Mormons.

            Adelson is pushing 85, he does not have long. He is also the backer of every measure to kill online gambling in America as well as “Indian Casinos”. Go figure he wants to protect his little racket nor does he want anyone else getting wealthy fast, but its ok for the Chosenits, right? (One set of rules for the goys, one for them, almost a pattern, right?)

            Adelson is also a main financier of most Neo cons/Rino candidate and cause so when he is gone his wives, kids, and mistresses will be at each others throats for his wealth, and if not them, their lawyers…In the end, greed will do in the chosenite.

            Vegas is growing in other sectors, tech, software, arms, etc as it should have been all along. The era of “Control” is just about over, thank God.

            I am done seeing this city and state degenerate to a “Cosmopolitan” nightmare.

          • Yeah, always great to see like minded people in the area…I mean Vegas could be a way better city but all the leftists/RINOs fleeing CA are ruining this place as they fight for the rights of invaders…

            I mean just think of how great this place will be without illegals and sending most of the illegals back.

            This state is still worth saving…

            So are you on Nevadashooters?

            You should come out to a pool party..

          • Same here..When you are on The Dailystormer forum and you go to the Bookclub section, look for Vegas and you will see my name..Message me their for more info/chatting. I would go into details here but its public.

        • Take a photo of the photo use screen shot or cut and paste…..That way they can not trace it back to your device…

          I went to a Smiths deep in a Latino Area, and then a Hispanic Grocery Store (just to see a ground zero area). The Smiths as filled with Whits and a few blacks, the other, about a 3 blocks away? Very empty…..

          They know the hammer is coming, only thing they are wondering is when…..

          • I called Border Patrol years ago on a beaner that was registering beaners to vote. The mex grocery store on Trop and Eastern.

            The agent on the phone was very receptive.

            Do you have gyspys in your area?

          • None the I know of. I mean we have a few guys living out their RV on Hollywood but they are mostly Ex Vets….You are the TRS Forum/Dailystormer?

          • They have a forum where you can post, along with a “Book club section” were you can chat with other people in the area..

          • We have a crystal ball type “psychic” in Champaign, seen her and she looks like an actual gypsy. Wonder who would be foolish enough to spend money on such foolishness? Did notice a “psychic hotline” number a dozen years back ran an infomercial that seemed like they targeted blacks for their scam.

          • I posted a few photos earlier, just the DHS building in Phoenix, nothing to see really. Their was an Indian “hoop dance” in the area next to the headquarters. I thought it was a protest and asked a guy changing in the parking lot what was going on. He was an Indian, non dot type, cool guy.

      • I work with a kid who has that DACA visa from Obama. An unusual Mexican nerd who reminds me of a weak, wimpy Woody Allen character. He went out and got married to a citizen after Trump won he was so spooked.

        • Is it odd that him reminding you of Woody Allen makes me hate him that much more? I mean how was he ever funny, like at all?

          So who did he marry? Was she white? He knows that just marrying an American does not grant ciztenship, right?

    • I used to see whole families of Central Americans walking along the four lane divided by grass median Highway 99W in Oregon in the Portland Exurbs. Not at all the kind of street anyone should be walking along. Figured they must have recently snuck in and didn’t even have the money for a beater car yet.

  2. Jim Webb 2024? Can he “evolve” enough to merit the post in 8 years? The electorate can force the evolution, and we can force the electorate to evolve.

  3. Press 2 for Latin. Sign in photograph below is from Wallsend Metro Station, near the east end of Hadrian’s Wall. Rock star Sting was born and grew up in Wallsend, as is reflected in the final verse of “All This Time,” his 1991 single …

    Teachers told us
    The Romans built this place
    They built a wall and a temple
    And an edge-of-the-empire garrison town

    They lived and they died
    They prayed to their gods
    But the stone gods did not make a sound
    And their empire crumbled
    ‘Til all that was left
    Were stones the workmen found

    • I hit your name by accident and your profile came up “disqus ios beta” You have 173 upvotes on some discus ios beta tester thread and 1 comment. WTH is that ?

  4. Jim Webb is the kind of guy that could have done a great deal had he switched parties in the past.

    Unfortunately he married a Gook as well.

  5. Since the Mull of Kintyre seems to be the Scottish place from which Northern Ireland’s County Antrim is easily seen, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where Senator Webb is standing, in the first video, as he indicates Northern Ireland across water in the background. Whether it is or not, I’ll place here, at this blog entry, another British recording—in addition, that is, to the Sting record I posted here some hours ago.

  6. Jim Webb thinks Rosa Parks is Scotch-Irish? Really, Jim? Estimable, historian of the Scotch-Irish Tom Lewis has written so too, and quoted (?) Webb on Parks and other Black Scotch-Irish. LOL.

  7. All the great country singers like Johnny Cash were of Scots-Irish descent. Unfortunately Jim Webb is married to an Oriental. What the hell is wrong with him?

  8. I read the book years ago and recommend it.

    My question, though, is – to what extent were these lowland scots really celtic? To what extent had they interbred with the anglo saxons who had taken over, more to administer English Scotland than to intermingle, I suspect.

    I ask because they often look somewhat different from many of the purer celts of Ireland, and here I’m talking the ones with the least spanish/mediterranean blood in them. The look still diverges somewhat.

    My grandfather was half scottish presbyterian and half dutch calvinist. I look just like him and bear his last name which to the world made me a ‘WASP,’ even though my other grandparents were catholics and mostly irish (I don’t look much like them facially). Ironically, his dutch father didn’t look like either of us with the ‘quintessential WASP’ face, so perhaps it was his scottish mother.

    Culturally and biologically I wonder how purely ‘celt’ they were. There was also viking admixture before (and during?) the Anglo Saxon conquest to consider, too.

    • This is a good point.

      Genetically speaking, the real Lowland Scots were mostly Germanic with a bit of Pictish influence. This is provable by looking at the spread of Haplogroup R1a L448 (which is common in the Norse countries, Northern Germany, Scotland, and Ulster – but almost completely absent in the Catholic portions of Ireland).

      Things have gotten very blurry though in modern Scotland because huge numbers of Catholic Irish immigrants settled in Glasgow during the early 19th century. That’s why you’ll see Scots & Englishmen with names like ‘Shaugnessy’ which are clearly Irish.

      • Is there a link or source you recommend that explores that (first paragraph)? I have suspected this for some time but don’t know where to look. I’m also not sure the true history hasn’t been buried.

        • Eupedia has some good info about Haplogroup R1a’s Germanic clade:

          This haplogroup map also shows individuals with the clade (R1a L448) that I mentioned:

          It’s very easy to see that L448 is extremely common in Ulster + the other areas settled by the English & lowland Scots but is almost completely absent in the Catholic portions of Ireland.

          People also used to believe that this Haplogroup arrived in Britain due to Viking settlement (and some still make this claim) but the fact that L448 is just as common in what was once Wessex as it is in the Danelaw implies that it was probably introduced to Britain by both the Anglo-Saxons (who originated in Denmark & north Germany) and the Norse.

  9. 40 years ago, I would’ve believed 99% of this. Today, with the benefit of hindsight, a doctorate, and a change in my viewing of western perversions of Christianity-yes both Calvinism and Catholicism are of the same fetid root- this is all so much bullshit.

    The “independence” of the Scots Irish, is nothing less than their own sinful pride: in not submitting to their betters-whether those betters were the more rational Anglican English in the Reformation; the British Empire in its conquest of the world; or the uppity ‘shanty’ Irish and lowland Scots who, in coming to these shores, thought themselves- the back water Hicks, yokels, ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ of the American colonies, the equal of the aristocracy of Europe.

    And I say that as someone who is both Scottish and Irish in my ancestry -of equal parts on both sides of my family! What I now know is that my Irish Catholic ancestors were fools to still submit to the pope when they could have remained Orthodox Celts; and my Scottish Presbyterian ancestors were daft and hubris-laden enough to think their barely literate, rabblerousing Calvinist clowns, were the equal of the bishops of the Catholic/Orthodox church.

    And yet, here we have Hunter Wallace lauding the errors, heresies, fallacies, and utter malarkey of a history that has shown itself to neither: prevent heresy on the theological front (The fundamentalist/ modernist controversy was all about Presbyterians not being Catholic/patristic enough, succumbing to German rationalistic higher criticism!)…

    or to prevent miscegenation and Racial destruction, on the other side- for it was the Calvinist New Englanders who first became halfway covenanters, Unitarians, and then Abolitionists….and it was THEY, ( along with the godless Baptists) and not the aristocratic Southern Anglicans, who substituted the idolatry of worshiping first, the “liberty of conscience, and the “common man, who then transmogrified it into the worship of the Negro, as opposed to worshiping The Nobles of any race or civilization, who were the icons of Christ-and Harriet Beecher Stowe was their de facto prophet!

    No, sorry. The fallacy of Egalitarianism can be laid fully, and rightly, at the feet of the Scots-Irish, via their Atomistic “protestan-Schism” and its’ revolt against Catholic order and historic Episcopal polity- that is, the Congregationalist-Baptist-sectarian Presbyterian Weltanschauung

    -and everything we are dealing with right now in the realm of treating nonwhites as if they were whites, and non-natives as if they were American citizens, is their fault. What a pile of crappe!

    • All the stupid Americanist cults like Abolitionism come from “the more rational Anglican English.” While the Northeastern Yankees believed every Negro was as learned and assimilable as Frederick Douglass, the Celts which you deride were fighting to preserve White America, whether it was the Scots-Irish in the Confederacy or the Irish Catholics who rioted against the Civil War Draft in 1863 New York.

      • With the screen avatar name of Finkelstein, who the hell are you to tell me what I already know about my own people? Submit 2 your betters, boy.

      • You could have also said, if it wasn’t for the Scot-Irish, the land beyond the territories of the original thirteen colonies never would have been settled by the Americans. The SI were the ones who went out into the wilderness, blazed trails, fought the Indians, and built the towns and cities the “betters” like John Boy wants us to submit to moved into after the hard work was done by them. Yet these high toned Anglicans and their boosters like Johnny had the nerve to look down upon us, even though he himself is a SI descendant. Must be nice being the white equivalent of an Uncle Tom!

  10. Hmm—it seems odd that Webb, around 27:39 of the first video, refers to “the members of the King’s Protestant church” as “the Episcopalians.” The English who are members of the Church of England have never called themselves “Episcopalians,” have they? That, if I’m not mistaken, is a name that Americans who had been members of the Church of England took for themselves during the American Revolution, when, for obvious reasons, they couldn’t comfortably identify with a church governed by the King of England.

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