Deportations Just Getting Started

Politico reports that the Trump administration’s recent Federal raids on illegal immigrants are just getting started:

The expansive executive order signed last month by President Donald Trump allows a significantly broader population of immigrants to be picked up for deportation. And Trump has signaled he has every intention of using that authority to carry out his campaign pledge to deport millions of foreigners from the United States.

Importantly, the report explains that otherwise “law abiding” illegal immigrants are being caught up in the raids and are being deported. This has always been necessary if Trump is going to signifantly improve the demographic situation. Such a demographic improvement would make his re-election more likely and better economic and social conditions for his White working class base.

The raids are also having a positive psychological impact on the Third World population we wish to see removed:

The recent raids are sending waves of fear through immigrant communities across the country, immigrant advocates say. They’ve been scrambling in recent days to respond to reports of ICE activity and to keep track of where enforcement actions have taken place, with little assistance from federal immigration authorities.

They all have to go back!
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  1. Yup, back they go. They should make their own countries better. Its isn’t like they have to think up all the stuff to do that and go through thousands of trials and errors. They have an excellent template which took our ancestors centuries to build at great cost and sacrifice.

    • They can’t. That’s the problem. Even after having the ‘right way’ demonstrated right in front of them, they are physically incapable of replicating it. Hence why we have modern Chicago and Detroit.

  2. Hear Tom Cotton is sponsoring a Senate Bill to drastically cut legal immigration. The Republican Party has to realize that unless it stops this mass immigration it is toast. Maybe even wimpy Rence Peibus figured this out from hanging with Trump and crew. No more aunties, grandpas, brothers, sisters, cousins, and elderly parents coming here to spend their golden years courtesy of the taxpayers of the United States. Comparisons to the dying Roman Empire are not quite accurate. In Rome the foreigners were slaves, here these people get first dibs on jobs through affirmative action. What is occurring is really a horse of a different color.

  3. General Kelly: running ICE like an army on campaign.

    General Flynn: in over his head. Another reason he had to go. Get Martin Dempsey in there, ASAP.

  4. Excellent! The dominoes are starting to fall. It doesn’t matter a whit if there are “good” illegals getting booted with the “criminal” ones…neither has a place here, and Trump knows it. Start with the illegals, set the trend, and then move on to the remainder.

  5. When Barack Obama was elected 8 years ago, mainstream America just accepted the outcome and got on with life. With Donald Trump now elected, the anti-white racist hooligan pests were out there showing their true colours , smashing, bashing and destroying everything in their wake. Oh the contrast…
    What has Trump said that is racist or extreme? Building a wall on the Mexican border…if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country…perfectly reasonable.
    Greatly reducing Muslim immigration to protect the populace from terrorisism…perfectly reasonable- and Islam isn’t a race.
    Bringing back trade barriers to protect American jobs….again , perfectly reasonable.
    All measures that every Western nation should implement , and is perhaps in place in Asian countries without a word of condemnation. Not extreme Right Wing stuff- just common sense.
    The Left wing rabble fools , who never defend anyone other than dangerous minorities , are racist, anti-white Communists whom ASIO, the CIA and MI5, etc should be keeping an eye on. They are enemies of the state.

    • “When Barack Obama was elected 8 years ago, mainstream America just accepted the outcome and got on with life.”

      They got on with life and accepted their slow destruction at the hands of ZOG. That’s not the right attitude. By the way, Obama was elected thanks to the system being rigged: the voters are manipulated by the media, and the Democrat and Republican nominees are preselected by the Jews.

      Normal White people won’t rebel against a government that is deliberately killing them. In contrast, the Jews will rebel against a Trump presidency that isn’t anti-White enough, even though it isn’t anti-Jewish or anti-Black.

      The thuggishness of the Jewish-led “far left” is a shame, but the passivity and resignation of normal White people is even more appalling!

      At least, White people had enough sense to get Trump elected, in spite of the rigged system.

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