California’s Lost Cause

These shitlibs are actually stupid enough to believe secession would work out well for them:

“With recent public opinion surveys indicating that a third of Californians support peacefully seceding from the United States, it’s time for the media to stop dismissing the idea as a zany left coast response to the newly elected Republican federal government. The statistic equates to nearly 13 million people. That’s a lot of people. It’s worth considering what would happen if this long shot became a reality. You know, kind of like our reality-TV president who was never going to win the White House.

It may be logistically implausible now. However, if four or eight years of Trump continue to jettison California values from the mainstream and represent long-term irreconcilable differences for blue and red American states, secession could be a reality in our lifetime. We wouldn’t be the first nation to revisit unresolved issues from a civil war…”

Here’s a short list of reasons why #Calexit would be the death knell of progressivism:


1.) First, if California were to secede and we were to accept the principle of secession and let them go peacefully, it would set a precedent for any state to leave the Union. Texas would be free to secede. Dixie would be free to secede. “Progressivism” has only succeeded because we have a consolidated national government that has allowed a minority to force its unpopular doctrines on the rest of the country whether it was abolition, integration, abortion or gay marriage.

2.) Second, if California were allowed to peacefully secede from the Union, the major effect of that would be to dramatically empower the South. There are 114 million Southerners now as defined by the US Census. In contrast, there are 56 million people in the Northeast, 65 million in the Midwest and 35 million in the West minus California. The South alone would comprise 42 percent of the Union and would easily be able to pull together a majority with the West and Midwest. A United States without California would be a Union in which the East has been reduced to a permanent minority.

3.) Third, when the South seceded from the Union in 1861, it created the idea of a “North” which became synonymous with the idea of “America.” America was the North for about 70 years while the South and West were reduced to mere resource colonies of the Northern manufacturing belt. If California seceded from the Union, it would create the idea of a “Heartland” dominated by the South which would become synonymous with the idea of “America.”


4.) Fourth, a Southern-dominated United States like its Northern-dominated predecessor under Lincoln would almost certainly seize on the opportunity provided by #Calexit to “preserve the Union.” Progressive Democrats would be branded traitors and secessionists and American nationalism would be captured by the South and used to crush, stigmatize and marginalize the Left.

5.) Fifth, there would be no “advanced-level progress in racial justice” because the loyalist minority in Central, Northern and Eastern California would be used as an excuse to justify the military invasion by the United States. The US Pacific Fleet would blockade the West Coast, the tanks would roll into California via the interstates (surprise, that’s why we have interstates) and troops would parachute in from all directions. It would be a snap to destabilize California’s polygot population.

6.) Sixth, the West Coast oligarchy would lose the Second Civil War. There are number of ways this could happen. The Trump administration could shut down the internet. It could disrupt parched California’s water supply in any number of ways. Just imagine the wildfires that would blaze through California in any military conflict. Airstrikes would target California’s dams and power plants. California is the largest energy importer in the United States and unlike Texas doesn’t have its own electric grid.

7.) Seventh, the Second Civil War wouldn’t be a protracted conflict. Unlike the War Between the States, 1/3 of all adult male Californians are highly unlikely to die for California’s independence. We wouldn’t blow up Berkeley or the Golden Gate Bridge. The Union would impose a new Reconstruction on California and the West Coast oligarchy would be subjected to a new Confiscation Act. California’s existing elite would be smashed and would lose power as a result of the conflict though.

Basically, a #Calexit would lead to a brief Second Civil War, which California would lose. The victorious Union would have a historic opportunity to impose a new Constitution on the Democratic traitors. After the War Between the States, the Republican Party dominated the United States until FDR won the presidency in 1932. It is not too difficult to imagine the same thing happening again.

I say all this in jest, of course, but think about this scenario. It would radically change our politics. It is plausible. It might be the solution to our problems.

Note: The video below and the spectacle of shitlibs in California seceding from the Union and the likely response that would provoke is deeply amusing to me. Can you imagine President Trump reprising the role of Lincoln with all those war powers, seizing control of Jewish-controlled television networks, shutting down the failing New York Times and incarcerating his political enemies? How would we translate our victory over the progressive traitors into constitutional amendments?

Who would President Trump banish to secesh California? Chuck Schumer? Elizabeth Warren? LMAO.

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      • Jefferson would be the new West Virginia. A loyalist enclave that leaves a big state to stay in the Union.

    • Parts of SoCal are heavily Republican, including donor class, I can see those areas remaining California Loyalist city-states.

      • Yeah, there are still some rich Republicans in places like your Laguna Beach, Palm Springs, and Thousand Oaks. Remember, it was a Simi Valley jury that found the LAPD officers not guilty in the Rodney King trial!

        Aside from the rich that can afford nice neighborhoods, most working and middle class White Californians have left SoCal for the Central Coast and Gold Country within the state, and the Mountain West out of state.

  1. You know this, and I know this, and even the leaders of the other side know this; but 3 million illegals in California don’t know this and can’t know this.

    All they will know that they have to go back to a country that had no room for them in the first place. Or fight.

    First the Deep State, then immigration.

  2. I guess it’s nice to fantasize about, but California isn’t going to secede.

    Stop feeding the Alt-Right cucks!

  3. Has anyone else noted there is no “downside” stated in any of the outcomes to a #CalExit?
    Bombing Tim Cooks Gay wedding ring HQ and the Googleplex would be worth it.

  4. “‘Progressivism’ has only succeeded because we have a consolidated national government that has allowed a minority to force its unpopular doctrines on the rest of the country whether it was abolition, integration, abortion or gay marriage.”

    Oh, yes–“unpopular.” Barbarian-speak.

    To classical man, a type that’s never been encountered in the American South, popularity is little different from the weather: it’s simply something to be taken into account.

    • ‘To classical man, a type that’s never been encountered in the American South,’

      John – the ancient Athenian culture was one that producet a flowering of philosophy. logic, drama, and many other interesting things, along with institutionalized homosexuality, pederasty and slavery.

      Rome was similar – except engineering rose to the fore, as did all the rituals of sexuality – such as the barber and the publick baths; and, let me not fail to mention, internationally franchised exploitation, on a hithertofore unwitnesst level.

      We, Southerners, are not like that.

      We are our own original variant of small-town and rural medieval England, with noticeable strains of the Scots-Irish being thrown in.

      Thus, like the latter, we are given to klanishness, inwardness, innocence, supersticiousness, mystery, and the feud, while like the former, we are oriented towards courtesy, speaking of the weather, making way for the ladies, and, most importantly, our understanding of The Good Book – which, because we hold to much Olde Testament wisdom and understanding, increases our natural opposition to anything that smacks of ‘Enlightenment’ ways.

      This is who The Lord has given us to be. Change there will be, but, all in all, we will remain who we are.

      Indeed, that’s one’s first job in this world – listen to suggestive criticism, search for truth, BUT, hold fast to one’s identity, and that identity, in our case, is best represented by the flags at the top of this page.

      Have a great day! – and don’t forget that your beloved mama is Irish! – which means that she has a lot in common with us! – whether she knows it or not:)))

      • Probably, I myself have plenty in common with you, Junius. “Simple tastes” may well be a euphemism for lack of imagination, as I once read, but that’s what my tastes generally are—simple. I’m sure that I and my best friend–with whom I have been friends for half a century—would regularly have lunch at that little place near you, with its excellent sweet tea, if we lived in your area.

        As to courtesy—you’ll permit me to be direct: The only person here, at Occidental Dissent, who seems to have been troubled by Mrs. Trump’s outrageous snubbing of the Japanese Prime Minister’s wife is I, your Yankee friend.

        As to your flags, well, you know that I think blacks and whites should not be living among each other; but neither do I think blacks should have been seized and driven. Neither do I think they should be mocked, at Occidental Dissent or any other place, for their appearance or for their haplessness in the white world.

        As it happens, yes, one of my maternal ancestors was a Crawford, a name that seems to have come to Ireland from Scotland, as the graphic below reports. Whether his line did, in fact, come through Ulster, I’ll never know, but I know he rests now in a hillside cemetery in County Clare. In his own ancestry, there is, I believe, a Griffin, and thus I and our host—as I informed our host years ago—are cousins …

  5. One logistical problem is blue cities in red states. Take my Missouri – although it is a solid “red” state, you have true blue cesspools in St. Louis City and Kansas City MO plus the college town (Columbia). Even St. Louis county voted for Hillary. Hard to draw new maps this way.

    • Blue islands aren’t a problem. It becomes a problem when regions like the whole West Coast and North East are solid Democrat.

      • The hinterland isn’t Democratic. Mostly just Cities. Redraw the electoral map and sever the metro cities.

    • Exactly. Let the cities have their own electoral college points. Let em go. The county should split north n South.

    • and CA, OR, WA are solid red except for the metrosexual libturd cities that constantly outvote the rest of their states. Grid down for those areas= dead libturds.

  6. America was the North for about 156 years while the South and West were reduced to mere resource colonies of the Northern manufacturing belt.

    You noticed that, too. It still is that way.

    • It is, Mr. Owen, but, I sense we are on the precipice of a change – as the site host so aptly explained.

      • I really didn’t think anybody noticed. Or noticed that the NEG treated the West the same way as it did the South. For instance, the unequal freight rates, that applied to California, as much as they did to Dixie.

        • ‘NEG’ – I love it! You’ve saved weeks off my life – typing letters…

          By the way, fascinating example you’ve given. I never would have thought of that.

          All the best to you and yours, Me.

    • Lose California and Washington and Oregon probably follow suit. Then you lose three very important West Coast ports in Long Beach/San Pedro, Oakland, and Seattle. Trump is not going to allow the West Coast of America to just leave.

      • Houston, the gulf coast and the east would pick up the slack. Also, Seattle isn’t going anywhere. Washington won’t leave because the bulk of the pop is in the rest of the state

          • What ever happend to the mega port in mexico, also, they are widening the Panama canal, container ships of the future are going to be miles long to keep Seattle a vioble port of entry.

          • I read an article and it said even with the widening, ships were still banging into the Panama Canal locks! Easy to see why the Asian Ships just drop their loads off in Long Beach/San Pedro, then head up to Oakland/Seattle to pick up commodities like wheat to ship back to Asia.

      • Maybe, maybe not. In any case, each state would have to go through the process on its own. California has a head start, and after #Calexit, the Left might have gotten secession out of its system, and once California is no longer there to drag the nation leftward, WA and OR might be forced to stay for geopolitical reasons.

        • That’s not the way it usually works. When one domino falls, the rest collapse.

          Secession had been whispered about in the South ever since the Nullification Crisis. All it took was the Fireeaters in South Carolina to act on secession, and the rest of the South followed suit.

          In the East Bloc countries, Poland gave up Communism, then Hungary, then the rest of the Warsaw Pact

          When the Soviet Union disintegrated, the example of the tiny Baltic States asserting their independence led to ethno states within a year in the rest of the remnant USSR.

    • I wonder if the Alt-Right might benefit from a constructive dialogue with the left secessionists. Reading their essays, like the Salon piece linked in the main article here and like the Huffington Post piece I link below, I am struck by how they demonstrate more “common sense” and realism than is shown nowadays by other factions on the left. If nothing else, some of these writers might make for an interesting interview in the media of the Alt-Right.

    • I’m not so sure. I don’t think Trump would allow them to secede peacefully. It would contradict his “law-and-order” platform. I also think he might seize the opportunity to punish and marginalize his enemies.

      • Of course he wouldn’t.

        Do you think Trump wants to go down in history as the President who surrendered California to the enemy unilaterally without a single shot being fired? Of course not.

        The anti-California Alt-Right cucks aren’t thinking this one through.

        • I’m agnostic on whether Trump would oppose Calexit, but you make a good point. For in that scenario, Trump’s psychology would be a factor: he’s known for going with his gut, and on a gut level, he’d be annoyed, to say the least.

        • #Calexit would not be a loss, but a huge gain for the Right in the rest of America. We will still buy their almonds and wine. But why give them 55 electoral votes worth of say about the future of America?

          • It would be the final, damning act of cowardice by the American right.

            Millions were allowed to invade, and nothing was done.

            Then those invaders would be allowed to break off the most valuable state, and nothing was done.

            10 years from now we would be loosing arizona and/or texas to the invaders.

            Most children in Texas are non-white, so a “Texas secession” movement isnt going to work out for our side.

            Many other states are headed down the same path due to demagraphic change.

            The right loves to go back to sleep as soon as they percieve some small victory. Any political benefit from cal-exit would be completely erased in a generations time. Its pure cowardly short-term thinking.

            No will to resist the invaders, then no will to resist the California rebellion by the invaders. There will be no will to do anything as the rest of the nations demographics change.

        • 1) Allow California to leave.
          2) Make all who does not support Trump and populism non-citizens.
          3) Annexe California.
          4) Mass deportation.
          5) Confiscation/nationalization act.

      • Why fight to keep large numbers of America’s non-whites, ultra-pozzed leftists, illegals, NECs, and Jews when you can just legalize their departure? Why fight to keep 55 democratic electoral votes?

        • You have the option of cutting out a tumor (#Caliexit) or raping everything your enemies believe in (Second Civil War). Either is desirable. Trump would probably pick the latter, perhaps right after his re-election.

          • Hispanic Millennials about to turn 18? Not enough of them.

            1) Some will vote Trump.

            2) Their White age-peers lean Trump.

            Meaning, the spread of Trump/non-Trump voters will not change enough to cost him the election. If they get lucky they’ll flip Arizona.

            No, Trump’s going to crush that shitbird Warren come re-election time. Shaving off 55 Blue votes is on the agenda for the 2024 election, not 2020.

          • I also think Trump portends a permanent Realignment in Elections. We will now have a North/South Divide.

            Aside from the Northeast, the entire Rust Belt plus blue states like New Hampshire and Maine will become Republican states because Trump has made the Republican Party a National Populist party.

            States like Arizona and Georgia will begin to drift towards the Democrats.The Sun Belt will largely be Democratic. But Republicans will be able to offset that with their newfound strength in the Rust Belt.

          • Tally up the electoral votes in the Sun Belt vis a vis those in the Rust Belt. We need a conservative baby boom and we need it yesterday.

            Or #Caliexit.

  7. > …a #Calexit would lead to a brief Second Civil War

    No. We can have a no-contest divorce. We can do this peacefully.

    Imagine how wonderful it will be when all the Leftists in your local community flee to California.

    • Its better the progs were dragged kicking and screaming to Mexico. Mexico is how they want the future to be. 100% Diverse = 0% White. Force them to live the tomorrow they demand today.

      • That’s where they all belong, over the wall in Mexico!

        We are not going to give 1 inch of our land to these people.

        They need to be demonized, vilified, ostracized, and delegitimized! And then we can throw them over the wall to Mexico….and then Mexico deal with it!

        Deus Vult!

    • Once we take California back, we’re going to kick the leftists into Mexico, New York, Chicago, and the South, where they belong.

      • I would rather get rid of the Black Belt South, Jew York City, and the Northeast than allow California to live.

        Losing the Black Belt and Northeast can be dealt with. Losing the whole West Coast and its ports would mark the terminal decline of America.

  8. Consider the Hate Paradox. People naturally want to destroy their object of hate. They want to eradicate and exterminate it, BUT if their sense of self-worth and moral identity are entwined with this object of their hate, they want the object to go on existing in order to be exterminated and eradicated. It’s like Zeno’s Paradox with the tortoise. The crusade is for total obliteration, but somehow, the thing never gets entirely eradicated since the radical hater needs it to keep existing to justify his moral existence. (Even if it is totally eradicated in the material world, it lives on in the mental realm in the form of shadows.)

    Some people hate something and would hardly miss it if it were gone. If someone hates rats, roaches, and lice, and if they were go away, he’d be fine with their absence. His sense of moral worth is not invested in hating them critters. He just hates them for spreading filth. So, if they’re gone forever, good riddance.

    But some objects of hate are like a moral drug. Hating them makes you feel soooooo good. It’s like the moral high that Christians got from hating and hunting witches. Christians were committed to getting rid of all witches… but their lives would actually be empty in a world without witches since hunting witches makes their lives feel justified. So, this leads to the Hate Paradox where they do want to exterminate something so much that they want it to go on existing for them to exterminate.

    And this passion is bigger on the Left than on the Right. The Right is less about higher(utopian and impossible) ideals than about what is real and tangible: blood and soil.

    The Left is intoxicated with vision of ‘better society’, and that means it defines itself mainly in opposition.

    A rightist-conservative society without leftists and radicals(eradicated or expelled) may not miss them. It would be content with self-containment.

    But a leftist society without rightist enemies to hunt and eradicate would feel empty. So, when all the real rightists are eradicated, it has to look for more. And if rightist vermin cannot be found, they must be hallucinated into existence, like KKK at Oberlin or Republicans as ‘new nazis’. Or the left may even turn on other leftists(deemed not radical enough) as ‘capitalist roaders’. This is why purges were far more extensive in leftist orders than in rightist ones. It’s just the part of leftist ideological DNA. It’s rabid. Totally get rid of them… forever. But how can it be forever if they are to be eradicated?


    • “..the moral high that Christians got from hating and hunting witches. Christians were committed to getting rid of all witches… but their lives would actually be empty in a world without witches since hunting witches makes their lives feel justified…”

      I’m sorry, but who let you out of the fifth grade without a brace around your brain?

      Do you have any understanding, knowledge, or sympathy for the Christian worldview? Because with this response, I think not!

      First off-Christians never persecuted witches, as in the Salem witch trials. That’s bogus. Second of all, were we to do so, we have the divine Law of God behind us, giving us authority to put witches to the stake, should we implement it. We don’t need justification for acts that God has demanded of us to fulfill.

      Thirdly, lastly, and most importantly, we are justified through Christ -and we don’t need to do any “work” to justify us…unlike your self-justifying opinion which is utterly and completely without merit.

      • Trump often spoke of our failing infrastructures.

        We waste money on welfare bums, illegals, nation building for Muslims and providing security for half the world instead of building this country.

      • Apparently before the flood started they knew they had this defect in
        the spillway and they didn’t fix it. This is the major point of failure.
        Even worse the last time the dam was inspected a citizens group sued
        the State saying they needed to concrete the emergency spillway. Nope,
        nope, nope, not needed. A known bad area in the spillway that if fixed
        would have probably stopped the whole emergency. A huge hole opened up
        in the defect area. If they would have moved heaven and earth they could
        have filled it with large rocks while the water was off. Even to the
        extent of hauling all those concrete dividers from the highways to fill
        the hole. Anything but no…look at it now. A million dollar problem to
        patch the spillway to a 10 million dollar problem emergency hole fix.
        Now with the spillway is being destroyed it’s up to 200 million and if
        the emergency overflow breaks, which it might, then a multi-billion
        dollar problem with whole towns washed out. If the emergency spillway
        gives out who’s to say a channel is not cut where the emergency spillway
        is and the whole dam empties out?

        Even worse on A.C. I read the California legislature was spending time voting for beach vacations for poor people.

  9. Any excuse we can look for to bomb the crap out of LA, execute Governor Brown for treason and force all the beaners and jews to GTFO is fine with me!

    • The spin is predictable:

      “Why are we building a stupid wall when we need this dam fixed!? #BuildDamsNotWalls #BuildBridgesNotWalls We need more workers to fix our infrastructure! Tough jobs that Americans won’t do.”

  10. California believes in diversity, open borders, and welfare for all, so let’s hold them to it. When they secede, we dump all our diversity into the Golden State. Sorry to hear, Sha’aniqua, that your EBT card is void and your Section 8 landlord is putting your stuff out to the curb, here’s a free bus ride to California! We’ll even help you sneak across the border, because California loves people who do that.

    • California presently has 12% of the US population but 1/3 (one third (!)) of the welfare recipients. This ship is going down without federal bailouts.

  11. A peaceful exit for California is really what we do need. Let them discover what is really like to run themselves. Your article is insightful and intelligent.

  12. As entertaining as the thought of California GIOW is, I’m sure we’ll all soon get sick of it. Unfortunately, the chances of it happening are very-very-very-slim-to-nothing. Instead it’ll just be a long tedious impotent whinge, like the cases of Quebec and Scotland. I’m not saying that California will never split, but that it’s more likely that another state or region with a better economic and demographic situation would split first, and then California could go as part of a general breakup of the USA.

  13. How much money would America save with a CalExit? Billions?
    Why don’t we let them #Calexit, then declare war on them and force the population to do our lawns for free?

  14. Right the state built on a fault line, without any water and currently being bombarded by nuclear radiation fallout.

    You guys will be just fine.

  15. I don’t see it happening. All Trump has to do is threaten to cut off all Federal money to the state. He can also threaten to cut off all social security benefits and other Federal welfare as well. The White minority will balk at this. The non White majority? They just might be stupid enough to try it at some point but by then good riddance.

  16. I am skeptical that leftists in California will attempt secession, but it is an interesting scenario. What would the leftists and queers produce, other than the tech industry? And that is assuming that water and electricity continue to be piped in.
    I think that white Americans need a common racial identity, regardless of what plays out in California. With the possibility of secession and balkanization potentially in America’s future, I think the Amerikaner concept has merit, and wrote an essay on it which can be viewed here:

  17. The big long-term problem would be the population. We can’t have a large leftist population remain after the war. We would have to use a combination of firebombing California a la Germany and Japan plus forced repatriation of large chunks of the population back to countries of ethnic origin.

  18. A more likely scenario is that after Trump is Impeached, or voted out of office, the Democratic Party will return more powerful than ever like the beast in Revelations wounded unto death but miraculously restored. The real fun comes after Trump because politics will never be the same. You cant put the white genie ( #whitelash) back into the bottle now that you have released her. Regardless the hostile elite that truly governs America is immune to electoral cycles-presidents come and go but they remain. They will use the courts to contain Trump at every move in his presidency and the first time he ignores a court order then its Impeachment time.

  19. In the spirit of gaming the situation. California separates. Northern California separates from the South. We give it California’s Senate seats. We try our best to make it look like California is heaven and the shit-libs go there. We push as many as possible there. After we get as many there as possible we shut off the water and power and refuse transit through the US. The only place to go is Mexico. We threaten Mexico with war that will push them all the way to the Panama Canal if they don’t let people in. We declare war on SC and drive all the rest into Mexico. SC rejoins NC without shit-libs. Drink beer and be happy.

  20. The quote from Salon about “dictating culture through Hollywood” sounds especially Orwellian.

    “Fifth,there would be no ‘advanced-level progress in racial justice’ because the loyalist minority in Central,Northern and Eastern California would be used as an excuse to justify the military invasion by the United States.”

    That is certainly a plausible scenario,but the most salient reason why there won’t be any “advanced-level progress in racial justice” here, insofar as that entails greater harmony among the races,is because of the deeply embedded divisions between the races that have existed here for many years,and which are guaranteed to become even more exacerbated as a result of the growing,immigrant-driven diversity in this state.

    “It would be a snap to destabilize California’s polyglot population.”

    True,it wouldn’t take much for that to happen at all.Perhaps nowhere else in the U.S. is the proverbial “thin veneer of civilization” more poignantly fragile than it is in Southern California. The Los Angeles riots back in ’92,for example,proved how easily life here can become destabilized in a flash.And to think that the demographic situation here has only gotten worse since then…

    “Seventh…1/3 of all adult male Californians are highly unlikely to die for California’s independence.”

    True again.The ONLY thing that a lot of “adult” males in this state care about is getting high, getting laid and playing their stupid video games.

    God help us!

    • “Seventh…1/3 of all adult male Californians are highly unlikely to die for California’s independence.”

      Remember 1/3 of us voted for Trump. Men and women. So the 1/3 unlikely to die for CALexit would include the Trump voters. Who’d rather take our entire state back.

      No telling how many illegals voted out here, since our DMV and voter registration are tied, and we vote absentee. Still, 1/3 of California voted Trump. And then there’s this:

      Poll: 74 Percent of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities

      I believe California can be saved. If Trump deports enough illegals out here, and comes down hard on our sanctuary cities (humbling California in the process) California would probably turn purple. 🙂

      • As a (somewhat) congenital pessimist,I’m inclined to foreclose on the possibility of California ever recovering from the immigration-induced madness that currently plagues our state.But the rational side of my brain,shorn of its stultifying emotional leanings,agrees with your hopeful contention that we still have a chance to turn things around here.This is all contingent, as you rightfully suggest,on President Trump deporting illegal aliens from the U.S. en masse and dropping the hammer on their enablers in California (and the rest of the country.)

        It goes without saying,of course, that a drastic reduction in LEGAL immigration would also go a long way towards helping us reclaim California for real Americans.

        Having said all that,I want to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day.May today bring you great pleasure from the one you love. ??????

  21. Suppose Native Born White Americans attempt to reclaim California for Native Born White Amerians..that is to say, a majority nonwhite California is seen as a foreign nation-nonwhite within the borders of America exerting enormous influence on National Immigration Policy.

    Would China make threats? Then what would be the proper response to threats by China?

    Larger point:the technological and educational infrastructre of California has already been handed over to Greater China and Greater India.

    Either Calexit happens or it doesn’t…if it doesn’t happen..what are the consequences of this for the larger Historical Native Born White American Majority in the other regions of the US? Answer:continued demographic displacment of the Historic Native Born White American Majority across the US…

    I think everything depends upon how racialized the Historic Native Born White American Majority becomes….this is what we need to discuss…

    We are already at the point where Chinese….Hindu…and Iranians…in California are in control of Califionia’s immigration policy…so secession has effectively already happened.

    Student Loan Debt=Low White Fertility……Student Loan Debt has to be wiped out…

  22. The Great Reconfiguration=The Historic Native Born White American Nation+The Historic Native Born Canadian Nation=New Nation=drive the darkies out….

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